Skyrim To Receive Strong Mod Support

This man is actually chasing the dragon

Following a couple of not so great patches, Bethesda have cheered me up immeasurably this morning by sending word that in January they will be releasing the Skyrim Creation Kit.

PC players will be able to download for free the same development tools we used at Bethesda Game Studios to create Skyrim.

That would be enough to make me punch the air quietly in triumph but it’s not all. The tools will tie in to the Steam Workshop, allowing for easy upload, collection and browsing of mods. When I read that bit I did a small celebratory dance. Mid-way through I stopped though, convinced that this was a cynical move to control modding by making it exclusive to a specific platform.

Prefer to use existing modding sites? Not a problem. You’ll still be able to upload/share/access Skyrim mods on fan-created mod sites.

Dancing again. Full details below.

I’m just going to dump all the text further down. Want a summary instead?

1) Creation Kit in January.

2) Steam Workshop integration for mods, including the ability to queue up desired files from any web device for automatic download at your next play session.

3) Incremental update next week to fix problems from 1.2, including magic resistance.

4) Regular updates, concentrating on code fixes first of all but moving on to quest and balance issues by January.

Now, here are words that I caught as they fell from a horse’s mouth.

Please do not completely eliminate such sights

Creation Kit — Beginning in January, PC players will be able to download for free the same development tools we used at Bethesda Game Studios to create Skyrim. In tandem with the Creation Kit’s release, we will roll out a new Wiki and videos to help you get started. It also features something we think you’re going to love…

Steam Workshop – We’re excited to share news that we’ve been working closely with Valve to integrate Steam Workshop into the Creation Kit. Using the Workshop, you’ll have free user content with the push of a button. The Creation Kit will bundle your mod and upload it to the Workshop, where everyone can browse, rate, and flag mods for download. You’ll be able to do this from any web device, including your smartphone. Like a live Netflix queue, when you fire up Skyrim, mods you flagged will be automatically downloaded and installed. Everyone here is really excited about the opportunities and possibilities this opens up for our entire community.

Prefer to use existing modding sites? Not a problem. You’ll still be able to upload/share/access Skyrim mods on fan-created mod sites.

Continued Game Updates – This week we released update 1.2 across all platforms, and we’ll be releasing an incremental update next week. We anticipate it will be up on PC first, and then hit PS3 and Xbox 360 later in the week. Among other things, the update will fix issues like magic resistance not calculating properly and the rare, amazing backwards flying dragon. Once the update is released, we’ll share the full release notes.

After the holidays, we’ll continue to release regular updates for the game — through full title updates, as well as incremental “gameplay updates” to fix whatever issues come up along with rebalancing portions of the game for difficulty or exploits. We plan on having a lot of these, not just a few. Overall, you should expect updates to be hitting the PC and Steam earlier and more often, as that’s a process we control. Console updates will follow, as they must be certified and processed by those manufacturers.

We all know this is a huge game, and everyone has a different experience. We’ll continue to do everything we can to make the game better and better for as many people as possible every day. We’ve also realized that with the millions upon millions of people playing Skyrim, we need to treat our updates with greater care. If we get too aggressive trying to fix a minor issue, we run a risk of breaking something larger in a game like this. To be safe, we are prioritizing code side fixes right now over data fixes. Quest and balance issues are usually data, and those will start rolling in a large way with the January updates.


  1. TormDK says:

    It will be interesting to see Gabe’s stance on what I would consider adult content. (Nude mods and the like)

    • JagRoss says:

      Well games like GTA & Saints Row have nudity, right?
      So as long as it’s relatively softcore it might be okay.

    • Turbinator says:

      You haven’t seen the Fallout 3/Vegas sex mod, have you?

    • Turbinator says:

      [edit] – wrong thread.

    • Fierce says:

      Oh Animated Prostitution Mod, you coy minx.

      I admit I did the ol’ double take over on by the Nexus, I did…

      That I still remember it speaks volumes.

    • Valvarexart says:

      I’m gonna take a quick stab here and guess that full on NSFW mods will not be allowed. We’ll have to go to Skyrimnexus for those :)

    • Metonymy says:

      And lovers lab (for scientific purposes)

    • Aemony says:

      NSFW mods will most likely not be allowed on the Steam Workshop, seeing how Valve already prohibits the use of nudity in avatars. This will hardly be a problem, as SkyrimNexus already features them, and hopefully it will ensure that the most popular mods list in Steam Workshop will feature quality mods, and not simply mods that features NSFW content.

    • Snargelfargen says:

      Thank goodness.

      All those “top 100” and “50 best” lists were useless. I don’t have anything against adult mods in principle, but some of the stuff on TESNexus has some very questionable content.

    • Kdansky says:

      On one hand, I find the nude mod galore on skyrimnexus annoying to say the least, because they clog the top lists.

      On the other, I still think that disallowing anything with nipples in a game where most players brutally murder hundreds of people, steal from everyone and make pacts with demons is the ultimate form of hypocrisy.

      Why is murder less bad than sex? Someone explain that to me!

    • Talon says:

      @Snargelfargen — try this:

      link to

      It’s ‘Most endorsed files (non-adult)’. Also, the STEP itself is a pretty good list of non-adult good mods (link to

    • CTA says:

      All you guys know that the top mods list on the Nexus sites have a non-adult ranking, right?

      EDIT: Beaten to the punch.

    • Kdansky says:

      And on that topic: Is there an option to get rid off all those horrible high-res mods? Most of those textures look way worse than the originals.

    • Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:

      Why is murder less bad than sex? Someone explain that to me!

      Well, ignoring the context of these specific games, and ignoring cases where sex and violence are in a product legally restricted to adults… If a kid watches Die Hard and that gives them an unrealistic impression of violence then it’s probably not going to be an issue unless they actually find themselves in a shoot-out with a skyscraper full of terrorists. Assuming that we’re not saying “watching violence makes pepole more violent” (which, as computer gamers who probably haven’t ever murdered somebody, we can refute), the consequences of unrealistic violence in media on kids are going to be limited.

      Sex, however, is something that just about every kid’s going to be doing later in their lives. Unrealistic depictions of sex can misinform and harm a kid’s conception of something they’re going to actually be participating in, potentially making it something that should be more carefully monitored than depictions of violence.

    • Valvarexart says:

      @ChromeBallz: I’m pretty sure that there is a big red “18+” symbol on the Skyrim box. When you enter the steamstore page you need to enter your birthdate. In essence, this isn’t a game MEANT for kids. It is the parent’s responsibility to esnure that their children are not playing games meant for a mature audience. I understand that sex is tabooed by our culture and norms, but I would still like to second that question. “Why is sex worse than violence?”

    • Bob Sacamano says:

      I’ve wondered the same thing for a long time now. It’s okay if little Johnny blows some guys head off, but god forbid he see a boob.

    • Vander says:

      @Valvarexart : It is not. In fact it is way better.^^

      But why a lot of people thinks so, especially in USA, is simple: religion.

    • Zulthar says:

      I disagree, Captain. There are tons of situations in Skyrim that could easily be translated to real life. If someone has an item you want in Skyrim, you can kill him and take it or simply steal it from him. This doesn’t mean that kids playing Skyrim will go out and start stabbing and stealing from people that have what they want.

      Also I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that most of the people that use nude mods are actually children. The last time I used a nude mod was for The Sims. I just don’t see how naked women with pretty crappy graphics appeal to adult men.

    • Kdansky says:

      I’m still waiting on that research that conclusively proves that seeing sexual acts damages a child’s psyche. Either the kid is too young to understand it (6yo) or finds it plain gross (10yo), or is actually interested (15yo) and has probably masturbated and/or had sex already.

      All three cases: No harm done.

    • Walsh says:

      There’s a study around saying that too much porn can give men unrealistic expectations for sex and cause performance issues when confronted with the real thing.

    • Big Daddy Dugger says:

      @Kdansky I believe it’s just that people consider sex more sacred than killing things so they don’t want to see too much of it or it’ll take away some of it’s emotional value. As for murdering a bunch of things the repetition makes each death less impactful and gives the idea of death less power over an individual. Or something like that.

    • GenBanks says:

      I think we need to see more sex and be more desensitised to it precisely to remove some of its perceived emotional attributes. The emotional attachment to sex is overrated and creates an expectation for an emotional bond every time the physical act is performed, which often causes harm in the long term when the realisation of an absence of fundamental emotional connection is made. If sex weren’t such a big deal and were depicted without people feeling uncomfortable (the way violence is depicted) people would be more open to learning about/experiencing it more for themselves and treat it with ease and maturity. I want to live in a world where you would be no more likely to break up with a girlfriend than you would be to ‘break up’ with a friend.

      But hey, that’s just like my opinion man.

    • The Tupper says:

      @ GenBanks

      Stay outta my beach community, deadbeat!

    • Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:

      I did make it clear in my post that I was talking about the general issue of sex and violence in the media, not in this specific game which I made no mention to.

      I never claimed ‘psychological damage’, but that misleading depictions of sex can give kids a very wrong idea about something they’re going to end up involved with. Just for one example… So, fifteen year old sees porno which, as per mainstream porno values, features no foreplay, cunnilingus, or anything other than a penis hammering in and out of a vagina, and believes that’s how real people go about it (when only a minority of women are able to climax solely from vaginal penetration). So when he actually gets to it and finds the aforementioned hammering doesn’t yield results, etc etc… Obviously adults are able to watch the same thing and acknowledge that it’s a fantasy and in a real world scenario probably not the best way to go about things, but for a fifteen year old who knows no better it could be very misleading. Factor in the large dose of misoginy that usually goes with mainstream pornography and you can give impressions far more harmful than just shoddy technique and limited understanding of the vulva.

    • Gundato says:

      Valve’s general response: Who knows, but probably the same as Bethesda’s

      Bethesda’s: As of my last mod-run for Oblivion (for some reason I never used the Bethesda forums for Fallout 3. I honestly don’t know why), anything overly explicit (all the sex mods, basically) are not allowed to be given a release thread (and actual discussion of them is a grey area). Anything with nudity (Nipples, but not as the “focus”) can generally be discussed, but I suspect that is because those mods tend to have censored versions anyway. So I see no reason that the Steam downloady place wouldn’t do the same.

      What I am wondering is: Will this include a form of the tools that merge levelled lists and automate load-orders?

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      I’d like to say the “i wish we were all sociopathic fuckbots” comment is one of my all time faves.


    • Eightball says:

      @KG – emotions are for prudes!

    • Italia says:

      – Walsh

      I don’t think it’s the inability to perform well when presented with the real thing, but the lack of desire to sleep with your girlfriend after looking at all the much hotter women on the interwebs.


    • edit says:

      @ Capt. Eduardo del Mango , and others trying to establish why sex is more shunned than violence;

      Some good attempts but I fail to see any rational justification here or anywhere. The closest to a good argument is your point that unrealistic depictions of sex can create unrealistic expectations or misguided ideas about it which could create problems when the person in question actually gets around to having sex. Personally I don’t think it’s an argument which holds up to scrutiny.

      Basically the argument suggests that the education a child (and this is when we’re already past the fact that neither this game nor the fallouts are rated or intended for children) receives from playing a video game will have a greater effect than, will last longer than and not be overruled by, what the child learns from his or her parents.

      I think that’s completely silly. Any parent who is unable to convey an important idea to a child, over the course of their entire childhood, any more strongly than a single work of fiction conveys a different perspective, in only minutes or hours of exposure, isn’t being a very active parent. With guidance a child will grow up with a firm understanding of something regardless of what they see in a single game or film which contradicts that guidance. Kids should not be getting their sole education about sex from things that aren’t meant for children in the first place. Such a scenario would be a failure of parenting, not of “society” to adequately censor and control fiction.

      In response to the person who said that sex is seen as more “sacred” than violence, I see what you are getting at but the idea that something experienced within life is more sacred than life itself is ridiculous as well.

      I have never in my life seen or heard a single argument that makes sense which would explain why sex should be more taboo than violence. It is cultural insanity.

      It seems much more likely to me that violence is accepted and pushed in our society because the people running it are addicted to using violence to get what they want.

    • Reapy says:

      If anything I think the most damaging portrayal of sex comes from pg 13 movies where they kiss and it fades out, or they go through some artsy backlit cinematic posing.

      There is so much that goes on between the opening kiss to fade in with couple tangled elegantly in the sheets. Movies / games, whatever never want to touch that part with a 10 foot pole, at least porn makes an attempt to portray that big part of a relationship.

      Most porn does feature foreplay and a host of other things, sometimes even centering on that. Rule 36 and all that. Though I do really wish a lot of the misogyny wasn’t present in porn, its presence though, tells a lot about the audience and their view of love making.

      Another thing I notice a lot is that is that people can’t seem to grasp the idea that plot and character development can happen during sex. As soon as a boob or ass pops out, people get angry. But man, lots of things happen while making love, you can decide suddenly you hate a person and fall out of love, you can fall in love even more, you can fall over and injure yourself, you can have performance issues leading into incredible amounts of verbal self disclosure followed by more love making, you can go away inside and learn something about yourself/character, you can have information exchanged, it can roll into a comedy scene as others enter.

      I grew up never seeing porn, had some magazines in the house I guess, and when I was too young had a friend find a 70’s tape that scared me since I was still too young to see it and immediately turned it off. I still went into my first relationship having unrealistic expectations that led to problems that had to be corrected. I think most everyone does. Nothing I’ve ever done in my life has ever been perfect the first time, but that is why you work at your problems, eliminate them, and get better at them, and I don’t know why sex should sit outside of this pretty much given rule.

      Totally side rant right… On topic, my mouse moves weird since the patch, wish they would put it back the way it was!

    • GenBanks says:

      Hey, I never said I was against emotions, or that I was denying their existence or power! That would indeed be sociopathic. Nor am I saying that romantic couples are some kind of social construct. Just that I think the emotional bond comes from elsewhere than just sex, but we overestimate sex as its source because the act is held on such a pedestal (by Christian and other religious abstinence traditions, for instance).

      Also, [disclaimer in case I ever wake up and decide to become prime minister], this is the internet, someone’s got to play devil’s advocate.

  2. Bob Sacamano says:

    PC players will be able to download for free the same development tools we used at Bethesda Game Studios to create Skyrim.

    So this will be better than the creation kit that was released for oblivion??? I can’t tell. Bethesda has a way of wording things that makes them better than they seem. (ie: marketing talk)

    • Bob Sacamano says:

      On second thought. I highly doubt it. The tools they use are specific to the development process.

    • simonh says:

      Seeing as the game engine itself is an iteration on the Fallout 3 engine, the Creation Kit will probably be very similar to earlier Bethesda editors. It definitely is the same tool their designers used to make the game data.

      Or would you expect them to give away copies of 3DSMax, Visual Studio and the source code? Tools for importing models have also traditionally not been available (since they’re not theirs to give away) but since it’s the same engine, small tweaks to the preexisting fan-made tools will probably be enough.

    • ChromeBallz says:

      The game runs on the basics of the NetImmerse/GameBryo engine that’s been used since Morrowind and modified ever since.

      The Construction Kit that came with Morrowind and Oblivion aswell as the GECK for Fallout 3/NV is basically the same editor throughout – the Creation Kit is basically a new name for the same program to be used by the updated engine for Skyrim, nothing more, nothing less.

      Bethesda did use it to make the game itself – Scripts, world editing, placing models, actors, items, editing attritbutes, enchanting etc – A few of these are hardcoded (can’t be edited without the sourcecode for the game engine), the 3d models and animations aren’t made there (3dsmax) , textures are done with photoshop etc – But the actual game is really being made with the tools Bethesda is releasing soon.

  3. Belua says:

    I’m really looking forward to the future mods coming out of this.

    *joins dance*

  4. Turbinator says:

    Did this just happen? Because I think it did. Mod tool, real mod tools. It’s like Quake 2 all over again !!

  5. Njordsk says:

    Way to go bethesda/valve

  6. elfbarf says:

    I am VERY happy about this considering how SkyrimNexus (and the other Nexus websites) cap your download speed at 500 kb/s unless you pay for a subscription. Not to mention the websites also contain advertisements that you’re forced to see/watch assuming you aren’t using a form of Adblock for whatever reason.

    A few months ago I finally got around to buying/playing New Vegas and had quite a few mods to download so I gave in and paid $4 for a month of premium. I also ended up replaying Oblivion with a ton of mods as well, though most large Oblivion mods are available on other websites (without the download caps).

    • Snargelfargen says:

      Definitely good news. However to play devil’s advocate, I should mention that a lot of the more complex mods and mod managers probably won’t play nicely with the steam installer.
      Of course, that also means that modders will get pushed to make their stuff more accessible which could be a good thing in the long run.

  7. Maldomel says:

    And once again, after seeing that they totally failed at patching their own game, developers are counting on other unrelated people (like the mods community in this case) to fix it instead, so they can release more broken updates in all safety (considering further problems will be fixed by said community).

    I know mods are a big part of skyrim, and all bethesda games, and people are usually happier with mods than updates anyway, but this is still a let-down.

    • Toberoth says:

      I think you’re confusing ‘let-down’ with ‘great news’. What would you prefer, that they didn’t release the modding tools at all?

    • Roshin says:

      OP, I’m sorry, but what a load of bollocks you’re writing here.

    • Maldomel says:

      Well it is a great news for the modding side of things, of course. I’m just tired of seeing that modders are doing better jobs than developers who can’t even patch their games properly. I know it is not the same thing too, but when you see what modders are creating, and what developers are doing, it really feels like it’s better that they release modding tools and stop messing with their customers, letting dedicated (and sometimes more competent) people in charge. To me, it’s a shame, because while mooding and updating are different stories, they should just be able to deliver proper patches in the first place.

      Just my opinion though.

    • Shouldbeworking says:

      Maldomel, I get the opposite impression from this announcement. Mod support was always coming, but this news also emphasizes ongoing 1st party patching. They do go out of their way to state there will be many updates. Of course, time will tell how well they deliver on this.

      I fail to see how this announcement could be a letdown for you. Maybe a smilie will help you out:


      Daww, he even waves.

    • Pointless Puppies says:

      I don’t follow at all what you’re saying, especially because the lead platform for Skyrim was the 360, which isn’t open for mods, and they’re still releasing the game with plenty of bugs and broken patches on the hardware that they specialized in.

      If what you said was actually true, they’d be finding a way of bringing mods and fan-made patches to the consoles such that they don’t have to do diddly squat.

      And honestly, who whines about mod tools for the PC at this day and age? Regardless of whatever cynical interpretations people might have regarding Bethesda releasing modding tools, they’re still releasing modding tools, closely tied with Steam Workshop no less. It’s about 1000% more than the average multiplatform developer does for the PC version at this point. Who cares if Bethesda’s “too lazy to fix their game”? At the end of the day, the end consumer still gets a gigantic flood of bugfixes, improvements, and mods to pack to their game to their hearts’ content. Would you rather have the alternative and get what you get from a bunch of other developers, that being shitty optimization, poor controls and a complete lack of end-user customization and modding? I certainly don’t think so.

  8. Raiyan 1.0 says:

    One of the cool things about modding is that you don’t need every single game out there to be moddable for modding to flourish. Just have a couple of popular games that everyone has (TES, HL), and you’re good to go. In fact, it’s the best way to make mods accessible.

  9. felisc says:

    Can you be more specific about the type of dance ? Is it a slow measured pace or a frantic jumping all around ?

  10. MSJ says:

    If the dragons still breath flame out of their mouths, then according to Sir Terry Pratchett it makes more sense for them to fly backwards.

    • jezcentral says:

      Or to put it another way, fly forwards while FARTING FIREBALLS!

    • Grygus says:

      In Skyrim this physics puzzle is avoided by telling you that dragons do not breathe fire; essentially, their language is so laden with arcane power that it manifests spell-like effects, so when a dragon appears to breathe fire he’s actually just talking and the fire is merely a byproduct. In the trailer when you see the guy yell and a visible wave of force results, he is speaking in dragon.

    • Durkonkell says:

      When dragons have a fight, they are literally flying about shouting at each other. The game describes it as a debate, but it’s a pretty strange and nonsensical debate if you ask me.

      Dragon 1: Force balance push!
      Dragon 2: How dare you?! Fire inferno sun!

    • tomeoftom says:

      I imagine it as them basically screaming swears at one another.

      “FUCK YOU, ARGH!”

      Imagine a Dovahkiin with Tourettes.

  11. Coins says:

    On one side, I’m glad that they’re still releasing the construction set (or creation kit, whatever you prefer), but it’s taking them a long time. We were promised these tools on launch, and while I’m anxious to start modding the game I can wait. However, I do find it odd that they’re touting the CS as a extra feature. Mod tools have been paired with Bethsoft’s games for so long now it’s normal that they’re there. Or am I just becomming an old, grumpy and entitled modder/gamer?

    • thekeats1999 says:

      Wasn’t the garden of eden one released a couple of months after Fallout 3 as well?

    • caddyB says:

      How many other games come with a creation kit? Just because it is traditional for Bethesda to release such powerful modding tools with their game that doesn’t mean it’s not an extra feature.

      I’m glad.

  12. terry says:

    I’m interested in seeing how this pans out, if only because it would spare my poor browser the nightmare of navigating the tesnexus sites. If it’s like Torchleech (or whatever it is now I forget) I could see this being very exciting for expansion.

    What the Workshop thing seems ideal for is for collecting small user-created item mods and possibly making them into a bundles for friendly integration with the base game. This would be great for expanding the scope of items, for example. Why not use some of those countless linen wraps as bandages, as an alternative to alchemy/restoration? If there are animations and music for NPC bards, my character should be able to play a drum or lute. Hell, I NEED to be able to play a drum before battle, I can’t go on without it.

    • Delusibeta says:

      Eh. As Steam Wrokshop currently stands, you’ll probably be running back to the Nexus sites within five minutes. It is a mess.

  13. Morlock says:

    Man, remember how EA pulled games off Steam and claimed that they did it because Valve claimed exclusivity for game content? Remember how they expected us to believe that?

    • Coillscath says:

      I logged in just to say bravo to this comment. We all knew EA are about as believeable as the school bully though anyway.

      “Nuh-uh! He hit ME first!”

    • shaydeeadi says:

      Man, remember when you couldn’t tell the difference between developers handing out mod tools to the community and Publishers wanting to sell their expansions for maximum cash without sharing it with other distribution channels?? (like valve do?) Both are valid in their own ways.
      I don’t have a problem with Valve btw, everyone wants to make money.

      Great news on the Mod tools too.

    • Dominic White says:

      Valve allow developers – even small indie ones – to sell DLC and expansions on multiple stores. Even the ones without keys from places like Gamersgate can just be installed onto Steam copies anyway – ask Cliffski.

    • zeroskill says:

      “Man, remember when you couldn’t tell the difference between developers handing out mod tools to the community and Publishers wanting to sell their expansions for maximum cash without sharing it with other distribution channels?? (like valve do?) Both are valid in their own ways. I don’t have a problem with Valve btw, everyone wants to make money.”
      What are you talking about? Valve releases all and every “expansion” and DLC for FREE and have mod tools for every single game ever released by the company since Half-Life. Also, Valve isn’t a publisher, they are a digital distributor at best, besides being a developer.

    • bleeters says:

      They aren’t claiming exclusivity. Nobody is claiming exclusivity. They’re adding a way to find and download mods without using community sites, if you so wish. If you don’t, you can go on and download them from elsewhere like normal.

      All of which is something it says right there in the article.

  14. Vexing Vision says:

    Hearing Nick announce this yesterday made me very, very happy indeed.

  15. thekeats1999 says:

    I wonder if there is an ulterior motive for the workshop integration. If they are on the workshop then they will probably meet certain standards (ie work without to much fuss) making the better ones easier to convert over to the console box things.

    I believe Valve was toying with this idea as part of PS3 steam integration.

    Not that i am complaining. Looking forward to some extra area’s and dungeons.

  16. Kinch says:

    Yay @ mods at Steam. Should be very comfortable. Keep those HD-ier textures coming. ;)

    On a different note, the “dragons flying backwards” bug broke my game yesterday. You get a quest from the Companions to kill a dragon – alas, the poor sod keeps flapping in the wrong direction and is unkillable. Boo hoo!

  17. Zarunil says:

    “Dancing again. Full details below.”

    I scrolled down. I am dissapoint.

  18. Saiko Kila says:

    I’m not really sure that developer-or-publisher controlled distribution site/mechanism will entail a”strong mod support”. Like Bethesda games needed more Mod Support than they already had. I can see multiple way it could fail. One of them is the ancient Chinese, tradition sanctified “The Way of Censorship”.

    • Unaco says:

      It’s an extra distribution mechanism, all the old ones will still exist. They aren’t excluded.

  19. Ajh says:

    This sounds pretty good to me. And the delay of the creation kit is starting to make sense now. By january they should have a majority of these bugs taken care of.

    • AmateurScience says:

      Also! It gives all those overworked codes a bit of festive breathing space. Which, if it means patches where fixing one thing doesn’t then break 2 or 3 unrelated random other things then I’m all for it.

      Honestly I dread to think what bug-squashing a game this complex would be like.

  20. povu says:

    So basically it’s an alternative mod host/manager to Nexus, Nexus Mod Manager, Wrye Bash, etc. Fine with me, since it doesn’t exclude all the other options. It should make modding more well known too.

    Also because the CK will be launched from Steam I guess it’ll track the hours I use it too? I’m not sure I want to know…

  21. Shouldbeworking says:

    It is nice to hear confirmation that patching is going to be ongoing (at least for a while) in Skyrim. Is it just me, or does it feel like Bethesda just remembered to tell people their plans for post release support? I heard nothing about the 1.1 and 1.2 patches until long after they were installed – maybe I was looking in the wrong places? At any rate, I’m looking forward to when this all drops.

  22. Mangle says:

    Bethesda Dude 1: “Okay, so I’m sick of these little punks fucking with our game with mods. Lets put a patch out that fixes a few issues, but also stops mod support.”

    Bethesda Dude 2: “Good idea, I hate how they’re ruining our artistic vision with all those damn Hi-Rezzorz packs. Geez!”

    Bethesda Dude 1: “Yeah, so that patch actually made the game worse. We need a new patch, but still keep out those pesky modders, grrr!”

    Bethesda Dude 2: “Shit! This new patch to patch the patch didn’t work! The dragons, man. They’re flying backwards! Backwards, man!”

    Bethesda Dude 1: “Oh, for fuck sake, just give the damn community the ability to mod our game again and let them fix this mess! Oh, and wrap it up in a nice little package so it looks like we’re being super nice and not super shrewd, mwhahaha.”

    Bethesda Dude 2: “Good idea”

    • Unaco says:

      When did Bethesda put out a patch to prevent modding?

    • InternetBatman says:

      It’s pretty unlikely that they specifically designed a patch to keep modders out. Mods, cracks, and trainers don’t always work after a patch. That’s just the way it is. Think about all the minecraft mods that stopped working after his fast patches.

      Also, this is an astoundingly negative post when they’re doing something that they don’t have to do, that many developers/ publishers don’t do, and for game that has already and will continue to sell a ton. With this and the Doom 3 sourcecode Zenimax is looking saintly compared to other publishers.

    • AmateurScience says:

      Really? You think they went out of their way to break modding in the last two patches. Why would they do that? As mentioned patching *always* creates issues with certain kinds of mods so there’s always a cycle of game patch/mod patch until the last ‘official’ patch: then it’s modding open season (and funtimes ensue!).

      It’s worth remembering that the games not even been out a month yet.

      Also re: patches breaking things. The chap at the Bethblog was refreshingly candid about what happened and it seems like they’ve learned a few lessons there. Also also, whilst you could hardly call Bethesda small time in terms of publishing, Skyrim has been almost an order of magnitude more successful (in terms of units sold) than either Oblivion or Fallout 3 – which may have taken them a little by surprise.

      Sorry if I sound like an apologist/fanboy, just think a little perspective is needed

    • zeroskill says:

      “When did Bethesda put out a patch to prevent modding?”
      Nah mate, that was not the case. The patch they released just happened to brake some mods that have been put out by the community. This always happens when patches fly out. Its common sense. They alter the files so mods are bound to brake. The QQing about “Bethesda broke the mods herpaderp” is just by people that dont have the slightest idea how mods work.

    • Unaco says:


      I know… I got into this with someone else on another comment thread here. Whether by design, or accident, the new .exe to tie the game to Steam, meant that the LAA (Large address aware, allowing >2GB of RAM to be used) flag could not be set in the way it had been set prior to the patch… presumably because that method changed the exe, and Steam didn’t like the altered .exe.

      A new method for flipping the LAA flag was found shortly afterwards, that did work with the new .exe, and it was actually promoted by Bethesda Devs… they didn’t want to stop people using 4GB of RAM, just the old method of switching the LAA flag was incompatible with the new .exe. They were happy with people using the new method (Skyrim 4GB, a couple Devs tweeted about it, and mentioned it in Forum threads).

      I was just asking Mangle to provide evidence, or explain his comment.

    • Mangle says:

      I actually meant this as a joke, but it appears the Bethesda Love Crew are out in force today so I’ll clarify.
      I was joking. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I love The Elder Scrolls. Looking forward to the great possibilities this will bring to the community.

    • vecordae says:


      It’s not so much Bethesda fanboy love as constantly dealing with comments that are either incredibly sarcastic or deeply impassioned while still being factually wrong. Or, you know, immensely condescending (i.e. Anything by Vecordae). It’s hard to convey absurdist humor in an environment like that.

      Still, glad you weren’t serious. One day I’ll have to push the button that ends the world (it’s pink and has a smiley face on it), but that day will not be today.

    • Urthman says:

      I hate when people mistake the Someone is Wrong On the Internet mob for a [Insert Game or Developer Name] Defense Force.

      Never attribute to fanboyism what can be adequately explained by pedantry.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      oh look, it’s the people are wrong defense force… joking

    • vecordae says:


      Fact: I cannot sleep if someone on the internet is wrong. I have not slept since 1963.

  23. slpk says:

    Ashamed to say that I’ve been playing this in the pirated way. Not anymore.

    Also, Skyrim, the next TF2? I surely hope so!

  24. Casshern says:

    Hooray for the modkit, will start playing this broken game again in a couple of months then. Last time I buy a Bethesda game day one.

  25. Unaco says:

    This is good news. Always good to see community made mods getting pushed by the big guys themselves. Will there be problems? No doubt… of course there will… but there are problems with everything, with the current ESP/ESM mod system and distribution and mod managers. Will the problems stop us getting mods and having fun? I don’t think so… we’ll still have the old distribution mechanisms and tools, and I would figure a mod downloaded from Steam will be pretty damn close to the version you could get from Nexus (maybe packaged, compressed etc).

  26. InternetBatman says:

    Huzzah! People complained, they did something, hopefully the game will get better as a result. That’s what software development should be.

  27. remoteDefecator says:

    All other publishers need to take a look at what Bethesda is doing with Skyrim and take note: you can still make a metric shitton of money without locking your game down harder than a prison. You can give PC gamers what they want and not piss them off (TOO much, yea the patches haven’t been great), and still make the aforementioned metric shitton.

  28. GenBanks says:

    Imagine if we lived in an alternate universe where Battlefield 3 was released on steam and DICE had teamed up with Valve to do this for their game.

    Oh well :(

    • Tei says:

      Bf3 is already a hack ans slash mmorpg game. And mmos rarelly allow user made changes. Also i could see how infinite user made maps may change the game to something not as good for the newbie.

  29. Calabi says:

    I’m excited with this, whatever the case it means that modders are going to have a very large audience by default(if they decide to put it on steamworks, they’d be crazy if they didnt). More people with more incentive to make better mods.

  30. bleeters says:

    Pay attention, Bioware. This is how it’s done.

  31. Blackcompany says:

    I bought a new copy of Oblivion in 2010 because I had worn out a disk. Literally worn it out. Why? I mean, Oblivion was a good game. It was not great but it was good.
    But Oblivion with mods…oh my. Now that, was a truly great game. Truly.
    Skyrim has that same potential. When console players have moved on to the year’s next big (re-release) thing, PC gamers will still be playing, modding and yes, buying, Skyrim. And all of this is due to mods. They keep a game fresh – and new people buying it – long after that game would otherwise go stale. I bought the Wizard’s Tower DLC for Oblivion not because it was good, but because the Frostcrag Reborn took it from mediocre to simply amazing. You read that right – I bought a DLC because of a mod requiring that DLC. Such is the power of modding.
    Like so many others I wish devs would learn this. Really learn it and understand it. Mods do not compete with DLC for a player’s time. Instead, they give players who long since finished your game and moved on – players who would never buy your DLC because for them the game is finished – a reason to come back. A year from now players who rushed through Skyrim’s main quest will install the game once more, download some mods and play a fresh, new game from scratch, in this modded world.
    And if Bethesda has DLC ready at that time the same players will also buy it, to further enhance their experience. Mods add to the longevity of a game. They provide hints and inspirations for future games and features. They keep people playing and buying. So why do so many devs consider mods a bad idea?

    • Urthman says:

      Frostcrag Reborn is one of the most fantastic mods I’ve ever played. The secret beneath the castle is astonishing. Repeatedly. And all the way stuff connects together. And the final rewards.

    • Arglebargle says:

      I thought Oblivion had terrible design decisions and a lackluster story. But I reinstalled it recently to play Nehrim. If I hadn’t have found my old disc, I might have bought the dang thing again. The power of mods….

      IIRC, Morrowind was on the top 20 sales list for PC games for something like three years after it’s release. The power of mods. No console game I know of does that.

  32. Tei says:

    The shout that unequip npcs dont remove pants. I think that can be fixed with a mod. I have a plan, first step is to steal all pants from tamriel. I will become rich

    • AndrewC says:

      Oh dear lord please.

      Coupled with a mod that changes the loincloths to frilly bloomers.

    • vecordae says:


      The serious answer, which causes bearded men to nod gravely in sage agreement, is that pants aren’t modeled separately in Skyrim and never appear as discrete items.

      The correct answer is that that is a brilliant idea. I, too, would like to yell at someone so hard their pants fall off. If I had this ability in the game I wouldn’t do anything else. I’d also like this request to extend to werewolves. We could shout at them and the bottom half of the werewolf would come off, revealing that it was simply an angry man with a wolf costume and a great deal of LSD.

  33. diamondmx says:

    Console modding options, please.

    • Ultra-Humanite says:

      That is Microsoft and Sony’s call more than Bethesda’s.

  34. TODD says:

    SkyrimNexus will still be the go-to website for hentai tentacle rape mods. It’s got that market cornered.

  35. Chaz says:

    Yes yes yes, this is all well and good, but can we sell hats? That’s the question I think that’s on everyones lips.

  36. Ultra-Humanite says:

    They said before release they’d be releasing the tools eventually too. People are so incredibly impatient it is unbelievable.

  37. Beelzebud says:

    I used to not be a very big fan of Bethesda, and still haven’t quite gotten over them switching the genre of Fallout, but I do have to say they are one of the few last hopes for single player gaming. I never thought I’d say that, but I have to look at the facts of the situation.

    Yes, they did a genre switch on Fallout, but then allowed Obsidian (Many Fallout(2) devs there) to work on the franchise again, and New Vegas was actually a very solid game. I hope they continue this trend and have Obsidian work on Fallout 4, or another episode like New Vegas.

    Compare Skyrim to any Bioware game of the past decade, and I’m sorry to say but Bethesda beats the pants off of Bioware these days. Never thought I’d be saying that either…

    While many companies are busy dumbing their games down (Looking at you Bioware), here we have Skyrim, which basically just removes the leash after 30 minutes and tells you to “have at it”, without insulting your intelligence to make your own decisions.

    The mod support is just icing on the cake. Not many companies are even doing it these days, because they fear it will hurt DLC sales.

    I guess I’m just surprised that Bethesda has basically managed to win me over, even though I disliked them for years.

  38. Zarunil says:

    Can’t wait for Skyrim’s full potential to be released!

  39. Pointless Puppies says:

    Browsing mods and queuing them up on my smartphone for automatic download?

    Forget texting, THIS is what will cause deadly car crashes to skyrocket 10 fold.

  40. Wulf says:

    So many things I want to mod. So… many… things…

    I think item #1 on the agenda will be–

    Oh my gosh. This following part actually has Skyrim spoilers. Which you may not actually know about, so you may want to stop reading here, eh?

    –a sensible end to the main quest.

    I’ve had a chat with a few modders and it doesn’t make sense that once you’ve pseudo-slain Alduin, spared Paarthurnax, and all that, that the dragons are still suicidal. They were that way before because of Alduin’s tyranny, that they didn’t know that there was anything else they could be, and they were too afraid to think for themselves. Now they can.

    But they keep rushing me, like suicidal chickens. I don’t want that. That just makes dragons into the new cliff racers. So I’m going to look into making it so that once you’ve completed the main quest, if you did spare Paarthurnax, then the dragons have a variable chance of being either hostile or non-hostile, or sometimes even helping you out! It’ll change their faction randomly, based on a fun bit of algorithmic math.

    So that dragon that’s flying above could choose to save you from that giant that’s bashing your skull in. Or he could instead choose to eat you once the giant is done with you. Or he might just continue flying and just not give a damn. You know, free will! Woo!

    Soooo want to mod that. And I know I can since faction changes are easy. I’ll just need a script that runs at load to check whether you’ve completed the main quest, and one attached to the end of the main quest, and this script fiddles with the factions of dragons. Not hard to do. It’d be pretty cool, really.

    Yeah, I know, dragon souls would be less common. But I’d take a dragon randomly helping me out over a dragon soul any day.

    • alundra says:

      Jesus Fucking Christ The Almighty, how can you be insensible as to write

      -Insert whatever you think of the ending in here

      How can you comment about the ending in the first spot right below the spoiler warning. Don’t you realize that there’s plenty out there who haven’t even touch the main quest?? Were you jerking off while ruining the ending for everyone else?

      RPS staff could you please regulate this spoiler thing in the comments?? I can’t speak for everyone else but particularly having the ending mentioned spoils any game for me, and here we are talking about a huge game that’s barely a month old most people won’t touchdown with the ending until several months later.

  41. Wulf says:

    Please fix this, RPS. Please? With the amount that the spam filter eats my posts (which is 50% of the time, which I then have to deal with via arcane and draconic methods), and the bug where the latest post doesn’t appear, I never know which has occurred. :|

  42. stillwater says:

    How does this qualify as news? We all knew that the creation kit was coming (if anything, this reveals that it’ll be a bit later than many had hoped). And millions of us have been ‘easily uploading, collecting and browsing mods’ for weeks now over at the nexus.