Battlefield Heroes Is All About The Giving

Battlefield Heroes players must have been good boys and girls this year, because they are apparently all going to get presents from EA this month. The gifts come in the form of free stuff on their rewards page, and there are two things already in there. Having logged in I can confirmed that the first two days are Santa outfit the Royals and a “St Nikolas” outfit for the Nationals. More festive-themed gifts seem inevitable. We’re hoping for five gold rings at some point, but that seems like too much to ask.


  1. The Tupper says:

    Good god, is that still going?

  2. Valvarexart says:

    I thought this would die when TF2 went F2P…

  3. TormDK says:

    F2P games never die, they merely have sleepless dreams about world domination.

    I still remember the whistle intro song, and it still makes me in a good mood when I hear it – so at least they did that thing right.

  4. Amun says:

    The only fun I had in this game was sitting on the edge of a wing dropping explosive kegs and shooting off RPGs while my top gun IRL friend* lined up those perfect bombing runs.

    Then they killed the game by making smaller maps and less friendly pay-2-win mechanics.

    *I called him ace.

  5. shoptroll says:

    Is it just me or does that image look like something out of The Sims?