Look, It’s Time To Confront Confrontation

You might recollect from a few months back that Cyanide announced they were making a videogame version of the tabletop combat system Confrontation. There’s apparently been a bit of progress in that area, because Cyanide have released a teaser trailer (via Blue), which you can see below. It seems to feature a lot of heavily out of breath characters. Regarding the game itself Cyanide explain: “With a core focus on strategy, Confrontation challenges players to lead a squad of elite soldiers, helping them evolve into a unit that is equal parts brain and brawn. Recruit, develop and equip your squadron and the powerful allies that fight by your side; establish new strategies to destroy your enemies!” No word on a release date, but I’d go for “2012ish”. Seems like a fair bet.


  1. Ravenshaw says:

    You’d think with their history with Games Workshop and the problems they’d had with Chaos League/Blood Bowl, they’d be a bit hesitant about releasing a tabletop strategy game set in a grimdark future called Confrontation, as this was the original name for what eventually became Necromunda, a tabletop strategy game set in a grimdark future….

    • Gnoupi says:

      But there wouldn’t be a confrontation then, would there?

    • Okami says:

      It’s mor grimdark steampunk/fantasy. Also Confrontation is the name of a french squad level fantasy tabletop game (some of the artists working for them have worked for GW in the past, hence the similarity in some of the design – ie the orcs look like the old rogue trader 40K Orcs with their long snouts) which has been around for over ten years now. So if the original tabletop developers haven’t been sued by GW, Cyanide should be safe from their lawyers as well.

    • TomxJ says:

      Its gonna be no problem, Confrontation was originally Rackhams IP, really beautiful art style and miniatures… rules played like bum though. They’re slowly releasing the line after the companies collaspe a few years ago. – link to coolminiornot.com

    • Tasogare_A says:

      “really beautiful art style and miniatures” – i agree, beautiful miniatures very colorful.
      If somthing “looks awfully Blizzard” now you know wherefrom Blizzard took it.
      There’s only one big problem, the trailer is terrible.
      Just compare to this link to youtube.com

  2. Tatourmi says:

    No alt text? Come on RPS, there are plenty of silly jokes to be made there!

  3. Vexing Vision says:

    You’d have thought that based on the amount of people NOT playing Bloodbowl with their new fancy real-time mode, they’d have learned to ditch real time by now.

    If it has a turn-based mode, it’s on my list. Full price. Despite Cyanide’s background.

    • Screwie says:

      Yes, a faithful turn-based version of this strategy game would make this a must-buy for me.

      Both the Confrontation lore and line of miniatures are quite interesting, too.

    • JiminyJickers says:

      No, unfortunately it is a real-time game that is based on the universe of the tabletop but not the rules.

      On the official website’s forum an Administrator said “Its more like a tactical RTS using an active pause with some RPG elements.” link to confrontation-thegame.com

    • Screwie says:

      Well bum, then.

      Also it sounds like the game only has four of the armies in it :(

    • Vexing Vision says:

      Why can’t they adapt the Bloodbowl system? Keep a real-time mode for the crazies who want to ruin their table-top experience, but add turn-based mechanic more or less faithful (Cyanide-style, after all) to the core rules?


  4. danimalkingdom says:

    Is that ‘supposed look like regular breathing but actually look unfit” animation going to be a cliche that journalists will point out and wonder at in future times? I’ll admit I’m not familiar with confrontation but the character design looks awfully Blizzard.

    • Chandos says:

      I long for the day combat animations won’t look like a break dancer and a ballerina doing a dance-off while handcuffed to each other.

  5. Ian says:

    I’m going to predict that the rules for the game will be recreated 100% accurately, and that there will be nothing that confuses people because at some point Cyanide got bored of testing/fixing.

  6. FCA says:

    The camerawork makes my motion sick. How hard is it to find a cameraman with a steady hand in the virtual world?

  7. jon_hill987 says:

    This reminds me, I really need to play more Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition…

  8. Gothnak says:

    That graphical style is soo much like Etherlords 1 & 2… i wish someone would make Etherlords 3, i think the previous two are the only games that i have finished every campaign multiple times.. :s… Hell, i even feel like playing them again…

  9. sneetch says:

    Sounds good, I like the idea of being able to build up a squad of ninja orcs on their quest for the fabled Asthma Inhaler that will prevent Ragnarok or whatever the plot line is.

    What I really want is Mordheim though. If only Relic made a Mordheim game similar to DOW Retribution.

    link to games-workshop.com

  10. Tuco says:

    Cyanide is so busy with shovelware these days…

  11. FRIENDLYUNIT says:

    Yes those idle animations made me feel a bit seasick.