For God’s Sake: Deity

Not best for screenshots.
If you’ve somehow managed to get out of being obligated to buy gifts today then you might be able to spend some of the time we saved by shopping on the internet playing Deity, a free game from an intrepid band of Digipen students. It’s free! In it you play some kind of magical assassin dude, as you can see in the trailer below. The team say the mechanics of the game are inspired by Diablo and Arkham Asylum, and the acrobatics in the trailer seem to confirm that can of Batmanly dynamism in taking down your enemies. Seriously go take a look at this one!


  1. mechabuddha says:

    Yes, please. This is exactly the sort of game I’ve been wanting to play.

    Also, I couldn’t find any seeds on their magnet link. Anyone else have better luck?

    • Nickless_One says:

      downloaded successfuly via direct download, but yes, very nifty game, me recommend…

  2. speedwaystar says:

    our homes were desecrated, but their armies were invaded. sounds like even stephens to me.

    • proudpheeple says:

      Is that technically a grammatical error? A sort of dangling participle?

    • speedwaystar says:

      i shall have to consult Fowler’s Modern English Usage. an alternative reading might be that our home committed an act of desecration, after which their army invaded.

  3. Nova says:

    Great little game.
    A bit too easy (on normal difficulty), but just chaining ten targets is awesome.

    There’s a lot of potential if they expand on it.

  4. cgf says:

    Definitely great concept and polish. I hope this comes out as an indie-game, more levels and a bit of sound polish would be enough for me.

  5. nuh uh no way says:

    i dunno guys. the trailer’s Start to Crate was about 11 seconds. really, digipen? what are you teaching these kids?

  6. Alextended says:

    Nifty game, pretty impressive they make the engines too now, 3D Digipen projects usually used Source, UDK or similar. I’m not too far but it seems that it would benefit from shorter yet tougher levels that emphasise it as a stealth puzzle game than give you the ability to take out enemies even if you mess up your silent approach.

    • chryan says:

      Try playing it on the hard difficulty. It’s a lot tougher and more challenging.

    • Sefiros21 says:

      Alextended, only Senior year DigiPen games are allowed to use outside engines. Most of the games that get popular from DIgiPen ( Narbacular Drop, Igneous, Nitronic Rush, etc ) are junior projects that use their own, built-from-scratch engines.

  7. mbp says:

    This is an impressive piece of work. Too bad that crappy screenshot doesn’t do it justice though.

  8. Blackcompany says:

    Excellent concept. Excellent implementation. Very much enjoyed this, and would love to see it expanded into a Torchlight-Meets-Arkham city type of hybrid. A top down Stealth dungeon crawler.
    I could imagine this with loot. Items to help you ward off damage, increase healing from back attacks, diminish damage from frontal assaults. Other items to extend the actual length of your chains distance wise. Weapons & the ability to fight on the ground – though never making this quite as effective as a straight up stealth kill. Ranged abilities to douse bright lights.

    Yes, I could see something of a new sub-genre here: Isometric Stealth Crawler. I would pony up.