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The RPS Bargain Bucket: In The Background

I’m running a little late today, sorry about that. My brain is still gradually untwisting itself after the mammoth task of chronicalling all the many discounted video games there are, over at, during the week. Things are starting to get busy, as everyone across the industry is discounting to help bump up those end of year financials. The bargain bucket has you covered for all the best value PC downloads on this fine weekend, so delve in to see what’s on offer:Scoregasm – £2/$3
Scoregasm is a crazy scoregasmic arena based twin stick shooter, from Charlie Knight of Space Phallus fame/shame. You’re equipped with a mix of long and short range weaponry, and thrust into a series of ever changing, hugely varied levels. It’s great fun, really well put together and the short range area attack is very satisfying. It’s playable on Windows, Mac & Linux, and there’s a demo here.

Uplink, Darwinia, DEFCON, Multiwinia, Aquaria & Crayon Physics Deluxe! – £2.45/€2.86/$3.78 at time of writing
Or any price you like if you’re just after the Introversion games. This is a humble bundle, so as you’d expect these games are available DRM free, all optionally register on Steam, and they’re available for Windows, Mac and Linux. A wonderful collection of games that everyone should get. As a bonus that is unique to the bundle, Introversion have included two tech demos, the Subversion City Generator, and a Voxel Tech Demo. Both are nice little curiosities. There’s ten days left on this bundle, so it would be no surprise if they add something else to it too.

Bastion – £4.99
Probably UK only. Here’s Wot John thought:

the core of the game, what you actually do, isn’t the most fresh or all-conquering of things. (It even features that most tiresome of action tropes, the enemy that can only be attacked from behind – oh please.) If you play for mechanics there’s a lot on offer here, but you’ll be confused why the game is being celebrated so loudly. But for atmosphere, grace, wit and heart, it’s a remarkable achievement. I’m nowhere near finished – the game appears to be enormous. But as I write this, one of the game’s pieces of music looping endlessly in the background, I know I’m going straight back.

More RPS coverage here.

Renegops – £4.99
Probably UK only, but since this registers on Steam, it should be smuggle friendly. Here’s wot Brendy thought of this:

I don’t really care that it took me half a dozen attempts to defeat a few tanks. I don’t really care that I got repeatedly wedged between a ramp and a wall while the bad guys lined up and launched rockets at me in what I’m convinced is a grotesque future-vision of public execution. I don’t really care because Renegade Ops costs, like, a tenner and it reminded me of Jungle Strike.

I don’t care. Because it tried its very best to get me to stop thinking. Because it reminded me of being boisterous.

Right On, Sister.

Deal of the week
Steam Autumn Sale
There’s loads of games on sale at Steam, I’ve even compiled the entire sale into a list over on SavyGamer. Remember that it is best to wait until the end of the sale to buy anything that isn’t currently on daily special, because it might be available for even cheaper later on. I’ve even got my personal highlight bolded on that list, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with choice, and I’ll be keeping it up to date til the end of the sale.

Also of note:
Data Jammers: FastForward – £3.09/€3.59/$4.95
BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity – £3.09/€3.59/$4.95
Crysis 2 – £7.49. UK only.
Bulletstorm – £7.49. UK only.
Red Faction: Armageddon – £3.74/Similar prices in other currencies. Registers on Steam.
Tropico 3 – £2.84

Visit SavyGamer for cheap games.

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