Are You Likely To Choose Jedi Consular?

Do not underestimate the sneaky-sneaky. Right, who's going to get wound up about an Adam Sandler quote?

Given the choice between being a Jedi Knight (nahyt) n. a mounted soldier serving under a feudal superior in the Middle Ages, and a Jedi Consular (kon-suhl) n. an official appointed by the government of one country to look after its commercial interests and the welfare of its citizens in another country, it seems hard to imagine why anyone would choose boring Mr. Government for Star Wars: The Old Republic. But the video below attempts to show you why melee lightsabre combat might be something worth avoiding in favour of making people dangle in the air like twits. And the sneaky-sneaky.

And let’s be honest. They’re the healer. Who would want to be healer?

The game is out thirteen seconds before your Christmas holiday begins.


  1. Gormongous says:

    If I had a dollar for every Knight or Sentinel that I ran into during the beta weekends, I could play this game for several years. Play a Consular or Sage, people. You’re as in demand as a Priest in WoW, except you have a lightsaber.

    • apocraphyn says:

      Been playing an Inquisitor during the beta weekend. Since they can spec into either a “Rogue” DPS/Tank or a “Mage” DPS/Healer, I really don’t see why anyone would want to choose the “Warrior” class.

      Also; the game’s an immaculate WoW clone. Seems rather polished, so far – but then, the starting areas and thereabouts are bound to be the single-most polished areas in the game.

    • Lobotomist says:

      I made Jedi Knight, for the beta weekend. Because I recon Jedi Knight is most iconic class of Star Wars universe, and Bioware will invest most in its class story. Thus I would get the best perspective of the game in shortest time ( we only had two days )

      I am sure many beta testers had the same idea. That created so many JK’s

      What that made me realize is that Jedi Knight is most boring class in the game … lol

      For example Smuggler is light years more fun to play.

      EA/Bioware demanding subscription for this game.
      I had to laugh and say: “what the hell are they thinking ?”

    • RF says:

      Really? I found the smuggler amazingly dull simply for the god awful cover mechanics.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      I don’t think I’m the only one who see “healer class: high demand” as the result of bad design, rather than an attractive idea.

    • Choca says:

      Actually, people on the beta week-ends roll a lot of Jedi Knights/Sith Warriors because they know nothing or little about the game.

      On the rest of the beta, the Consular/Inquisitor is seen way more often because they are way more powerful. And most of them can’t heal, since there are way more Shadow/Assassin around than Sage/Sorcerer.

      Also, while healers are indeed powerful and needed, they aren’t as powerful or needed as in most modern MMOs. With a good team, you can run some of the instances without a dedicated healer.

    • Lobotomist says:

      Yay !
      I want to play rogue that looks like queen of Naboo !

    • ahac says:

      I played the smuggler this weekend because I thought it’s something I won’t play if I buy the game. I didn’t like it at first because I had to go to cover all the time but after lvl 15 it started to be pretty cool.

    • Makariel says:

      I played as Sage and it was pretty awesome, actually. Apart from being in high demand for my mad healing skillz I was able to throw rocks and second hand droids at other people. Throwing rocks at people never gets old. JEHOVA!

    • innociv says:

      I’ve been playing this quite a bit and I’ll try to reply to some people.

      As far as “why play a warrior”? Some of the best players chose warrior, and were wrecking with them in the past. Warrior has had the most nerfs of any class over the beta.

      Really, just about all the classes seem to be viable in pvp. How you play them really matters. Most of the classes have unique energy systems that take skill to use.

      It’s not a game of skill rotation(press 1,2,3,4) it’s a game of skill priority(what skill to use when your energy is at what, or the situation is at what.)

      Like with the Trooper, they have ammo. Skills use ammo. The less ammo you have, the slower it regens. If you use up all your ammo at once, it takes ages to get any back. If you’re conservative with those high ammo abilities, you can use them more often.

      About smuggler/agent being boring because of cover:
      The Gunslinger and Sniper get mobile cover, so when you drop into cover without a cover area selected, you just crouch down where you are and a field drops ahead of you.
      The other classes, covert and scoundrel pretty much don’t get any extra cover skills. They’re more run and gun, and melee oriented.
      All but the Sniper and Commando in this game are melee oriented in PvP, I think. All the melee classes have some gap-closer skill, so it makes sense that even gunslinger and vanguard have strong melee abilities to fight with them.
      If you watch high level gunslingers in pvp, they don’t use cover, generally. They’re speced for the close ranged abilities. Gunslinger/Scoundrels “Dirty Kick” is really awesome later on when it’s cooldown is brought down.

      I have played Sorcerer, Vanguard, and Gunslinger.
      I found Gunslinger by far the most fun.
      Sorcerer’s story is terrible, I think. I’ve had no fun PvPing and have found them weak. Maybe they get better later on. They’re definitely good in groups where you can help with your CC. I think they’re probably vital in structured PvP for their long CCs that end until they take damage(but weak in random pvp because your dumb allies will break them out).
      Vanguard is the easiest to PvE with, by far. The story is decent, event when it forces me to do certain things.

      A high point was around level 20 where it gave me 6 options to chose light side options that would save a senator. I kept just picking the 3rd “eh, I don’t know” option instead of the 2 light side it gave me.
      He was strapped to a bomb-chair, and I could either save him, but this woman in another room would be alerted, or I could free him and I’m guessing she’d escape.
      The dark side option it finally gave me was to leave him there, then I could go into the other room. She then blows up the senator, but I get my revenge on that woman that betrayed me long ago.
      I also lost a massive amount of affection from my companion(lost 140 affection. I’ve never lost more than 60 any other time. And that was out of the 1200 affection it took me 15 hours to gain.), while only gaining a normal amount of dark side points.

      And I think healers are only in high demand early on. Later on everyone has a healer companion. Medpacks do need a reduction to cooldown and reduced price, I think.
      There are 3 healers on each side.

      As much as I love the game and think it’s above and beyond all other mmos, I’m not going to play.
      $300 is my entire gaming budget for a year. I’m not going to spend all of it on a single game. No thanks.

  2. PredOborG says:

    The whole clip reminds me of the game The Movies. I feel sure it’s made with it…

    • Hoaxfish says:

      with those graphics, when they say “fully voiced”, you’re really expecting that to mean they speak like The Sims.

  3. jplayer01 says:

    Guess I know what class I’ll be playing.

  4. The Tupper says:

    Arse. I was lost in Skyrim, so forgot all about about the beta test weekend.

  5. Koojav says:

    Oh, reskinned WoW. How fresh.

    • Makariel says:

      No it’s not.

      People who say it’s just a reskinned WoW probably also call Witcher 2 just a reskinned Final Fantasy.

    • Orvidos says:

      Sorry to break it to you Makariel, but it is just another themepark in the style of WoW. Sure it has a story layered over it (oddly poor for BioWare) and the voice acting is interesting (if mostly terrible) and it’ll be interesting to see how long it lasts once the new car smell wears off.

    • Groove says:

      “People who say it’s just a reskinned WoW probably also call Witcher 2 just a reskinned Final Fantasy.”

      It’s not reskinned WoW, but aside from the voice-acting and big story conversations (good ideas, if not wonderfully realised) it’s really close.

      Some elements are like they’ve actually tried to be the same. Close combat jedi/sith have the exact same charge mechanic as WoW warriors – It’s the same game effect, plus it generates ‘not rage’. Mechanically identical. The talent tree is even laid out the same as well as being functionally identical.

      The comparison is more like Wolfenstein to Doom, or Half Life to Half Life 2. Yeah, it’s got new features, but it really is the same base game.

    • Makariel says:

      I played it for a considerable part of the last weekend and I respectfully disagree. I played WoW for more than 4 years, so I guess I can compare them at least to certain extend. And no, it’s not simply a reskinned WoW the same way Witcher 2 is not a reskinned Final Fantasy, albeit both being RPG’s and SWTOR and WoW both being MMORPG’s.

      Calling everything with a bar on the bottom and a minimap “reskinned WoW” is a similar type of inaccuracy mainstream media is too often guilty of when reporting about computer games.

      @Groove: yes, that’s more like it ;-)

    • John P says:

      You must have a pretty narrow definition of MMORPG to say SWTOR is not a reskinned WoW. It totally is. It’s a shame people don’t demand more from this genre because it should be full of amazing games. But TOR is more of the same ‘Pick up quest from NPC, kill 15 generic monsters, return to NPC for reward, level up, get new skills, go to new area and repeat until level cap. Then run instances over and over and over to get new gear. Wait until expansion and then run new instances over and over and over to get new gear. Repeat until game dies.’

    • TariqOne says:

      It’s not WoW, save to the extent they’re both polished, class-based, relatively linear MMOs friendly to solo players.

      BioWare wasn’t joking when they said they intended to focus on story. This is far more a case of, as they said, KotORs 3-5. With co-op. And multiple stories. Including non-force-users. BioWare is using their story skills (and granted, even the best videogame writing is pretty primitive), and the Star Wars IP, as their primary point of leverage.

      The graphics and animations are also a lot better than expected and than people are giving them credit for. In all, I’m pleasantly surprised.

      Lastly, I’m sorta sad I’ve somehow retained the ability to be pleasantly surprised into my mid-40s. I really admire all the snootified cranky-pusses who come here to slag on games — particularly big-budget games — for not being precisely filigreed with the artisinal degree of difficulty and nuance they demand from all media. If only I could angrily compare everything unfavorably to Oregon Trail on the TRS-80 before huffily booting up Dwarf Fortress. It sucks to be a dumb guy and just enjoy stuff for what it is.

    • arccos says:

      The mechanics of play are more WoW than KotOR. You don’t really get control of a party like you would in KotOR. The story is certainly miles ahead of WoW, but its not really in the same ballpark as KotOR.

      Add in global chat with the usual conversations about who is high on what, which class is the “gayest” (thanks for that, guys), and whether NIckleback is better than Metallica.

      It’s WoW 2.0, unfortunately. And I’m not just saying that because I’m sick of getting more lightning-out-your-fingers powers.

    • zakihashi says:

      Only reason this is a re skinned WoW is because it’s so very very polished compared to all other MMORPG’s that are released. Game play this is nothing like WoW beside you clicking hotkeys. But go a head, call every hotkey game a WoW clone, when you look at how the classes work, the “rogue” in SW:TOR is not similar to the WoW Rogue, the healers aren’t, the game play mechancis aren’t, how instances aren’t, how warzone/battlegrounds aren’t. Go play it before saying it’s a wow clone.
      And for how the quests are, this isn’t like WoW, go kill 37 amount of this. Those are cut away, and you don’t need to do them, however they pop up as a bonus objective, which you most likely will do the first part of (as they got multiple stages) by just doing the quest, then you get a new stage of it, kill this amount of dudes, and then you mostly get a boss or something at the last stage, or do something but, the thing is, you don’t need to do any of this. The resources in this game for your class is quiet different then in WoW as well. But of course, if your way to play a game is spamming your buttons, every class in every game, can be considered the same, as resources management is nothing you care of.

  6. jezcentral says:

    Not just any lightsabre, the double-bladed lightsabre….

    Is that right? Sabre or saber? (I know it’s a US mythology, but…)

    EDIT: Oh, Log-in-to-reply, how I hate your reply-failing ways.

    • Cradok says:

      It’s ‘lightsaber’, as it’s a word in its own right. If it were a small backsword, it’d be a light sabre, but it’s not.

    • BoneyD says:

      To me it seemed like the double bladed light-saber that Maul used was an extremely rare and exotic type of weapon, since it doesn’t really give you any extra reach (like a spear does, next to a sword) and certain attacks carry with it the danger of the opposite blade injuring the wielder, etc., etc. Essentially, my assumption is that Maul preferred it purely because it was unusual and likely to provide that slight advantage over a (hopefully) unprepared opponent.

      Seeing them *everywhere* in the world just feels a little… inauthentic.

    • dontnormally says:

      “just feels a little… inauthentic.”



  7. Hoaxfish says:

    I’ll play one of the guys with a gun.

    For all the video has taught us about “hurr jedi use lightsabres and win against people with guns”, I still prefer pew pew pew over glowing sword space paladins.

    • Richie Shoemaker says:

      I played a guy with a gun but I was bored to tears within a couple of hours. It’s a shame as that was my preferred choice. I tried again with a Jedi Knight and enjoyed myself much more, but not enough to have me look forward to the game. I’d much rather dust-off KOTOR again if I’m honest.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      In that case… I’m more likely to not play it at all.

      In general, I think guns really do work better in a FPS-style active run-around anyway (like Planetside), or a rigid turn-based (like X-com, Frozen Synapse). Both offer better control over positioning and aiming… so you can avoid continually shooting each other while standing in the open.

      Melee, with all its dancing around and backflips, works okay since you’re forced to stand right next to each other anyway.

    • Groove says:

      “I played a guy with a gun but I was bored to tears within a couple of hours”

      Same here. It was unbelievably bad, utterly unfathomably terrible.

      I tried the Trooper, my combat dynamic was move into range, press 2 until I ran out of ammo, then press 1 until my ammo recharged. Moving/positioning didn’t matter in any way. The order I targetted enemies made a pointless amount of difference since all the mobs were trash. Against tougher enemies my tactics….were exactly the same, but I didn’t need to press tab. I had splash damage, but it was so low it might as well have not been there. I had a basic attack (free, no cooldown) but no auto-attack…because that would have made it boring?

      I couldn’t have been more disapointed with the gameplay. Also the world, it was so bland. I tried being a Jedi Knight, you start in a generic sci-fi building, could be literally anywhere. You’re then shipped off to a wood, to fight generic monsters. I shit you not, it’s just some trees, a bit of a stream, some grass, a blue sky. It’s lovely, but I basically live there. It couldn’t be less alien or imaginative.

      Also the graphics, ewwww. Welcome to 2002.

    • Fox89 says:

      I played a smuggler and really enjoyed it. Bad guy! Roll into cover! Throw sticky thing I never learned the name of. Now shoot the sticky thing and cause it to explode. He’s running towards me? Use my flash grenade to blind! Now charge up aim shot for high damage. Now use smuggler’s luck to improve accuracy of my next charged shot, followed by a charged shot!

      I found it really engaging. As someone who couldn’t stand World of Warcraft I’m really surprised by how much fun I had with The Old Republic this weekend. I made it up to level 14 in the end.

    • Makariel says:

      I played a bounty hunter but was bored after lvl 4. Then I tried a Jedi Consular and found myself surprised by how much I enjoyed the game. I could throw rocks at people, lift them into the air, chop them with a lightsaber etc.

      This is the best rock-throwing simulator this side of the galaxy.

    • Tei says:

      Yea, with the consular the combat is interesting.. Enough to make my time on the beta fun until coruscant, that was too big for me.

  8. RF says:

    Why does it look so stupid?

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      They learned the lesson of WoW/TF2/etc. that style > fidelity. They also had to stick to the Star Wars style. This is the compromise they came up with.

  9. Chris D says:

    If I were going to play the Old Republic and if I were going to play as a Jedi I’d probably pick consular. Just because Jedi Knight has been the whole Jedi thing since we can remember. In a galaxy of people using blasters the guy with the sword stands ouit and is interesting, but in a galaxy of people using shiny laser swords…. Basically who wants to play as generic guy? I’d pick someone a bit different.

    Also, you know who else is a government official? James Bond, that’s who. I never could resist the sneaky-sneaky.

  10. Azhrarn says:

    Have to say though, the Consular (and it’s Sith counterpart the Inquisitor) are rather fun to play, my main gripe with the consular is their casting animations, ripping chunks of scenery out of the ground to throw at people or shoot pebbles around just doesn’t feel very epic.

    Compare that to the copious amounts of Force Lightning you get as the Inquisitor and you’ll know why it’ll be the more popular class (don’t forget to shout “unlimited powah” to get the proper feel for it).

    • Choca says:

      At higher levels though, the Sith Inquisitor starts feeling bland because ALL they do is shoot lightning while the Consular has a wider variety of Force powers (even if they do the exact same thing since the classes are mirrored).

    • Makariel says:

      I found the ripping parts out of the scenery animations hilarious. Giant rock if I’m somewhere in the wilderness, I get that. When it’s a giant vase… it’s starting to get funny. But in coruscant I was ripping droids from the floor(?), which made me giggle every time.

    • Azhrarn says:

      I agree Choca, but especially at the start the Inquisitor is better at selling itself than the Consular. Boredom over nothing but lightning is secondary, the epic feel at the start really matters to sell it to people.
      Not to mention that as the consular you rack up dark side points really quickly if you don’t follow the Jedi Code pretty strictly. That really surprised me, doing the right thing more often than not got you dark side points, doing the jedi thing gave you light side points.
      As an Inquisitor it matters little what you choose both are valid, being nice means the Sith will laugh at you, but the people respect you more, and if you’re playing evil the Sith will respect you and everyone else will fear you. Both work equally well.

      I’ll personally be playing an Imperial Agent when the game goes live, and I’ve played a little smuggler this weekend to get a feel for the class as they’re essentially mirrors of each other (beside weapons that is), and it plays rather nicely, quite a lot of variety in abilities.

    • Veret says:


      Agreed 100% on the dark side thing. That was my single biggest gripe with this whole game; the writing isn’t as morally sophisticated as you would expect from a Bioware game. As a consular, I found several quests where I could only be 1) corrupt, or 2) a self-righteous, holier-than-thou tool. It was incredibly frustrating.

      On the flip side, you’re going to have a lot of fun with the Imperial Agent. It’s very easy (and devilishly fun) to play a psychotic, bloodthirsty misanthrope, and the companion you get early on is totally an enabler–think Jack from ME2. Combat is also fun, because as an Operative AC you can snipe people from cover, stealth around everywhere, heal, or run and gun with grenades and a big fucking knife. I’ll absolutely be coming back to this game, although maybe not until the price goes down.

  11. Valvarexart says:

    The only epic thing about the game is the proportions of it’s flop and the amount of money that EA wasted on it.

    • Lobotomist says:

      I am grabbing popcorn

    • Choca says:

      While the game does feel underwhelming when you consider the developer hired and the amount of money invested, I very much doubt it will “flop”.

    • Juan Carlo says:

      It’s not going to flop. It’s basically a proven formula (WOW) with a Star Wars twist. How could that flop? I don’t think it’s ever going to be as big as WOW, though, and when you consider the money put into it and the hopes that EA has for it, that alone is a bit of a “flop.”

      If EA is smart, though, they will go Free to play. And I actually expect they will once the initial surge of sales are over. The new model in the industry seems to be pay to play for the first 6 months to a year in order to get the customers who are interested anyway, followed by free to play after that (in order to ensure a steady stream of new customers).

    • ChiefOfBeef says:

      WoW is not a proven formula. The formula you’re thinking is WoW’s got tired in Everquest.

      WoW’s actual formula was to promise but not deliver, repeatedly, for many years. For classic WoW we were promised an open world death-match between Alliance and Horde. Jeff Kaplan managed to somehow change that when he was given one of the highest dev positions despite having no recorded experience in game development anywhere before, simply because he was mates with Rob Pardo.

      WoW kept the open-world PvPers enticed by dangling this prospect in front of them every expansion. There was a blip when we all buggered off to Warhammer Online for five minutes but it turned out that Mythic diluted their Dark Age of Camelot style open-world conflict and did to WAR’s RvR what Blizzard had done with WoW’s PvP. It stood no chance because of the ridiculous focus on instances, something which does not require an MMO infrastructure to provide and could be done on dedicated community-owned servers. If we want to play capture the flag, we play a shooter, not an MMO.

      WoW has kept going on the strength of Blizzard’s promises, not what was actually delivered which was most of the time instanced PvE content that a significant chunk of the player-base never saw.

  12. Enzo says:

    This looks a bit like poo.

    • Jajusha says:

      It does doesn’t it?

    • stahlwerk says:

      Half a year ago I’d have agreed, but now the look is growing on me. It is evident that lots of work went into the stories, settings, balancing and so on. I’m okay with them keeping a low gfx baseline if it means that more people get to have comparable experiences.

    • Gnoupi says:

      You can have low gfx with good animations. This game has neither, and it’s a bit annoying.

      Character animation is ridiculous for such a big production.

    • stahlwerk says:

      Hm, true, that. Maybe it’s an internal lowest common denominator thing, managing that sheer amount of graphical talent (you know what I mean) must be the stuff of nightmares. Maybe the leads decided to sacrifice fidelity for consistency?

      I’d also speculate that Lucasfilm had the last say on most aspects of the presentation. If you’d need to sign off every change to a character model or piece of clothing, you begin to think twice before tweaking animation paths that may break all affected model/clothing combinations…

    • Cradok says:

      The jumping animation was particularly bad, for females at least, I didn’t try a male character.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Try running backward. Even better.

    • Azradesh says:

      The running backward looks like someone…running backward. Also the combat animation is miles ahead of anything in WoW.

  13. TormDK says:

    I didn’t make a Jedi Knight on purpose because I wanted to preserve the experience for retail (I plan on making the JK my main as a dedicated tank)

    But gosh, the trooper storyline was by far the most fun for me with Imperial Agent ranking a close second. (I like the army feel I guess.)

    • Hoaxfish says:

      Yea, there’s something nice when you get a “warrior” class that is actually “military soldier” rather than just some odd-jobbing killer.

  14. Viserion says:

    I wasn’t exactly waiting for this but I gave it a go (yes I made a jedi consular). It lasted about 10 minutes, then went back playing Skyrim. I can’t really say if it’s any good but I was shocked by the atrocious graphics. With everything maxed I felt like I was playing a 2005 game.

    • D3xter says:

      I did the same on Friday minus the Skyrim as I don’t particularly like that game.
      Then I decided to give it another chance on Saturday and it grew on me, especially after Level10 onwards the story really picks up and you start getting into it more and are able to somewhat ignore the atrocious optical features.

  15. Gnoupi says:

    From what I experienced this weekend, I’m not likely to choose Jedi consular. Nor any other class.

    From the level of the cutscenes and intro movie, this should have been a CGI movie. Not a game.
    Because as a game, it’s ugly (like very dated and lacking style) and poorly animated.
    And of course, it takes all elements from any current MMORPG and uses it. which means we are once again stuck with the usual annoying things:

    – stand still while you press buttons to attack enemy and win
    – if you’ve come to kill someone, make sure no one steals the kill from you. Because if he’s not in your group, no matter what you did, it won’t count for you. Which leads to waiting for repop.
    – Everything repops just like if you did nothing in the next minute (of course, because of the previous point)

    And they managed to add more annoyances when you play with a friend. Now you actually have to wait for everyone to agree to enter the dialog. Or they are just excluded.
    There are “story parts”. You can enter only your own story part. You can activate in options to be able to join someone in there…. But it won’t count the quest for you. So if you play with someone, making characters from the beginning, you actually have to do the same, in two different instances, or do it twice together.


    And back to waiting for GW2.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      Yep, I have higher hopes for GW2, and maybe the Secret World. Hopefully the latter will satisfy my “not another fantasy MMO” desire.

    • qrter says:

      I’ve only played a couple of hours last weekend, but it was horribly disappointing.

      If I would’ve played this game, it would be as a single-player experience, as a kind of KOTOR 3 – but the whole MMO part really clashes with the more story-based parts of the game.

      I’m normally not a person who goes on and on about ‘breaking immersion’, but this game borders on the ridiculous. So I play a smuggler, and all around me I see smugglers running about, in the exact same getup as me. I’m quite sure there’ll be some more diversity at later levels, but it just made me feel completely inconsequential. It just didn’t work for me at all.

      (And this is beside the horrible combat, and the rather dull missions.)

  16. DiamondDog says:

    In this games future, free to play do I see.

  17. AmateurScience says:

    I had a bit of a go at the beta this weekend. Didn’t dislike it, took a break, checked how much it was:

    immediately uninstalled.

    There’s just no way I can justify £60 for a single game, let alone the subscription on top. Especially when the experience, whilst fun, felt so stale.

    Edit: well ok I’ve shopped around a bit and it’s more like ~£35 if you buy it at retail instead of from origin (£60 though, seriously?). Still seems steep with a subscription on top (for me anyway).

    • Groove says:

      If you think about it, aside from games with huge peripherals, this game is the most expensive video game on the market. There are few games that charge £40+, and no others that I can think of that want a subscription on top.

    • President Weasel says:

      That’ll get you a month’s play time too though*, which is probably as much play as you’d get out of a game you’d bought for £35. If you end up liking it you can then pay the subscription fee to keep the servers going, and if you’re bored with it you can stop.

      Not saying I think paid-for boxes plus subscriptions plus paid expansions is a sensible business model in this day and age – Eve Online’s free client, free expansions, paid subscription, or DDO’s free to play, costs money to get certain perks and adventure packs models are both better and it’s actually somewhat surprising to see such an “old school” business model in an MMO launching in 2012. However this game can always move to F2P once the numbers start dropping.

      *I am not 100% sure about this and can’t be bothered checking, but it would fit with most other boxed MMOs

    • Hoaxfish says:

      It is £60 for the “Digital Deluxe Edition”, £45 for the “standard edition”… the £15 difference gets you 5 virtual items of questionable worth as far as I can work out.

      Yes, that is stupidly expensive with the additional sub… their site has that cost hidden in their support section as £9 (same as WoW).

      The 2 latest WoW expansion are sold for £30 each, but you can buy a bundle for the rest for £10… but it is WoW, king of all mmonsters.

    • Groove says:

      “That’ll get you a month’s play time too though*, which is probably as much play as you’d get out of a game you’d bought for £35.”

      It’s a fair point to be sure, but you have to include a number of caveats. Primarily it’s a long-form RPG, which means probably 100+ hours of content, which could last more than a month even on a hardcore play schedule. Also it involves multiplayer, and if you want to play with friends it will probably take you much longer to organise that much time where everyone can play.

      Then of course all the more mundane things that might stop you getting your fill in a month, like your net going down, or simply being busy.

    • AmateurScience says:

      All good points and true, and there is a *lot* of content there by all accounts (I’ve read a few quotes saying it’s equivalent to ~9 KOTORs [that’s a new SI unit for measuring game size :)]. I guess I’m wary that the investment (upfront and ongoing) will demand I play TOR above everything else to justify it; to get my money’s worth as it were.

      Subscription for me means I cease to be able to play games on my terms. I played WoW for a long time (finally quit last year) and I barely played anything else between ’05 and ’10 as a result.

    • Azradesh says:

      All copies and versions of the game come with the first month free.

  18. Was Neurotic says:

    Nothing with magic or the Force or any of that mumbo jumbo. Just armour and a blaster for me, thanks.

  19. Tams80 says:

    Fantastic tactics shown there. Let’s just stand and shoot at each other. Sniper rifle? I’ll stand AT THE FRONT. ¬.¬

  20. sneetch says:

    It’s a funny one, I think that in general the gameplay mechanics will just get in the way of the story. At least the game mechanics are what’s putting me off (I played enough WOW style MMOs to last an eon, and having to hit people several times with a lightsabre seems so wrong) but I’d love to play through the storylines. I’ll probably try it a few months after launch to let the starting areas thin out a bit.

    • bleeters says:

      That’s my plan, yeah. There are many, many gameplay modes where the addition of other people can make the experience more entertaining.

      Narrative and/or character driven rpgs are not one of these things, as far as I’m concerned.

  21. Obc says:

    why play a consular when you can play a smuggler (as i did this weekend).

  22. hypercrisis says:

    This looks so bad

    Why would anyone buy this game? Nothing about it says good game. its not even very Star Wars

    • stahlwerk says:

      Star Wars hasn’t been very star wars since ewoks.

    • adonf says:

      That’s exactly how I felt from the first seconds of the intro video: this is a game based on Star Wars 1-3 and its endless fights, not on the real Star Wars.

      I played a Bounty hunter because I’ve been hating lightsabers since I stopped being 10, and because Bobba Fett. It’s WOW-boring, maybe I’ll try another class tonight but probably not.

    • Rondz says:

      Because not everyone likes/dislikes the same games, it’s called “preference”. I played beta and I enjoyed it a lot, love the story, love the combat and had a lot of fun in the flashpoints.

      I can look past its flaws and find that all the good things about the game far exceed the bad, in the end no game is perfect.

      To each their own I suppose.

  23. Enzo says:

    I wonder how long will it take Bioware to change this game to Free 2 Play. Let’s place some bets.

    Six months?

    • Zarunil says:

      I’d say about a year.

    • Groove says:

      It must partially depend on when the Secret World and Guild Wars 2 actually release.

      Saying that, I’d definitely say within the year, the game’s anniversary at most.

    • adonf says:

      My bets are on EA going bankrupt before that.

  24. Zarunil says:

    I guess this is aimed at more casual players. For me, it seems like another bland copy of WoW, and I’ve played enough WoW clones over the years (hello Rift). The graphics are bad (one could attribute it to the style I guess, I just don’t like it at all) and look 5-6 years old. Tthe animations and combat seem equally so.

    I’ll wait for a free trial. MMOs generally need a few months to mature after release, anyway. Not very interested, even though I’m a fan of Star Wars.

    If it’s challenging and you actually have to think in open world PvE, not just mash auto-attack and 2-3 skills while standing still and targeting mobs, it could be worth checking out.

  25. Falfa says:

    I enjoyed. Played Jedi Knight to level 17-19 perhaps. Class storyline…not so good, but more like usual centric character. Consular was few notch better not as epic as JK but still much more enjoyable and Consular was much more fun to play.

  26. Zulthar says:

    It looks and feels like WoW without seven years of polish. The writing is also ridiculously boring and generic. The amount of voiceacting is cool I guess but it’s pretty much worthless because of the terrible writing. I don’t think I ever finished listening to a sentence because I just skipped it as soon as I finished reading the subtitles.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      Possibly even more silly, given that WoW is about to change its level-up system and how you get skills (or whatever they’re called). So, they’re copying a system from a game where that game’s designers have decided that that system is/was actually bad design… or maybe they’re not? (I’m not familiar enough with either system to compare)

  27. Cradok says:

    Tried the Imperial Agent, although I only got to level 7-ish since it was only playable for me when America was asleep. Probably the fact that my rig is going on six years old… Anyway, found the story and characters interesting – in the space of those few levels, I had three interesting stories to tell people about – but the game itself was like Vanilla WoW. It does a couple of things better, like area loot and the magnification feature on the map, but the UI in general was clunky, the combat was sticky – I really didn’t like the cover mechanic in general, or the fact that you couldn’t turn your character while ‘in cover’ – and the non-interactive questing (kill X, collect Y) and quest flow were crap. It shouldn’t be level four before you get told where to find your class trainer. Also, no click-to-move. But I’d better stop.

    I’ll probably pick it up in six months or so, once I can afford a new computer, because I am interested in playing the storylines, and hopefully some of my problems with the game will have been smoothed by then.

  28. bleeters says:

    I have a very specific, succinct plan when it comes to future mmo class selection: I’m never being the healer, ever again. Thankless jobs when you succeed, blame vacuums when you are – or are perceived as – failing.

    Besides, they’re not voiced by Jo Wyatt.

    • Cradok says:

      Don’t be a tank either then, it’s worse than being a healer. At least when you’re a healer you can point out that standing in the fire was a stupid thing to do. If you mess up as a tank, 99% of the time, that’s all on you.

      Also, I’d never heard of Jo Wyatt before, but it’s making me reconsider DA2, if I get to hear that wonderful sexy voice all game.

    • bleeters says:

      My main gripe with tanking, in WoW at least, was people doing ridiculous things like pulling groups and/or going all out with AoE damage straight away, then blaming the tank for their death. The whole ‘the other two roles are here to service the dps’ mentality is extremely aggravating.

      I had hoped ToR would break up the holy trinity of tank-healer-dps somewhat, but it seems it hasn’t. Disappointing.

  29. Cradok says:

    Double comment fail.

  30. Felixader says:

    I really would be interested if this game would have gone the Amalur way. ^_^ =-P

  31. assassinslover says:

    I didn’t pick a Jedi at all, hah. I picked a smuggler. :3 Shame you can’t discover you have an affinity for the Force and then end up training and find out you’re really the former Dark Lord of the Sith… brb going to go play KotOR.

  32. Spoon says:

    “And let’s be honest. They’re the healer. Who would want to be healer?”

    This is one aspect of the game I think EA/Bioware is not communicating well enough. Of the four base classes, three of them have an advanced class with healing skills and a healing talent tree.

  33. Berzee says:

    The best reason to pick a Consular is because the voice (at least the male voice) is super awesome amongst all the voice choices. He sounds very much like the sort of person he is.

  34. Kudos says:

    I don’t get the people bashing the game. I thought it looked great. Granted I was playing 1920×1080 with everything maxed. Also, for the beta, some of the graphics options were capped, including no AA.
    I guess it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I played Wow for ages, and have tried many other MMOs. After spending all my weekend trying different classes, this is finally the one to take me away from Wow.
    Now, all I need to do is finish Skyrim and Batman:AC before Swtor launches.

    • Betamax says:

      I’ve had both the minimum experience and the max having just recently upgraded my computer. Had fun both times, but I must admit playing it with the settings maxed out feels like the way it should be played more so than some other games. One of the side effects of playing on a low end system was big delays when clicking to talk to someone, that was very annoying for instance.

      That said it was still compulsive and if you are okay with the art style it looked more than attractive for an MMO. I’ve had similar feedback from friends and aquaintances who also played on low end systems too.

  35. Betamax says:

    First character will be a Consular Shadow.

    And really, the WoW reskin comment is so lazy it’s untrue. Do we insist every FPS reinvents the wheel? Every RTS? Every single player RPG? How many games is the much loved Witcher reminiscent of? TOR differs from WoW in numerous areas if you are bothered to look and it does, of course, have plenty in common with the well respected MMO giant. Just as it has things in common with LotRO and other MMOs out there on the market.

    Playing this game makes me feel like I’m playing a new KotOR (some elements even remind me of Dragon Age) before it reminds me of my time on WoW. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I still think it’s a discussion that deserves some actual constructive arguments rather than cheap comparisons to a game that has influenced every other game within it;s genre to some extent since it;’s release (yes even GW2).

    • qrter says:

      There is a difference between MMO’s and those other genres – most people only have the will and/or time for one. Which basically means – how does your new MMO compare to WoW?

      And for a lot of people the only reason to move away from WoW is for a new MMO to offer something truly original.

  36. Rankith says:

    Consular Sage AC is the most played class in beta by alot. It also seems to be the class most people are rolling on release. It seems to have more iconic abilities then the Jedi Knight too.

  37. Scarves says:

    Aww consulars can tank and dps too.

    Anyhow, I’m making a Consular Shadow Tank to start.