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The RPS Bargain Bucket: All Vindicated

Are you ready? Things are kind of quiet at the moment, aside from the constant distant humming of bundles bundles bundles. Next week is when everything starts going crazy, and the Christmas sales seasons really kicks off. Word on the street is a 20th of December start for the Steam Christmas sale, but you didn’t hear that from me. Read on for the best download deals around this weekend, and you can rely on to steer you through the upcoming assault on your gaming budget.

Saints Row: The Third – £13.99
Apply coupon “pcgamer20”. Registers on Steam.
You may actually prefer to hold out until the 23rd, when you should be able to get this for roughly the same price (£14.99) via the THQ store, as it will come with all of the DLC that early adopters do not get for free. I’m not sure of the regional availability on this offer, but it should be data smuggle friendly. Here’s wot John thought.

GOG Christmas sale
There’s far too many items on sale here to list, almost everything in the GOG back catalogue has received a 50% discount. Classics like Planescape: Torment, The Fallout series, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, Outcast, The Longest Journey & more at all available for just a couple of quid each. What’s you favourite old game that everyone should check out?

The Blackwell Trilogy: Remastered, Dino D-Day, Eets, GreenTech+ & The Oil Blue – £2.33/€2.78/$3.62 at time of writing.
Disclaimer: I work for Indie Royale/
The latest Indie Royale bundle comprises of the newly remastered Blackwell Trilogy, with new voice acting, audio commentary and other enhancements. Perhistoric/WW2 mash-up FPS Dino D-Day. Cute puzzler Eets, and Weirdo oil station management/sim The Oil Blue.

Bit.Trip.Runner, Cave Story+, Gratuitous Space Battles, Jamestown, NighSky HD, Shank & Super Meat Boy – £3.43/€4.09/$5.34 at time of writing.
Beat the minimum to get all the games, or pay any price to get all but Cave Story+ & Gratuitous Space Battles. All register on Steam, and come with their soundtracks.
Another amazing bundle from the humble lot. Cave Story+ is a relatively new release (Albeit a remake of an earlier freeware game), Super Meat Boy was my favourite game of last year, and the rest are all solid titles too. Like all Humble bundles, these are for PC, Mac and Linux.

Deal of the week
Crysis 2 – £3.75/€4.47/$9.95
Here’s wot Jim thought of this manshooting sequel:

Ultimately, though, this is a moderately magnificent game. (Apart from those moments where it’s a game about being stuck in a room listening to people talk. Why do you do that, developers? Why?) In its campaign mode it is a straightforwardly linear shooter, and fenced in by all the scripting and expectations of that genre, but I can’t help feel that its setting and scope are far more interesting and entertaining than any of the modern military shooters. Sure, it has moments of nonsense and the villain might as well be wearing an “I’m With Evil” tee, but that’s all vindicated. Just the destruction of Manhattan, and Crytek’s vision of that, is worth playing this for. It’s far more inventive and intelligent than I expected, and even though none of the combat was genuinely challenging (at least on normal difficulty) the capacity to leap, slide, vault, mantle, (even lean, in a context-based way) and actually explore little bits of the environment make this entertaining to play with… I recommend it.

It’s totally a must play at that price. I think it’s less ambitious than the first game, where it counts, but still a hell of a ride.

Also of note:
Explodemon, Frozen Synapse, New Star Soccer 5, Munch’s Odyssey, Serious Sam: Double D – Pay what you want.
Magicka – £1.99/€2.49/$2.49

Hit up whenever you fancy a cheap game to play.

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