Jagged Alliance: Not Yet Back In Action

Men of War with more palm trees?

It’s almost December now, and even though I’ve checked my hard drive thoroughly, again and again, there is no trace of Jagged Alliance: Back In Action on it. Which doesn’t make any sense, given the game was supposed to be out on October 18th. Let me just check again.

Nope, there’s half of an Alanis Morrisette album an ex left on there years ago, but that’s all the Jagged I’m getting. Wha’happened?


Huh, just been announced as now coming out next February, eh? Very well. Gives us more time to come to terms with news that the JO reboot won’t be turn-based, and whether we prefer this or Jagged Alliance Online. There’s a new, screenshot-packed website out to accompany news of the new release date. And below is the video you’ve all been waiting for: the making of JABIA’s soundtrack:

Plus some previously-seen drama that contains said soundtrack in bombastic action:


  1. ZIGS says:

    Back in Action, more like Missing in Action right??

  2. Saiko Kila says:

    So the player will be able to choose the government side and massacre rebellious civilians? Sweet.

    • abremms says:

      to a soldier of fortune, morals are just another inefficiency in revenue generation.

      those uppity farmers probably had it coming.

  3. DaftPunk says:

    So its not turn based anymore,right ?

    • Feldgrau says:

      It uses a “plan & go” (or whatever it’s called) system very similar to the one used by Frozen Synapse. Technically it still is turn based, it’s just more reliant on the AI to do the shooting because all of the individual actions are taken simultaneously, rather than broken up into separate turns.

      Personally, I like the system, so I see it as no great loss that the change has been made. It makes the action flow much smoother than in the more traditional turn-based format.

    • Krauss says:

      At least it’s still top-down.

    • lamurt says:

      nope it’s not top down, 2 was not top down but isometric anyway – JA:MiA will have a 3d engine by the looks of the videos and pictures…

  4. Guvornator says:

    “Nope, there‚Äôs half of an Alanis Morrisette album an ex left on there years ago”

    Sure, Alec, an ex left it there…

  5. UnravThreads says:



  6. Jim9137 says:

    Considering they have been making a sequel since 2004, I’m not holding my breath. I’m fairly sure the license will be withdrawn and someone wearing purple will shouts in overhappy voice, “Let’s do it agaaaaain!” and the rest three gamers will go YAayerp.

    • Michael Hoss says:

      actually THIS game has not been in developement since 2004. you’re talking about the one Akella tried to release but failed after all.

    • Jim9137 says:

      Actually, it was by MiST originally, who were supposed to do both a traditional JA and then a 3D version before doing 3D version and then being cut off by SirTech and thank god they did because that development was so wrong it was nearly hilarious. They changed their plans more often than DNF changed its engine, and I remember reading about the shenanigans with a bitter tearful coffee.

      And after a short stint of Strategy First shamboo, it was then given to Akella in 2006, and Strategy First did the ‘nuh uh’ dance again. And now we are on where we are now, with a new developer, with new shenanigans to come.

      I got my dancing shoes on, do you?

  7. rockman29 says:

    Whoops! Wrong story…

  8. bfandreas says:

    Wait what?

    A new Jagged Alliance? I’ll have to give it a whirl just to see if it works,

    JA1 was a bit tedious because you were constantly in tactical turn mode. The mix in JA2 worked quite fine. Either real time with pause to give orders or real slow real time like in Syndicate might work out fine.

    I remember that time when I set up my FN-Fal guys on the roofs of huts and sent someone really loud and noisy to gain attention of the guards. Not a bit of quarter was given that day. The thought of having just that makes me want to lick my screen.