Stellar Impact Is Still Worth Exploring

It’s all space, space, space with you today, Internet. In fact I thought I’d add to that with a sort of reminder post to point to excellent multiplayer spaceship duelling game, Stellar Impact, which you can play for free up to a point (the point at which you have to pay to unlock the later character-advancement possibilities of the game.) Annoyingly, the site died the last time I linked to it, but the game is so good that I wanted to make sure you guys had a chance to take another look. This is definitely one game that could do with a few more people playing it.

Shiny new trailer below.


  1. BanzaiAlpha says:

    Oh please, continue on with the news of space sims and other spacious video games. I’ve been looking forward to so much that I forgot about the ones already out.

  2. HermitUK says:

    Is it secretly Space Week again?

  3. Blackcompany says:

    Tell me this cannot possibly be as much fun to play as it looks. I ask this because I already have a growing backlog of games not yet played, and more games with DLC not yet explored or even purchased. Too. Many. Options.
    On the other hand it does look immensely fun. I will check this out this weekend, since its cold and damp and miserable here all winter. Thanks for posting about this game.

  4. caddyB says:


  5. neonordnance says:

    Anyone know the artist on the trailer music? That’s some wicked dark DnB.

  6. Chaosgabe says:

    “Stellar Impact Is Still Worth Exploring”

    I just had a go at it, together with some fellow RPS captains. We concluded that we´d rather go play BF3. That might have to do with the fact that we got raped in our base, or that there was veeeeeery little information and feedback from what the hell was happening at all. Besides, this infinite battle thingy just meant that the baserape would continue on forever. So, it looks like more fun than i actually had.

    Back to S.P.A.Z. for my space fix then.

    • FRIENDLYUNIT says:

      Yeah it’s a bit meh, imo.

      (A longer, more coherent, considered and credible version of this post exists in my mind)

  7. jonfitt says:

    Let’s push for an indie space bundle!

  8. 0positivo says:

    This game can be tricky to get into, especially since there’s few people playing it. The full experience is not the infinity war but, given it’s much faster to enter and play, it’s what gets the most attention. I suggest to make some RPS group for some good games along newbies. I could give some info and advices, you might have spotted I was playing against TB in his WTF video, so I’ve got some experience on my back

  9. catmorbid says:

    So it’s like dota in space? Why didn’t anyone say so? Pass.

    • RF says:

      Saying this game is DotA in space is like saying DotA is a tower defence game where you play as a boss monster. It’s reducing it so massively it’s unbelievable.

      This game is more like naval battles in a DotA format IN SPACE. Everything is slow, plodding and you can see your death several miles off when it eventually comes but you can also see how you fucked up. The game is immensely tactical, strategic and perfectly designed (well, not perfectly, but you get the idea) in a variety of ways that DotA is NOT.

  10. RF says:

    By the way, this is based off a free Starcraft 2 map/mod called “Star Battles”.

  11. fhfghf says:

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  12. Ovno says:

    I had a quick go on it one time after the pub and quite liked it but I was a bit too drunk to play really and I haven’t been back since, might have to give it another go sometime…