Shooter Nexuiz Being Remade, Published

It sure looks pretty.

Edit: The video is below now.

Perhaps not the most catchy of names, Nexuiz has just been announced as receiving a publishing deal from THQ Partners and Machinima. And thus into the public gaze it heads. IllFonic’s CryEngine 3 game is an FPS “reimagining” of the game’s previous incarnation when released by Alien Trap in 2005. Then it was intended to be a GPL shooter, free to play, and free software, available on PC, Mac and Linux. Original designer, Forest Hale, has moved over to IllFonic for the project, currently suggested to cost $10 on release, which we can probably assume won’t be equally as Free with Crytek’s code underneath. And it’s a properly mind-bending concept.

Using something called Dynamic Mutators, which allow the up-to-eight players to muck around with an arena’s physics. What they are, I’m not yet aware, and I confess to not having played the original.

IllFonic seem a strange bunch, currently also making (the troubling looking) Ghetto Golf, and describing their games section as “Upcoming Shit”. Which doesn’t perhaps convey quite the image one might want from a developer.

The game should be out on Steam early next year.


  1. Cerzi says:

    I have the faintest of memories of playing this game. It was a poor man’s Q3A? Not entirely sure how well such a fast paced FPS will work on a console though…

  2. Inigo says:

    What are the Meccaryns doing there?

  3. Squishpoke says:

    Nexius is a pretty decent stand-alone game, directly inspired by UT2004, I believe.

    I played it at a LAN. Personally, I like Q3 and the UT games better, but hell, Nexiuz is free and still loads of fun. Perfect for LANs.

    • tremulant says:

      Possibly one of the most remarkable things about the original Nexuiz, now Forked into Xonotic, is the engine, it’s astonishing to think that darkplaces is a continuation of the original Quake engine source release. Nostalgia and looks(for a proper open source game) aside, I’ve never really found anything in the gameplay to hold my interest, it’s just another bland shooter, it’ll be interesting to see if they manage to produce anything worthwhile from the remake.

  4. brulleks says:

    When’s it coming out? Nexuizndesday?

    They really need to change the name. Really, really badly.

  5. primatewithagun says:

    Illfonic are assholes. The community that made Nexuiz are remaking it under the name Xonotic.
    link to

    “What prompted the split from Nexuiz?
    Lee Vermeulen, the Nexuiz project founder, decided to license the Nexuiz code (with LordHavoc licensing the Darkplaces engine) to a new game development company named Illfonic so that they could develop a closed-source version for the PS3. As part of this deal, IllFonic acquired the rights to use the name Nexuiz along with the domain, and are under no obligation to contribute code back to the open-source Nexuiz project (and have stated that they have no intention of doing so).
    When this was announced, the response from the Nexuiz community was overwhelming negative, even among the development team and main contributors. Vermeulen had not actively participated in the project for several years and all development had been done by the community. Most members have expressed a sense of betrayal and cited the project as an example of mushroom management. Vermeulen essentially cashed in on the hard work of others and sold the code, name and reputation that they had built up over years without him.”
    link to

    • Squishpoke says:

      Hm, I was wondering why Nexuiz wasn’t going open-source any more.

      TBH I don’t think I really care. I’ll check out Xonotic most likely, and if this new Nexiuz thing is decent and cheap I might get it, too.

      So far this new Nexius upgrade appears to be a graphics update with the Unreal Tournament 3 engine.

      It does sadden me that developer teams can turn against each other like that, though.

    • Whallaah says:

      As I am closely connected to the development of multiple open source community games, this is incredibly important. If you want to play a fast and rage pumping FPS, play xonotic. It has much more to go for then Nexuiz. You will get the same game, but save your self 10$ and have a more kind and hopeful community behind it.

  6. Tei says:

    Nexuiz has ben in the making since 2002, perhaps 2001. But the opensource community is not a exciting bed for comercial games. Look at the excellent Tremulous, is a mistery why the popular gloom clone is natural selection and not trem. And look at openquake, wen was the last time rps talked about cheapalert creation?
    Perhaps indie games work better on the popularity side than open source. Is a better “form factor” for games. Nexuiz was alientrap attemp to have a indie game with open source, the game may be a succes but the comunication problems around the title are a warning agains doing things the same way.

    I thing pure commercial games, that present thenselves as indie games can have more public succes than open source games, with development based on the open source style of glass houses. The glass houses are transparent but invisible for everyone not on the mail list or the forum. I think open source games fail at capturing the atention of the big public.

    • NothingFunny says:

      Maybe because the quality is lacking? Average HL2 mods are better made than top of the open source games and why is that I dont know.

    • Megagun says:

      @NothingFunny: This is primarily because the tools used in developing many open-source games aren’t friendly for artists. There is little to no documentation, things are rough around the engines, and you’ll often find that you need some programming knowledge to create a lot of things (or to see them integrated in a game).

      This is probably part of why open-source games often lack the attention of good artists. There are a few out there that have quite neat art and look and play quite great, but aren’t completely open-source as the art is licensed under a different license than the code (see Frogatto).

      Open-source titles are also way less likely to infringe on copyrights in their content. There are a few open-source titles that infringe on copyrights (Tremulous, for one, but I hear they’re finally trying to get that sorted out), but most of them don’t and enforce people to create their own stuff from scratch or acquire the proper licenses. HL2 mods can use assets from the base games, so they already have professional content to work with. Still, some HL2 mods contain assets which infringe on copyrights (see Neotokyo).

  7. CruelNoise says:

    I was going to give this game some respect because I thought it was going to use LordHavoc’s engine, but now it’s Cryengine?

  8. yhancik says:

    Of course they had to give a backstory to what is basically a deathmatch game. Of course they go for that televised gladiator game in the future trope.

  9. Jambe says:

    A spectacle known as… the Unreal Tournament.

    But seriously, this interests me. I want a UT4 that had more in common with UT/2k4 than with UT3, and this thing looks like it might lean that way.

  10. Davie says:

    Eh. All I remember of Nexuiz is that if I stood still for more than three seconds I would start taking damage and “NO CAMPING!” would flash across the screen, and my thirteen-year-old self could not figure out how to turn that particular feature off. I’ll probably give this a miss due to bitter reverse-nostalgia.