Skeletons And Spiders: Trine 2 Screenshots

Oh, my, that really is gorgeous

I was operating under the belief that everything was beautiful in Trine 2’s world, whether the rushes growing by a crystal clear pool or the giant mushrooms with a candle’s light casting a glow from their interior. And then they went and showed me a bloody spider. It’s a right horrible one as well, with segmented legs thicker than a bemuscled torso. Thankfully, the other three new screenshots don’t contain anything repulsive, unless you’re particularly offended by beautiful fantasy environments. Are you? Then don’t click on the images below for larger versions or you might be sick all over your keyboard!

Brace yourself

Ew. Softly illuminated lava…hnnnggghhnnngh.

One of those mushroom houses, no doubt inhabited by a wise and lovable gnome-like creature or somesuch. Sickening! Gnnnnghhhh…

The bones of a majestic pachyderm forming a weirdly attractive backdrop to fairytale fighting. Haghll…gnghh…blaarrrgghhhle…

Phew. A giant spider with a pulsating pink arse. All is well.


  1. Gurrah says:

    Absolutely looking forward to this one, enjoyed it’s predecessor immensely.

  2. crazydane says:

    Never played the first one, but I might have to seeing as the number of people who tell me I need to. This also does looks pretty.

    With regards to the spider: as if I needed more oversized spiders… Thanks Skyrim.

    • Petethegoat says:

      I first played Trine at about midnight, with my cousin. We played it to completion, at around six in the morning.
      Then my brother woke up at about seven, and we played it three player, to completion.

      If you have anyone to play it with, it’s absolutely vital. If you don’t, it’s probably still quite good.

  3. Patches the Hyena says:

    I would really enjoy Trine, but whenever I start it up I get BSODs after about 10 minutes. Any idea about stopping them? Playing it on my laptop, Radeon graphics. Looking forward to Trine 2, if it’s stable.

    • Premium User Badge

      Hodge says:

      If you haven’t already, check out the temperature of both your CPU and graphics card, it sounds like it could be an airflow problem (like a heatsink clogged up with dust causing the CPU/GPU to overheat).

  4. Squire says:

    Adam – Have they sent you a build to play yet? I saw that beta leak floating about and thought that meant you’d have played some official version of it too. If they haven’t tell them to pull the arse out because the “leaked beta” seem to run perfectly according youtube vids.

    I say this because it looks effing awesome, lots of physics-based puzzling in this one.

    • Snidesworth says:

      The beta isn’t leaked so much as it is available on Steam for anyone who pre-orders the game. It’s essentially a demo. You get the tutorial and the first level with the option to do co-op online, though I’ve yet to try that feature out.

      I’m pretty impressed with that I’ve played. The Thief is no longer the be all and end all of the game, with the Knight being significantly more killy than her and several puzzles requiring the Wizard’s levitation ability. The Wizard can also levitate enemies (with a purchased ability), allowing you to sling goblins into spiked pits. Which is awesome. The whole first level felt better crafted than the first game; there’s still plenty of different ways to circumvent obstacles but it’s rarely as easy a “Thief swings over it” now.

      It’s also a lovely looking game. The use of 2d backgrounds instead of the purely 3d ones the original game works well and gives the environments a sense of scale that they lacked before.

      link to

    • Gnoupi says:

      It’s also allowing you fun moments in coop: the wizard throws the goblin in the air, and the thief shoots it in flight :P

  5. Cunzy1 1 says:

    OMG! Assuming that’s a mammoth and from the tusks and the snow I’d say it was. YAY! Dinosaurs and/other prehistoric creatures in games!! I give it a nine out of ten already. GOTY.

  6. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    This is looking majestic. I hope they’ve managed to vary the gameplay a bit this time around, as the first one suffered from basically being the same level over and over.

    Either way, SOLD.

  7. airtekh says:

    I’ve got a few shiny pennies saved up for this one. Can’t wait.

  8. Vexing Vision says:

    Needing to buy three copies of this for multiplayer goodness, Trine 2 will cost me more than any other game this year.

    And I’ll be happy to pay it.

  9. JackDandy says:

    Oh god, yes. Trine 1 looked amazing and played great, and this one looks to only improve on that.
    The fact they have a ready engine and game design, they can really go wild with the stages.

  10. Njordsk says:

    PLayed the beta with the preorder, it’s just a blast, just like the first one. I so much love this game. It’s a fairy tale, lovely color, awesome artistic work.

    It’s just so good I wish it lasts more than a few hours :(

    Oh and I didn’t mention coop, it’s great too. you can either lock one people to a character, or each can have its own “set of 3”. Having 3 wiz levitatings things is quite fun :D

  11. Stephen Roberts says:

    Well it’s certainly good. But the first game fit into a similar mold as Torchlight. That of games that are functionally excellent (think of how easily they could have ruined aiming an arrow at the same time as running and jumping, etc) and yet have very little in the way of depth. the fact that both sequels look set to add to this department is great news.

    Now just make the puzzles vaguely challenging and the play time longer. And the cutscenes / game world could be more cynical and satirical and basically angry instead of kid-safe. But thats probably just me.

    • Gnoupi says:

      From what I played, the puzzles are more creative and interesting than in the first one. And you can’t just breeze through them with the thief.

  12. Gnoupi says:

    It certainly has more length than the first one. The beta is composed of the tutorial and the first level, and it took us more than one hour to finish it, with two players. When going through this level, I was seriously wondering when it would end, with such length.

  13. EC- says:

    I see enemies other than skeletons. If you have played the first one, this bit of information should be of some relief to you.

  14. Davie says:

    Looking like the Wizard isn’t too happy about the spider either; his hat’s turned yellow in that last screenie.

    Trine was awesome–The only platformer/puzzler I’ve genuinely enjoyed. I’ll definitely be buying this when I have the chance.

  15. shoptroll says:

    I hope there’s an option to turn giant spiders into giant bears.

  16. outoffeelinsobad says:

    The Motherfucking Wizard.