Indie Royale 3: Eufloria, Cthulhu, Runespell

I still haven't played this because I AM A BAD PERSON

Too many indie sales! THERE ARE TOO MANY INDIE SALES. Some of us poor PC journalists need to have dinner you know, but noooooo, here comes another announcement about bargain-priced electronic entertainments of most excellent quality. Back to the internet with you, Meer! This time around, the good tidings of money-saving are the third Indie Royale collection, aka The Really Big Bundle, and it’s a bit of a cracker.

The contents:

Runespell Overture
Eufloria (aka Dyson)
Really Big Sky
Cthulhu Saves The World
Breath of Death VII

Yours currently for as low as £2.56, but that minimum will rise as more people buy the pack. Or you could pay more than the minimum, and thus lower the price for other purchasers. In either case, get thee hither.

Also: “For this bundle, both already purchased blind pre-orders and those who drop the price during the bundle will also receive a bonus ‘thank you’ in the form of Fez composer Disasterpeace’s chiptune concept music album ‘Rise Of The Obsidian Interstellar’. (In addition, all Bundle buyers should check back towards the end of the bundle for further bonuses from the creators of the games included in this pack.)”


  1. Llewyn says:

    Eufloria’s the only one of these I own (and pretty much the only one I’m interested in), but I’d say that it alone is definitely worth more than £2.56.

    • jrodman says:

      My strange reaction to these bundles is “these games are worth more than this asking price, I refuse to pay this small an amount.”

    • ShineyBlueShoes says:

      @jrodman I think that’s part of the idea and why these work

    • InternetBatman says:

      You can pay more if you think the games are worth more.

    • jrodman says:

      @InternetBatman: Unfortunately with indie royale, they’re mostly carrying windows-only games, so I look them up and then realize they aren’t going to run on the mac I have — that said, when they’re cross platform, I typically buy them piecemeal at higher prices. Sometimes if they have a silly low price like 5 bucks, I buy two copies.

    • Optimaximal says:

      The Indie Royale have the interface to support Mac & Linux games, alongside Windows.

      I guess it’s just a coincidence that they’ve offered predominantly Windows releases so far.

  2. The Innocent says:

    After so many bundles where I own all the games but one, I’m a bit relieved that I have all of these. Now I just need to actually play them…

    • Carra says:

      Ah yes, the luxury of too much choice. Already have ctulhu, eufloria and breath of death…

      And since I’ve not yet played any of the three I’ll refrain from buying the other two.

    • seamoss says:

      I also have those three games, and would normally not be interested in the other two, but I still gave them $5 to support the “indie cause”. However: GET SOME LINUX GAMES IN THEM BUNDLES!

  3. caddyB says:

    Here is a steam key for Runespell: Overture, I’m sure it’s pretty good on it’s own right but it never appealed to me. First come first served as usual:


    Happy trails!

    • beekay says:

      Yeah, not my type of game. Here’s another steam key:


    • JFS says:

      I already have Ctulhu and Breath of Death. Not too interested in Runespell. There you go, folks:

      Ctulhu Saves The World: 6NX4L-CC0DN-LDTWP
      Breath of Death VII: 6HI8J-V4RX5-C2FXW
      Runespell: 7X46R-HW7P6-MJWPZ

      Have fun, guys. And girls.

    • SquareWheel says:

      This is very kind of all parties involved, though I do believe these keys are for personal use only. Do we know how Indie Royale feels about key sharing for duplicates?

    • qrter says:

      What are they going to do to stop people giving away their codes?

    • Llewyn says:

      Probably the same thing that they do to stop people pirating DRM-free indie games: ask them nicely not to.

    • Thermal Ions says:

      As Steam keys they are “one use only” so can’t imagine they’re really going to have a problem with it, particularly as it’s not being done for profit and probably results in more sales longer term across their offers.

  4. julianbenson says:

    Dungeons of Dredmor’s been added to the Humble Introversion Bundle too, there goes my life…

  5. Heliocentric says:

    Poker? No Ta.
    Own it..
    No Ta.
    Own it.
    Own it too.

    See you in a few week indie royale.

  6. Zarunil says:

    So many games, so little time. Eufloria alone is easily worth it.

  7. ShineyBlueShoes says:

    I’m glad I only payed $1 and $2.50 for cthullu/bod and dungeons of dreadmor respectively this weeked since they’re both in the bundles now. :P My timing is just awful.

  8. Suits says:

    Picked up Cthulhu Saves the World bundle a month ago, nice timing, but at this price no one cares. Looked out for Really Big Sky and this is the only way to get it on Steam too :D

  9. Kaira- says:

    I don’t know, I was expecting… something more. The name implied really big bundle, and well… yeah. On the other hand, it’s still probably pretty good bundle, but there’s not really that many games that interest me. I might’ve bought this bundle if Cthulhu/Death of Breath had also Linux-versions. Which is actually why I prefer Humble Bundle.

    Oh man, this post got sidetracked very fast.

    • Azeltir says:

      The names for IndieRoyale’s bundles seem pretty disjoint from the bundles’ contents. Remember the “Difficult Second Bundle”? I think this one’s called “Really Big” because of “Really Big Sky”. Goodness knows what the Alpha Fund bundle will have.

    • Delusibeta says:

      Nothing, because it’s been canned. Next bundle is the Xmas bundle, followed by the New Year bundle (named for fairly obvious reasons).

    • Teddy Leach says:

      No, the alpha-fund bundle’s still there. It’ll contain games that are on Desura for alpha-funding, such as King Arthur’s Gold and Project Zomboid.

      The Difficult Bundle was in reference to a band’s “difficult second album”. This time, the name refers to Really Big Sky.

    • SquareWheel says:

      It’s been stated by Indie Royale multiple times that the name is a reference to one of the game in the bundle – this was clearly “Really Big Sky”.

    • Kaira- says:

      It’s been stated by Indie Royale multiple times that the name is a reference to one of the game in the bundle – this was clearly “Really Big Sky”.

      Really? I mean, I haven’t been following them much, but I can’t remember seeing a single mention of this.

    • tenseiga says:

      I was expecting a lot more games too. If i remember the origin bundle before it was unveiled it looked like tehre were about 10 games under the bundle as opposed to the ‘difficult’ second bundle. I am pretty sure they are ninjaing some kind of change and the original plan was to have a literally big bundle to buy.

    • tenseiga says:

      link to

      this is what i mean

    • TensaiBoy says:

      yeah that looks like 7 games i admit to that, but they really very surely said the ‘really big’ referred to one of the games (though i think only when they made it available for preorder).
      then again i really didn’t see it until i read that on a forum so hmm.

      It’s an incredible deal either way and you never know if there will not be 2 games added so it will have that many games (i don’t really think they restructured the bundle though, as mentioned the names arereally tongue-in-cheekish )

  10. InternetBatman says:

    Eufloria is a fun little game for anyone who wants it. I would recommend that and Cthulu. I’m not getting this one because I already have the games I want. Also, I think I actually liked Eufloria more when it was Dyson. The final level had such a great back and forth. The combat was a bit more fluid.

  11. Puckoidiot says:

    I’ve been looking to get Really Big Sky, but the no-steam thing put me off. I = happy.

    • Premium User Badge

      bsplines says:

      Eh? This is actually the only way to get Really Big Sky on Steam. Where do you see the non-steam thing?

    • Puckoidiot says:

      @bsplines What I meant with “the non-steam thing” is exactly that; this is the only way to get it on Steam, and before this bundle was announced, there was no way to get it on Steam; and I wanted it on Steam.

    • unless says:

      Perhaps his confusion stems from your “I = happy” looking an awful lot like “!= happy” at a glance. I know I was.

  12. SenseiSoul says:

    Can I just say as a side note that I already own “Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar” and it is beautiful.

    Just sayin’.

  13. says:

    I think I’m getting indie bundle burnout…

    • Skabooga says:

      I’m buying To the Moon direct from the publisher just because buying only one game in a purchase seems like such a novel idea.

    • caddyB says:

      I was buying bundles before it went mainstream.

    • alundra says:

      Aye, I didn’t feel that hot over the past indie royal and do not feel hot over this one either, same applies to the humble indie.

      I realize this is good for the indie authors and that many of them thirst for the recognition this things provide for them but at the same time, they are pulling these too often.

    • TODD says:

      who needs bundles when you can just pirate indie games because they have no DRM?


    • qrter says:

      Todd has a shtick. And he’s shticking to it.

    • Josh W says:

      Then just play good games!

  14. ChainsawCharlie says:

    This is it? After all that build-up.
    And there really is someone who is into indie games and doesn’t own these Zeboyd games yet?

  15. TODD says:

    Cthulhu Saves the World and Eufloria would each be worth more than the minimum price alone. Together, $3.65 is a steal. The other two seem like pretty lukewarm “indie” type titles – a twin stick shooter and an RPG that “combines elements of poker and card RPG mechanics” in combat (Jesus Christ, I wonder who came up with that one), but hey, they’re just gravy at that price.

    Of course, I’ll be pirating it. ARRRRRR

  16. Bhazor says:

    All you need to know about Breath of Death VII? It’s recommended by Rab Florence, when he went off the meds.


  17. Sic says:

    What was in the second again?

    Seriously, with all the bundles, I keep forgetting what I’ve bought, what I’ve remembered to redeem in Steam, and what is just lying idle in my jumbled inbox.

    Not that I’m complaining, of course, this is brilliant, and I will continue to buy every one of them, to support the effort and the cause. I need to hire someone to play all the games, though. Third world problem indeed.

  18. Jetsetlemming says:

    Really annoyed and disappointed by this. I preordered this basically on the name “Really Big Bundle”, expecting some significant content or something, and instead get some games I have no interest in at all. Humble Bumble consistently gets far higher quality, more interesting indie games.

    Also the idea of “minimums” is kinda dumb. Having a minimum, especially a not insignificant one as Indie Royale does, encourages people to view that as THE asking price and just pay that. “Pay us at least X” instead of “Pay what you think this awesome stuff is worth”, with a guilt trip/captcha check for very low inputs.

    Don’t think I’m going to be getting the next Royale bundle unless it’s especially good. I feel pretty burned on this one. Especially since I didn’t know it was live until I saw this post; they didn’t bother emailing me to let me know the games I paid for ahead of time were available to download. Dick move, Indie Royale.

    • johnpeat says:

      You ordered a bundle of unknown games for VERY little money and you’re not happy why again??

      I’m guessing ‘Really Big’ refers to the (frankly excellent) Really Big Sky and not the copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum you were hoping for…

      Tell you what tho – since you paid less than someone wanting the bundle now, offer your codes for that ptice and then you’ve lost nothing and we can reduce the world unhappiness level by a small amount :)

    • RobF says:

      “Not insignificant” is, like, £2 now?

      What happened there? When did this become a massive amount of money for 4 games where just one of them in isolation costs 4 times more than that?

    • TCM says:

      Don’t you know? Indie games aren’t actually worth any money, we only pay to humor them.

    • codename_bloodfist says:

      I’m sorry if this is going to sound harsh to the devs, but to be perfect fair, it’s not that much of a great deal. How many of these games could be easily confused with free flash games, if not for the better graphics? How many of them are you even remotely interested in playing? Sure, there are exceptions, which for me would be Sanctum and Gemini Rue, but that’s about it. Getting Mass Effect 2 or Fallout: New Vegas for twice the price, -that- is an amazing deal. Those are massive games given out for literary nothing. This, however, is just donations.

    • SquareWheel says:

      “I preordered this basically on the name “Really Big Bundle”, expecting some significant content or something”

      They were very clear that the bundle name was related to the name of one of the included games.

    • johnpeat says:

      This place is turning into the iTunes/Android Market where people (and I’m using that term generously) complain that games which cost 69p don’t get regular free content upgrades…

      If you don’t like the games – don’t buy the bundle BUT if you don’t own any of the games offered here AND don’t find any of them interesting or appealing – you’re on the wrong forum, try Mumsnet…

    • RobF says:


      “Getting Mass Effect 2 or Fallout: New Vegas for twice the price, -that- is an amazing deal.”

      Not to me it isn’t. I don’t want Mass Effect or Fallout New Vegas. I wanted something from this bundle that I didn’t have and got it fairly cheap, -that- is an amazing deal for me.

      Do you see?

  19. Soci says:

    I don’t think comparisons to the Humble Bundles are fair at least concerning the games (not how they are run). The Humble “Indie” Bundle pretty much only secures high profile games which have already done their numbers and are well known (hence why they can afford to give to charity as well). The only game I’ve heard of here is Really Big Sky so I am glad that Indie Royale exists. It certainly feels more grassroots.

    • Just Endless says:

      You’ve NEVER heard of “Cthulu Saves the World”?

      It sold 100K on steam.

    • TensaiBoy says:

      yah i’m sorry but all of the royal indie games are pretty ‘high profile’ too…out of the 3 bundles there was 1 game i hadn’t heard about.
      this is not about being mean to you but you being mean to these lovely games.

  20. cpy says:

    I don’t have eufloria so i gladly payed 2.91EUR for it, uh and got 4 more games too! Cool, cant wait for next packs.

  21. Archonsod says:

    Am I the only one who found Eufloria boring? Mind you, it’s yet another bundle where nothing actually appeals. A couple of eight bit wannabe’s and a generic arcade shooter? Yeah, I’d pay for them. If I somehow found myself back in the eighties …

    • mod the world says:

      I found it wonderfully relaxing, but yes it has quite long down times.

    • Xan says:

      Eufloria is a bit too slow at some points but otherwise it’s interesting.

      Did you even play the other games? Or you take a dump on anything you dislike in even the slightest?

    • Archonsod says:

      Well no. Which part of “I’m not paying for that crap” was difficult to understand?

    • Grygus says:

      Glad you asked. The part where you call a game you’ve never played “crap” is the part I am having a hard time understanding. I mean, if you aren’t interested, that’s fine, but what makes you think that we need to know that? Are you hoping someone will tell you that they all suck and you were right? Why would you need that affirmation? The part where you say you didn’t like a game makes perfect sense to me; after that I get lost.

    • jamesgecko says:

      Euflora *is* kinda boring. I prefer Galcon, which was around first and is more breakneck speed and arcadey gameplay.

    • Muzman says:

      Eufloria is more about aristry than gameplay. It might not be the greatest small strategy game out there but it’s one of the most visually interesting. It’s how you get someone like me to play a 4X game (just as Flotilla is how you get someone like me to play a small skirmish game).

  22. Bob Sacamano says:


  23. OJSlaughter says:

    I have no interest in any of these games: excited for the next one though…

  24. ZCAvian says:

    I actually pre-ordered this one as soon as they dropped the hint Really Big Sky would be in it. I’m very happy with it.

    Everything else is just gravy.

  25. Xanadu says:

    Bought, even though I had Cthulhu from Steam Halloween sale. Worth it for Eufloria alone I reckon. Also bought Humble Introversion for Dredmor, think I had the rest in that pack already. With Indieroyale, humble bundles, and steam sales, I’m now up to many multiples of what I can reasonably play in the half a lifetime I have remaining to me, yet I’m shelling out less than when I bought half a dozen new(ish) games a year a decade ago. Fantastic for me, and probably good for Indies who wouldn’t have got as big a share of my spend then, but not sure about how the economics of giving away games for about a dollar a time will work out long term. If everyone thinks, like me, “why buy Skyrim now when I can get 5 games for a fiver instead, and buy it 6-18 months later for a quarter of the price”, then the AAA market collapses, and certain sorts of games won’t be made anymore, but until then it’s a buyer’s paradise.

    • Just Endless says:

      If you’re worried about this, you can stop worrying about it immediately. The only place this could lead to a market collapse (or very drawn out collapse – stick with me) in the PC microcosm of the gaming industry. And even then, Skyrim would be the kinda game to stick around, what we’d lose would be the activision/ea cross-platform titles.

      Ultimately not good, but it’s a movement we’re already hinting towards with all that’s occurred (60$ COD PC, the shutdown of dedicated servers, BF3 being what it is, etc). Fortunately for me, these are rearely if ever the games I care about.

      For me, I’ve found a pretty solid balance of sub-$15 kinda games = PC purchases, $60 releases = console purchases. And the latter has fallen to slim pickings indeed; this year I bought… … Portal 2, Metal Gear Collection, and Skyrim.Whereas I’ve bought, maybe 5 PC games, plus every available bundle, spent a lesser amount of money, and enjoyed just as much time spent gaming.

      And honestly, as far as I see it, it’s pretty sustainable. Least until another market game changer gets introduced, be that a functional onlive or new wave of consoles or what have you.

  26. Vartarok says:

    I’m totally freaking out with this. Since a couple of days ago I can’t access the website, It just stays loading forever in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

    I tried getting in via email, using one of the key links provided when I bought the first two bundles and It worked, I went to the main page from there and worked, so I could buy the bundle this time but after paying with paypal it got freezed and now I can’t even access with my former keys. Since the contact page is on the same website I can’t reach them either so posting here this in full despair is the only way I can think of to reach any help.

    Excuse me If you consider this spam and all that, but seeing how I paid for the three bundles and now I face this has completely driven me crazy.

    • Delusibeta says:

      I suggest not using Internet Explorer. It’s prone to breaking and refusing to work in my experience. Download and install Chrome or Firefox instead.

    • RobF says:

      You can cadge them at or prod them on twitter, they’re indieroyale on there also.

      Hope you get sorted.

    • Vartarok says:

      I got to make contact with the support service, so I hope they solve the problem for me.

      I usually use Google Chrome and consider Internet Explorer one of the most terrible piece of software on all the history of computer development. I just tried it because it comes installed by default (thanks, Microsoft).

      Thank you both for your help, and sorry to mess up the conversation with my problems!

    • Lewie Procter says:

      That was me, I was the support person who resolved your issue. I just today started working for Indie Royale/

      Will still be doing the bargain bucket, obv.

  27. Vartarok says:


    Don’t know why this was showing now. Comments here work pretty weirdly.

    And of course, thank you for the help, but I must say the problem isn’t solved yet >.< I even replied your e-mail. In any case, I reiterate my thanks, and really and hope to get over this soon.

  28. Just Endless says:

    I think what we need here, is ANOTHER upstart bundle company. Is three bundles of 3-5 games, per month, really good enough? I don’t believe it is.

  29. fuggles says:

    Just to say that Really Big Sky does not work with X360CE, so you need an actual XBOX 360 pad or you are on mouse and keyboard duty. I’ve emailled them but twitter suggests they are going to shift the blame to MMF2, but we wait and see.

    I don’t know anything about coding, but can it be that hard to make a game work with all pads, are the inputs really that different? Probably.