Unjaunty: English Country Tune

The inside of Lavelle's head, yesterday.
Stephen “Increpare” Lavelle has sent over a version of his spatial puzzle game, English Country Tune, and I’ve been playing it. Atmospheric, compelling, and acutely encouraging of the thinking they call lateral, English Country Tune mixes some of the kind of 3D puzzles you might have seen before over the years with some you won’t have seen, and then adds in extra layers of impossible videogame physics and Increpare experimental cleverness. I am currently gnawing on early puzzles that include faked “camouflage” gravity… Yes, it’s that kind of thing. And it’s awesome. That said, despite the name, there are no jaunty folk songs to be found. Not so far, anyway. For gist of the sort of 3D puzzling you’ll be expected to face head below to see the trailer. The game itself will be out via the website a week today, apparently.


  1. v21 says:

    Been looking forward to this for a while. I enjoy his experimental stuff, but it’ll be lovely to get something complete and polished and approachable from Stephen.

  2. PleasingFungus says:

    Been playing the release candidate for the last few weeks. It starts out a little slow – the first bit is basically just Sokoban but once you start doing the 3D stuff and the game really opens up, it’s fantastic.

    It’s really astonishingly Increpare. The protagonist is a square, pushing spheres and cubes! Wonderful.

  3. vivlo says:

    I’ld love to see that guy become rich because of something like that.

    (That beeing said, ther seems to be something tricky with this article, once i tried to see it in the main, date sorted articles list and i couldn’t see it ?..)

  4. Josh W says:

    Well that looks impressive, hope he really takes advantage of his various mechanics and doesn’t gimmick his way through. I mean, looks like there could be some nice mechanical changes there, but it’d be nice to see some flesh on them.