Alice Doesn’t Live Here: BigHead Bash

Why is he shooting a ghostly copy of his own face?

There’s probably some irony in the latest title from a man whose name appeared in big huge letters on the front of so many game boxes involving the word ‘BigHead’, but I’ll be damned if I can tell what it is.

BigHead BASH is the latest move from American McGee and his Spicy Horse studio, and it’s a forthcoming social network game. I don’t know whether this means Alice: Madness Returns wasn’t the hoped-for success or just that McGee fancies a go at the Facebook goldrush before it dries up, but I do know that it’s a side-scrolling 3D shooter with tons of shooty-jumpy activity.

It’s about guys with big heads and they bash each other, see? Looks fairly attractive – and proper-actiony, with multiplayer and everything – for a social network game, though I fear there isn’t much trace of the strange, inventive art of Alice in there. Though admittedly the large-mouthed faces smeared across those big heads are pretty freaky in close-up.

There will, of course, be ‘premium content’ (HINT: that means ‘paid content’) and you are, of course, asked to Like (HINT: that means ‘signing up for marketing’) the game’s Facebook page for updates and better odds of getting on the beta.

Due in February, this one.


  1. Hoaxfish says:

    MeltedPlasticBottleHead Bash

  2. Gary W says:

    This is prejudiced against people with big heads. It must be banned immediately.

  3. smoke.tetsu says:

    They said they wanted to return to casual games (or social networking ones) after Alice Madness Returns as they feel they are more suited to doing that and that’s where they see their future. It had nothing to do with the success or lack of it of Alice Madness Returns. Just that they don’t like doing AAA games very much.

  4. luphisto says:

    that music is really addictive.

  5. Unaco says:

    “Contains content that will provide extreme fun and is likely to cause addictive behaviour”

    Not just normal fun… but ‘extreme’ fun? Wow, it’s not even midday, but I think I need to have a lie down after just reading that. And it’s addictive? Or likely to be? That probably isn’t a good selling point… like cigarettes, addictive so probably best not to start. Unless they have to put that warning there, for ‘Elf & Safety or whatever, I dunno if they should use the chance or likelihood of addiction as a reason to play.

  6. brulleks says:

    Please put the words ‘Social Network’ in big letters at the beginning of the article in future. That way I can avoid wasting time reading it.

    Although, to be fair, the words ‘American McGee’ should probably have done the trick ; )

  7. Nero says:

    I’d rather fire up Soldat.

  8. Felixader says:

    Cammy? Is that you? What happened?

  9. Matt says:

    Looks like the guy from Crayon Shin-chan.

  10. westyfield says:


  11. fgjfgj says:

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  12. JohnnyMaverik says:

    Looks alright I guess.