Anno 2070 Launched, Deposited Pretty Trailer

This looks all very peaceful. No need for war here.

Anno 2070 came out on Friday. Did you see? It’s Anno, but in the future! Although I’m now so used to having ridiculous year names from science fiction like “2011” that I can no longer register “2070” as sounding that far away. Heck, it’s reasonably likely I could live until 2070. I think futuristic sounding things now require at least a “2200” century, if not ideally the third millennium. Please take note. Anyhow, the Anno launch brought with it an Anno launch trailer, which is below. And I believe one of our number is currently playing the game in order to let you know what you should think about it.

I’ll tell me what though – if this is what 2070 looks like, I’ll be bloody furious that I’m 92 and far too old to properly enjoy the flying cars. I’ll be the one flying at 13mph in rush hour, swerving into the lane above.

As it’s Ubisoft, you’ll want to know the DRM. It’s a one-time online activation, then can be played offline after that.


  1. Meneth says:

    “’ll be bloody furious that I’m 92 and far too old to properly enjoy the flying cars. I’ll be the one flying at 13mph in rush hour, swerving into the lane above.”
    Hopefully all cars will be driven by AI by then.

    As to the game, looks fancy. Might pick it up in a sale at some point.

    • Timberfox says:

      Don’t wait until 2070 to purchase it; the Ubisoft DRM servers will likely be down.

    • Mastakush says:

      man i payed 55 bucks for that game on steam, and it doesnt even work, it keep saying “this game is unavailable, please try again later” im starting to hate steam.

  2. Squirrelfanatic says:

    I’m interested in how the balancing of the factions is going to turn out. Not that Anno games ever where much about battling your opponents in micro-management wars that made every single bullet of your tiny soldiers count. But I’d guess that many many many people would rather be the peace loving Eco-guys than the profit oriented (ivul?) Industries-R-us fellas. I hope that both factions are equally fun to play and each offer different strategies using their respective strenghts.

    • Sian says:

      The tycoons aren’t evil. They care less about ecobalance, but that’s about it. Certain faction specific buildings cause more pollution, but on the whole, they are more efficient than the ecos. More prone to disaster too, it seems, though I haven’t played enough to figure out how bad that is.
      In the end, balance doesn’t matter, as you can get both factions anyway, as far as I know.

    • SketchyGalore says:

      I’ve been having some good ultra-long sessions with this since it came out (Anno games always seem to be the hardest for me to put down) and I’m really impressed with how they handled the factions. I, too, assumed that the game would be riddled with messages of green being “good” and industry being “evil”. It’s not like this at all. In fact, in traditional Anno style, the best solution late-game comes from your ability to weave all the factions together.
      The ecos represent the “green” method; buildings use less power and pollute less, but things like power typically cost more money to maintain and industries tend to take up more space.
      The tycoons represent more of a consumerist approach. They use more power and rely more heavily on things like mining, and their industries tend to pollute more, but they’re hyper-efficient and their industries tend to fit into a smaller space.
      The researchers are like the Orient from the last Anno game; they’re the “side” faction that doesn’t do much on their own, but give you technologies and items that make things work (for example, they’re the ones that allow you to make underwater cities; a requirement for some of the final tycoon/eco products).
      The really interesting thing about all this is how the environment is handled. It’s VERY easy to have a dirty, polluted eco island, and similarly, the tycoons have some powerful high-cost anti-polution buildings to offset their output, meaning you can have a super-clean city full of coal burning power plants and smog-spewing cheeseburger factories. It’s a perfect “no right way” system that leads to a lot of different strategies; clean/dirty, small/expansive, peaceful/warlord, trader/recluse.

      Just DON’T judge this game by its campaign alone! Like most Anno games, the campaign plays out like the world’s longest tutorial. And unfortunately, this one seems a little less interesting and more glitchy than previous entries. The main attraction is the excellent free-form single player challenges.

  3. Biscuitry says:

    I’ve already picked Anno 2070 up. If nothing else, it’s a worthy successor to Anno 1404.

    • G-Lord says:

      Agreed. I got hooked over the weekend although I rarely play strategy games.

    • Sunjammer says:

      Funny. Everyone I know that’s played it so far, including me, have had utterly crippling bugs during the campaign preventing progress. It doesn’t help that the campaign is poorly written walls of text filtered through endless fetch quests.

      I don’t know what happened here but it’s not a worthy successor to 1404 by a long shot. That game had elegance and sharpness of design. This is just a shit ton of junk.

      WE NEED TEA! TEA FOR THE ECO WARRIORS! Give me a break

    • Sian says:

      I read people complaining about Anno 2070 as if it was Sword of the Stars 2, but personally, I haven’t encountered a single noticeable bug. I’m lucky, I guess. The campaign isn’t great, true, but then I didn’t buy this game for the campaign.

      @Sunjammer: The ecos aren’t eco warriors, just ecos. They settle their islands their way, the tycoons have a different philosophy. From the reactions of the NPCs in the campaign, there is no aggression between the two factions, just mutual dislike. That being said: They need to drink something and water is kinda hard to sell as something that needs to be produced, even though some kind of water processions plant would be possible. I really don’t see your issue with their drink of choice being tea.

    • ulix says:


      If you were seriously expecting a campaign that even remotely resembles a good gaming experience (bugs or no bugs), than you surely have never played an Anno game in your life.

      Endless-Game is awesome. Having a lot of fun with it.
      Just don’t play with that mercenary chick, she is more than a little unfair.

      Only “real” problem for me so far:
      No aesthetic buildings yet for the player. The npcs have them though, and they are mentioned in the manual, so I’m guessing its an oversight that will be patched soon.

    • FalseMyrmidon says:

      I like how one of the goods for the ecos is an ipad.

  4. sueyed says:

    “As it’s Ubisoft, you’ll want to know the DRM. It’s a one-time online activation, then can be played offline after that.”

    You left out a small detail

    “3rd-party DRM: Solidshield Tages SAS 3 machine activation limit”

    Steam Store page as of right now.

    • sneetch says:

      “3rd-party DRM: Solidshield Tages SAS 3 machine activation limit”

      What does that mean? Is that 3 machines at once or three machines ever including reinstalls on your current machine only undoable if you send a request carved in mahogony and embossed in gold leaf?

      Edit: decided to stop being lazy and find out myself and apparently:

      Question: How often can I activate my game?

      Answer: To start with, you can activate your game on three different PC configurations – if you have used up these activations, simply contact our Support team who will provide you with further activations free of charge and without hassle.

      Without hassle, huh? Personally, I’d consider having to contact the support team in order to install my game to be hassle enough. You know what, I was gonna get this but I think I have enough games.

    • Khemm says:

      When will you people understand that Steam offers ZERO piracy protection so that things like tages are absolutely necessary? Steam is a copy&paste kind of cracking job, crackers ALWAYS choose it, if the Steam version had no protection, crack would have been available 1 hour after release as usual – for now, there’s still no cracked version of the game and that means Tages has done its job beautifully. It’s been a few days since the launch!

      Just get the retail version, chances are it’ll have the DRM patched out, like Anno 1404.

      3 different machines at once, you get your activation back after uninstalling the game.

    • sneetch says:

      I just realised that FAQ snippet was for Anno 1404, but from what I’ve seen TAGES activations are not refunded when you uninstall, Khemm. However, for Anno 1404 they do add an extra activation to each key every month until you have 3 activations again. If they do the same here then that’s fine and perhaps I don’t have enough games (I really do have enough games but that’s never stopped me before). I suspect I’ll never really change my PC 4 different times in a month.

      And according to the Steam forums the game was cracked shortly after launch, I have no idea if that’s actually true but that’s the problem with any “standard” copy protection really, once you’ve beaten it once it’s easy to recreate it.

    • Khemm says:

      There are people on the Steam forums who firmly believe Steam is uncrackable, so don’t take what they write there seriously…
      Anno 2070 hasn’t been cracked, just because someone made the game files available for download doesn’t mean pirates can PLAY it. There’s no crack, copy protection has already proven to be successful – it prevented thieves from playing before release and even a few days later.

    • sneetch says:


      Well, like I said, I don’t know if it’s true or not (I wouldn’t know where to begin to find out if it was or not) so I’ll continue to take all claims that it has or hasn’t been cracked with a pinch of salt (although a google search seems to throw up sites claiming to offer various no-cd cracks and key gens for it, whaddya know, I figured out where to start looking for it).

      That said, for me, whether or not a working crack is actually available is a bit like Schrodinger’s cat if you really dislike cats so won’t be bothered to care if the cat is actually dead or not.

    • Archonsod says:

      If there’s no NFO release, there’s no crack.

  5. Jajusha says:

    Well, faction progress is borked right now, as you can’t spend career points on anything due to a nasty bug that closes the end of mission screen.

    But, its a very enjoyable game, and it refreshes the anno concept.

    • SketchyGalore says:

      I’ve noticed that only some of the campaign missions offer career points; not sure if that’s a bug or not. All the non-campaign ones though seem to always offer me the choice to invest in one of the three factions.
      Also, it took me a little while to figure this out, but you can’t “spend” career points on anything. It’s more of a “this unlocks when you get X points in Z faction” type of thing. Although the stuff you get that way is somewhat limited. A lot of the more interesting unlocks come from achievements.

  6. GreatUncleBaal says:

    I got mixed impressions from the demo, although to be fair it doesn’t give you very much of an overview of the whole game.
    It looks great but felt a bit too much like a re-skin of Anno 1404, and didn’t seem to have quite as much of the warmth and charm of the previous game.
    However even if not much has changed from 1404 other than a few different buildings I’ll likely still pick it up (and the demo didn’t go into any of the faction stuff so I’m aware I’ve not seen a good chunk of what the game has to offer) – a good city-builder is a good city-builder. I’ll be interested in the WIT on this one.

  7. Finarfin Greenleaves says:

    It is UbiCrap all over again. My girlfriend bullied me into buying two copies as she really enjoys multiplayer games of the ANNO series. I bought two copies digitally on release day but Ubi had some unknown problems and till 23:00 of release day it was impossible to activate your product. No explanation was given and no news post on the site. I had to call the support to get any kind of information.
    On Saturday the login servers were down for hours so noone could play multiplayer at all.

    So far the multiplayer has been not an enjoyable experience at all. I have no idea what excatly the problem is but while the games are stable the ping is ridiculously high.

    From what I glimpsed in the singleplayer the game itself is actually very decent. Looks like an intelligent evolution of the ANNO gameplay. It still feels very much like an ANNO game but the gameplay was extended in a thoughtful way. In my opinion the change could have been more drastic but I guess the transfer of the series to a futuristic timeline was such a drastic change already, they may have feared to alienate their existing fanbase by changing the core gameplay.

    Another good game ruined by UbiCrap. :(

    • Khemm says:

      So what was the problem again? Small troubles with activation for a short period of time? And the game is “RUINED”? I’m sorry you’re suffering from lag in MP, but I don’t know how widespread the problem is.
      Funny that many Steamworks games’ launch days were uncomparably worse, yet I don’t recall anyone saying that they were RUINED by Steam malware. Double standards FTW.

      Knowing Valve, they of course f%^&ed something up on their side so that Steam version had problems while all others including the retail one were perfectly fine. Typical, has happened countless times before.

    • Nitrium says:

      @Khemm actually, for a lot of people the MP is flat broken. Lots of desync issues after 30-40min of playtime. It’s quite annoying.

    • Finarfin Greenleaves says:


      You may want to dust off your reading comprehension skills. Your local community colleges may have some evening classes for you.

      My whole post does not mention Steam at all and I am certainly not a zeleaous Steam fanboy.
      In fact, I did not buy it on steam but through the UbiShop. If I buy a game and my CC instanly gets charged I expect the game to be ‘delievered’ within 15 mins. The fact that it simply did not work and no information or apology was given from Ubi is a legitimate issue.
      Besides some general crash issues and graphics glitches the Multiplayer part is broken. Lag and desyncing is a serious issue at the moment.

      Other games may be released in a buggy state too but I still do not have to put up with it or even like it.
      Anno 1404 suffered 17 months form a game crippling save game bug. The latest release of the Settlers IP was a horrible mess too. Ubis track record just sucks.

      Reread the posts next time before you baselessly accuse someone of double standards.

    • Khemm says:

      Speaking of reading comprehension, I said: “I don’t recall anyone saying” as opposed to “I don’t recall YOU saying”, so yes, I’ve read your post and did not accuse you.
      If anything, I’m fed up with the “X, Y are EVIL so we can bash them for the smallest mistakes, Z is AWESUM and can do no wrong” mantra, that’s all.

      Again, if you bought the game primarily for MP, that’s a shame you’re having problems – all you can do is wait for a patch – but saying the game is RUINED is being a bit overdramatic, isn’t it? It’s not like Ubisoft coded the multiplayer, ask the devs for improvements.

  8. Sunjammer says:

    Bought it as soon as it was released. Loved 1404.

    DRM is the least of this game’s problems. I’d hold off on buying it for a month or so so they can bring it up to any kind of playable shape.

    • Malcolm says:

      FWIW I downloaded it on Friday. I had no problems with the DRM but I did have one hiccup at the end of the first campaign mission when it crashed out rather than displaying the end game summary and clearly left the stored campaign data in a corrupted state as the second mission was utterly broken (no scripted introduction or objectives were forthcoming). I replayed the first mission again (which took only 10 minutes) and from that point on everything has been fine. I’m up to mission 7 I think and I’m really enjoying it – I was worried a bit whether it would be ecologically preachy but it really isn’t. All the factions have interesting characteristics (and flaws). Some of it is a bit stereotypical, but that’s all part of the fun really.

  9. Xaromir says:

    Sci-Fi Anno + Ubi Game launcher = No buy! Up yours, Ubi!

  10. Nitrium says:

    It’s one- time activation, yeah, but if you try to play offline several features a disabled. Typical Ubi bullshit.

    • Squirrelfanatic says:

      Such as?

    • Gunsmith says:


      the ability to vote on the senate and world councils, not game breaking in anyway shape.

    • ulix says:

      The disabled features are all features that even theoretically require you to be online, such as voting on the world council (were all Anno players vote for some “world effect” that brings advantages to all players, such as “all mines have +10% output”.

      So, duh!

    • beatbox32 says:

      You mean to say they’ve disabled the “Online Multiplayer” feature when I’m offline? Egads! My dollars are safe for another day…

  11. Carra says:

    I played through the first two campaigns and it’s more or less what I expected of it. The campaign story and quests are dull though, it’s just one fed-ex quest after another. They should concentrate more on building and expanding scenarios.

    I bought it on steam and was annoyed to see the poor integration: they didn’t link the achievements to steam and it even patches outside steam (I thought that was a dealbreaker for EA and yet you can do it?). After finishing one mission my wifi was down and I could not continue playing, all I could click was “retry to update your score”. Took me a while to figure out I had to fix my internet connection…

    • Khemm says:

      I never bothered with the campaigns in any Annos or any building sims for that matter, the free buildining mode where you can build&expand at will is where the fun’s at!

    • Carra says:

      I like to have a goal in these games. I had most fun in Anno 1404 going for the building scenarios, “Get a city with 5.000 inhabitants”, “Get an oriental city of 3.000 people”.

      A simple goal but one that takes hours to reach.

    • ulix says:

      It is called “build a (or two) monument(s).”

      Its the goal I always chose in 1404, and the one I’ll always choose here.

  12. Finarfin Greenleaves says:

    edit: This was intended to be an answer to the comment thread a few posts above. Buggy WordPress :/.

    I fail to see how your comment suddenly is a general one not directed towards me and my complaint specifically but lets just drop this stupid issue.

    Whats more important that the publisher almost always is to blame. The publisher is where the money comes from and where the money is, there is the decision making. Ubi decides when and what is released and Ubi is too blame. I highly doubt the devs deemed this product ready for release.

    Unfortunately, even etablished and well known devs share this fate. Remeber the horrible DA2? Bioware even openly admitted the extremely short dev cycle of DA2 was enforced by EA on them to ride of suprising wave of success from DA1.

    I do not make any unreasonable demands. I know the PC platform with it myriads of configuration is a tricky platform to release on. There are always some configurations where your product does not work on out of the box. However I strongly disagree with being demoted to a beta tester. This game has widespread issues as of now and that is simply a very questionable buisness behaviour.

  13. mrjackspade says:

    Wow…is Khemm trolling or is he getting paid for this?!

  14. pupsikaso says:

    Does this game use UBIDRM?? I’ve been asking this for a long time and no one has yet been able to answer me =(

    • Gunsmith says:

      one time activation upon installation and then it runs without the disc.

    • ulix says:

      What annoys me though:
      The Ubilauncher runs regardless, even if you can play offline…

      It’s not as bad as other Ubi titles, but it is still bad.

  15. MadMatty says:

    Well im glad to hear UBI´s DRM is keeping the pirates at bay – for sure, googling the phrases “anno 2070 torrent” did not get me anywhere.

    Nowhere at all really.

    nope, no go.

    • Belsameth says:

      There’s a P2P iso out, but it still needs a valid key, so it does work. It’ll probably be about a week till it’s cracked, and then the impatient amongst us will have bought it already. Like me :p

  16. inteuniso says:

    Anno 2070 has sucked me in. I have to restrain myself from playing it before I get to schoolwork :p.

    One problem I do have with it, though, is the small populations of the cities. If you have a 8 story tall apartment building, you’re not going to fit just 40 people in it.