Purple (Sov)reign(ty): Planetside 2’s Vanu

Hey, good lookin'
If I run an RPS Planetside 2 outfit (and I vaguely plan to) then it will be with the Vanu Sovereignty. Yes, the purple tech-worshippers are my faction, and so it’s with some delight that I feast on the neither-red-nor-blue goodness of the Vanu faction trailer, below. It’s just some rotating weapons and armour, but it promises so much! PCG also have a bunch of Vanu screenshots. Floaty! Glowy! Purpley!


  1. P4p3Rc1iP says:

    Lasher lasher lasher…

    • sneetch says:

      I just wanted to say “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”

      After all this time the memory of that broken weapon still conjures up memories of hatred for the Vanu.

    • Surgeon says:

      Sorry, the lasher has been nerfed into extinction.

      But don’t worry!
      I’m sure it’ll be buffed back into existence very shortly.

    • sneetch says:

      Yay! Glad to hear it. I remember being spammed to death through walls by the entire Vanu Sovreignty back in the day. Complete hax.

    • Ovno says:

      It’s not hax it’s alien technology ;p

    • Dave says:

      Purple Lasher N00bs assemble!

      is it too late to say squeeeee?

  2. kastanok says:

    But Captain, did you hear what that purple-belly just called Sovreignty?!

    I said, shut up!

  3. Crimsoneer says:

    Damn, I’m glad RPS will be vanu. Hover tanks are the bestest tanks.

    • P4p3Rc1iP says:

      If that’s the case, I will remove RPS from my bookmarks! Blue & yellow is all I’ll ever be!

    • Richie Shoemaker says:

      NC till I die. Death to the RPurpS!

    • Quine says:

      True dat.

      Where the gausses at?

    • Stromko says:

      The Mags are why I always played Vanu, that and they tended to have the least population on every server. I’d usually go for the gritty, heavy metal faction in a setting, but flanking the enemy from rivers and lakes was quite fun.

    • x3m157 says:

      Give me liberty or give me death! NC forever!

  4. Suits says:

    looks like a Prince in that outfit

  5. Quasar says:

    I’m definitely in.

  6. ankh says:

    Purple scum.

  7. mr.ioes says:

    So who does the “Top 10 RPS News Titles” ?

  8. PeopleLikeFrank says:

    In the future, I shall refuse to purchase a game unless they release details about the kneepads.

  9. ix says:

    If I play Planetside 2 (and I vaguely plan to) I will definitely pick Vanu, for no other reason than the colour scheme.

  10. YourMessageHere says:

    Wow, that appears to be a design ethic trying its utmost to be generic and uninspired. The other armies, too.

    • Stromko says:

      That’s always been the Planetside aesthetic I think. It may have attained a sort of meaning over time as people spent hundreds or thousands of hours in, but they’re were really quite workmanlike and generic.

  11. Zarunil says:

    While I hate Sony Online Entertainment with a passion due to personal experience, I will likely swallow my pride and buy this.

    Can’t resist Planetside.

  12. danimalkingdom says:

    Purple reign surely

  13. Saxarba says:

    Those vehicles look very eldar (WH40K) to me.

  14. Kdansky says:

    What’s that music? It sounds very familiar. Also fuck yeah Vanu. Hovertanks rule!

    • Bobsy says:

      It’s a trailer track by Two Steps From Hell called “Am I Not Human?”. If you think you’ve heard it before, you almost certainly have – their music is used on something like 40-50% of all trailers, ever.

      You can get it on their album Invincible.

  15. Toby says:

    I can not wait for this game!

  16. Myles says:

    I’m not so familiar with Planetside, but these vehicles look like a spiky Ghost and a Wraith. Even down to the colours. Did the first Planetside look as Halo-esque?

  17. KingCathcart says:

    Is anyone else getting a Syndicate Wars vibe from this video?

    • The Pink Ninja says:

      Dunno, I refuse to assult my brain by watching trailers for the Syndicate in name only game.

    • Unaco says:

      Syndicate Wars was the sequel to Syndicate, released in 1996, not the upcoming reboot.

  18. Ovno says:

    Vanu forever!!!!

    Why use guns when you can use L4Z0R5….

  19. Teddy Leach says:

    The 80s are back.

  20. Matt says:

    that fighter (The Scythe, i think they’re calling it) looks well sexy. Can’t wait to get me one of those.

    VS Forever!

  21. The Pink Ninja says:

    RPS-Vanu Outfit?

    I’m cool with that :)

  22. Noirdeathe says:

    Down with the Vanu and up with the Terran Republic! It doesn’t matter if our minigun can’t hit jack all, we have the coolest pistols.

  23. Ergates_Antius says:

    Vanu Vorever

  24. Tom OBedlam says:

    I missed planetside first time round but I’m very excited by the idea of a persistent world shooter.

  25. Ayam says:

    I’d like a rival RPS faction on TR, but noone seems attracted to the mean b’stards. RPS on RPS would supercaliphetc.

    edit: link to youtube.com

    Come ON, the crotch shots on this guy were much better than the Vanu’s.

  26. His Dudeness says:

    Smurfs??? Ppffff!


  27. Big Murray says:

    I never got involved with the original Planetside. Think I might be getting involved with this one …

  28. SketchyGalore says:

    That clip looks enough like Brink for me to cringe… Pleasenopleasenopleaseno, pleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegood…

  29. ayo says:

    Purple wins!! YaaY!!! Bridge?? I dont need no goddam bridge…i got Mag !!

  30. Snookrc says:

    In-game PlanetSide 2 footage was on AGN here link to youtu.be

  31. hjd_uk says:

    Technically Purple is both red and blue, not neither :)