Night Crawling Sky Shooters: Solar Wings

Oh, hell

While it doesn’t appear to have a personality to match the mad brilliance of Jamestown, recently released Solar Wings is a handsome SHMUPPY thing in its own right. Cheery waves of enemies, colourful bullets fanning across the screen and a co-op mode are all enough to tickle my fancy. Is it my imagination or are we seeing more of these on PC in recent times? It could simply be that I’ve started paying more attention to them, upon realising that I’m capable of lasting for more than five seconds amidst the scrambled madness on the screen. Turns out not every pack of bullets wants to create a tightly patterned hell for me. Available now for £1.99/€2.49, the developers reckon they’ll have a demo to offer soon. Look to the land below for a trailer.

I’m guessing I wasn’t the only person reminded of Solar Winds by the name. Probably not the only one who wants to go play it either, despite the fact that the glasses I’m wearing are probably entirely made of roses.


  1. Hoaxfish says:

    one minor issue:

    Most of the units appear to be viewed from “top down”, while the larger ships and the background are from “side on”. Just seems a bit odd.

  2. TomxJ says:

    “Is it my imagination or are we seeing more of these on PC in recent times?”

    I’m sure of it, but they’re fantastic, and seem to be bundled with other indies! Just coming to the end of scorgasm and have Really Big Sky from the indie royal to delve into next.

    • wu wei says:

      Waves is worth checking out too, I believe it has a demo.

    • fuggles says:

      Good luck with RBS. Here’s a fun fact – it supports only an xbox360 pad and ignores emulation software. Latest twitter report from devs in answer to why this happens is ” I dunno, we used MMF2 to make the game and it’s rather strict in terms of controller compatibility”. Great.

      I’ve emailled them and hoping for the best, but glad I didn’t pay full price for it, what with it being unplayable right now.

    • Premium User Badge

      bsplines says:

      I ‘m finding it quite playable with the keyboard and mouse and I don’t think I ever needed to use a pad. Of course your mileage may vary.
      Still, it’s good to know that.

    • Dominic White says:

      The PC has actually been the home of the vast majority of arcade shooters these past ten years or so. It’s just that most of them were released in Japan only. Most still are.

  3. fuggles says:

    Now, if they will stop making the score based and into one giant game, like SWIV, hell, just remake SWIV. Or Raptor 2011.

  4. Dominic White says:

    Shmup isn’t an acronym! Stop capitalizing it! It’d be like calling the site ROPAPSHO…

    Which we totally should all do now.