(Almost) Free Toy: Windosill For A Cent

This man alone is worth a dollar

The gorgeous and utterly charming Windosill, whose gentle and sometimes dream-like interactions play out in what is still some of the best Flashcrafting out there, has just been released on iPad. And why, pray tell, would that be of interest to those of us who choose a mechanical pointing device over the dubious pleasures of poking at things with out fingers? Settle down and I shall explain all. In celebration of the game’s move into the touchy realm, it has been made available at a price of your choosing. You can still play the first part of the game for free but for a limited time the full version can be unlocked, to play online or as a download, for anything from a single cent upwards. There’s a short video below.

That’s the opening. I could show you more but that would take away the pleasure of seeing everything for yourself. Back in the mists of time (April 2009), John said: “There‚Äôs so many other lovely moments to share, but the pleasure is in discovering them for yourself”. See? That’s almost exactly what I just said, which means it’s probably true. Or I just read wot he wrote and paraphrased it. You be the judge.

It only costs $3 normally and is certainly worth that price and it’s also available in the Steam sale, as is almost everything else in the world, for 68 pence. But for the small price of almost nothing at all, even the dourest of gents and womenfolk may find their cockles warmed by this lovely little toy. To buy from the website, just click the rightmost button, an arrow pointing up, at the bottom of the play area. You’ll be taken to the shop screen – set the price you want to pay and checkout through Google or Paypal.

While I’ve got your attention, I would also like to direct you towards Feed The Head, created by the same fellow as wot made Windosill. I hadn’t messed about with it for ages and it just managed to divert me for a few minutes once again.


  1. New Games Review says:

    This game is really fun. One problem with it though was that I could not get past the first level. To play this game you have to be a very patient person. This game is sort of like tetris but a version where you are not timed and don’t die when the blocks get too high.

    • SiHy_ says:

      There’s a second level!?

      EDIT: Ok, so I just watched the video. I feel like a complete idiot for not figuring that solution out!

  2. yandexx says:

    The game is brilliant and totally worth the price, so go get it, what are you doing reading this!

  3. Donncha O Caoimh says:

    Oh look, it’s 66% off on Steam! Looks nice and feedthehead was a fun experience. My 4yro son will love it I think!

  4. SiHy_ says:

    I have just tried Feed The Head for the first time. What a game!
    How can you make a game of Monty Python? This. This is how.

  5. lordcooper says:

    Without fingers? Fuck that.

  6. Buttless Boy says:

    This is like a Terry Gilliam animation for sleepy children. I love it. Glad it’s getting some RPS love too.

  7. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    That head is not actually in Windosill, is it? That picture is totally misleading!

  8. edit says:

    I love this thing so much, highly recommend it to everyone. IIRC I picked it up for a couple of bucks on Steam at some point.

    This is the kind of creativity I would love to see more of in gaming. Strange and interesting things without laboured explanation, gameplay involving freely trying things out without pressure, no threat of imminent death at every step (we get it, can we move on?), oodles of unique character, abstraction. Lovely.