Roguelike Radio: The Binding of Isaac

I'm even repurposing a screenshot. I'm so fucking lazy!

Hullo! I used to write on this site, and then I got very tired. I sleep most the day now. It’s nice. When I’m sleeping, I get my nurse to play podcasts. This is my favourite games podcast in ages. Roguelike Radio is a Roguelike-centric podcast which plays a different one every couple of weeks and does a show about it. In this case, however, they’ve got Edmund McMillen on to talk about Binding of Isaac. And it’s so brilliant, I almost managed to stand up. But my legs failed, and I was left sprawling hopelessly on the floor. I wish I had working legs and a functioning penis, though that’s probably too much information. But honestly, unless my critical faculties are as rusty as my cog-powered cock, this is a genuinely brilliant, wide-ranging interview about McMillen’s latest. Go listen! Meanwhile, I’m going to have a little lie down. Bye!


  1. The Army of None says:

    Cog-Powered Cocks? I’m pretty sure that’d be a wonderful addition to any roguelike. Having mechanical poultry pets is always helpful.

  2. EC- says:

    Cog-powered cock?

    Kieron-themed DLC from Lazy 8 Studios, forthcoming…

  3. KingCathcart says:

    Meer! Walker? Smith! I thought you would have changed this deviants password by now.
    Get him back in his box with his horrid shirts and trendy comic book notions.

  4. alice says:

    I had no idea the girl from Doctor Who used to write for RPS!

    • alice says:

      (sorry that was a lazy joke)

    • Phantoon says:

      Actually that was the joke going around right after KG left. Karen Gilon, I mean.

      I have no idea who Kieran Gillan is.

  5. Lewie Procter says:


  6. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Who was that masked man?

  7. PaulG says:

    Link seems to be down. Anybody wanna post up a mirror?

    • andrewdoull says:

      If you’re impatient, just subscribe (either iTunes or your favourite podcast software) using the links to the right. We’re working on mirroring and will fix up the RSS feed to handle the additional capacity once that’s done.

    • andrewdoull says:

      Edit: Should be working but a little slow now. There’s a mirror link on the post if there are further problems.

  8. GeorgeB says:

    RPS’ flood of curious chaps has crushed their poor content host :(

  9. Bhazor says:

    … well it’s good to hear married life is going well for him.

  10. deadpan says:

    So Kieron broke into his old site just so he could overload the servers of some poor, unsuspecting podcast? Sounds like cyberterrorism to me.

    • andrewdoull says:

      We’re working on handling the unexpected improvement in traffic. Will post an update shortly.

      [Edit: See mirror above].

  11. kemeno says:

    Roguelike Radio has been pretty interesting (the older ones were a bit rough, but the newer ones, and in particular their interviews, are really good). The Binding of Issac episode is probably the best one yet. I’m hoping they stick with it.

    I believe they also mentioned that the next Team Meat game was going to pull a number of elements from roguelikes; I’m interested to hear more about it.

  12. OJSlaughter says:

    Who are you? You use to write here, I don’t think so!

    I do like this show sadly the audio quality is usually too low for me to bare

  13. Just Endless says:

    I will check this.

    And Mr. Gillen? Your X-Men is pretty solid, good sir. Props.

  14. Inglourious Badger says:

    Wow, did Kieron always talk such profanity about cocks in his posts!?

    Oh wait, yeah, he did.

  15. sonicblastoise says:

    I assume this means you’re going to post some kind of story on Red Rogue soon, right?

  16. Muzman says:



  17. Squirrelfanatic says:

    Was that about TF2?

  18. Panopticon says:

    I’ve spent 55+ hours on The Binding Of Isaac, recently 100% it except Depths and Womb no DMG runs. (Although I did get Depths many hours ago but it didn’t register) and here’s the thing.

    It still feels fresh, fun and amazingly addicting as hell. I hope to see some DLC or Challenges added to the game. Those 5 bucks I payed was way way way WAY too low for all of this awesomeness.

  19. Baboonanza says:

    KG reminds me of the bed-ridden man in ‘The Fall’. I certainly wouldn’t put it past him to weave elaborate game reviews for children to persuade them to bring him morphine.

  20. Web Cole says:

    Oh you.