A Space Inventory: Egress

Space, man

Any fool with a copy of AGS can make an adventure game, but only a select few come up with ones that are truly worth your time. Egress is a game about astronauts and disaster (I presume The Dig is in an inspiration, but it also evokes the likes of 2001, Event Horizon, Moon and Defying Gravity), and while it can err a little too much towards trial and error there’s a lot of clever stuff there, intermittently excellent presentation and an appropriately tense atmosphere.

Told from a claustrophobic first-person perspective, as well as delving into open sci-fi-horror and offering multiple endings, it gets across the anxiety and glacial slowness of lumbering around in a big suit in an unknown place really rather well. 50MB, free, from here.


  1. Hoaxfish says:

    It’s quite nice… but I have no idea how to solve which hole. I randomly solved it once, and my replay showed my theory of why I’d solved it was apparently wrong.

    Somewhat annoying when each hole has a slow screen-transition just to check.

  2. Grimm says:

    This one is worth a download. Very atmospheric. The solution to some puzzles are pretty random, though. Like the holes in the beginning and the panel puzzle.

    Oh and you can skip most screen transition with escape key.

  3. brulleks says:

    Yeah, this one lost me at the very start with that crater puzzle, unfortunately. It seems to expect the player to imagine what the 2D rendition of the sky would look like in 3D from inside one of the craters. That’s possibly the most random puzzle I’ve ever heard of.

    Shame, as it seemed promising to begin with.

  4. armaankhan says:

    Yeah, I might keep trying to get through it, because I’m liking the music and atmosphere, but that crater puzzle is plain annoying, and I can’t skip those long-ass transitions. Good thing it’s free.

  5. KramsDesign says:

    Thanks Alec, glad you enjoyed it! I’m finding myself apologising a lot for the crater puzzle, but I’d like to say in my defence it was my first puzzle design in my first game, so it’s a learning experience. Still getting a feel for what does and doesnt work for players, so the feedback has been great for me!

    Thanks so much to everyone who played it! It honestly really means a lot to me.

    • raskolnik says:

      Yeah. The atmosphere is excellent, reminds me of Fantastic Planet. The first puzzle (the craters) needs to be changed dramatically, however. I really wanted to to like it, but this puzzle was a huge turn-off. There’s no way to figure it out, it’s just random trial and error. And the long, unskippable transition between each attempt just makes it annoying.

      Still, lots of potential here….

    • KramsDesign says:

      Thanks raskolnik, I appreciate the feedback! Just to let you know (and I really should have been more clear on this too since a lot of people dont realise it) but the vast majority of scenes can be skipped with the ‘ESC’ key, including the crater transition.

    • captaincabinets says:

      Don’t listen to the whingers! The crater puzzle was perfectly fine and super logical – absolutely nothing random about it. If designers took out every puzzle you couldn’t do without thinking, we’d all be watching slideshows.

      Congratulations on a tremendous debut. I look forward to your future work.

    • Selifator says:

      A wonderful game, the crater was a bit difficult but I got it with my third choice so no problems there. The door presented me with a bigger problem as the flashback happened so fast that I couldn’t see the amount of blocks. Still succeeded with my second playthrough and had a blast.

    • KramsDesign says:

      Hey thanks guys! That means a lot, glad you enjoyed it!