Chums In Conquer: C&C Alliances Rumoured

again! again!

My brain: C&C news is big news, we should report it!
My soul: But it’s just a rumour of the name of the rumoured new C&C game that a division of Bioware is rumoured to be making. Rumour, rumour, rumour, and even if it’s true it doesn’t reveal anything about the game.
My brain: Maybe it does – ‘Command & Conquer Alliances’ could mean a lot of things. Like, NOD and the GDI palling up? Or they’re merging all the different C&C universes? Or a co-op focus?
My soul: Or it’s just a random word added after the colon, like Hitman: Subtitle. You take these things too seriously, man.

My brain: Surely the news that EA have registered a load of Command & Conquer Alliances URLs suggests something big? They’ve got Generalsalliances, Tiberiumalliances, Redalertalliances, the works.
My soul: They’ve probably registered hundreds of C&C URLs to be on the safe side, what’s the big deal?
My brain: You’re just grumpy, aren’t you?
My soul: Well, that’s a given. Idiot.


  1. Flukie says:

    It might be bringing back the old alliance play of the older titles, where you could essentially buddy up with other players when necessary, the only problem came was when you cut that alliance and had built your own defenses in their base, it wasn’t pretty.

    • Wezz6400 says:

      Ah yes, the glory of betraying your friends in an RTS. I once sent a bunch of kirovs to a friend’s base using force fire, as they arrived I parked 15 apocalypse tanks in his base. When the first bombs dropped I broke the alliance. It didn’t take very long…

      I was once called the most unreliable ally one can possible have in an RTS. With my habit of nuking allies I think there’s little point in denying that.

    • Commisar says:

      actually, you should never play this game, or even think about playing it. “All right RPS, who here is now going to boycott EVERY SINGLE EA developed or published game from here on out. That means NO PIRACY AND NEVER PLAYING THEM. No exceptions. That means NO BF3, NO ME3, no more DICE or Bioware developed games. EVER If you aren’t willing to do that. Then shut the f*ck up and stop bothering me about your EA-hate. However, if you boycott everything, then by all means, spew out as much hate as you can.”

    • Snargelfargen says:

      I am SICK of boycotts and plan never to read anything about a boycott EVER AGAIN!

  2. Hoaxfish says:

    Will you get to romance a tank? Tank on tank romances? Or do tanks not go that way?

    • N'Al says:

      Oh, it’s THAT kind of alliance, is it?

    • IDtenT says:

      Reminds me of the Hummer sex in Southland Tales.

    • N'Al says:

      I wouldn’t know, since I haven’t seen the movie yet. Guess I will have to now, though.

    • max pain says:

      The real question is, will there be same tank type marriages?

    • Nemrod says:


      I’d buy any C&C crappy new games, plus all AssCreed… for a dose of Karma fluid OO

  3. chokoladenudlen says:

    “Or it’s just a random word added after the colon”
    My brain: “Rectum!”

    Gah. Guess it was the other colon >.<

    • Ultra Superior says:

      :-D Which reminds me of iconic C&C character, Colonel Burston.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      Colonel Burston

      Now that’s a medical condition you don’t want

  4. Timthos says:

    If it’s an RPG, it could be interesting. If Bioware is making an RTS, I can’t say I’m feeling much confidence.

    • vecordae says:

      Bioware will be pushing the envelope of unbridled, furious innovation by introducing the word to the “military logistics and conversations” sub-genre. GDI “Worldmover” agents are empowered by the Galactic Council to ensure that a maximum number of tanks can be produced. But a Worldmover’s life isn’t the glitzy, glamorous world of supply routes and manufacturing quotas that the media would have us believe. They also have deep, interpersonal relationships (with tanks, spanners, and occasionally each other) to manage and a world to save from the phantasmic armies of Nod, led by the enigmatic Ghost of Liberace.

      I imagine that the blurb on the box will resemble the above statement to some degree.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      I think there’s a deeper problem… Bioware is now a name, not a company.

      Obviously there’s still “Bioware” (of Baldur’s Gate 2, etc), but there’s also “Bioware Mythic” (used to be Mythic, of DAOC, etc), then “Bioware Social” (used to be KlickNation), Bioware Austin (doing SW:Tor, but is not Bioware Mythic), and probably a few others.

      The “possibly related” announcement for this even said “A new Bioware studio”…

      As far as I’m concerned “Bioware” means absolutely nothing when it comes to determining genre or quality of a product since its so heavily diluted as a name. Might as well just stick to “a game from EA”.

    • Dariune says:


      I agree with everything you said except one thing.

      I think the name Bioware actually heralds a poor quality game if anything.

    • Kollega says:

      If it’s an RPG, it could be interesting. If Bioware is making an RTS, I can’t say I’m feeling much confidence.

      I recall reading in the previous article that the “new Bioware studio” that’s making this game is just the redressing of EALA, who made the newer C&C games. I seriously don’t know why do EA want to stamp “Bioware” on the games they don’t make – because that would mean better reputation than “EA”, perhaps?

    • Steven Hutton says:


      Wait? What?

      You can’t just drop an opinion bombshell like that without some kind of justification. I mean, you have to at least give them Mass Effect. Right?

    • Dariune says:

      @Steven Hutton

      Thats the beauty of Opinion. It can be dropped where ever you like ;-)

      But for the sake of good debate I will justify mine.

      Covering recent games …

      Jade Empire: This game could and should have been fantastic. The setting was rich in lore and the mythology ripe for exploration. Instead you ended up with an average action game with silly RPG mechanics, average action mechanics and a bland storyline.

      Dragon Age: Origins: This was marketed as the spiritual successor to Baldurs Gate. When they first announced it they were talking depth, longevity, classes, etc. Instead we got to choose three initial classes (The usual warrior, rogue, wizard crap), the story line was actually ok but had been Bioware’d (new word?) so that it was a little mundane. You knew you had three big quests and a final quest right from the start. Graphics were nice enough but the whole game was too streamlined and generic.

      Mass Effect (The basis of your argument) Yes I will give you that one. ME really was quite good. The story line was still Bioware’d. You pretty much got all your main quests at the start. To me its almost like giving you the whole story in note form so that there are few surprises left. The RPG elements were laughable and the shooting mechanics a little dull but the storyline was nice and the game was entertaining enough. Yes I would say this was an innovative and quality game.

      DA2: This game was simply terrible. Im not a hater. Im always happy to have my opinion of a company changed. But this game was, IMO, terrible in pretty much every way. The RPG mechanics were terrible. The graphics were ok but i didn’t like the style. The animations were a joke. The story line was a chore. I honestly have nothing nice to say about htis game.

      ME2: This game wasnt terrible but, IMO, it was no where near as good as ME1. The RPG mechanics had been stripped out and were terrible. The action had been made better which slightly compensates for the lack of RPG. The worst thing was the story line. A small beginning quest, a final quest and a whole bunch of isolated side quests. Again, this should have been great but Bioware completely dropped the ball IMO

      ToR – I just dont like MMO’s very much so I am heavily biased on this one but to me this looks (and i havent played it) incredibly run of the mill and boring to me.

      Is that enough justification? You dont have to agree with me, but hopefully you can at least see why I feel Bioware are not a quality dev house.

    • UnravThreads says:

      You’re confused. BioWare Social is their site, it’s not a developer. KlickNation is BioWare Sacramento.
      Full line up is:
      BioWare Edmonton – They are the ‘DeFacto’ BioWare developer we all know.
      BioWare Montreal – I believe they are a support studio for Edmonton, not sure if they’ve done their own project yet.
      BioWare Mythic – Still Mythic, basically, just with BioWare in their name.
      BioWare Austin – TOR studio.
      BioWare Ireland – EU support, I believe its main focus will be TOR.
      BioWare San Francisco – Used to be EA2D, creators of Mass Effect: Galaxy and the rather good Mirror’s Edge flash game.
      BioWare Sacramento – Newest addition, used to be KlickNation.

      I think that’s about it. BioWare are two things, like Bethesda. They’re a label as well as a distinct studio. When people say “BioWare developed”, chances are they’re referring to Edmonton, Montreal or Austin and no-one else.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      You’re confused.

      Well, I wouldn’t be if they’d stopped renaming everything Bioware!

      As to the “negative” opinion some people are expressing… I have to say you have my agreement, at least to the point that I would clarify: “Bioware” means absolutely nothing positive… It will not sell me their product, and certainly does not balance out any qualms I have about EA.

      Certainly a lot of the feedback from SW:Tor has a decidedly negative tint, as does a lot of the feedback from DA2, along with some questionable “leaks” from ME3.

      However, this is from an outside perspective as I stopped really paying attention to Bioware during the development of DA1/ME1. I actually only have Baldur’s Gate 1/2 and NWN1. I ignored both Kotor (not a fan of starwars), Jade Empire (not a fan of martial arts roleplay), but then found my interest going to other companies. Then again it started elsewhere, when I bought Planescape before Baldur’s Gate, had hope for Torn, kept up with all of Troika’s output, etc.

      Bioware is always the bridesmaid, no matter how much romance they pump into their games.

    • bill says:

      I don’t really get the “not much confidence” thing. You see it all over games blogs, where gamers seem to feel that companies can only make ONE kind of game, and if they once made a good one then they should be forced to continue making that same kind of game over and over – because they clearly aren’t able to make any other kind.

      I’d imagine that 95% of all game making skills are totally transferable between genres – especially now everything is built on middleware engines with middleware plugins.

      I think it ties in with the way a lot of gamers see companies as some kind of single organism, not as a collection of individuals who often change jobs and have multiple skills, and can learn them if they don’t. No one ever says Samsung shouldn’t make smartphones because they make good TVs.

      Lots of classic games have been made by “studios” that have no experience in that genre. Until they do it.

    • Zenicetus says:

      “Bioware” means absolutely nothing positive…”

      I wouldn’t go that far, myself. Their games have been very polished and reasonably free of major bugs on release, which is more than you can say for some other big studios. If nothing else, I have to admire the slick presentation and the dependable performance of their games (at least on my system).

      Of course, that’s like saying I know what to expect when walking into a big chain restaurant that’s consistent in the way it serves bland and boring food.

      That’s been my main gripe about Bioware: They have these huge budgets to work with, but they play it too safe with their concepts and design choices. When I heard they were going to develop their own fantasy IP, I was excited. What we got instead with Dragon Age, was the most boring game world I’ve seen in a long time, with generic races and classes.

      Mass Effect isn’t much better. It’s just a safe, boring mashup of Star Trek and other B-grade sci fi themes. I have a home library full of sci fi books with much more interesting ideas. Why can’t they be more original with their games? I guess it’s just Hollywood movie studio syndrome. When you have to work with major corporate ownership and budgets that are “too big to fail”, you get mediocrity by default.

    • Commisar says:

      Since this game is published by EA, you should never play it or even be excited about it. it will probably require origin,and hey, its Bioware, they guys who many here think “ruined” the Mass Effect series. See my challenge. “All right RPS, who here is now going to boycott EVERY SINGLE EA developed or published game from here on out. That means NO PIRACY AND NEVER PLAYING THEM. No exceptions. That means NO BF3, NO ME3, no more DICE or Bioware developed games. EVER If you aren’t willing to do that. Then shut the f*ck up and stop bothering me about your EA-hate. However, if you boycott everything, then by all means, spew out as much hate as you can.”

    • TheGameSquid says:

      Bug-free? You should play the console versions of DA: Origins some time. I did (I know, I know. My PC wasn’t able to handle it at the time), and it was just bug after bug after bug. Nothing very gamebreaking (except a few minor quests). I actually had to laugh out loud a couple of times in the Fade, where the game just kept assaulting me with glitches.

      Meanwhile, better games such as Divinity II were being renounced for being bug-ridden pieces of shit. Only had one crash on that one, nothing more.

  5. Kdansky says:

    They should call it :Revelations or :Retribution, or possibly :Revolution. Those words are awesome! And they all start with R!

  6. vecordae says:

    Once again, Bioware is furiously pushing the envelope of game innovation. Command and Conquer: Alliances will introduce the world to the “military logistics and conversations” genre of RPGs. Play as Dirk Maximizer, a GDI “Worldmover” agent, charged by the Galactic Council to ensure that tank production remains maximized. GDI needs those tanks to save humanity from the phantasmic armies of Nod, led, as ever, by the enigmatic Ghost of LIberace. But the life of a Worldmover isn’t the glamorous, glitzy world of supply chains and production quotas that we see in movies. Dirk is a real person and he has real-person drama to work through if he’s ever going to get enough gaskets to finish the next batch of Mammoth III’s. There are deep, interpersonal relationships to manage with a cast of dozens of well-written supporting characters, all of which are tanks of some sort and all of which are romanceable.

    I suspect that the above isn’t probably all that far off the mark.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      tactical options will be
      1. Let’s make out
      2. I want to be an aeroplane
      3. bomb everythinggggg!

    • ThTa says:

      And a prominent character (tank?) will be voiced by Jennifer Hale, for maximum truth.

    • vecordae says:

      All of the tanks are likely to be voiced by Jennifer Hale, except for the seductive and treacherous GDI Verräter, which will be played by Raphael Sbarge and Claudia black at the same time.

  7. Tei says:

    Maybe Alpha Protocol was a prequel for Command&Conquer.

    I mean, SIE was very Tanya-like.
    link to
    link to

    “Guys, is more fun on the Nod faction here. And we have cushy beds”.

  8. Ultra Superior says:

    I love generals zero hours SO MUCH. No one has the balls to make such brilliant politically incorrect game again. It was imbalanced and it was SO FREAKIN GOOD.

    AK47s for everyone!

  9. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    Hm. I haven’t really paid attention to C&C after Tiberian Sun, eleven years ago. Can the setting even support an interesting RPG? Or, for that matter, anything else besides a strategy game?

    I mean, there was never more to C&C’s story than “NOD tries to conquer the world, which the GDI tries to prevent. Also, there is this green crystal-stuff eating the world, for some reason.”, wasn’t it?

    • Ultra Superior says:

      Prince Kassad says : Now you see me – now you’re dead!

      C&C games with GDI and NOD are boring whereas C&C generals is pure awesomeness.

      The background story is a an exaggeration of 2000’s evening news. The game itself is incredibly prophetic. For example, the european union is out of the picture there. You only visit Europe when you liberate it with Chinese tanks.


    • Joof says:

      Well, Command and Conquer Renegade was great fun as an FPS. I loved it’s base vs base multiplayer.

  10. Kollega says:

    I like the presentation in this article. It was really quite funny.

    As for the game, i have no guesses whatsoever. I hope that it’s going to be a new setting for C&C, but it might as well be Tiberian 5 or Generals remake. I think i’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      No one will ever make a remake of Generals, I think.

      The setting is too politically incorrect for a world that economically depends on China while Islamic nations crush every other demographics with the full power of their merciless birth rate.

      Oh, but wait, no one said GLA is an Islamic faction! Maybe there is hope! Maybe if we dress GLA as a secularized pro-western branch of Al-Quaeda….

    • Commisar says:

      sorry, looks like a boycott is in order. I mean, published by EA, and developed by Bioware. How much more evil could you get. i am predicting some sort of origin integration backlash, with RPS writers calling for a boycott within 4 months. oh well, suck to like EA games :( “All right RPS, who here is now going to boycott EVERY SINGLE EA developed or published game from here on out. That means NO PIRACY AND NEVER PLAYING THEM. No exceptions. That means NO BF3, NO ME3, no more DICE or Bioware developed games. EVER If you aren’t willing to do that. Then shut the f*ck up and stop bothering me about your EA-hate. However, if you boycott everything, then by all means, spew out as much hate as you can.”

    • Felixader says:

      @Commissar: Spamming much? You are aware that copy-and-paste-spam-with-sligth-changes in THE SAME ARTICLE doesn’t actually help to support your oppinion, rigth?

      It makes you look very… well cheap if that is the rigth way of putting it. And since when is Bioware considered evil too?
      I agree to others that their storys are more or less repeating themselves and i will be the first to point out that i always kinda found the characters quite lacking and stiff (for a lack of more approbiate words), even the good ones.
      Well Tali was okay, but that is cause half of her is (look and character) actually hidden and left to your imagination.

  11. wodin says:

    Must admit when I saw that screenshot i did notice the colour of the car matches the fellas unform…thus making me think of a C and C type game.

  12. jimjames says:

    “Can I have some shoes”

    • Ultra Superior says:

      Of course you can, little peasant, because…

      China will grow larger!

  13. Mavvvy says:

    Command and conquer alliances The Musical. Featuring mark hamill as the plucky tiberium crop duster. A point, click and sing adventure like no other.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      on a magical journey to the Tiberium City, to see the Wizard of Nod?

    • Moskau50 says:

      “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your Mammoth tanks, too!”

  14. The Sombrero Kid says:

    I will pretty much guarantee this will not be an RTS.

  15. hello_mr.Trout says:

    hey when Hitman: Subtitle is finally released, everyone will be so surprised!

  16. bleeters says:

    Hmm. A development studio I have a great deal of affection for works on Command and Conquer game using different genre than traditional RTS, to be published be EA.

    I think I’ve been here before. I also don’t remember it going very well for said developers.

  17. Ultra Superior says:

    OH MY

    it actually does look like GENERALS

    So….. freeeeking excited!!

    • Ultra Superior says:

      YES! Exactly. Thank you for the picture :D

      When I noticed the machinegun in the preview picture it all dawned on me – it’s the same salto it always made when it exploded in motion.

      The gunner flying. What an amazing detail to bring back. It gives me hope.

  18. DaFishes says:

    No. Just, no.

    • Commisar says:

      Yep, as an EA published game, it is your duty as a PC gamer to boycott. All right RPS, who here is now going to boycott EVERY SINGLE EA developed or published game from here on out. That means NO PIRACY AND NEVER PLAYING THEM. No exceptions. That means NO BF3, NO ME3, no more DICE or Bioware developed games. EVER If you aren’t willing to do that. Then shut the f*ck up and stop bothering me about your EA-hate. However, if you boycott everything, then by all means, spew out as much hate as you can.”

  19. Otherwise says:

    Romancing The Tanks – for some reason makes me think of a Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex RPG. Mass Effect / Deus Ex / Assassins Creed / Uplink MASH-UP!! Probably a Mass Effect Mod, bah humbug and so forth.
    Or… a sidequest detailing the actionpacked exploits of a US Stringray 2 and an ASV 150 across northern Columbia or thereabouts, looking for the Golden Gyroscope. Somewhere along the way they realise it wasn’t the Gyroscope they were looking for, but each other. Voiced by Kirk Douglas & Kathleen Turner or thereabouts.