Good Grief: Yet Another Indie Bundle

MAKE IT STOP. But in a way that remains beneficial to charity.

Today I feel like the Sisyphus of games blogging. “You believe you have completed your trial of posting about a pay what you want indie games bundle, mortal? You fool. For now you must immediately post about another one! Ahahahahahaha. Yes, there are worse circles of hell to be in, but I trust you’ll agree this one is slightly annoying.”

Oh well, c’est la news-vie, non? LittleBigBunch – due next week – ups the charity factor, as it’s orchestrated by sterling industry philanthropists GamesAid. And it’s got some pretty cracking contents. Frozen Synapse! Explodemon! Serious Sam Double D! Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee! New Star Soccer 5!

As with its many contemporaries, LBB is pay what you want, and you get to state what goes to the devs and what to GamesAid.

It’ll run from December 14 to January 2, and you’ll be wanting to look at this link – not active yet – during that time to snag these lovely bunch of games.

Via Edge.


  1. Eclipse says:

    seems to be down…

  2. Rinox says:

    About New Star Soccer 5…it may be good to know that it is free-to-play for 3 games every 24 hours. And honestly, you don’t really need more than that for a casual distraction once every while, because even though the game is fun it’s not very expansive. You’ll have seen most there is to it in a season or 2.

  3. Neskobar says:

    Hmm.. I own most of those already and have played the free version of New Star Soccer 5 (it limits you to 3 matches a day, if I recall correctly, which actually works out to be quite ideal) since it was released.

    Pretty good bundle though. Maybe I’ll bestow the gift of charity upon myself, by gifting this to someone else. My speech will increase by +15, which would be great becuz im havng problms wthit rght nw.

  4. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    I predict that soon you will be able to get a bunch of indie games just by nodding approvingly at a good deed.

  5. Suva says:

    This is what happens when people write “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” on top of press releases without even realizing what it actually means.

    • wccrawford says:

      Indeed. Announcing this before it even has a working URL was really silly. Trying to drum up support? With a URL that isn’t share-able? -sigh-

    • rayne117 says:

      It’s very shareable. See? It’s right up there.

  6. Lambchops says:

    Pah, there’s nothing new to this. Why I remember buying a bundle containg a hoop and stick, some spinning tops and a fine deck of playing cards from a street urchin back in 1873. I gave a thruppeny bit to the Messers Thatcher and Poddington who had manufactured these fine goods and three bob to aid the plight of those poor deprived folk who shovelled horse muck off the streets. I bet that young whippersnapper pocketed some of the coinage too, bless his soul.

  7. Heliocentric says:

    Scrape that barrel like you mean it lads.

  8. felisc says:

    Maybe in a few years indie games will be given away inside boxes of cereal.

  9. Innovacious says:

    Its certainly a bundle. I would not call it an indie bundle though. Oddworld is not indie.

    And those 3 smaller games that came out before Serious Sam 3 are labeled indie, but i don’t see how. Sure, the developers were indie, but now they are working for a bigger company, using their existing IP.

    Even if they aren’t owned by croteam. Even if croteam left them alone to do whatever the hell they wanted. And even if croteam or devolver digital did not fund them during the development. The fact that they are working with an existing non-indie IP that is already quite popular gives them the edge.

  10. oliwarner says:

    It might be too early to say but it doesn’t sound like it’ll be anywhere near as good as a HIB… Mainly because there’s no mention of cross-platformage. I’d rather just give the money to charity than buy a bunch of games that won’t work.

    If they come with Linux versions, all is good.

  11. ChainsawCharlie says:

    Sure thing leeches, I’ll give you 50p

    • AndrewC says:

      Being dismissive certainly is fun! But i’d like you to write a sentence about why you find this bundle and the people behind it worthless.

  12. Kollega says:

    Alec here speaks the truth. My reaction upon reading the headline was too “Oh my, another one of these?” Seems like either people are catching up on the success of the Humble Indie Bundle (that’s not so humble anymore), or everyone decided to do this kind of thing because it’s Christmas Eve and a time to give to charity.

    • Novack says:

      I disagree with you, and of course with Alec, whose absurdly writed announcement of a good thing, diminishes it.

      When the Indie Game Bundle came out, in this very site, the guys sent to the universe very good questions about what it meant for the industry.

      Well… This is what it means! Good news! VERY Good news! more and more people is finding that the model can be reproduced and that there can be a bussiness model working for everyone that is able to make a good game and doesnt want to sell his soul.

      Please stop behaving as snobs, and start cheering this winds of change.


  13. says:

    And so continues my increasing apathy toward indie bundles. There are simply too many now!

    • Devan says:

      Really? You realize you don’t need to buy them all right? What possible disadvantage could there be to having more games available as pay-what-you-want? There’s simply more selection, more availability, and more business to be made for games that aren’t chart-toppers.
      That sounds like all good news to me. I say bring ’em on!

    • ancienttoaster says:

      @Devan: The disadvantage of LIMITED-TIME ONLY, gimmick-laden sales is quite simple: My time is limited. Understanding the components of each bundle, and the complex pricing going into it (e.g., Humble’s “beat average and get more games, unless you bought early”) is already growing difficult. Add in the fact that each of these runs for only a short time, and my limited attention span flits elsewhere.

  14. wodin says:

    Is that Ian Livingstone the same Ian Livingstone that used to write the Fighting Fantasy books?

  15. Jumwa says:

    I don’t know how having more options is a problem.

    I’ll probably nab this one up, as I’ve been wanting Explodemon anyhow. Just haven’t bothered yet because it’s been full price and I’ve too many games to play already, so it could wait for a sale.

  16. Flint says:

    Double D seemed like stupid fun enough to have entered in my “could play someday” list, might as well snag it from this (and get some other stuff on the side).

  17. Grimm says:

    There is also another bundle – Indie Game Dev Bundle – from 3D Ocean, GraphicRiver, ActiveDen and AudioJungle. You can get a bunch of development resources worth 200 bucks for 50. It ends in 4 days.

    link to

  18. ergfrthfg says:

    Merry Christmas ,Christmas top gift

  19. Lucky Main Street says:

    Whatever man, indie bundles are keeping me full and slothy like leftover turkey. MOAR!

  20. InternetBatman says:

    For those interested there’s also indiegala’s bundle:
    link to

    There are some worthwhile games in there.

  21. thomashanauer says:

    I wish so hard I know Humble Bundle before. Lost some great games like And Yet It Moves, Atom Zombie Smasher, Braid, Cortex Command, Cogs And Cogs, VVVVVV, Hammerfight and Steel Storm: Burning Retribution. :/

    If anyone have a spare key willing to give away..

  22. FataMorganaPseudonym says:

    Even the actual Humble Bundles themselves have seemed like they’re starting to happen practically every other week or so, even without these other knockoff bundles horning in on their shtick. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is getting rather excessive.

  23. Shandrakor says:

    I do regret not snagging Steel Storm when it was on offer. If I remember this when it goes live, I might indeed purchase it.

    EDIT: Oh reply, how I hate thee. Brief synopsis of rant follows:

    More indie bundles are good. I’m a bloke from a business background, and I was buying games back when you had to go talk to a live human in a shop to get them. I don’t consider an indie developer a holy thing. These developers have a product. They need to move product to make more products and, incidentally I’m sure, eat.

    Dev perspective on these bundles:
    A) Are Free Marketing for Their Product
    B) Move Additional Product
    C) May interest people in purchasing additional product, some at full retail.

    Consumer perspective on bundles:
    A) Value
    B) Sale!!!!!
    C) Huh. I haven’t heard of most/some/any of these games, but it’s for a good cause.

    Folks like me who wouldn’t spend 30 (local currency) on a game they may or may not like are perfectly willing to spend 30 (local currency) on a package, particularly considering a bit of it goes to charity. Everybody wins, and if you don’t like the terms (I’m thinking of recent HIB Steel Storm developers) then don’t sign on the bloody dotted line!

  24. Barnaby says:

    If you could post another reminder on or close to the 17th it would be much appreciated.

    Was going to mention the Indie Gala bundle but somebody already did above*. I can’t say I mind the availability of these indie titles. The soccer game and Explodemon look very fun to me.

  25. Dave Mongoose says:

    I’m not terribly keen on all of this band-wagon jump-ery… It’s a lovely idea, but why do we need so many bundlers?

    Having said that, I loved New Star Soccer 3 (probably one of the first indie games I ever bought) so I might take a look :).

  26. Vilijo says:

    Good grief! When is this bundle coming online? Absolutely fell in love with New Star Soccer 5 and now I’m tempted to purchase premium account. Must hold until pay-what-you-want opportunity.

    • siread says:

      You could always purchase a match pack to tide you over until Dec 14th. :D