Sined, Sealed, Delivered: Waves Released

Someone in the middle of that, I'm most likely about to die

UDK-powered twin-stick shooter Waves is now available for purchase. I played it at the Eurogamer Expo and had a grand old time even though I clearly need plenty of practice to even scrape the bottom of any kind of leaderboards. There are a variety of game modes, one of which you can try in the demo, and the colourful chaos is somehow balanced while unpredictable. It’s also quite spectacular to behold. Buy DRM-free direct from the developer for £5.94, or from Gamersgate with a current discount of 15% to £5.91. Will be on Steam by 6PM GMT but buying direct supplies a Steam code anyhow so that would seem the ideal option.

It’s the kind of game that demands to be played again after each failure because you can feel skills being honed. Your skills. If I could just use the slo-mo more effectively I’d be fine, you’ll think, or if I could maintain a massive combo while dodging through enemies who are splitting, multiplying and blocking you into corners. The corners of a sphere.

That’s how bad I was – I ended up dead, trying to hide in the corner of a sphere.


  1. Tams80 says:

    I tried the demo, but my ancient laptop can’t run it faster than about 20 fps at minimum graphics (which leads to ‘flattened’ hexagons). That and not having a gamepad made it rather difficult to play. =(

    A great sin indeed.

  2. Gnoupi says:

    Note that buying directly from the developer is not only the best deal, but it gives you a Steam code as well.

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      Noted so hard that it’s mentioned in the post now. Thanks.

    • SquidInABox says:

      I’d like to mention that unlike Steam I understand that the exchange rate between Dollars to Euros isn’t 1:1 so if you are on the Euro then best to buy direct.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Yes, I noticed that indeed, it’s much appreciated. Thanks also for putting the actual price on the site, accounting for VAT.

      Although about Steam, something is surprising. I thought you, as a “publisher” of the game, had control over the international prices on Steam? Apparently they have a say in it?

    • SquidInABox says:

      @gnoupi I only figured out how to setup fastspring with VAT included yesterday so it nearly wasn’t!

  3. raptormesh says:

    Don’t wanna go off tangent here but were writers ordered by the hive mind to insert a pun into every title at all cos?

  4. Sp4rkR4t says:

    It’s rather fantastic.

    • Gnoupi says:

      It is, very nice to pick up and kill a few minutes, and take back later.

  5. mueti says:

    Played the demo, liked it a lot, got myself a copy.

  6. Zeewolf says:

    “Will be on Steam by 6PM GMT but buying direct supplies a Steam code anyhow so that would seem the ideal option.” – Indeed, that’s always my preferred option. This game looks pretty nifty, might buy even though I only just bought Scoregasm (which seems similar) as part of that indie royale-thing.

    Edit: Bought due to “it’s rather fantastic”. I like stuff that’s fantastic.

  7. duncanthrax says:

    Fantastic time sink, very polished. Hard, yet never unfair.

  8. duncanthrax says:

    What I forgot: The article should mention that it plays perfectly with ye olde Mouse and Keyboard. No twin sticks required.

  9. TLGAthena says:

    I saw [RPS]Ada Lovelace quite high up on the old survival scoreboard… Kieron’s been busy hasn’t he?

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      Adam Smith says:

      Lewie P, he of the Bargain Bucket, has remarkable scores. I’d think he was a filthy cheat if I hadn’t seen him achieve some of them with my own eyes. Puts me to shame.

    • TLGAthena says:

      Good lord. I just saw lewie’s score. That’s -insane-. Nerf him. *nod*

      I’m still starting out in learning all the ins and outs, but the game is absolutely glorious.

    • SquidInABox says:

      LewieP is an absolute natural at the game. At the Expo he set a score I found hard to beat on the first day. During the Beta I started making the game harder at high levels just to counter him.

    • TLGAthena says:

      “During the Beta I started making the game harder at high levels just to counter him.”

      … I’m not sure if that means I’ll want to strangle of hug LewieP when I slowly improve to that kind of standard…

  10. Bobsy says:

    Waves is aceness and you all should buy it. Bombing run is well tight.