Epic Inventor Has A Bright Future

Snails, best dealt with using a hammer.
The good gentlemen of DIYGamer were well advised to post a link to Epic Inventor, a free-to-play side scroller with a modicum of similarity to the boundlessly popular Terraria. Inventor, though, is all about – get this – inventions and contraptions, and as such takes on a bent that we could describe as something like side-scrolling strategy. The game is currently a little rough, but it contains plans for you to be able to invent an entire town from the ground up, and gives you a robot to fight for you, and to ride around on. The difficulty curve is also a little off-putting at first, because those beasts just keep coming, and take too long to kill. Nevertheless I expect this to have a bold future. It’s free right now, so there’s certain no cost (other than the precious moments of your life you’ll spend with it) to having a look.


  1. MrWednesday says:

    This game’s name makes me want to choke the creator

  2. Kuschelwampe says:

    I picked this up immediately after reading about on DIYGamer. Spent some hours with it since then. It’s kinda annoying that those monsters keep spawning on and on and even destroy your forge and workbench while you’re not at home. But…it’s also great fun. It’s innovative and adds a unique gameplay style to the genre. I’ll keep on playing this alongside Terraria. Definitely will throw some cash in, although it’s free. There’s a lot of work to do, but it’s very promising yet and absolutely worth your time and money. Go get it!

  3. Tuggy Tug says:

    ..but you have to download/install Desura…

    • DerRidda says:

      Which shouldn’t be much of a problem if you have bought some of the Humble Bundles you probably got some keys left to redeem and make your Desura account worth it. There is a lot of Alpha Funding going on for indies and on Windows it ties in neatly with ModDB and you can use it to install mods for your favourite games. And since Desura doesn’t add any DRM you SHOULD be able to just download Epic Inventor through it and not even run Desura to start it up.

      ^Didn’t get payed for this.

    • CMaster says:

      ACtually you don’t. For the price of giving them your email address, you can download a simple .exe

    • Slushy_ says:

      oops didnt see duplicate comment

    • Tuggy Tug says:

      Thanks for the correction! I’ll go hunting for it now…

      EDIT: OK – much easier than initially thought. The Epic Inventor website gave off the impression of a blog/game review site, so I clicked on the Play Now button down the bottom rather than go to the Download section.

      Downloading now. Thanks again.

  4. Nomis says:

    Sounds interesting. I mean, it sounds ‘Epic’.


    • lasikbear says:

      The amount of disdain I have for that word and the general culture of people who use it is surprising.

  5. Eynonz says:

    I won’t download it for now because I have so many indie games to play. But I will keep an interest in how it develops.

  6. MrWednesday says:

    This is seriously one of the worst things i have ever subjected myself to.

  7. Slushy_ says:

    Hey Ive been following this game since the start and Im so pleased to see it featured on RPS. I actually tweeted to DIYGamer to do an article on it. Definitely check this game out and give the developers feedback on the forums . They are really awesome friendly guys who are open to suggestion and craving more player feedback. Its a friendly community i recommend you go join at http://www.epicinventor.com.

  8. Cinnamon says:

    I feel like they still need to add the the fun in. Things like holding down E to harvest and watching a timer count slowly down wondering if a slow moving monster will reach you before it finishes being nowhere near as much fun as Diablo clicking blocks like a maniac and smashing them. And when you fire a rock from your catapult it flies straight ahead steadily in a way that Sir Isaac of Newton would find most displeasing.

    • Chaz says:

      If Sir Isaac would find the catapult displeasing, then I think he’s going to be pretty upset by the giant snails.

  9. digitalfoundry says:

    I should make a game about Clifford Blezinkski. I would call it “Epic Douchebag”.

  10. Voon says:

    I thought it was about Cliffy-fucking-B the first time I saw that title before the pic!

  11. Warren says:

    Au contraire!

    Ze snail is best handled by a small small fork. And butter with garlic.