Defense Grid To Get GLaDOS Expansion

Hidden Path, the Defense Grid devs who are now so closely associated with Valve that they are working on CS:GO, have announced that Defense Grid will receive a Portal-themed called “You Monster.” The expansion, which will arrive on the 7th of December, guest-stars GLaDOS as a second narrator, and sees players take on Portal-themed levels. You Monster will apparently add eight new maps for the “all new” story and thirty five challenge missions, making about fifteen hours more defending of grids. No word on how much it’s going to cost, however. $5 apparently.

Trailer below!


  1. Heliocentric says:

    Glad to see DG get more love, I wouldn’t mind a few more turret types but I know balance is hard. Still, it’s the best of the genre, not only because of its rewind.

  2. HermitUK says:

    The GLaDOS mission that they put together for the Potato Pack was brill. Well worth a play for the banter between GLaDOS and your own AI alone. And I always like an excuse to fire up Defence Grid again.

    • Wulf says:

      It’s the AI that makes Defence Grid work. I mean, fair play, it’s a bloody great game on its own and there is no denying that. The people behind the art assets need to have their hands shaken for making it look so interesting, the balance is perfect, the engine is smooth, and it’s generally good overall.

      But the AI bloke? He makes it shine. He’s so eminently and completely likeable on every level, and he just commands camaraderie, which compelled me to see it through. Even if they’d gotten Stephen Fry to do the writing and voice work, I doubt the end result would have been any better. And I really mean that. Defence Grid’s strongest strength is that the people behind it are brilliant storytellers.

      i would love, love to see these people do an RPG. Even if it’s a short one on a small scale. That or an adventure game in the vein of Gemini Rue.

  3. Wang Tang says:

    There are also new challenge modes for some of the existing maps!

    The press release says $4.99, so I expect similar for pound and euro prices:
    link to

  4. Vandelay says:

    Edit: Oops, wrong topic.

  5. bitkari says:

    Wait – Hidden Path are working on CS:GO!?!?


    • Garg says:

      I believe they have also done all of the patches for CS:S for a number of years now.

  6. bleeters says:

    My money. Take it. Take it all.

  7. Carra says:

    I’ve played to all the expansions, it’s a great game. Can’t wait to play some more.

  8. MadTinkerer says:

    YES! I’m not very good at Defense Grid, but it’s the only Tower Defense game that hooks me on the story elements each time. (Possibly because it’s one of the few TD games that has story elements.) This has me smiling.

  9. piderman says:

    I’m not sure how to feel about this. I really like Defense Grid but I feel it doesn’t need GlaDOS, it can hold its own. I’d rather have seen Defense Grid: Raspberries or something.

    • Urthman says:

      Defense Grid didn’t need GLaDOS, but she did show up and it was brilliant, so I’d happily pay $5 for some more.

    • Wulf says:

      @Urthman – Agreed!

  10. LintMan says:

    Just the other day I was wishing for more Def Grid here on RPS – my wish was granted! And with GLaDOS included, it’s pure sugar.

  11. shoptroll says:

    Why hasn’t Valve acquired this studio yet? Looking forward to checking this out.

  12. cptgone says:

    OMG³ that is wonderful news!

  13. Wulf says:

    I’m really not a fan of tower defence games, it has to be said. I don’t hate them, I just acknowledge that I’m utterly shit at them and that that will never change. But for some insane reason I’m actually not bad at Defence Grid. That’s what I thought, anyway. The other possibility is that Defence Grid was the first game of a genre that I wasn’t fond of that actually made me better at it, because I wanted to be better at it. And that’s the praise I want to give Defence Grid right now, I think.

    Defence Grid is the only tower defence game I’ve wanted to be good at. And it’s the only one I actually ended up being really good at. I’m still shit at other tower defence games, and I wonder why that is, and whether it’s actually just a lack of skill or borne of total disinterest.

    As I said above though, it’s that these people are brilliant storytellers is what makes it work. I could definitely listen to more of the patter between GLaDOS and the friendly AI with whom I’ve become so acquainted, whom I’ve learned to adore. To be honest, I’d pay for a radio/audio adventure based purely upon that concept. And again, I’d love to see these people lend their fantastic storytelling talents to other genres.

    Defence Grid is a game with a story. It’s not unlikely that you’ll end up liking it even if you really, really don’t get on with tower defence games.

    More of Defence Grid is fine by me.

  14. Enikuo says:

    Love this game! And, I really enjoyed the previous Glados map.