I Can See A Rainbow 6: Patriots Post

Don't get excited, it's just a drawing, not in-game.

The drip-drip of information for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots begins apace now, even though Tom’s still furiously at work for at least another year before it’s out. As the seemingly forgotten series comes back to life, it’s time for a new home-grown enemy, the True Patriots, who are as far as I can tell the militarised wing of the Tea Party movement. Which, according to this press release, is “capturing the reality of modern-day terrorism”!

So it’s a new Team Rainbow, and a peculiar new tone if the weirdo rendered trailer is anything to go by.

Apparently you’ll be asked to make ethical decisions as you put down the American rebellion, along with some other features announced today. And they are?

Well, there’s an “Unprecedented narrative”. I’m fairly sure just saying that is preceding it, which makes for something of a problem. However, they say that it’s inspired by real events and characters, which is intriguing. It will also be experienced from multiple perspectives, which is interesting bearing in mind you’re apparently playing just one guy. Oh, and also “unprecedented” will be the “level of immersion”. Those are words.

It’s obviously going to be a cover shooter, along with the squad control that makes the series distinct. The latter sounds especially streamlined when they say, “At the press of a button, the Rainbow squad will perform the most efficient and deadly tactic given the context of the situation. When extreme measures are required, or when players call for it, you can take full control of your squad to plan the perfect assault.” It does seem that the (boring) bit in R6 where you meticulously planned may now be only a last resort. And the former is, they boast, to be “pushed to the next level”, with Rappel and Breach mechanics, apparently. You can look forward to “Wall & Ceiling Breach, Fast Rope Rappel, inverted ‘Aussie Style Rappel’, and Infiltrate & Subdue.”

Obviously there’s a big focus on multiplayer, because that is THE LAW, and here Mr Clancy is trying to program it such that working as a team gets you rewards. There are special features to help with this, like Sandtable, a holographic display in which you can look at level maps and say, “coo”, coordinating your plans to take out those confused anarchists. Clearly they’ll reveal more of these in a painfully protracted process throughout the entirety of 2012.


  1. diamondmx says:

    Ubisoft, ’nuff said.

  2. julianbenson says:

    If I were a man who read between lines I’d hazard a guess and say that you aren’t exactly blown away by the concept for this new Rainbow 6 adventure. Good thing I’m not such a man and so take this at face value: I too am glad they took those boring tactics out of my tactical shooter.

  3. greg_ritter says:

    Yeah… Seriously, how can Clansy continue his endless stream of stupid scenarios and ideas? They are becoming worse and worse. CoD series is better in representation of Russians correctly, than mr. Clansy. And that is saying A LOT.
    Seriously, I want to hear an opinion from some British person – are you bying Russians from Clansy’s games?

    • Jeeva says:

      Clancy isn’t actually involved in the games anymore, IIRC.

      Ubisoft bought the right to slap his name on anything they feel like, a while ago.

      [insert snarky comment about branded awfulness here]

    • mrjackspade says:

      I assume this is an attempt to mock him by making his name sound more like ‘Pansy’.

    • greg_ritter says:

      No, I just realised I’ve made a mistake. Sorry.
      Well why didn’t Ubisoft hire some people who know a bit about Russia? Seriously, they have a bunch of Russian tech-guys, why they can’t just, I don’t know, ask?
      Seriously, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against depiction of my countrymen as villains, Why not? But, CHIORT POBERI, just make their dialogs comprehensible and give them normak names! Kombayn Nikoladze, my ass.

    • Malleus says:

      Nikoladze is Georgian, and ‘-dze’ is a characteristic Georgian name ending (like ‘-vili’).

    • greg_ritter says:

      Yep, I know. And a name like Kombayn is probably ok, right?

    • FunkyBadger3 says:

      Not nearly barbaric or thuddingly burtal enough, I’m afraid.

    • coldvvvave says:

      While “Kombayn” sounds really weird as a name now, I’m pretty sure that “made-up” names for children( Vladlen, Stallen, Malor etc) were in fashion at some point, and I wouldn’t be surprised that some kids back than were named “Tracktor” or “Kombayn” because all this tech stuff at the time was really cool and sounded nice, not to mention both were basically main symbols of Soviet progress( before rockets) in official media. I mean, I’d probably thank my parents if they called me Kombayn.

      Я не шучу.

  4. Justin Keverne says:

    So we’ve moved from “Watch your character do the interesting things in a cut-scene” to “Watch your team mates do the interesting things in front of you” I’m not convinced that’s an improvement. Still I really liked Republic Commando, so I probably shouldn’t moan about a tactics light tactical shooter.

    How about instead of trying to develop an “unprecedented narrative” they focus they efforts on simply developing one that isn’t terrible? Still when most games can’t pull off “There are bad people, kill the bad people” without it becoming a laughable clichéd mess, anything marginally better than that would qualify as unprecedented.

    • DK says:

      “Still I really liked Republic Commando, so I probably shouldn’t moan about a tactics light tactical shooter.”
      RC didn’t abandon a history of being one of the top 3 tactical shooters of all time – it started as a quick, gritty and most importantly fun tacticalish shooter and pulled it off to perfection. Ironically by being realistic about it’s scenarios: When Republic Commando tells you that you have 3 minutes to get out before the ship explodes, then you better get your ass in gear, because even though there’s no giant timer on screen, you have 3 minutes to get out. Stuff doesn’t move at the speed of plot, it moves at the speed of stuff. Similarily, when you’re down, you’re down and you can be revived in the exact same way you can revive your mates – you are one of 4 guys who are badasses, each just as important and powerful as the next with no special “main character” powers for the player.

    • BoZo says:

      I liked RC too, except for the endless-stream-of-enemies-til-you-do-“this”…

  5. Gap Gen says:

    I look forward to sniping a marathon runner dressed as a Wookie.

    • ReV_VAdAUL says:

      Was awesome Kevin Eldon got that cameo and a real shame Eldon hasn’t been bigger than he has, a truly talented man who has never gotten his big break.

  6. mr.ioes says:

    I couldn’t care less about the story.

    Las Vegas 2 had none and it was one of the best coop games I’ve played so far.

    Shooting around the corner – onehanded and equipped with an AWP – has never been more fun.

    If they focus on story, as this news (and the trailer) suggests, I don’t see much hope for a good coop sequel.

    • Vagrant says:

      The single player could be about shooting puppies, just as long as they include a co-op Terrorist Hunt mode like Vegas 2.

    • DaftPunk says:

      If you think R6:Vega 2 have best coop,then sadly you didn’t played many COOP games.

    • IDtenT says:

      DaftPunk: You just don’t know good COOP. :D I loved playing the terrorist hunt scenarios with a friend.

    • DaftPunk says:

      Didn’t ment to sound offensive but Vegas series (and lockdown of course) are medicore shooters at best. If you want to experience real Rainbow Six coop,you should try out with Rogue Spear and Raven Shield.

    • mondomau says:

      @ Daftpunk – if you don’t want to cause offence, don’t imply somebody’s opinion is somehow factually wrong. I loved the co op in vegas 2 and personally foun the other Clancy games boring as shit, but there you go!

  7. Joshua says:

    “Which, according to this press release, is “capturing the reality of modern-day terrorism”!

    It is actually. So called “Domestic Terrorism’ has always been a bigger threat then those foreign dudes. The problem is that it stays a bit under the radar compared to 9/11, since that was just once but really big.

    • Gap Gen says:

      It’s mostly individual guys buying firearms and shooting up a military base or recruitment centre these days, though. Nothing on the scale of 9/11, at least. The problem is that a bigger an organisation gets, the easier it is to detect and squelch.

      Anyway, as long as there are German dudes saying “who the…” before they get shot in the head, I’m good.

    • Consumatopia says:

      Domestic terrorists, yeah, but we seem to be getting more lone-wolf crazies with incoherent ideology than any sort of organized rebellion. My sympathies are left of center, but I don’t think imagining the Tea Party as violent insurgents makes any more sense than a militarized Occupy movement as a video game enemy.

      Then again, either scenario makes a lot more sense than Homefront’s premise…

      EDIT: Just watched this. Looks like they got some kind of Left/Right fusion–they’re called “True Patriots” and talk about “field dressing” a hostage, making them nationalists who identify with hunters (right-wing) but also ranting about foreclosures (left-wing). Also note the blend of races. I’m sure this Canadian game studio will spend a lot of time trying to craft a totally realistic and plausible ideology behind a hypothetical American rebellion.

    • CalleX says:

      Well from what I´ve seen its more leftist groups that use violence, at least here in Europe. The old violent skinhead nazis from 20-30 years ago are gone and now we have Antifa and other idiot leftwing radicals who think they have the right to use violence.

    • mootpoint says:

      OT but: The old violent skinhead nazis from 20-30 years ago are gone and now we have Antifa and other idiot leftwing radicals who think they have the right to use violence.

      No, they are not gone, they are still around. Beating up and killing people they don’t like, such as; people who like people of the same gender, people with dark hair, people looking at them funny and people who say things that make them feel angry.

      Afa and Antifa sure are violent idiots, but that doesn’t make the violent idiot “nationalists” go away.

    • Amun says:


  8. Malleus says:

    “even though Tom’s still furiously at work for at least another year before it’s out”

    Just to clarify, Clancy has nothing to do with these games. He sold his name to ubisoft long ago, and that’s it. He isn’t involved in any way. He was in on it (as an advisor) until the first Splinter Cell or so, but nothing after that.

  9. somini says:

    I say that this will be canned because real life will get eerily close to what this game is representing…

  10. lordhughes says:

    I see how cover system improve game play, I just wish that in a series such as Rainbow Six which use to be realistic they would continue with the realism. First person cover (like in RO2) would suit R6 really well. For me as soon as the camera goes 3rd person any immersion in the game is gone and 8/10 it ruins the game play, but that’s just my opinion.

    That said I did have a lot of fun with co-op Vegas at lan parties use be great fun.

  11. Phinor says:

    Anyone else wish it was a sequel to the Raven Shield era games and not the modern cover-based action shooters with little resemblance to the original game?

    • lordhughes says:

      I wish R6 would return to its former glory but sadly with games having to also cater to console retards I doubt this will ever happen.

    • fswmacguy says:

      I agree with this completely.

      Hell, I’d be absolutely psyched for a SWAT 5.

    • noilly says:

      goddamn, I would love an old Rainbow Six or old Ghost Recon style game

    • Garibaldi says:

      Here Here. Is it so hard to have multiple squads you can control, Open ended levels, simultaneous assaults, true stealth, specialists. The first ghost recon did all that. Perfectly

  12. Hoaxfish says:

    Okay, 1 question… Why is it called “Rainbow”?

    • Malleus says:

      The concept is that it is an international unit, so Rainbow = ‘colors from many flags’

    • Spork says:

      Seems like only teal and orange get a look-in these days.
      And yes it looks like the international element (what Rainbow originally referred to) is being a bit down-played in this one.

      Also the whole “this game is *gritty* and *realistic* so we’ll get the player to die horribly – then let them get back to slotting goons” thing worked in MW1. It’s boring now. Please stop.

    • BoZo says:

      “Also the whole “this game is *gritty* and *realistic* so we’ll get the player to die horribly – then let them get back to slotting goons” thing worked in MW1. It’s boring now. Please stop.”

      No it’s just stupid. Just two seconds before you would’ve hit F9 and everything would be just flowers.

  13. The_Great_Skratsby says:

    Rainbow Six? Rainbow Six died long ago. Ho hum.

  14. Runty McTall says:

    Out of curiosity, and maybe I’m missing something here, but why is the title to the article a link *to the article*?

    Uh, gonna go read it now.

  15. Nighthood says:

    That title’s bad even for RPS pun standards.

    • Vagrant says:

      There’s nothing I hate more than decent puns in headlines; at least I can expect bad ones from RPS.

      I can’t wait for the eventual co-op trailer headline: “Double Rainbow 6: Compatriots”

  16. CassuS Beli says:

    Ubi love to piss around with the formula that often makes some of their franchises good In the first place (Splinter Cell).
    Lets hope that this does not become a non tactical, tactical shooter. That said I primarily just want to shoot things with loud guns.

  17. Barman1942 says:

    Bleh, I’m sorry, I just can’t get excited for Rainbow Six/Ghost Recon games anymore, not after what’s been done to both series and especially not since Ubisofts attitude towards PC gamers lately.

  18. AlexTaldren says:

    “…the True Patriots, who are as far as I can tell the militarised wing of the Tea Party movement.”

    It’s obvious that is what the developers are going for. Funny, as the Tea Party is about as non violent as movements can get. The terrorists in the video look more like militarized Occupy Wall Street types to me…although better dressed.

    The Tea Party is about holding the government accountable, not random guy with a big screen TV, hardwood floors, and a hot wife that remembers his birthday.

    The blatant ignorance of Ubisoft aside, I’m fairly certain the series is way past its expiration date, and I love tactical shooters. It’s unfortunate.

    • steggieav says:

      As non violent as movements can get: Bringing assault rifles to town hall meetings

    • bill says:

      I think it’s a great idea. Mainly because it’s going to cause huge outrage on numerous comment threads around the internet.

      I’d imagine the overlap between the brainless tea-party morons and the jingoistic team america clancy*/cover shooter fans is going to be pretty big. SO they’re essentially going to be headshottig themselves this time, instead of some poor russians/arabs.

      Maybe that’s what they mean by “experience from both sides”.

      *though clancy himself, while not a great writer, does at least have a more international viewpoint.

      PS/ Tea Party: about moving power from government to corporations. Occupy Wall Street: about holding corporations accountable.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      Er… what? The Tea Party is as “nonviolent” as you get? Apparently someone totally forgot about this. BTW, there’s plenty more incidents of blatant intimidation and thuggery if you bother to look.

      Also, it might be worth noting that Stormfront and many other Aryan Nation/white supremacy groups have targeted, and reportedly had good success, recruiting new members at Tea Party rallies. This is not a fallacy. Many elements within the Tea Party are also aligned with militia movements, secessionists, and and other anti-federalist movements akin to Timothy McVeigh. (whom, really, was just following, piece-for-piece, The Turner Diaries)

      Look, I’m not saying that everyone in the Tea Party is one of these people. That’s certainly not the case. There are plenty of legitimate issues and factions within the movement. However, numerous intelligence agencies have warned that the severe anti-government rhetoric being espoused by the Tea Party has given comfort and ease to many home-grown radical movements.

    • AlexTaldren says:

      @steggieav: The U.S. Constitution is clear on the subject of bearing arms. Read it sometime–I mean, it’s only the foundation for the U.S. government and the American citizen’s rights as an individual. And, if the simple matter of owning and carrying a gun is considered “violent’ in your eyes, then I feel sorry for you sad, sad little man.

      @bill: Wrong. The Tea Party is about reducing the size of the Federal government and restoring individual liberty through lower taxes, stronger property rights (like letting your family actually keep the money you earned after you die instead of half of it going into the hands of Federal government politicians), and a real free market economy. Jealousy and victimhood don’t become you.

      @stupid_mcgee: Sure, every movement has its share of crazies, but the Tea Party, as a whole, is far less radical and violent than OWS or say the LaRouche people, who would show up at Tea Party rallies with Obama mustache signs. If I type in “OWS violence” into YouTube, I see graffiti, storefront looting, screaming protesters, and a few quiet voices begging for non violence from the crowds.

      Might as well sell this website to the Huffington Post and be done with it. At least that way people here would only need one bookmark.

    • Drayk says:

      @AlexTaldren: yeah right… Cauz the constitution (which made sens at the time it was written) gives you the right to own a gun for your protection means you should carry it at all times, even in your town hall…

      If you have to carry a gun to feel safe, I feel sorry for you sad, sad little man…

    • AlexTaldren says:

      @Drayk: It’s not about “feeling” safe you moron–it’s about having the right to protect yourself. If you think that’s stupid, I invite you to walk down the wrong streets in LA or Atlanta, unarmed, and see how far you get. Maybe your snark will protect you from the thugs…you should give it a shot.

      Also, if you think the U.S. Constitution made sense “for its time,” then I suppose you don’t believe in freedom of speech too? No, you do? How convenient. The document wasn’t written so that idiots down the road could simply ignore certain parts–like the right to own property. It was deliberately made to be amended if necessary, which we have done to our benefit and otherwise, but to simply ignore an entire amendment?

      Hell, even the non-gameplay, gameplay trailer proves the point. Assholes break into house, beat the shit out of your wife. Moron protagonist (you) doesn’t need a “violent” gun to protect himself, his property, or his family. Moron protagonist watches wife get beat up and gets bomb strapped to his chest. But, at least you can die knowing that, even though you let your wife and child die, at least you weren’t a stupid, ignorant, white guy who owned a gun.

  19. didthedew says:

    Let me see if I fully understand the video,

    It’s a post Lockdown R6 game ( -10 tactical bits)
    Based on real life (something 1-5 people would potentially do) for a whole game (100-500 people in this scenario)
    An international CounterTerrorist unit again taking on the role of a militarized police force in America, with no accountability ( there are real agencies that make this stuff their business *ahem* FBI, local SWAT, ATF, DHS, etc.)
    In New york for the whole game
    You shoot cops
    You kill civilians

    Sounds great! Thanks Ubisoft for taking the R6 series in an edgy direction, I’ll be the first in line for this title!

  20. FunkyBadger3 says:

    I can’t remember a bloody thing about the narrative of Rainbow Six: Vegas 1 (Forfar Nil) – I do remember the excellent squad based tactical shooting and nifty level design.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      Ugh. Vegas 1&2 had some of the worst story ever. I wasn’t even really aware there was a coherent storyline in R6:V2 until the last two levels. I thought I was just dumb or something, then I read on Wikipedia that the reason why it doesn’t make sense is because they jump the timeline around, making the paper-thin narrative even more difficult to grasp.

      However, the maps were good and the gameplay was spot-on, IMO. Personally, though, I’d rather have a great playing FPS with a crap story than a crappy playing FPS with great story. If both are great, then that’s awesome. But, they can’t all be HL2.

      A great example: Gears of War 2. Dumb story, bad dialog, just a horribly executed plot. The gameplay, though? Awesome! If I had to read a Gears novel or something, I’d probably try to claw my eyes out, but playing a co-op game of it or in Horde mode is incredibly and endlessly entertaining.

  21. ZIGS says:

    So wait, this is coming out on PC? So Ubisoft says they’re not releasing Future Soldier on PC because of piracy but they’re releasing this one? Either Ubisoft’s claim about piracy is bullshit or this game is, for some reason, not going to appeal to pirates. My money’s on the former

    • saber7 says:

      Future soldier is NOT coming out on PC? Wow, way to stick it to your base Ubisoft. Is it really about Piracy itself that bothers you or the idea of Piracy? Because if you’re making the game anyway, the PC sales will justify the PC release Piracy or not – simple economics.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      Is it Thanksgiving or Groundhog day? I could have sworn it was yesterday that news emerged of a Ubisoft title not being released on PC, with anguished claims about rampant piracy being blamed. Now it’s the turn of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and although the quotes given to PC Gamer don’t actually accuse us all of ‘bitching’, they do paint an unpleasant view of the PC gaming landscape. We’re told that Ghost Recon Online is the PC’s alternative to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

      ‘Why’, you ask? Senior producer Sebastien Arnoult has the answers. Or at least, some answers. “When we started Ghost Recon Online we were thinking about Ghost Recon: Future Solider; having something ported in the classical way without any deep development, because we know that 95 per cent of our consumers will pirate the game.” Sigh

      There it is. A frank admission that ‘classical’ PC ports don’t have ‘any deep development’ because PC consumers are mostly pirates. Thanks for that. Arnoult claims that Future Soldier was never intended to come out on PC, although the existence of PC-specific forums at the official website suggests there may well have been plans at some point. It’s the reasoning given for not releasing the game that are so bothersome though.

      What’s particularly irksome is the seeming faith in the assumption that the vast majority of people who play games on a PC would rather pirate them than pay for them. That must be why Skyrim is selling so badly and why Steam has collapsed under the pressure of operating in an environment where nobody spends any money, ever, for any reason. It’s a horrible place, the world he describes, so I’m glad that reality doesn’t appear to contain it.

      link to rockpapershotgun.com

    • sneetch says:

      Yeah, I’m waiting for them to quietly remove any mention of PC from the site, tell us we don’t want it or wouldn’t pay for it anyway then bring out Rainbow 6 Online a third-person hair-braiding simulator that we apparently will download en-masse whilst keel-hauling and main-bracing the poop-sheet or whatever then we’ll delete it in disgust after we realise that it was free.

      Because that’s what we do!


    • sneetch says:

      Thanks for eating my comment RPS. The comment system is getting dodgier by the day, but I digress.

      Edit: Hey it showed up eventually.

      I suspect that the cancelling of the new GRFS on PC has bugger all to do with pirates and instead they made a decision to cancel it in order to speed up development of the console versions (it’s been delayed a few times now and was originally scheduled for Autumn/Fall 2010) while pushing Ghost Recon Online.

      I think this is both because they believe they need an online shooter to play with the big boys like EA and Activision (and F2P is making money for other companies) and they also don’t think that people will bother with it if they have a “real” Ghost Recon game (I don’t even know if you could play multiplayer on the previous Ghost Recons, I played co-op – when the shonky net-code would allow us – but that’s it).

      The piracy thing is just another factor on the big list they made to make the decision seem like the right one “…and of course if we do put in the extra effort to make a PC version then not only will we be cannabalising our player base they’ll only pirate it anway”.

      As for this, I’m expecting them to quietly remove any mention of the PC version as the release date approaches and the delays start to appear. Then they’ll tell us we’d only pirate it anyway in order to add insult to injury. Then they’ll bring out Rainbow 6: Pony Sim Online instead, displaying an incredible lack of insight into what PC gamers want while telling us we’re all pirates at the same time.

  22. pakoito says:

    inb4 PC port canceled.

  23. Flint says:

    La li lu le lo?

    • LaunchJC says:

      First thing I thought of, ever since the it was announced I can’t get MGS out of my head :D

  24. Brainz says:

    You have earned a trophy. You sat through 5 minutes of bad, boring cutscenes and were allowed to shoot your plastic rifle in a bland, easy game. You bought a shitty game from a scummy company.

  25. Stellar Duck says:

    War, never been so much fun.

    Also, why is Rainbow acting like a gung ho US police force? What happened?

    Also also, just because of the last week: no thank you, Ubisoft. I’ll install Raven Shield again if I want to play R6.

  26. Revisor says:

    Rainbow Six Vegas – a good core game, fun tactical action, plagued with several fixable bugs (low FOV, sound bugs in multiplayer, stupid MP game login – first load a map, than look if a slot is free), abandoned immediately after launch, left to rot with no support.

    So with this track record of no after-launch support, it will be difficult to persuade me to buy a new one.

  27. Runty McTall says:

    Does anyone else find it weird to be presented with a button press to “kiss wife”? Kinda creepy.

  28. hypercrisis says:

    Looks more like an attack on Occupy ideas than Tea Party. The latter group being more likely to high five and congratulate a gazillionaire banker than anything else.

  29. rocketman71 says:

    Oh, come on, it’s Ubi Soft Shit. It’s not even going to be released, they’ll cite that 99.98% of PC gamers are fucking pirates and be done with it.

    And even if it’s released, it will come with unacceptable DRM (despite probably saying the contrary), loads of DLCs and will be a shoddy port. And a French higher up who claims to not be an English native will insult your mother.

    Why not play the superior game?. Rogue Spear is better than anything Ubi is capable of releasing nowadays.

    • hypercrisis says:

      Rogue Spear is pretty crap without powerful nostalgia goggles

  30. tanglewood says:

    The trailer makes this look like Heavy Rain crossed with Gears of War.

    I don’t think that’s a good thing.

  31. poisonborz says:

    “At the press of a button, the Rainbow squad will perform the most efficient and deadly tactic given the context of the situation.”

    What a splendid way to say “scripted events”.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      I don’t think that’s what they mean at all. I think they mean things like the “breach and clear” commands in R6:V2. Expanding those to cover rappelling and other types of breach commands.

      In Vegas, your teammates would wait until you breached during your rappel and then they’d rappel down and immediately enter. The AI wasn’t able to fire or handle targets during the rappel.

  32. nyarlathotep-88 says:

    I am confused now. From my understanding of what Rainbow six was (Rainbow six – Raven Shield), I was playing as an international counter terrorism unit who was given orders by John Clark. He was the one who made the plan, and so called “ethical decisions” for me. Whether it was to use non lethal weapons, or to plant certain monitoring devices without being scene. Which makes sense in real life scenarios. Now what I would like to know, is why would a unit such as Rainbow six need to worry about making ethical decisions, when they are the ones who are taking the orders/given the plan before they engage the terrorists.

  33. saber7 says:

    So let me get this straight. RB6 Patriots is a “shooter” about fighting against the gun-toting Tea Party? Do they only plan on selling this overseas, or do they think that only libs play video games? How about an option to play as Rainbow Six Rogue where the player can take down a corrupt liberal regime that is trying to do away with the constitution palpatine style?

    • bill says:

      You mean a game where they go after the Koch brothers backed tea party? That’s a god idea – i wish they’d thought of that.

    • bill says:

      PS/ Where do you mean by “overseas”? As I can see a game where people get to kill right wing amerians being popular in most places.

    • InternetBatman says:

      It’s Tom Clancy’s name attached to gun porn. I think conservatives will be fine with it.

    • FriendlyFire says:

      So vilifying Muslims and Russians is fine, but doing that to the Tea Party isn’t?

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      I have a feeling the Tea Party comparison is just because most people really aren’t very informed about domestic USA terrorism. It sounds more like radical ELF/FARC type folks more than anything else. Also, this info was announced before the Occupy movement had already started. Most likely, the marketing spiel for this was thought out well far before the announcement anyways.

      Still, it remains to be seen how “Tea Party” this fictional terror group is. One definite difference is just how nationalist-leaning the Tea Party movement is vs Occupy Wall Street. It could be that the group are right-leaning ultra-nationalists. However, just off-the-cuff, they remind me more of FARC than the Tea Party. Again, though, that requires knowledge of international politics, and we all know how much most Americans love to study and stay informed…

    • AlexTaldren says:

      So…many…liberal…gamers. Gross.

    • nil says:

      Welcome to the real world, outside your filter bubble. Enjoy your stay!

    • AlexTaldren says:

      @nil: The “real” world? Hahahaha…someone thinks he’s still in Skyrim I think.

    • saber7 says:

      Thanks for proving my point whiney libs. Someone else made a fantastic point that the major decisions in RB6 have been made traditionally by John Clark. This game just sounds like a terrible idea through and through – no doubt regenerating health and unlimited pistol ammo are now mainstays in this classic series that has been completed dumbified.

  34. bill says:

    It will also be experienced from multiple perspectives, which is interesting bearing in mind you’re apparently playing just one guy.

    It’ll be a jingoistic gun porn shooter, which are mainly played by jingoist gun porn lovers, about shooting jingoistic gun lovers.

    • bill says:

      Which is either a stroke of genius, or – if they include the usual videogame “you discover the guys you are working for are the bad guys ang change sides” “surprise” part – it’s going to sell very well with the jingoistic gun lovers group after all.

  35. tentaclesex says:

    I like the idea that Tom Clancy is singlehandedly making this game.

    Go, Tom! We’re all counting on you!

  36. Shooop says:


    You keep using that word Ubisoft. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  37. armaankhan says:

    If I were the guy in the bomb vest, I would have said “Eff you Team Rainbow” and let go of the trigger the moment they picked me up to toss me over the bridge.

    • skyturnedred says:

      It looked to me like they secured his hands so it wouldn’t accidentally go off.

  38. Lipwig says:

    At the press of a button, the Rainbow squad will perform the most efficient and deadly tactic given the context of the situation.

    cinematic immersive visceral majestic single player pop a mole shooter

  39. kud13 says:

    Am I the only one who recalls watching that same trailer on RPS a few weeks back?

  40. Berzee says:

    Bunks no x-ing no mid

  41. StickyNavels says:

    Oh my. The first twenty seconds or so made me laugh like a crazy person. The “NOT ACTUAL GAMEPLAY” flashing in the corner, the comically sultry gait of the wife, blowing out the candle and kissing the wife by pressing a context-sensitive button. That’s good stuff, that’s Rainbow 6 alright.

  42. adonf says:

    This is so confusing. I thought that Tom Clancy’s book were right-wing propaganda that play on the fear of foreign terrorists. Yet here the enemy is a right-wing, domestic terrorist organization.

    What was Ubi Soft thinking? Who are they selling this game to?