Panzer Corps Demo Out, Game Half Price

And you say this is a game?

Panzer Corps, a game I am more likely to eat than play, has just released a demo. Which is splendid news if you’re not a giant strategy wimp like me, but rather a brave, strong, firmly-featured type. Within the demo you’ll find six missions from the unenigmatically named Bootcamp Campaign, as well as the invasion of Poland (cripes) and “the first few turns of the Norway scenario”. It should give a good feel for how progression takes place. They’re also putting in a “limited” version of the scenario editor. Oh, and for the next two weeks the game is half price from Slitherine.


  1. sneetch says:

    Slitherine? Isn’t that the bad-guy house in Harry Potter? Anyway this is brilliant news, I loved Panzer General and this looks like a worthy successor.

    Edit: RE: alt-text of course it’s a game John, would you prefer if they put a little “Follow” on one of the tanks for you? :P

  2. Zeewolf says:

    It’s very enjoyable and quite addictive. And despite the serious looks it’s not really that complicated. Anyone who’s played Advance Wars should be able to get into this as well.

  3. Sinomatic says:

    Is it $19.99 before the 50% reduction, or is that half price? (I have a horrible feeling it’s the latter).

  4. datom says:

    I have two real blocks to buying this game:

    1) I have PG2 that looks like a less shiny version of this, but bigger and better, with mods ranging from Civil War to Napoleon to all kinds of weird stuff. If I want to drill down further, there’s Steel Panthers. What does this offer that PG2 does not?

    2) Call me some over-involved moral zealot, but I have absolutely no interest in taking charge of the Axis armies and helping them onto glorious victory (neither do I have any desire to recreate the bombing of Dresden either, I should add). It seems a little odd not to offer an Allies-campaign (and considering the recent MORAL OUTRAGE at Payday: The Heist, there must be a tabloid story somewhere in this). This is a game that only allows you to perfect the invasion of sovereign lands! Prime Minister Forever does allow you to play as Thatcher,but at least it allows you to play as everyone else as well.

    • Gnarf says:

      “What does this offer that PG2 does not?”

      For one thing, it has that neat, hassle-free PBeM-like multiplayer thing. Same as in Field of Glory and Battlefield Academy, or Frozen Synapse if you will.

      I’ve never gotten that much into Panzer General and have not been entirely sure if multiplayer Panzer Generalling is something I’d like an awful lot. So I’ve been staring at this game since some time before release, uncertain, almost buying it but not quite. I’ve been very happy with multiplayer in Battlefield Academy though, so if I knew that I was way into that kind of thing I’d have picked it up at launch. I guess I’ll grab it now that it’s half price, anyway.

  5. impar says:

    You might want to add the information regarding the Grand Campaigns DLCs being developed for the game.
    The original game only has Poland and Norway scenarios in 1939, the Grand Campaign 39 adds more detailed scenarios to that year. The objectives can also be more vast than just the usual takedefend city objectives. Check this AAR of a GC40 scenario:
    link to

    Grand Campaign 39 and 40 (released) and 41 (to be released in December):
    link to
    link to
    link to

  6. battles_atlas says:

    Whilst I don’t want to claim credit for the sale, shortly before i bought this game I did go on the forums and tell Slitherine that their pricing strategy for this game was all wrong and they should be following the Steam low-cost big-sales approach. So the sale is all thanks to me.

    Its only fair then that anyone taking advantage of this sale splits the saving with me, say 50-50. Cheques are fine.

  7. Dana says:

    If that was the price on the release day, I would get it asap. But no, they had to milk niche market…

    • sneetch says:

      That seems a bit unfair. If it’s a niche market then by definition there aren’t many people willing to buy this kind of game. In order to pay their mortgages and feed their families they have to make money on this game. If only a small number of people will be buying the game then they have to make a larger amount of money on it per copy in order to feed their families.

      It’s $20 now but $40 doesn’t seem really seem like “milking” anyone to me. Regardless, it’s your choice and your money. Do what you will.

    • Dana says:

      I would agree if we were talking about Microsoft Flight Sim. But Panzer Corps has much much lower production values, to the point that they used plenty of stock sounds. Its on Open General level of quality, which is in itself awesome, but OG is free.

  8. Rudel says:

    I actually bought this game because I loved PG. Unfortunately, the RNG is way too strong in this game. Some times you can annihilate the enemy completely, some times you lose 8 / 10 with the enemy nearly untouched. This results in heavy save / load action.

    While that was ok in the 90s, it’s utterly boring 20 years later.

    Oh and by the way, I love to play the Axis in this one. It’s one of the few games where you are allowed to that. The idea by SSI was that you are able to replay the whole war (this was of course only doable by playing Germany). It’s like refusing to play Civ with Stalin or stuff like that. It’s a game. Relax.

    • impar says:

      You need to prepare the attack. If the enemy has been supressed he will not shoot back.

      Also, you guys should check the Grand Campaign DLCs.

  9. satsui says:

    Dear developers,




  10. The Innocent says:

    Played the demo, enjoyed it, and bought the game. But now I’m pending review with their seller, Plimus, for up to twelve hours. Huh? Is this common with ecommerce software?

  11. Iain at Slitherine says:

    Sorry you are having problems Innoncent. This is not common but occaisonally orders get referred to Plimus for manual review. Sometimes this can occur if the payment provider takes too long to actually transfer the funds (sometimes happens with PayPal and we are looking in to it). Can you send me any info on your order and we’ll see if we can find out what went wrong and sped it up. Send details to

    For anyone interested the base game has ~26 scenarios but we have 2 DLC packs for $4.99 available which add about 15 missions each and a variety of new types of missions that have gone down really well with the community. We’ve also got some larger projects planned for 2012 where you will be able to control the Allied forces.

  12. ThaneSolus says:

    its a nice attempt i bought it, but the combat its way too random and poorly made, and the production value beside those nice effects is very low for 29.99$ I played this when i replayed PZ II the 1000th time, and i got to say even now PZ II is superior to this product, still a decent game, but high price for what it gives. And those DLC milking is a little too much, but hey… they still keep the game alive.