Hip, Hop And Jump: Sideway New York Demo

It does make me want to play Jet Set Radio

I don’t know how one would ‘hip’ but I’ve made it into a verb and there’s nothing that can be done about that now. Sideway New York is a platforming game with an urban aesthetic, by which I don’t just mean that it’s set in a city, I mean that it contains hip hop music and graffiti. The characters are two dimensional but the world is not, as seen in the trailer here. I don’t know how well it works because I haven’t played it yet, but you can! There is a demo available on Steam and if you enjoy that, the full version will only set you back £5.94.

Sideway was a PSN exclusive until quite recently, although sadly that doesn’t mean we’ll be getting Journey and the Pixeljunk games anytime soon.

Oh look, someone left a music video down here, perhaps because it contained animated artworks and music that seemed to fit the mood of the game. Let’s watch it immediately!


  1. Gnoupi says:

    Flower and Journey are part of a 3 exclusive games contract with Sony, if I remember what the people from Thatgamecompany said. So for sure we won’t see them somewhere else, unfortunately.

    • identiti_crisis says:

      The third game was flOw, I believe. It made use of the annoying “six-axis” motion control, and was pretty fiddly until you got used to the lack of fine control, but it wasn’t a particularly deep game anyway. So, yeah, I guess games made specifically to take advantage of the “features” of the PS3 would be unlikely anyway, even outside of any exclusivity agreement.

      Being a PS3 owner, I’m not too bothered that they’re not available anywhere else, but it’s a shame games like the Pixeljunks aren’t getting a bigger audience.

    • ShrikeMalakim says:

      fl0w has always been available as a browser game and PC download for free, though. link to interactive.usc.edu

  2. johnpeat says:

    Visually is nice and gameplay-wise is really a lot cleverer that it looks for sure – I just found myself getting a bit ‘meh’ towards the end of the demo.

    Note entirely sure why – the controls are a little bit ropey (360 pad) tho which doesn’t help matters…

  3. Unaco says:

    Quality video… Aesop Rock was what got me in to the whole Def Jux, Jukie, Backpacker, East Coast Underground scene. Definitely much more fitting than the tune on the Steam Page trailer/video.

    Will maybe give the demo a spin sometime shortly.

    • EC- says:

      I am going to have to look into them, I rather enjoyed that song.

      As for the game, I am definitely going to give the demo a go (anything to get me out of Steelport for two minutes). Since I am a sucker for all 2D platformers, even mediocre ones, I’ll probably be purchasing upon completion.

    • Hanban says:

      Gonna have a listen as well!

    • Thants says:

      Aesop Rock is really great. No one can turn a phrase like him.

  4. iSoLateD1 says:

    game is capped at 30 fps, apparently the devs are going to fix this.

  5. bear912 says:

    I rather liked Madballs in… Babo: Invasion, which was Playbrain’s previous PC game… It was a bit weird, but the multiplayer was rather fun. It’s a pity that so few people played it.

    Some day I shall need to check out this Sideway thing.

  6. Dave Mongoose says:

    Dang, I read that title as ‘Sidewalk New York’ and thought we were going to get an innovative new pedestrian simulator…

    I guess this is good too :)

  7. Hatsworth says:

    Some other PSN exclusives recently got pc releases too; Rochard and Explodemon! Both look quite interesting.