Skyrimpoll: What Have You Been Doing?

Mmm, explorey.
So, that’s close to a week of Skyrim under our collective belts of minor loafing, which means we’re hitting Skyrim content saturation point. Or we will tomorrow, anyway. Maybe. In the meantime: what have you all been doing in Skyrim? I spotted Alec installed new poll software, which means I can have a go at doing a poll to find out! Yay. Actually, I mean I’d been planning to do a poll anyway, but was too confused by the poll plugin. Anyway… What have you spent the majority of your time doing in Skyrim? Vote below!

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Vote! Hooray!


  1. Icarus says:

    I’ve been playing a sneaky-archery type, but went with Warrior because there’s been more ‘shooting things in the face’ than ‘sneaky sneaky’.

    • heyitsdan says:

      I’ve been doing pretty much exactly the same thing… but the real freaky part?
      My character’s name is Daedelus!

    • starclaws says:

      Sneaky-archer is still the best possible way to play the games. You take down weaker enemies in 1 shot and stagger bosses and end up being able to nearly hold them in place while you stand 5 feet away and shoot them in the face and taking a step back every few arrows. But I always leave archery for the more fun gameplay once I get around 80. Though in boss battles I sometimes switch back to archery. And now I’ll be moving to 1-handed sword and shield light armor until light armor is pretty high then moving to heavy armor… Basically I work on getting everything to above level 80 so that I get majority of the benefits from all and it’s only a little ways away from getting it up to 100.

    • President Weasel says:

      Archery, schmarchery. With my ginormous two handed sword (cough*notovercompensatingforanything*cough) I can chop someone’s head clean off. Well, I say clean, it’s actually quite messy.
      Admittedly it’s proving quite hard to wade through streams of pesky magic from pesky magic wielders, but the payoff is you get to maim them when you catch them and then say “not so pesky now, are you?”

    • TheEndlessGrey says:

      I’ve been doing the sneaky archer with a shiny equipment fetish for the last several entries in the series, and I don’t think it’s ever been this effective. Between smithing improvements, armor enchantments, and the relevant perks, plus the possibility of chugging one or more potions to further boost all your important abilities before you take that first shot at a dragon priest, I’m very happy with the state of the sniper in Skyrim.

    • Myles says:

      Archery-dominated-sneaky-archery with extreme alchemy and +90% diseased-character-duration.

      I will become a bard. I carry a lute, a drum and a flute in preparation.

    • UmmonTL says:

      I also tried the sneaky archer but I diversified too much. In the end I pretty much couldn’t win any battle against stronger foes unless I was hiding after every sneak attack shot. Any tips for getting a higher damage output?
      In the end I was able to do two or three sneak attacks in a row with the zoom-bullettime but fights where I couldn’t start in stealth like the dragonfights were almost unwinnable.

    • Magnetude says:

      Turn the difficulty down I guess? There’s no shame in it. I had the same problem in Oblivion, having to avoid a lot of fights on normal difficulty because I’d tried a bit of everything.

    • TheEndlessGrey says:

      @UmmonTL: If dragons are the biggest problem, buying or enchanting some good magic resistance jewelry will help with the fire/frost breath. Helps with the dragon priests too, if you can’t back away from them before they spot you. Oh, and paralysis poisons, haven’t actually tried that on a dragon but it works great when you find a difficult mage.

      With the dragons, I usually end up finding a large rock and just running circles around it so that I’m always on the opposite side from the dragon, putting arrows in it when I can and drinking health potions when I have to. I should probably fraps that sometime, speed it up, and play the Benny Hill music over the whole thing.

    • Felixader says:

      I am going mostly one handed with shield (blocking) and a bow. I add to this sneaking.

      What i want to and actually do is like starting with some skirmish over distance and than poking, slicing and bashing them apart with Sword and Shield.
      So far it is working very well and Lu from Whiteflow is a very nice help overall, she has actually kinda grown on me so much that she has mostly the same gear as me.

      I am not that strong with magic aside from the fast healing and throwing some light around but i brew, craft and even cook everything that isn’t on the trees on the count of three.

  2. Faldrath says:

    I mostly steal books. Main goal is to buy the house with the most bookshelves and have Skyrim’s largest private library.

    • deanb says:

      I really want help on this. Anyone know which hold has the best house for book worms like ourselves? I only have the Whiterun house, and it has a feeble collection of two shelves, that’s barely enough for the complete works of Crassius Curio, never mind my collection of The Song of Pelinal and The Wolf Queen. I could attempt to woo the Orc librarian at the mages college but I’m not that much into books. No offence to Orcs of course.

      At the very least I’m hoping for some kind of Frostrag spire type mod.

    • Ushao says:

      I’ve been a book fiend since Morrowind. I’d love to know the best location to stash my ill-gotten library.

    • TheBigBookOfTerror says:

      I love the new bookshelves, I like that they’ve looked at the mods made for Oblivion and worked some of them into the homes. I’m mostly walking the land and fighting beasties and learning the way of the Dragonborn, but I’ll head home after a week and spend the night in my Whiterun home, sitting in front of the fire reading all my books. Sadly the two bookshelves are now full and I a lot of them get stashed in the trunk. Looking forward to a nice user made country home with a massive library.

    • Buttless Boy says:

      While we’re at it, where the hell are the bookstores? I haven’t found a single one.

    • simonh says:

      You should really check out the College of Winterhold, they have a massive library!

    • kristian says:

      Most likely the apartment with most book shelves is the one you get after finishing the mage guild quests in winterhold

    • Buttless Boy says:

      @simonh: Sweet, I’m there. Do they also sell the Invisibility and Cure Disease spells? Those are usually my first purchases in an Elder Scrolls game, but for some reason I haven’t gone to Winterhold yet.

    • ScottTFrazer says:

      @kristian: Nope. I’ve become the Arch Mage and I don’t think there’s a single usable book shelf in that room. I was actually surprised when I bought the furniture for my Whiterun house that bookshelves were inventory containers.

    • FunkyBadger3 says:

      I intend to fill my entire house with apples.

      Are there any houses with sub-basements?

    • iisjreg says:

      ^ THIS. Definitely, this.

    • Carra says:

      So I’m currently walking around with about 80 books in my inventory. That makes me want to buy a house, I want to store my books! I’d better go steal some more stuff so I can afford a house.

    • changeling101 says:

      Well I’ve bought the house in Solitude, to become the Jarl there, and it seems to have at least 3 usable bookcases, probably more, but only after a) spending 25000 to buy the damn thing and b) spending around 9000 more on each room decoration. All the same, armour stands make me a happy panda

    • BuGi says:

      From what I can remember I think solitude has 4 book shelves with 2 shelves each, Markath on the other hand has 3 book shelves with 3 shelves each.

    • valouris says:

      Sh1t! I didnt think many more would share my book obsession!! For the time being I stash them in a cupboard in the Thieves guild, owning multiple copies of multiple books. A good library always has multiple copies!

      I dont think there is any place where you can place them all though…damn you OCD!!!

    • DigitalSignalX says:

      Collecting books is the best! I do miss the old “grab a collision corner” style of moving things – it’s much harder to place books on non specialized shelves since the game only grabs center of mass now. Still, we need to start a decorated house picture thread in forums :)

  3. PoulWrist says:

    Waiting, cause why would I play it now when in 2 months it’ll be way better ? :|

    • sPOONz says:

      Without playing it perhaps you would not know what needs to be better? I think in a year, all the mods will make this game truely special. Yay modders!

    • LionsPhil says:

      Waiting, because I remember Oblivion getting one hell of a lot of positive feedback in its honeymoon before the bitter trudgery of dull repetition set in and people realised it was a bit wank.

      Budget pricing + patches/mods + maybe a hardware upgrade by then + hype died down and replaced with properly British jaded “yeah, it’s a bit iffy, but ‘salright sometimes I guess” = much better deal.

    • sPOONz says:

      “Budget pricing + patches/mods + maybe a hardware upgrade by then + hype died down and replaced with properly British jaded “yeah, it’s a bit iffy, but ‘salright sometimes I guess” = much better deal.”

      Heh, you made that sound pretty good. I did consider playing all the way through the Elder Scrolls series and then starting Skyrim. But now Im going to do that in reverse. Happy days either way.

    • ulix says:

      I’m waiting too.

      Just got Anno 2070, and already have Batman in my Steam list, so enough to play the next few weeks.

      I just hope they’ll shelve over the Creation Kit soon.

    • kikito says:

      I’m waiting until the Scrolls case is properly closed.

    • Pardoz says:

      What have I been doing with Skyrim?

      Same thing I did with the last two Elder Scrolls games – waiting a year until the goatse edition crops up in a Steam sale for under $10. Not only do I get the entire package for less than the early adopters paid to armour their horses, I get the benefit of a year’s worth of mods and fixes for the bugs the developers couldn’t be arsed to look for, much less actually fix. Only sane way to approach any Bethesda game, given their track record.

    • skorpeyon says:

      Waiting, ‘cuz why should I spend $60 when $20-30 is a way better deal? Seriously, I haven’t paid full price for any of the Elder Scrolls games. I pick them up after the expansions and all, and the inevitable DLC. Wish I’d done that with the Fallout games, too. I do regret that since they’re so similar (though I like Fallout’s world far better than the Elder Scrolls’ so I don’t mind too awful much).

      That, and because I’m just not as into the Elder Scrolls as most people seem to be. I’ve got Morrowind and Oblivion and I pretty much run around and steal random shit, get killed by the guards, and then get bored soon after.

      Edit: and for all the reasons Pardoz mentioned above.

    • Buttless Boy says:

      Y’all are missing out on some great bugs. Yesterday I ran into a talking werewolf chilling with the cops, and today I found the Cave of Inevitable CTD.

    • 153351 says:

      Holy crap you guys are boring. What is this, the grumpy old men’s club? It’s fun to swap stories with other folks who are playing the game, not in two years when no one cares anymore. And if YouTube is right, the only bugs you’re missing are flying horses and epic Giants swings anyway.


      So I guess you guys just started playing BioShock then? Enjoy that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      Waiting. I’m not sure whether I’ll get it during the Christmas break, or later next year, but I don’t feel a need to rush out and play it.

      If it’s a good game, it’ll still be good this time next year, or in five years. If the stories are good, they’ll still be good this time next year, or in five years.

      I read books and watch films made before I was born, even. I’m not planning to wait as long to play Skyrim, but there’s no rush of any sort.

      And I’ve already got a tall pile of unplayed or unfinished games—why jump the queue with a 100+ hour game?

    • Frank says:

      Yeah, I agree with Phil. I got Oblivion for $5 and was still disappointed. I’m confident enough that anything more than $2 of my money would be better spent elsewhere to wait for that price point, or more information, anyhow.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I hated Oblivion but I’m enjoying Skyrim a lot. I mean I really hated Oblivion. It’s probably the most boring experience someone can have.

    • innociv says:

      Yeah, I was looking for the “game sucks right now” option, and there was nothing like that.

      I can’t stand the bad ui and everyone I want to kill being arbitrarily immortal.

    • gwathdring says:

      I played Bioshock a fair while ago, I’ll have you know. And this past fall break was as good a time as any to finish Alpha Protocol. Heck, I might even make some progress on Amnesia this weekend. Once the semester is over, I’ll dig back into Dragon Age: Origins and do some more side-questing with my second character in Fallout: 3.

      I’ve purchased games at full price, recently, but mostly independent games that did something truly special or that I tried a demo of first and fell in love with. So many AAA titles have stopped doing demos … I try to bum play time off my friends where possible (console version or PC version depending on the friend), but this depends on them liking the same games as I do and having time to let me crash in their dorm room when they don’t ALSO want to be playing that or other games. I don’t feel like the industry is wronging me. I simply choose not to buy many games because I can’t justify the purchase–or at least not without a trial. If these games never went on sale, I would either never buy them or eventually get a chance to play a friend’s copy and decide to make a purchase. Games going on sale simply changes the value equation at that moment–I have yet to neglect buying a game in anticipation of it going on sale (consciously, at least … o.0).

      Mostly, I have a lot of games and am quite content. Two years or more from now when I’ve gotten around to upgrading my computer a few cycles after most gamers, if I have the spare cash, I would love to buy a game like Skyrim. I might miss server populations for Battlefield 3 and other major multiplayer games, but I can live without playing every game I have the potential to love. There will be more games, some better and some worse, for me to buy later. Right now, I’m saving up for graduate school, that PC upgrade, some new at-home recording equipment for my music in order of necessity. I’m sure I’ll find someone to rave about Skyrim to when the time comes … at the very least, my cat will listen. :D

    • Zaboomafoozarg says:

      I am sitting in my cave, eating my gruel, and waiting for my miserable existence to end with an inevitable and most likely painful demise.


    • qwiggalo says:

      I saw a mammoth teleport way into the sky, crash land and die.

    • sneetch says:

      That’s not a bug, spontaneous teleportation is what made the mammoths here on earth extinct. How do you think the mummified mammoths got onto the moon?

      I’ve said too much.

    • ineffablebob says:

      Likewise. I’m having a hard time thinking of a PC game released in the last 5 years that wasn’t better after the first patch, and cheaper within six months. So why not wait? Besides, I still have Batman to play. No, not Arkham City. Arkham Asylum.

  4. Echo Black says:

    As I see it, bow (and possibly magic) are the only mechanically rewarding ways to play. The melee combat is, as in all TES titles, crappy. Bethesda could learn quite a bit from Mount & Blade’s combat. It does the whole directional attack (and block) with actual accuracy, purpose and finesse.

    • lasikbear says:

      I don’t mind the melee combat, but the amount of times I have tried to do a directional attack because someone is blocking is embarrassing.

    • stillwater says:

      Yeah, Bethesda could certainly learn a lot from a lot of other games. There’s just no legitimate reason in 2011 for the UI to be so flawed, the melee to be so vague, the textures to be so low-res, for the water to glitchy whenever you go underwater, or for jumping over objects to be so damn frustrating.

      But sadly, Bethesda games are always about quantity rather than quality, and trying to do the best possible job for individual elements by looking at industry best-practice just doesn’t seem to be an option for them. The tsunami of praise they get after each launch doesn’t help either – it just seems to make them rest on their laurels and neglect to properly identify the crapload of problems their games have (and often the same exact problems that recur from one project to the next)

      Don’t get me wrong – I’m LOVING Skyrim. I’m usually of the “wait at least 12 months before buying a Bethesda game” camp, yet I bit the bullet this time and got it. And despite spending heaps of time on Google looking for bug fixes and graphics tweaks, I’m still genuinely LOVING it.

      But I do kinda wish that we were all less collectively forgiving of them, and that one day Bethesda did a launch where they get their arse kicked by a massive consumer and critical backlash, to put a bit of fear of God back into them. It’s just so frustrating to see a company that does so much of the hard stuff right, yet consistently fucks up so much of the easy stuff.

    • ancienttoaster says:

      @stillwater: I think the reason we are so forgiving is that Bethesda seems at least to be TRYING to make unique, player-driven experiences in an industry where the mainstream is increasingly dominated by thoughtlessly linear and bombastic design.

    • Tacroy says:

      If Skyrim had (Demon|Dark) Souls style melee combat, it would probably be GOTY for all the years.

    • AyeGill says:

      Agreed. I mean, i play a badass viking with a two-handed axe, but i realize this is not the most efficient means of combat.

  5. deanb says:

    I voted for “wizardy stuff” but I’ve done soo much blacksmithing I actually ended up levelling up twice in one fairly epic session of blacksmithing. I’m slightly worried that may have screwed me over a bit, cos enemies scale up but my destruction isn’t much more improved and all I was making was iron daggers and leather bracers. I should stop going “elk!…Z!” when out in the wilderness.

    • Phantoon says:

      I started doing the same, then just devolved into Alchemy buggery by buying cheap ingredients, making poisons with a lot of beneficial effects, then getting the idiot shopkeepers to pay way too much for a rather useless poison.

      Now I’m doing the fishstick.

    • LostViking says:

      Haha, leveling up twice in a single smithing sessions is quite impressive :D
      Hopefully you can make some bad ass armor and weapons with your improved smithing skills.

      Personally I try not to go overboard with the smithing and alchemy just because I am afraid of leveing up too much.
      In Oblivion I usually made alchemy a non-class skill, so I didn’t have to worry that much about it ;)

  6. WMain00 says:

    I’ve been playing a sort of Battle Mage class: heavy armour, 1 handed sword, destruction magic, death to my foes.

  7. EC- says:

    I’ve been fighting a street war against militarized luchadores, changing my sex and skin color every hour and….oh wait, this is the wrong game, isn’t it?

    • ScottTFrazer says:

      Yes, but that’s what I’ve been doing when I need a break from giants and dragons :-)

    • P4p3Rc1iP says:

      I should be buiding a game, not playing one. Damn you Skyrim!

      I should also not drink as much beer as I’ve done tonight and go to bed. But maybe I can play 30 minutes of Skyrim now and be at uni tomorrow at 9…


    • LostViking says:

      Just … one …. more …. quest …. (and a beer while I’m at it)

      Take it from me. It does NOT help your grades :P

  8. Bellowhead says:

    You need to add a new option to the poll:

    “Deciding that university education is important, and resolutely deciding to finish all four autumn term essays before buying the game. Then, whilst stubbornly trying to write your third 3,000 word essay in as many days, slowly get driven to madness by all the great news and highlights brought to me by RPS’s twitter feed telling me about how great Skyrim is.”


    • westyfield says:

      This, but without the essays. Although only three 3000 word essays in 3000 days doesn’t sound too bad. :)

    • Bellowhead says:

      Haha, well it feels like a lot to me! Getting through the third one now, and my half term is next week so if I get the fourth done I’ll have a whole week with Skyrim and no education to worry about…

    • Unaco says:

      My PhD Supervisor is away for a month. I am playing Skyrim now. I really need a healthy dose of willpower to get some work done in the next 4 weeks.

    • Nim says:

      Right, I’m supposed to write an essay right now, not read rock-paper-shotgun…


    • AmateurScience says:

      @Unaco I *wish* my supervisor was away – playtime is severely limited by a need to write a thesis.

    • Saldek says:

      Damn, this game is deep. I haven’t even discovered the university quest line, yet. Looking forward to the essay mini-game. Not sure if I’m keen on the 4th wall breaking, self-referential “RPS talking about Skyrim” angle, so I might avoid the Twitter perk.

    • stillwater says:

      I feel ya. And it is kinda fun to play the game at the same time as everyone else. But for consolation, just do a bit of reading on the nexus and user forums, to see how many bugs, crashes, and infuriating design choices there are too. And be glad that some of those things will be addressed (mainly by modders, of course) by the time you buy the game

    • Punchbowled says:

      I can’t play as much as I would like because I’ve had too many PhD supervisees to condole.

  9. thekeats1999 says:

    I have mostly been playing a hybrid. Sword in onehand and fireball in another. Next time around i am going for a ranger/archer and slaughter most of the wildlife.

    • LostViking says:

      I use the same combo, works great. Usually I switch to a shield when I’m out of magic (I really need to get enough skill for that ‘adept spells costs half’ perk).

  10. elfbarf says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of sneaky archer business mixed in with a bit of illusion magic and constant bitching at Lydia.

  11. homerus says:

    I’ve been doing mostly wizardy, assasin, thief, smithing, dungeon crawling and dragon slaying badassery. Unfortunately no option for that, there rarely is, so difficult to define what you do in a game like this so easily.

  12. mmalove says:

    Very Magey-like atm. You did of course mean playing Oblvion modded with the unofficial oblivion patch closing 2200 bugs they somehow forget to close, further modded with extra spells, elimination of the game’s powerlevel all my enemies so leveling makes me weaker, and a glorious, glorious revamp of the in game textures, right? If not, please disregard.

  13. Morlock says:

    Sorcery. I recently finished the College questline, which was fun despite the story being terribly bland. I don’t feel like starting the main quest yet, though after reading Addendum 2 I feel like I shouldn’t wait that long.

    • Eskatos says:

      I was pretty disappointed with the College storyline. The only terrible power of the Eye is that some dickass elf decides to take it for himself. I was expecting some magical apocalypse to threaten to destroy the world. Also the benefits of passing the storyline were pretty lame. You don’t get any fancy benefits from Oblivion like a chest that multiplies alchemy ingredients.

    • Jesse L says:

      Hello spoilers Eskatos! Some of us just joined, thanks!

    • MrDreadlock says:

      College quest line had, I think, one of the worst plots ever! It felt like:
      -“Hey, we’ve got a bunch of fancy dungeons, lets try to connect them into quest line”
      -“We tried, it doesn’t make sense”
      -“Forget it! we are going to say it’s a mysterious plot. All in all, it’s all about becoming a new archmage”
      -“Shit! We forgot about that! Old archmage is still alive!”

      Playing pure mage right now, I must say that without spell crafting , spamming the same spell for last 30 levels gets a bit boring.

    • Burning Man says:

      I just finished the College questline too. Worst. Questline. Ever. I don’t think I’ve ever seen worse writing. They never explain the presence of the Psijic Order or the Thalmor. They never explain what the artifact is, how it was being abused, what those random floaty things you fight were, how using the staff helped, why the artifact had to be brought in to an obviously public place despite nobody understanding it in the slightest and why it had to be taken away.

      And worst of all, why my character, despite having zero magical prowess and infinite resist magicka, was made Archmage. Because the old Archmage was killed in a freak accident (where nobody saw anything, so you can create your own explanations!) despite being (presumably) unimaginably powerful, and you always pick the closest newcomer who has cleared 3 or more dungeons to become Archmage. But you all knew that was going to happen anyway.

      (Some minor spoilers. But really, if you care about the story, or anything else for that matter, just leave the college alone. Add spells with the console)

    • Morlock says:

      You guys all summed it up. It’s just plain silly that my character, who barely knows how to cast Adept spells, becomes Arch Mage. Especially since he solved half the quests in this little campaign with the help of a mercenary he hired for 500 gold.

      [SPOILERS]He should have become arch mage, having killed more foes than I did, but it seems that whoever is with you auto-dies in the last battle.[/SPOILERS]

      Anyway, I had fun, despite the plot being disappointing. I am a mage, dammit, not a warrior. I deserve a smarter plot!

    • MrDreadlock says:

      @Burning Man
      They didn’t explain anything.
      That’s why i loved archmage character, it became quite funny that the great, wise patron of college started every conversation with “uhh, I really don’t know..” that was reassuring cause, neither did I:)

  14. Jubaal says:

    Hmmm I’ve been playing a sneaky archer summoner. I don’t know which box to tick!

    I’ve mainly been travelling the wilderness doing side quests with my trusty companion Lydia (Who loves to carry a tonne of firewood I don’t even know what to do with!).

  15. Metonymy says:

    You missed

    screwing around with video settings and config files
    rerolling and sitting through the intro yet again
    experiencing stealer’s remorse

    • Grygus says:

      Maybe you already knew this, but from one inveterate character creator to another, you can save the game once you get off the cart but before the guy asks you who you are; still have to watch the dragon attack and do the whole escape from Helgen thing, but at least you miss out on the cart ride.

    • berecsl says:

      I must join you guys here. I`m closing in on 48 hours of gameplay, but I`m started again with so many characters that I barely played anything after the first dragon kill yet.

  16. Joseph-Sulphur says:

    The Companions stuff. Its quite fun actually, especially compared to the Fighters Guild in Oblivion.

  17. Brun says:

    Bowsniper + Illusion and Alteration when I can find decent spells for them (which ain’t often, WTB Detect Life or Invisibility?). Roughly equivalent to the Nightblade preset from Oblivion.

    No house yet, I’m holding out until I can buy one in Solitude. Definitely the best city out of all that I’ve seen (which is all but Dawnstar).

    • etho says:

      I have Detect Life, but it is a shout (or rather, a whisper, for us sneaky types) called Life Aura I think. It’s pretty effective. I have two of the three words for it, and it has a better range now than my Detect Life spells in ‘blivion ever did.

      Don’t get your hopes up for Dawnstar, it’s not much to write home about.

      As for me, I’ve just finished up the Dark Brotherhood quest line. It was pretty awesome. Partway through you get a spell to summon the ghost of Lucien Lachance to fight for you. I’ve also done the first couple steps of the Thieves Guild, and a few of the main story quests, enough that there are infinite dragons flying about trying to eat me.

    • Punchbowled says:

      [possible despoilage]

      I’ve found dragon words that take care of Detect Life and Invisibility. If you ask nicely, I might even tell you where they are.

      This is because I’ve spent most of my time just burning through dungeons, hitting and burninating and shouterising things with whatever comes to hand or tongue first. Happy times.

      [despoilage ends]

  18. vecordae says:

    I mostly play as a sneaky archer/conjurer. Bound sword/bow and summons for offense and light armor for defense. The lack of summonable armor makes me sad as I would use that and otherwise run around naked instead.

  19. db1331 says:

    Crying over my dead horse. That little guy stuck by me for 30-some hours. Countless times I thought for sure he would be killed. A dragon or a roving party of bandits would attack him, and he would run off and I would be unable to find him. But every time, I would fast travel, and when I arrived at my new location, there he was. Then, one time…

    I left him on top of a mountain ridge while I climbed my way down into the giant ruin below. As I was sneaking in, suddenly all the bandits starting running OUT. I had no idea what got them so worked up. Then I heard my horse freaking out on the mountain above. I couldn’t get back up to him. I told myself he would be fine. After I was done in the ruin, I fast traveled somewhere, and my horse was not there. I went back to the mountain where I left him, and found his arrow-riddled corpse. I never got to say goodbye…

    All in all, it worked out for the best, because I got a MUCH cooler horse from a quest not an hour later. That would have been an awkward situation, had my old horse still been standing around…

    • Nemrod says:

      ooooh my. Reminds me of that poor lad “Nemrod’s ride” who got lost idunnowhere.

      and the one that got killed by 3 bears.

      and the one that I thought was dead, didn’t quickload (for immersion purposes) and found back some 300 meters away… never been so happy in a game in my life!

    • AmateurScience says:

      I feel your pain man, lost my faithful steed in a giant attack. Miss that guy.

    • Ajh says:

      My horse died to saber cats. I was staring at the screen, jaw dropped. “They..killed my horse! I liked that horse!!” Now I’m almost afraid to buy another one..I don’t want it to die too.

      This makes my favorite hobby (roaming the countryside and getting into trouble) a little slower.

    • Grygus says:

      I have lost three horses to various misadventures and now I just walk.

    • Trigunvts says:

      for all you poor fellows that are buying horses from the stables I will tell you this. Stop buying squishy horses…there is a horse in this game that is the complete opposite of all other horses. In other words instead of running from fights like a scared little milk drinker it chases after stuff and beats the crap out of it….and lives! The horse I currently have has tanked dragons (mainly ran right up to the dragon and started clubbing it in the face with its hooves and taking its breath weapon like a champ while I was either shooting away with a bow or slightly of to the side of its face hacking away with my daggers/swords. I won’t give anything away truely only a hint…you need to join the Dark side … if your a goodie 2 shoes and simply refuse to be at least somewhat questionable for awhile…well…your gonna be spending alot of money on horses getting eaten by dragons.

  20. Sheps says:

    I started out as an orc but had a major identity change through my experience. I’m still true to my Orc roots by being a black smith but I’m possibly the only Orc in all of Tamriel that runs around in shiny Elven armor, shooting animals in the face with my flawless Elven bow.

    I don’t think I’ve used magic once. An Elven bow with any arrow is all you’d ever need.

  21. BurningPet says:

    I am a sightseer, i go to places and see them. that’s all i do in this game. i haven’t even finished one quest yet and i think i already passed the 10 hours mark.

    i think i am skyrim’s first tourist.

  22. Casimir's Blake says:

    Where is the “sneer at the dungeons for being less fun or interesting than Daggerfall’s” option?

    • vecordae says:

      It is where it has always been: A little ways behind you, supporting you through thick and thin. You and “sneer at the dungeons for being less fun or interesting than daggerfall’s” are true bros.

    • Jesse L says:

      Ah hahaha

    • pipman3000 says:

      i sure miss the days of randomly generated hallways connected to even more randomly generated hallways

    • Harlander says:

      It’s right in the middle of the dungeon, in a room which is unconnected to any other walkable space.

  23. Snargelfargen says:

    My dunmer has been doing the melee stealth thing, bolstered by illusion spells. When things go bad (he is spotted) he runs around insanely casting fury on everything in sight and then throwing firebolts at his berserk foes.
    Quite a bit of fun, and it’s given me a satisfying mix of stealthing and berserking.

  24. Goosetipher says:

    I wanted to be a proper Nord Warrior, with a big sword and a bigger beard, with a very proper disgust for “fancy magic”. Unfortunately, I keep wanting to make said sword bigger and shinier though, so I was seduced by the magical mysteries of enchantment. Then I started healing myself with that way too convenient healing spell. And transmuting iron to keep stacking that paper (bars, discs?). So character concept gone, though I still have the beard.

  25. 2late2die says:

    I’m going for thief/assassin-y type character but with moderate use of magic, whether it’s to enhance thieving capabilities or give me a bit of a boost in something I might be lacking. So far I love using Fury to turn enemies on each other. I wish there was a way to block with a sword without having to clear left hand of magic, and even more importantly, I wish there was a way to block with two weapons.

  26. FecesOfDeath says:

    I completed the Dark Brotherhood quest, and my Sneak perks combined with the Dark Brotherhood armor has made the dagger backstab arguably the most powerful attack in the game.

    • Nighthood says:

      Really, it’s not even arguable.

      With the sneak perk, and the dark brotherhood armour, and a 25 damage dagger, I do 750 points of damage every time I stealth hit.

      I can one hit kill ANYTHING, if I can get them to forget where I am. Even Steam Centurions and Dragon Lords.

    • FecesOfDeath says:

      I haven’t played any other style but stealth assassin, so I can’t say definitively that it’s the most powerful attack in the game, but the 15x dagger backstab Sneak perk plus the 2x dagger bonus of one of the shrouded armor pieces makes for a devastating attack. You can make the attack even stronger by equipping stronger daggers and/or putting a couple perk points into One-handed Weapons. I’ve definitely taken “boss” characters down with just one sneak attack.

  27. NarcoSleepy says:

    I’ve mostly been doing sneaky thief stuff, but last night I devoted an embarrassingly long time to catching butterflies.

    • Ajh says:

      My friend spent about half an hour catching butterflies. It would have been longer, but she wandered face first into a giant while not paying attention to anything but butterflies.

  28. cptgone says:

    haven’t got it yet, cause i’m still playing Discount Hunter instead. it’s an enhanced reality game, and much much cheaper. last thing i did in Discount Hunter was buy Oblivion Simcity.
    and when i’m dead, i’ll finally have time to play that too! :holds breath:

  29. Galaxy613 says:

    I roll an Orc who mainly dual wields, but I dabble in everything else except for two handed weapons.

  30. Buttless Boy says:

    I play an archer who steals everything that isn’t nailed down, crafts a lot of armor that he can’t use, and turns iron into gold. What do you call that, is that a class?

  31. PaulMorel says:

    None of the above.

    I’m a sneaky archer. I’ve done the entire Companions quest line, a handful of side quests, and killed a few dragons on the main quest line.

    I can’t get enough of this game …. and that will probably be the death of me this weekend when my wife is out of town… ;)

  32. H.P Kraftwerk says:

    Rerolling… I get to level 10-15 and go.. oh wouldnt it be cool.. let me see… So now I have a Tank Summoner, a Pure Destro Mage, and now a Archer / Trickster

  33. Drake Sigar says:

    I’m a thief, and I’m going to steal everything in the world.

  34. Obc says:

    i combat as a mage but most of the time i am pickpocketing everyone and stealing every town clean (level 20 so far with pickpocketing at 70 while desto (40-something) conj(36))

    next playthrough (if i ever finish this one, the game is HUUUUGE) i will be a sneaky archer

  35. Njordsk says:

    Sneaky heavy armor bow dude.

    well… let’s say some kind of discreet warrior.

  36. KlaxonOverdrive says:

    Crashing to desktop, mainly.

    • LostViking says:

      Ah, you are an honorable Desktop Crasher of the first order?

      I am pretty good at it too, crashing a couple of times an hour.
      The good thing is my F5-reflex is up 10 points ;)

  37. Leprikhan says:

    I finished leveling up enchanting and smithing to 100 each, prepared a suit of armor (chosen entirely for looks rather than effectiveness), and made a sword (ebony instead of daedric, because I think daedric looks silly). Enchantments, improvements and all, I cast destruction spells for no mana cost and swing my sword for almost 300 damage on a normal attack (with a two-handed skill of about 40, too).

    It is roughly as godlike as it sounds. Feels like cheating, really, but no actual cheats or even exploits were involved whatsoever, so I feel okay about it.

  38. Maldomel says:

    I am a Bard, and I am very pleased to be one.

    Otherwise I’ve been exploring the world a lot, doing weird quests to get powerful magic staves (I love the Wabbajack), and also I developped a tendency to get lost, or rather to search for places and people I don’t find.

  39. Batolemaeus says:

    Sneaky Bow Alchemist with some magical trickery. I have a poison for every enemy, except the many ones that are immune…

    • AyeGill says:

      must suck when you go into EVERY DUNGEON IN THE GAME and encounter a ton of draugr

  40. frenz0rz says:

    My Imperial Battlemage (Heavy Armour, 1H, Destruction and Restoration) has had quite the adventure so far. It seems all it takes is one little quest that takes me near a town I havent visited yet, and I’ll suddenly find myself meeting Daedric princes, thwarting necromantic plots and solving murder mysteries there for the next in-game fortnight.

    Bollocks to the main quest, I’m having too much fun without it.

  41. wengart says:

    I’m essentially playing as Aragorn if he dabbled in poison making.

  42. Big Murray says:

    Where’s the option for “None of the above, because I’m broke”?

  43. asshibbitty says:

    35 hours and I haven’t done much. Running around looking at stuff, not using fast travel. Hoarding gold and rarer ingredients, looking for certain books. The world has started to level up and I’ve pissed away the perk points at random stuff, had to get a companion to tank out. getting one-shotted by roadside mobs.

    Here’s a hint: stealing in TES games is the surest path to getting dead bored.

    E: 45 hours actually, been leaving the game on standby a lot, guess steam counts even the main menu as playtime.

  44. Roseiar says:

    I’ve done mostly smithing. Hard as heck to find higher level materials for high level armor at level 14-ish, but that dragon scale (superior) is well worth it.

  45. Jeremy says:

    I put warrior, but really I would say I’m more “explorer, adventurer” than anything else. Sure, I smash faces with my axe, but I’m not just out to kill stuff, I’m out to see the landscape and explore towers, caves, Dwemer ruins, etc. Bashing faces is just an unfortunate side effect of my occupation.

  46. Guyver says:

    well i voted for widardy stuff because im mostly a mage, but the 70% of the time i was stealing everything on every store. :D

  47. Raiyan 1.0 says:

    Jim is just looking for excuses to mess around with his new-found poll plug-in. ;)

  48. zakihashi says:

    Assassin, mostly with daggers, it’s so op, that it’s funny.

  49. McDan says:

    My silly internet won’t let me vote. But so far I’ve been magicking it up! But that’s beause I’m doing a mage playthrough first, then a theif/assassin, then a warrior. I have played about 25 hours and still only done 3/4 main quests. It’s great.

  50. Archonsod says:

    Mainly I’m rolling through the Radiant quests in the Thieves Guild so I can finally get the last one I need to dominate Markath and completely finish the guild. And being annoyed that the larceny stuff bugged out when I stole a second object while having one in my inventory, so I can’t complete that trophy shelf.