Humbwinia: The Humble Introversion Bundle

The next instalment of boundlessly popular indie pay-what-you-will project, The Humble Indie Bundle, has announced its new bundle, which is dominated by the Introversions, and even contains some prototype things from them, like Subversion’s city generator. Yes, I thought that might interest you. The other games are: Aquaria, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Uplink, Defcon, Darwinia, and Multiwinia.

Trailer thing below!


  1. sink257 says:

    This is boss lads

  2. wastelanderone says:

    I was hoping they’d release the City Generator. I’ve been wanting to play with it since that first video.

    • Thomas says:

      Yeah it is pretty awesome :)

      Makes me want Subversion even more :(

    • lastMagi says:

      Started playing around with City Generator myself, and came across an image plastered to the side of one of the buildings in a city. Searched for another, but this is the only one i could find. Very strange, perhaps leftover from when Subversion was in development?

    • The Tupper says:

      @ lastMagi

      With reference to today (Friday’s)’s news, you may be the first person in the entire internet to pick up on the new stuff Introversion are teasing. Well spotted.

  3. JagRoss says:

    They do it right after I buy aquaria.

  4. Xocrates says:

    It’s the only bundle where I had bought everything before (including the Darwinia and Defcon soundtracks)

    Still gave them 5$ just to play with the tech demos. The city generator makes me sad Subversion wasn’t finished.

  5. GIGAR says:

    Just donated 50$, even though I already own all those games.
    Now, dear Introversion:

    (also more Darwinia pleeeeease <3)

  6. Tei says:

    The problem with this, is that I have already all this games, maybe more than once. Make a humble bundle with games I don’t own, and I will buy another bundle, even as a excuse to donate to the EFF.

    • Carra says:

      I own every single one of these games. Not much point to buy the bundle this time.

    • EmS says:

      its kinda the same with me
      well just wait some day untill some games are added and then decide if you want to buy it

    • sassy says:

      This is one of the first bundles where I don’t own 90% of the games. Regardless of how many I own I’ve always bought in. Sometimes more than once just to have a spare key for any non gamer friends whom one day might wish to explore our wonderful gaming world. So I got spare keys for almost every bundle.

    • bill says:

      Me too. I’d imagine most people who are interested will already have these.
      Maybe they’ll add more games – like the last bundle that most people who’re interested will have already bought.

      Personally I think they’re overdoing the bundles now – i no longer intend to buy every one just to support them – it’s not a good cause anymore, it’s just a shop.
      Not that there’s anything wrong with it being a shop, but it makes me just a customer.

      I guess they feel the need to strike while the hype is hot!

      I’m waiting for the BIG indie royale bundle.

    • Gnoupi says:

      About same for me. I paid just 3 dollars mostly to get the city generator, and also to have DEFCON on Steam (bought it directly from Introversion, years ago).

  7. Toby says:

    Great bundle! Will be fun to dust off Multiwinia again and play with people. Since it was rather dead prior to this.

    • Gnoupi says:

      A strategy game relying mostly on “group a gigantic lot of units to win” is not really bound to have a lasting multiplayer base, I guess.

    • bill says:

      Multiwinia was a strategy game?

      I have it, but I’ve never played it. I assumed it was an action game like Darwinia.

  8. shoptroll says:

    If this helps get Prison Architect out faster, I’m on this like…. something or other.

    (Is anyone else getting annoyed that you can’t get Steam keys for individual items in the package? I have everything except Uplink and Defcon and I would gladly hand out the Steam keys for the rest as gifts. This is becoming a recurring problem since they keep wheeling out previously featured games to sweeten the deals…)

    • diamondmx says:

      Nvm – post below is good idea ^_^

    • Deano2099 says:

      Pay half of what you would have, buy two, and give the other set as a gift?

    • MondSemmel says:

      In the current Introversion bundle, Steam keys are seperated into (Aquaria & Crayon Physics Deluxe) and (everything else). So it’s at least somewhat separated.
      Although I don’t rememer precisely how things worked previously.

    • sassy says:

      Remember each purchase has a fee on it, so splitting the purchase in half robs them of both money and potentially another customer. Up to you whether that bothers you but this is a charity thing so I felt obliged to mention that.

    • Just Endless says:

      It may well “rob” them, but they make so much goddamn money off these sales, and in my opinion, have not really been trying since several months ago. Royale has served me better in 2 bundles than like 6 months of Humble Bundles.

      But I’ll still give ’em a buck or two whenever they ask. I’m just starting to ask why.

      I am totally self aware of how much of a prude I sound like, complaining about cheap games for charity, I just really don’t care for the Humble model of late. I get excited, realize it’s all games I own that came out like 2 years ago, and sigh and pay. The tech demos though? Total step in the right direction.

    • pacificator says:

      I imagine the guys from introversion are not doing good at all in terms of money.

  9. Out Reach says:

    YAY A humble indie bundle!

    Dam it I have all these games >>

    Better give to desert bus instead.

  10. The Innocent says:

    I own all of their games… but not the SUBVERSION CITY GENERATOR! Fine, have more money!

    I hope this gets more people to play Multiwinia. One of the best bite-sized games I’ve ever played.

  11. MuscleHorse says:

    I can’t really imagine a regular on this site not already having most if not all of the Introversion titles. I am tempted to purchase this just to have Darwinia on my Steam list though…

    • LionsPhil says:

      Thankfully, you don’t have to imagine, because I’m right here!

      I’m sorry. I just don’t find their games fun. You don’t get a free pass for being indie.

    • FriendlyFire says:

      I like Introversion and have all their games from a Steam sale. However, I think only Uplink has any lasting factor. Darwinia is fun but gets old fast and DEFCON is hard as nails and also rather simplistic in nature.

      Uplink, however, is a ton of fun.

    • sassy says:

      Yeah pretty easy to imagine. I also owned no introversion games. Tried the demo of multiwinia (or maybe darwinia can’t remember) and didn’t really click with me. Now I can give them a proper go.

    • Frank says:

      I don’t even like any of these games and yet I’ve got them all

      Soon there will be no legacy indies left to sell…

  12. Archonsod says:

    Weren’t Aquaria and Crayon Physics in the first HIB?

    • Llewyn says:

      Aquaria’s been in at least one previous bundle but I don’t have Crayon so I assume it can’t have been.

    • Petethegoat says:

      They’ve both been in previous bundles, I think Crayon Physics was in the third one. Aquaria was in the first bundle.

  13. caddyB says:

    Isn’t this like, super fast after the last one?

    • Gnoupi says:

      I think they have a lot of demand from the developer side, and the customer side. So no reason to wait months between each, I guess.

  14. vincio09 says:

    Give me a break Humble Bundle. I am saving up for a new Screen

  15. lordhughes says:

    <3 Humble Bundle, £5 every now and then for a host of awesome games! However this set of games is pretty epic so the donation may be raised a bit.

  16. Vexing Vision says:

    I still haven’t installed or even downloaded anything from the Voxatron-bundle.

    This one is too good to give a miss though.

  17. Worldbeing says:

    Damn, the city generator is nice. I really want a game to make use of it/something similar now.

  18. Bharg says:

    Just take my money.

  19. BurningPet says:

    Happy to see introversion on the HIB, and the city generator? sweeeet!

  20. Lewie Procter says:

    “Humble Introversion bundle out-sells Darwinia+ in first 41 mins.”

    link to

    • Chizu says:

      Darwinia+ was the console version, right?
      No surprise. Those people have no taste. :D

    • Lewie Procter says:

      Aye, it was Darwinia & Multiwinia packaged together on XBLA.

    • Xocrates says:

      Given that Multiwinia is one of the very few RTS’s that’s actually suited for a controller, it’s actually a pity the game didn’t do better on consoles.

    • BooleanBob says:

      Is that bundles shifted, or money brought in?

    • Mark says:

      That’s because Multiwinia was designed for a console. They needed to get a multiplayer component out there so they could launch Darwinia on XBLA. There’s a bit of a backstory to that, which Chris Delay has gone on record about. Long and short of it is that the cert process did not go according to plan, sales were poor, and a Steam sale saved the company from bankruptcy.

      Anyway, I pretty much own all these games. Uplink was pretty good for its time, but I’m not sure I could play it now. Darwinia is probably the best of the lot. Multiwinia and Defcon are fun distractions if you have friends to play them with.

    • FriendlyFire says:

      I’ve played Uplink recently and still find it a lot more fun than Darwinia ever managed to be. Especially because nobody’s ever done this kind of game since (apart from Hacker Evolution, which is rather meh).

  21. Chizu says:

    I’ve had Aquaria forever, and yet have still barely played it :(
    Even though I keep meaning to.

    Oh well, will grab this bundle just so I have Defcon and Uplink on steam (already have everything else) and to look at the tech demo’s.

    • wererogue says:

      Play Aquaria. It’s worth your time.

    • cyrenic says:

      Yes. Aquaria is fantastic.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Aquaria is one of those games I’ve come quite far in but never finished (up to the sun temple boss). I really should come back, and cheat hard to get past that point. Cause that bit is just no fun.

    • Xocrates says:

      @Hmm-Hmm: That means you’re about halfway through. Yes, Aquaria is one long game.

  22. Qris says:

    Aquaria and Crayon Physics Deluxe up for grabs for a lucky RPS reader! First come first served!


    P.S. I hate Aquaria :)

    • caddyB says:

      Oh, thanks. Now I won’t buy the bundle since I only wanted the magical swimming girl. Happy times.
      Have a beer on me, please.
      Ooh, crap, I already had this on the first bundle, so I’ll just buy the new bundle and post a new key for the magical swimming girl. I keep fucking forgetting which games I already own, I should get a checklist or something.

      There you go:

      first come first served as always.

    • Ba5 says:

      Thanks a ton caddyB, now I can play with magical wet girl.

    • caddyB says:

      Thanks mr. Qris instead, I sort of took his key and felt bad about it when I found out I already had the game with the first bundle.

    • Ba5 says:

      Thanks everyone, it’s a Christmas miracle!

      God bless us, every one!

  23. Vanderdecken says:

    It’s probably worth adding that people should torrent their purchases if they can, given the option – it saves Humble bandwidth costs, which I’d assume is their biggest outgoing (and therefore their greatest risk of making a loss), especially if you customised your donation proportions to give more to IV/EFF/Child’s Play than to Humble.

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      On the other hand, when buying from Ubisoft, stop downloading just when it’s about to be finished. Repeat several times, and then download the pirated version because it’s the best.

    • Tusque D'Ivoire says:

      I think most bundles cost Steam way more traffic than they do Wolfire. I at least mostly plug the keys into steam and let it do the work. Also: Desura for the Linux games.

      On another note: The Indie Royale Bundle, scheduled for a third iteration this thursday, was just delayed and the payment scheme modified. You can now pre-order a bundle of (pretty) random indie games for 4$, if you still crave for more. One game will most probably be Really Big Sky, if I’m not mistaken.

      I like and respect their payment system, it isn’t pay what you want, but it’s as close as you can get, economically

    • ibloat says:

      There are no Desura keys in this bundle.
      Does the Desura people fielding their own Indie Royale Bundle have anything to do with that? A little bit of a falling out perhaps?
      Now that there is a Linux version of Desura I really would like to add the Introversion games to its library.

    • Tusque D'Ivoire says:

      I doubt that there’s actual misgivings between the two teams. OK, you could argue that each might make a LITTLE less money because they’re really churning out a new bundling every week now between the both of them, but I’ve heard nothing but respectful chatter.

      Desura still has quite a limited catalogue, but they’re growing, and I guess working hard on adding new games. Not sure how it was before Indie Royale, but they’re trying to add the new games from a bundle very soon after its release, and that happened for Frozen Synapse, too. I don’t think there’s bad blood.

  24. Navagon says:

    I already own everything but the prototypes, but I’m tempted to throw down some money on this all the same.

  25. cloudkiller says:

    Can’t beat another humble indie bundle (especially before steam picks my pockets later this week).

    A quick word of warning… I fired up uplink (through steam) on my work computer (mac) just now. I don’t know if it is the game or a bug but I could not get it to close. Had to do a hard restart in order for no one at work to get suspicious.

  26. SiHy_ says:

    You had me at Introversion. Gotta love those guys.
    But with all Introversion’s games plus their tech demos and a couple of other games thrown in what is left to add to the bundle tomorrow?

  27. boldoran says:

    Sold! I already own Aquaria and Crayon Physics Deluxe so here is the spare key:


  28. Optimaximal says:


  29. sbs says:

    REALLY, INTROVERSION? I just gave you like, 30 pounds this sunday for 2 Defcon Posters. And you are still not satisfied? Fine! Take my Money! Take it!

  30. Herzog says:

    Just bought my first Humble Bundle! And the great thing is: I didnt own one of these games before! Any suggestions where I should start?

    • wererogue says:

      You’re on your own there. I guess Defcon and Multiwinia are multiplayer-focused, so not those? The others are all excellent on your lonesome.

    • Xocrates says:

      Actually, Multiwinia allows for short fun battles even against the AI, so it’s probably the easiest and quickest one to try.

      Defcon is amazing against other people, but a bit meh against the AI, so it might be good to save that one to when you have friends around.

      Uplink and Darwinia are both really good, but make sure you have the time to learn/savour them.

    • Plivesey says:

      Uplink was, and remains to be, a fantastic game. Let it pull you in to its brilliant world and atmosphere, and you’ll experience a very unique game. It’s still my favourite of Introversion’s games.

    • JuJuCam says:

      Considering the multiplayer games will see a huge upsurge in activity this weekend thanks to this bundle, maybe it would be a good idea to hop into them sooner rather than later before it becomes impossible to find a game…

  31. wererogue says:

    I was conflicted on this one – I’ve bought every other HIB eventually, but I have everything here already. But I want to support Introversion! But I’m not supposed to be buying games. But Oo! The city generator! (I’m working on a crappy one myself)…

    In the end, it shook out the same way it always does: Yes I’ll buy your bundle, just to have Linux versions of these games that I already own.

  32. Xaromir says:

    Have them all already except for one – damn. :<

  33. vanarbulax says:

    I jumped out of bed so fast for this.

  34. terry says:

    That city generator is a beautiful thing. I like how if you drop to street level it looks so gosh-darn convincing from every possible angle. Maybe I’m just some sort of architecture pervert but this is super impressive stuff to me.

    While zooming around I found this strange anomaly: link to

    Edit: On closer inspection, it says Polaroid 1 of 4. Procedural treasure hunting confirmed.

    • TheBigBookOfTerror says:

      Looks like you found the first Prison Architect clue and nobody even replied!

    • terry says:

      Anyone sensible has blocked me already ;-)

  35. Josh W says:

    This is preposterous! Can I justify buying this? When I know that I’ve got very little money spare and a whole heap of games ready to play?? I would rather just buy uplink and defcon individually eventually, at their normal price, but are they ever going to release that tech demo again..

    • Josh W says:

      Actually I’m being rediculous, obviously I can just buy it now, and if I want to send introversion random money later, they’ll probably just be glad I payed part of it earlier.

  36. Kloreep says:

    As luck would have it, I own literally all of these games already.

    But for those who don’t: Aquaria alone would be worth $10, and Introversion’s games are awesome too. (Never could get into Crayon Physics myself.) Go buy!

  37. grundus says:

    I do love a good Humble Indie Bundle, which so far has been all of the ones I’ve seen and subsequently donated towards in order to own. I have also been on the verge of buying most of these games, so it looks like I don’t have to any more, which is awesome… I enjoy this business model (if you can call it that).

  38. Catweasel says:

    I’ll give someone a TF2 scrap for the bundle. I can’t spend money online so I can’t get it.

  39. MadTinkerer says:

    “Yes, I thought that might interest you. ”


  40. denizsi says:

    Do the voxel thingy and the city generator crash at runtime on anybody else? W7 64bit here.

  41. skinlo says:

    I got really close to buying this, then realised I didn’t actually enjoy Darwina/Multiwina, was crap at Uplink and found Defcon good, but only in short bursts.

    I’d be getting it for the City Generator, which in itself probably only has a short term appeal.

  42. carn1x says:

    Well I don’t own Aquaria, the tech demos, and hopefully I don’t own whatever the inevitable bonus is :) Also I think I’ll give more to charity this time.

  43. lgs says:

    For those who didn’t get the reference joke at 0:53

  44. BenLeng says:

    Important question to anyone owning the city generator: Is there a way to export your created city to a 3D-file format (.3ds, .obj, sketchup…anything)?

    • denizsi says:

      There’s an app called “3D Ripper DX” that lets you run some games in windowed mode where they don’t have native support for that. It can also capture geometry and export it to .3ds IIRC. Doesn’t work everything, though.

  45. ChainsawCharlie says:

    The more often they churn these the less money I seem to be spending on them.

  46. Zarunil says:

    This bundle is full of awesome, but I already have most of them. Oh well, take my money anyway! Take all of it!

  47. fuggles says:

    Aquaria, Uplink and Darwinia are fantastic. Have all these games, don’t feel compelled to sling money at Introversion or buy ANOTHER bundle. Missed the last indie royale and now this one – bundle fatigue has arrived.

  48. adonf says:

    Yay for Zoolander reference!

  49. TheBigBookOfTerror says:

    I donated/bought this despite already owning Uplink, Darwina, and Defcon, if only for Aqauria and Crayon Physics. Glad I did, I played Darwinia unil I got stuck on a particular level and like a wet blanket I never returned. Showing how long ago it was, I had never played the prolouge with the rocketpad! Once the rocket launched, escorted by a mixture of green and red souls, and of course the heartbreaking funeral kites rising up to the digital heaven, I had fallen back in love.

  50. YourMessageHere says:

    Question: I want the city generator to a stupid degree, already have Uplink on Steam and don’t really care about the others. Can I gift the rest and keep the city generator?