See MLG Providence National Championships

The footage from the event, which is live for another six or so hours, should be found below. There’s been a bunch of furious Starcraft II matches going on, and I believe right now it’s the aftermath of a game between between Huk and NaNiwa which heralds the second slot for the semis.


  1. Calneon says:

    If you’ve noticed the lack of top european skill at this MLG, that’s because they’re all playing at the IPL qualifiers here in the UK at i44! Check out TotalBiscuit and Apollo casting here.

  2. Radiant says:

    I really want to divert attention to fighting game streams and tournys over starcraft.
    Did you see the recent Canada Cup SF4 international 5vs5?
    Some of the best players from the US, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Korea and Canada go in.

    Trailer: link to
    International 5vs5 playlist: link to

    I can’t stress how awesome this tourny was.

    • GeForceFX says:

      Yes I did. That was really sick :D!

    • LlamaNL says:

      The fighting game scene is so… ghetto. It’s like they don’t actually want me watching, they’re so hostile towards EVERYONE.

    • Radiant says:

      @LlamaNL it depends on which stream you’re watching.
      Most of the majors are handled by team spooky and commentated by ultra david and james chen.
      Some of the side games are commentated by the players themselves.

      Most of the ‘ghetto’ is just hype they’re dishing out a LOT of info whilst being very amped about the game.
      They also have a very short time to give you the info you need compared to the glacial pace of starcraft.

      Think of it as NBA jam rather then a game of cricket.

      Thankfully you get a lot of game breakdowns in surrounding videos that get pretty in-depth [take a look at some of the crosscounter and crosscounterasia youtubes].

    • cosmicolor says:

      Yeah, I find fighting game streams to be entertaining because there’s so much… goofiness compared to the bigger esport game streams I’ve watched, and having been at (and played in) fighting game tournaments in the past the atmosphere probably contributes too.

      But really I just want an excuse to post the £2 money match that happened for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 which involved a surprising amount of rage for just £2 and was hilarious. link to

    • Radiant says:

      @cosmicolor I’m trying to raise the tone of fighting games and you casually drop in an Armshouse stream!

      For those who don’t know: London’s Armshouse and NYC’s Guardcrush are the most er..player led streams going.


  3. paterah says:

    I saw some sc2 and LoL..has to be the best MLG this year by far

  4. Web Cole says:

    Haypro takes out Nestea and has just taken his first game against MVP (why the hell are both streams showing ads and not these games? :( ) some pretty interesting developments!

    • Miker says:

      They are showing them, but they’re on the beta streams which are only available to MLG silver/gold subscribers.

    • TensaiBoy says:

      On the Blue Stream now, Rejoice everyone (which seems to be noone here heh)

  5. OJSlaughter says:

    The IPL is way better RPS, it has TotalBiscuit commenting too!

    Come on Jim, show some love for the UK matches as well…

    • iHavePants says:

      I respect Totalbiscuit in most his endeavours, but the man is an absolutely awful Starcraft commentator with very little knowledge of high level play. He casts it like a horse race only telling you things you can clearly already see right in front of you as they’re already happening.

    • Melliflue says:

      But isn’t that how casting (and sports commentating in general) works? There is one who does play-by-play commentary and adds to the excitement and there is a second who provides analysis. In the case of TB and dApollo, TB provides the enthusiasm and excitement while dApollo provides the expert analysis.

    • iHavePants says:

      Typically yes, but every other colour commentator I know of is not entirely without anything of worth to say outside of the moment, and I guess I’m just not a fan of how he handles the battles themselves(hence the horse race analogy). Again though I’m not a TB hater, I generally enjoy most everything else he does.

    • Melliflue says:

      It’s personal preference. I quite like TB because I do miss things sometimes, for example in a big TvP engagement I don’t always see where the EMPs hit and so I’m happy that TB mentions such things. I think he does a good job of allowing Apollo plenty of time to talk and that covers for his lack of high-level knowledge. However, Apollo was a little ill over the weekend so I think TB had to talk more than he usually would do.

      But again, it’s all personal choice :)

    • FunkyB says:

      TB is not in the same league really. He’s OK, but Tasteless, Artosis and Day[9] are legends; cool, professional, and with tactical insight and knowledge. They can, for example, tell you the build a Zerg is going for based on the moment he places his first Extractor (a very early structure, only minutes into the game). TB will tell you they’ve placed an Extractor. Well thanks, but WHY did they do that, and is it a good move or a bad move?

      Quality SC2 casting takes a huge amount of work watching games and keeping up with techniques from current ladder play and events at major tourneys. Someone that does the things TB does probably doesn’t also have time to get to the top levels of SC2 casting.

    • Starky says:

      I have to agree that TB is not a great SC2 commentator at all, in fact he’s pretty far down the list – He’s great in most of what he does, and I’ve been listening to him since early WoW radio days – but he just doesn’t have anywhere near the depth of knowledge needed to even colour commentate SC2.

      It’s not his fault he does so much he probably doesn’t have the time needed to devote to SC2, and he’s got such a large following he brings people to watch the events who’d not normally watch sc2 just because he’s involved, so is added value for any event organiser.
      He’s entertaining and funny, but by god I’m only a Plat/low Diamond level player and it is painful for me to see him getting so much wrong, or just blatantly obvious.

      Like husky though (who’s actually really improved in the past months), to the SC2 layman his enthusiasm and entertainment factor are probably great fun to listen too – he really does need a proper full on analytical commentator in the seat next to him though.

      Apollo is decent, but sit someone like Liquid taylor (with a few drinks in him to open his mouth), or EG InControl, Painuser – or hell almost any High Masters/GM level player in the seat next to him and it would probably be a duo fit to match even Tastosis.

    • Milky1985 says:

      Didn’t hear any misteps in knowledge from TB or appollo in the stream when i watched it. It was fun and i knew when to rush back to tv during cooking etcwhen the annoucer excitment level started rising.

      I don’t really get the “no knowledge” thing, someone above said he shoudl say why its a good thing, generally i thought with the back and forth between the two of em you understood the builds they were going for with tb commenting on the tactical stuff (the current stuff) and appollo focusing on teh startegic aspect of it.

      Then again we all have our preferences, I have watched some US starcraft stuff and its all mechanical and uninsteresting commenting , yes they explain everything… every time. Audience tends ot be more in the game with the US stuff, but thats a US vs UK audience thing, as i saw when i watched the NFL game in wembley :P

    • FunkyB says:

      You wouldn’t notice any mistakes because the casters don’t announce when they are wrong.

      As a Brit, I think that the current top casters (who all happen to be Yanks) can create excitement and fervour really well. I mean, it’s cool to hear English accents commenting on e-sports, but we haven’t got our breakout caster yet. I do like Apollo, but pair him with Day[9] who can shout and scream like a girl as stuff goes down! :)

    • Starky says:

      It just comes down to the ability to make judgement calls (even if they turn out wrong sometimes, happens to the best commentators), telling the audience what army is stronger, what tech the player will be going down and why, what counters what well and why (not just in obvious unit counters).

      dApollo is decent enough at all of this and clearly has game knowledge, but while the colour commentator need not be ex-pro level, deeply analytical, and understand the game to the finest detail – they need to be at least broadly familiar with the metagame, the scene, the players and who’s on form, their styles of play so on so forth.

      TB doesn’t – he can explain the basics of what goes on, but he just doesn’t have the knowledge of some of the other top casters to tell a story, to make a story out of the game/series of games (which is what a colour commentator should be doing IMO) – the game pretty much describes itself – the example given above stands true, TB can explain what a player is doing, a top commentator can explain the broad strokes of WHY a player is doing what he’s doing, then pass it deftly to their co-host expert for further detail.

      Again this is no slight to the man – no one can be expert at everything, and he’s great at media and video production and game reviews/commentary, but TB just isn’t qualified when it comes to SC2.
      TB has likened his style to boxing commentary, but even the most wacky pro-boxing commentator, knows the history of their sport, the current news and happenings and so on.

      It’s little things that people who don’t play in at least gold or above would never pick up on,
      One example from a game I just watched TB said about a droning zerg player “he’s getting greedy with his drones” – and I’m thinking “no he’s not”, what the zerg was doing was standard drone timing – he had a few lings + 1 spine, enough to defend anything from his terran opponent but an all-in attack(or at least to delay long enough to get more units out/spines up), and zerg saw the terran opponent expand so he knows he is safe. Zerg HAS to drone as hard as he can or he won’t have enough income for the much bigger midgame (probably tank-marine) push he’ll need to defend.

  6. Teronfel says:

    Really good tournament

  7. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    Progaming – one of the things I have never gotten…

    • Vinraith says:

      Me neither, but I also don’t get watching sports, so I figure I’m just missing a gene or something.

    • Sic says:

      Two questions.

      Have you tried watching a tournament?

      Did you play the game before trying to watch the tournament?

    • Melliflue says:

      Do you mean “get” as in are not personally interested or as in don’t understand why anyone is interested? If it is the former then that’s OK, although odd that you would choose to make a comment on an article about an e-sports event to say you don’t like e-sports.

      If it is the latter; Any kind of sport provides the excitement of watching something when you don’t know what is going to happen, and that what will happen isn’t scripted. It helps if you can recognise what is risky or difficult or unexpected, which does require some invest of time and energy to begin with.

      For example, this event (MLG Providence) was won by an unseeded player who came up through the open bracket and he beat several incredibly good players.

      I didn’t expect that, and it wasn’t scripted, which made it a huge amount of fun to watch. As with any sport, it is also more fun if you know who is good and if you have players you like/dislike (although that can get taken to extremes sometimes).

  8. Xizor says:

    Probably the best SC2 tournament yet in my opinion. Sooooo many good games

  9. Web Cole says:

    Naniwa the only foreigner hope left.

    He’s so got this. :P

  10. mpk says:

    I understand the individual words they speak, but the sentences mean absolutely nothing.

  11. limbeckd says:

    The two matches between Naniwa and Nestea were insane. Leenock is looking like he could take the whole tournament, pretty impressive for a 16 year-old.

  12. Teronfel says:

    Who the fuck is that Leenock guy?

    • Web Cole says:

      I don’t know, but holy crap.

    • Moraven says:

      16 yr old Korean zerg who has been in GSL Code A a couple times getting pretty far. Now he is in GSL Code S November Round of 8. He going to be pretty tired getting back and have to play those games in a couple days.

  13. Reefpirate says:

    Whoever sells ads for MLG should win an award or something… more than half of them are female face creams or hair colour products. I’m all in favour of more girls watching e-sports, but I really don’t think there’s that many of them watching at the moment.

    • iHavePants says:

      In Australia we just get 2 variants of the same coke ad, over and over again, every time. I now hate everyone cursed with the name Matt or Kate.

  14. Moraven says:

    Leenock punishes Naniwa for doing the same build order everytime. He must be damn tired, he came from the Open Bracket, so he played like 30 games over 3 days. And only lost one best of 3 series.

    With Leenock already in Code S, Naniwa will be given a GSL Code S slot if he chooses to take it. He has been in Korea the last couple months so I think he will go for it.

    League of Legends games were entertaining also.

  15. Swanny says:

    Ok, so i’ve never really seen or been interested in pro gaming, or even watching good SCII matches.
    I don’t know a roach from a baneling.
    But, well, shit.
    This was incredible.
    I’ll have to scout around for some more matches.