Brrrrmmmmmmmm: GTR3 Is Now A Thing

Gee, thanks. Way to make your game seem annoying from the start.

From this astonishingly boring website, it seems there is to be a GTR3. Which is a dull way of announcing good news. More details are hard to come by at this point, as SimBin – currently the only name attached – are maintaining “radio silence” on their forum. So we have just this obscure and tiresome site that seems to be loading something for two minutes, and then doesn’t. And nothing more. The developer of the first two GTRs, Blimey! Games, no longer exists. And the company that replaced it, Slightly Mad Studios, is working on Project CARS for 2013, after offering Shift 2 this year. So will this be developed internally at SimBin, without Ian Bell? We’ve no idea, because they’re being so peculiarly opaque.


  1. uzihead says:

    There are no obvious requirements for headphones, but I think they should be used…

    • Felix says:

      Yes, it sounds great. And I guess that progress bar at the top was for the audio file. I am excited, but worried.

  2. DestructibleEnvironments says:

    I dunno if I should be thinking Spider-Man 3 or inception with this post. link to

    EIther way, do PC gamers actually enjoy playing racing games? You know, with a keyboard and everything. Seems quite queer.

    • Felix says:

      I am unsure if you are joking, but I think the kind of PC gamer that would buy this game is also the kind of PC gamer that has a wheel and pedals.

    • Thany says:

      either your ignorant or your sarcasm needs some work D.E.

    • Hogni Gylfason says:

      My Fanatec GT2 and I enjoy quite a lot of racing games, thank you :)

    • salgado18 says:

      I´ve played almost every Need For Speed, Burnout Paradise, Grid, Dirt 2, Gran Turismo 2 on emulator. I’ve beat a Caterhan on a short, windy track by almost drifting a Jaguar XK220 on Test Drive Unlimited using manual clutch. And I never had a controller, let alone a wheel. Just keyboard.

      For all of those, I just despise Shift and Shift 2, because they seem to be very fun, but they are just undrivable with keyboard, unlike all of the other games I just mentioned.

      So, if they’re making this game, let them get keyboard right, because not everyone has the cash to buy a G27.

      Y’know, just saying. :)

    • Thany says:

      not everyone has the money for a G27, but if you have a modern gaming PC them you have the money for a Logi DFGT for ~100$/€

    • grundus says:

      I think I’m two racing sims away from buying a G27. My Driving Force Pro is still good and everything, but I seem to be sprouting driving sims (and games) like nobody’s business. I probably will end up buying this if it’s GTR2 but shinier (it’s pretty difficult to find copies GTR2 now, hence I can’t be arsed) and as mod-friendly as before. I liked Race ’07 and a handful of addons (GTR Evo, the GT Power and Retro packs), I’m currently enjoying GT: Legends… I think a G27 would get a decent workout so it might be worth the price.

      I’m also having daydreams about building a sim rig, knowing my skills it won’t be the nicest looking thing but it’ll have a huge array of buttons and controls… Shit, I’m dribbling again. I want a G27. Oh yeah, christmas is happening, how interesting.

  3. Elmar Bijlsma says:

    I was about to have a rant about how in the entire article the game’s name was never written out in full, merely GTR3, and how a mere mortal could never be expected to know all the abbreviated game titles. Turns out GTR3 is it, the title in full.
    I am sure GTR has meaning to the kind of people who also think Top Gear should be more about cars.

    • Conrad B Hart says:

      I, too, came here to rant about that! And now I feel a little… deflated, somehow.

    • Thants says:

      This is Arma 2 all over again!

    • ExMortis says:

      Gran Turismo… Radio? Grand Theft Radio? Jet Set Radio? Gotham… Tproject… erm.

    • identiti_crisis says:

      GTR has meaning to those who might have had some apparently unfathomable cause to venture to know things about cars, particularly their history, yes.
      Of course, its mention nowadays would probably make most people (to whom the term is recognisable) think of “Gojira”, and its antecedents.

      Anyway, for those still guessing, and actually interested, see here.

  4. Llewyn says:

    I must admit to finding the lineage of these games somewhat confusing, but my understanding is that GTR/GTR2 were built on the ISI engine. Blimey made very good games on top of this, but neither they as a whole nor Ian Bell were responsible for developing the single most important part of a racing sim.

    SMS in turn have built the engine of Shift 2, which in my opinion is the most abominable racing game I’ve ever played. That said, I’ve not yet had time to experiment with CARS – I’m hoping this will be excellent and show that the problems of Shift 2 were imposed on SMS rather than being inherent to their engine.

    I certainly have my doubts about Simbin’s abilities to produce an outstanding game from scratch – their recent expansions haven’t shown great attention to detail – but the real key will be what engine they’re going to be using. If it’s being developed in-house then I’ll be expecting the worst (but hoping to be wrong), but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that they’re licensing a decent engine (ISI’s rFactor2?) from elsewhere.

    • Thany says:

      GTR was first a free mod done by sweeds from Sim Bin for EA’s/ISI’s F1 2002 and later ported to F1 Championships 99-2002. Becuse of the popularity, they got funds and their own licence to ISI’s engine and built GTR1. Afaik the brits from SMS or then Blimey! were not envolved until GT legends and GTR2.

      SimBin allready have a next gen engine but for some reason they still havent put it on PC, its called lizzard and you can see it on Xbox360 Race Pro game. It will probably be used on the GTR3.

      I too have doubts about SMS and SimBin, Shift 2 was an apalling sim, it simulated the feeld of the speed and drive well but not actual behavior of the cars, and SimBin is just pumping out addons no one wants to drive.

    • Llewyn says:

      I’d always wondered what was the base for Race Pro, mostly so I could avoid having anything to do with it in future. Suddenly my optimism for GTR3 has cooled a lot.

    • Jason Moyer says:

      I’m not sure who works where nowadays, but Ian Bell (no relation to the Elite developer) was the head of the Simbin mod group who made the GTR mod for F1 2002 and the standalone GTR game (based on the F1 Challenge era gMotor engine). He subsequently left Simbin (with, among others, Doug Arnao who was responsible for much if not all of Simbin’s physics development) to form Blimey! who made GTR2/GT Legends/BMW Challenge using the same engine, and then Blimey! basically died and became Slightly Mad Studios who used yet another reworking of that engine as the basis for Shift and Shift 2. I have no idea if any of that old ISI gMotor code is still in CARS, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were. In the meantime as Ian and some of the other original Simbin guys were splitting off, the people who stayed with Simbin developed Race and Race07 plus the multitude of expandalones and expansions for the latter. Presumably GTR3 is being made by the current Simbin guys since the teaser links to their online racing service (Raceroom).

  5. OrangyTang says:

    I thought we already cleared up the fact that the Ian Bell at Blimy/Slightly Mad isn’t *the* Ian Bell of Elite fame?

  6. SiHy_ says:

    It never sounds like that when I play racing game. It goes more like *VroOOM SCREECH vroom VROOM scrEEECH CRUNCH CRASH KAPOW* Then *boing* as the ejector seat goes off.

  7. Megadyptes says:

    Gods I hate it when people say ‘a thing’ in this way. It’s retarded.

  8. adonf says:

    Gotham Theft Racing 3 ?

    • satsui says:

      I have no clue. I tried googling and everything says GTR. So, someone please explain what GTR stands for.

  9. sidhellfire says:

    I’m always fond of driving games in which you do not take control of other people minds. It’s nice to know that these gets developed these harsh times.

  10. youthful cynic says:

    I don’t know if I’m more excited for the game or more excited to see what the amazing mod community from gtr1/2 does with this.

  11. SimRacerX says:

    The site, slideshow, and sound sample loaded instantly for me, and it was outright amazing!