The Festive Four: Dungeon Defenders DLC

Dignified Defender

Google just told me that today is Thanksgiving for our North American chums, so presumably they get to stay off work, avoid their families and play games all day. In keeping with the spirit of the occasion, Dungeon Defenders is receiving three new chunks of DLC, the first of which is a thematic exploration of the ancient American tradition of gratefully devouring turkeys. It’s a single map with a giant turkey boss and four unlockable costumes, available for no pennies until December 2nd. Further treats come in the form of New Heroes, which provides four new classes that at first appear to be nothing more than gender swaps for the original heroes, but actually have new abilities. Then there is the Warping Core pack, with four new challenges and a smattering of unique loot. Videos and prices below.

This DLC was clearly created purely to create a media frenzy once PETA get wind of it, with its savage depictions of magic-on-turkey violence. Oldest trick in the book.

And those would be the new heroes. That particular slice of content is on sale for £2.79 for the week, reduced from £3.49. The Warping Core Challenge pack is £1.59. It’s also worth nothing that the base game has a 50% discount at the moment, making it a measly £4.99. Jim’s thoughts can help you to decide if that fiver is well spent and if you do have friends, a four pack is available for £14.99 during the sale. Not bad at all. If you own the game, do remember to grab the free one at least.

Now, what are we all thankful for today? I’m happy that Night of the Living Games For Xbox Windows, or whatever they’re calling it now, has decided to let me play games again. I don’t know why, so I’m assuming it’s a Thanksgiving miracle.


  1. Belsameth says:

    Highly recommended, even for the original price.
    For the discounted price it’s a no brainer, especially if you have friends.

    • Squirrelfanatic says:

      I’ve seen this advertised a lot lately. Could you sum up in a few words what is good about it? There are so many other great co-op games.

    • Roshin says:

      Yeah… I love the game, but the paid DLC so far is surprisingly dull. The base game is absolutely worth the price, the paid DLC not so much, even if it is on sale.

  2. Jumwa says:

    Am I just really sleepy or befuddled by the snow storm outside, or did they just add three new female character options thereby balancing out the cast equally between genders? How lovely!

    My partner is rather into the game, but the singular female option (the generosity of game makers at its usual-best) seemed rather light.

    • Nevard says:

      The new heroes are the original heroes with the genders reversed, so unless one of them was genderless it would be pretty difficult for them to manage not to balance out the class genders!

      Does seem a little odd to have to pay for the option to choose your sex though.

    • Jumwa says:

      Certainly. It`s weird to me that we`re still at a point where gender options in multiplayer games is even something note worthy.

  3. DestructibleEnvironments says:

    Is that a chicken with breasts? Gaming Evolved, 2011.

  4. Uglycat says:

    I want to like DD, but it updates the entire damn game every time they release an update.

    • NightKid says:

      What’s wrong with updating the entire damn game in the first place?

    • nofing says:

      I think what Uglycat means is, that the whole game has to be downloaded again with each update, instead of just downloading the files that are new or changed, which is unnecessary and quite annoying, if you have a slow or limited connection.

    • wccrawford says:

      Actually, that’s not true. It does not download the entire game for every update. Most of the updates have been much smaller than the entire game. Only a few have required such massive changes.

  5. Unaco says:

    What is a ‘Peircing Spreadshot’? Just something about spelling mistakes in promotional material that really gets my goat.

  6. johnpeat says:

    What I think is missing from all this ‘Thanksgiving’ stuff are the tools of persecution and genocide which should really be associated with it.

    First game to release DLC which gives you blankets infected with smallpox(*) – gets my cash

    (*) p.s. yes, I realise it probably never happened but it WAS discussed, quite seriously – and genocide is a reasonable term to use I feel (although I’m sure Israel is attempting to trademark it).

  7. Baines says:

    None of this DLC available for the console versions? (Just checked Microsoft’s marketplace, and it had no DLC listed for the game.)

  8. Geralt says:

    I love Dungeon Defenders, have put more than 100 hours into it but the latest free map they added (with the turkeys) is just… so bad and annoying.
    I wish they would release new normal maps instead :(