A Switch In Time Saves Line: Swift*Stitch

Aha! Sensible Sophie Houlden, of Sarah’s Run, BoxGame and The Linear RPG fame, has sensibly done the sensible thing for her new, vector-y maze navigation game Swift*Stitch and sensibly released a free demo. It runs in a browser, and you should absolutely play it – it’s (very) loosely in the vein of Snake, but all controlled with two mouse buttons. One makes your right-angular character immediately move downwards, the other temporarily slows it down so you’ve got time to move downwards before you smash into a wall. And then it builds quick-thinking puzzle-complexity from there thanks to gradual additions to the environment.

It’s very clever, a little bit fiendish, I’m really quite fond of it and you can buy the full thing for $7 if the demo rings your bell. There’s also a video below if you can’t/won’t run the Unity plugin for the demo.

The full thinger has 42 levels and 7 speed settings, so there’s an awful lot done with the minimalist concept. More details and buy-links over here.



  1. Galaxy613 says:

    So glad RPS is running a story on this! It’s such a great game. :D

  2. Nova says:

    The circle gates are really a bit fiendish.

  3. Museli says:

    I might have to give this a go. As a filthy smoker, I’m always interested in a game that can be played with one hand, so the other can continue to wound my future self.

  4. roguewombat says:

    Slowing down time. It’s hard to remember a single press will do… and then I always let go of my freaking left mouse button. Ahh, delightful agony.

  5. MattM says:

    I don’t think I like the ability to set the speed, it seems like cheating if I have it on less than 7 but at that speed the game is maddening.

  6. Hulk Handsome says:

    This game is really, really good. I don’t remember the last time a game made me mutter “for fucks sake” while a huge grin is on my face so much. It’s incredibly clever with how it tricks you into making simple mistakes. The game is like a constant stream of “fake-outs”, except they’re all fair and your own fault. It’s just that the game mechanics make it incredibly easy to make simple mistakes, and the level design capitalises on those simple mistakes. It’s for this reason that it becomes really satisfying when you finish a level perfectly.

    I can just imagine the creator watching me play, with a big grin emerging on their face whenever I screw up.

    I also love the soundtrack. I like how it sounds like it’s trying to seduce me when I slow down time.

    Works every time.

    Oh, and I agree about changing the speed feeling like cheating and the like… is there an achievement for finishing every level on certain speeds? I feel that would help balance it out.

  7. BAshment says:

    Vib Ribbon

  8. li says:

    There are bumps of lag for me, which inevitably produces a wall crash. But that might be due to my firefox consuming 1.8GB, that’s a bit a lot no?

  9. Brumisator says:


    …but I can’T buy it, it won’t let me, it just gives me a generic error :'(

    • SophieH says:

      Sorry I’ve no idea what’s causing that, but if you really want the full game it’s available on indievania also :)

  10. Josh W says:

    Cor, the way this game restarts is brutal, no chance to get your breath back at all.