NFSW: Choose Your Own Adventure Trailer

German cars are quite good.
UPDATE: Gamespot has a story about the new $100 cars in Need For Speed World: “…the Koenigsegg CCX “Elite” Edition, the first “premium elite” car to hit Need for Speed World, is now available in the in-game store for $100. For those who feel that’s a bit pricey, it is currently on sale for $75 through December 21.”

NFSW! I just noticed what that abbreviation looks like. Need For Speed World. NFSW. Do you see? Anyway, it probably says something about my lack of familiarity with modern web cleverness that I am more impressed with EA having a YouTube video in which you can choose the track and car by click on the video itself (and therefore dictating which trailer you actually get shown) than I am by Need For Speed World itself. You can choose your own trailer below. NFS World isn’t a bad racing game, of course, but it’s still far from being the racing MMO we’re all waiting for, which is a game that might never actually come along. One day, eh?


  1. diebroken says:

    What a shame.

  2. Godsmith says:

    Uhm, do you mean NSFW?

  3. Jim9137 says:

    You set us up for a fall, didn’t you. You evil person, you.

  4. jellydonut says:

    Welp. Downloading this. Why not, it’s free? Surely there’s some way of earning in-game currency to buy new cars.

  5. Stamford says:

    We had a decent racing MMO. It was called Motor City Online. RIP
    And there still hasnt been anything like it since.

    • Ross Angus says:

      I want a mash-up of S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Fuel. Players are either drivers or gunners. In order to get anywhere, you need a bunch of STALKERS manning your vehicle’s turrets. Take too much damage, and your STALKERS need to defend the downed vehicle, until the engineers are done.

      Have it on my desk this time next week, please.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      We all want that. Sadly very few game developers are able to make games you’d want to play.

  6. V. Profane says:

    Is this the same free to play thing I tried ages ago that was total shite?

  7. Wisher says:

    You evil person! Luring people with NSFW wordplay!
    You should be ashamed of yourself and play NFSW as punishment for your sins.

    • InsidiousBoot says:

      I only read NSFW the first three reads, then it occured to me it stands for Need For Speed World.. lol And I won’t bother with the trailer!

    • Wisher says:

      Do it, beach! it has links to parts of the video so it looks kewl for teh newbs! :)
      I like your avatar, btw :P

  8. ZIGS says:

    Yesterday I tried Auto Club Revolution to sate my thirst for a decent massively online racer and, well… don’t bother. The physics are complete bollocks and the rewards for finishing races increase with the number of laps you decide to run. So in order to reap the best benefits you have to endure 20-30 minutes-long races. That’s 20-30 minutes going around the same track, with the same people. Sorry but that isn’t my idea of fun

  9. thegooseking says:

    I’m not sure there is a racing MMO we’re all waiting for. It doesn’t make sense that there is a broad variety of different types of racing game to cater to differing tastes in single-player and multiplayer, but there should be one monolithic target for massively multiplayer. But massively multiplayer hasn’t, historically, worked too well by targeting a small and specific subset of the market, so any racing MMO will inevitably be compromised by trying to be all things to all people.

  10. dontnormally says:

    Why haven’t we gotten Need For Speed Underground 3?
    Everyone loves upgrades.

  11. Nero says:

    Don’t forget to pick up this today!

  12. absolofdoom says:

    Damn, fooled. That’s the only reason I clicked on it, you know.