Bangs For Your Bucks: Renegade Ops DLC


There’s more of Avalanche’s Renegade Ops appearing today. The breezy and fun (sez Brendan) top-down action gets bigger with two paid-for DLC offerings. You’ve got the Reinforcement Pack (called the Vehicle Pack in the US, for some reason), and the Coldstrike Campaign, and they’re cheaper on PC than anywhere else.

Coldstrike continues the game’s main story, with a new eponymous enemy, three new chilly levels, and the addition of Golems. That’s £3 on PC (£3.60 on PS3).

And there’s the Reinforcement/Vehicle Pack, which offers two new heroes, Crystal and Blazemo, along with their own sets of abilities and weapons. That costs £1.80 on Steam, again, cheaper than the consoles.

And you can currently get the whole game for just £7.50 in Steam’s sale, so that’s good. Do you know, I think I’m going to give it a play.


  1. kibayasu says:

    They’re also apparently free if you pre-ordered? I’m not entirely sure but I have them and I didn’t buy them. I split a 4-pack pre-order with some friends and they all have both packs as well.

    • snipfer says:

      Same thing here. It seems that preordering gets you both DLCs for free. Just trying them right now!

    • Dyst says:

      You don’t even need to have pre-ordered. Anyone who bought the game before these DLCs came out gets them for free.

    • Film11 says:

      Hmm, I pre-ordered my key on GamersGate and added it to Steam on release and it’s not free for me :-(

  2. Antsy says:

    Yeah, I just tried to buy them and was told I already own them. Merry Christmas! lol

  3. fuggles says:

    Absolutely LOVE Renegade Ops, it is totally fun and I recommend it to anyone who likes driving and/or shooting at things with Gordon Freeman.

    I’m not a huge fan of DLC but this has been on my day 1 radar for a while, and it seems to be at a reasonable price. However, Renegade Ops has been updating today for quite a while… *fingers crossed*

  4. Kdansky says:

    It would be great, but it suffers from consolitis. For example, to play 2P splitscreen, you cannot have one person use the keyboard + mouse, and another use the pad. No, you have to have two pads. Which means this game is more like 60€, with a second pad included that I never need.

    • snipfer says:

      Buy two 9 buck dual shock clones at Deal Extreme and use x360ce to emulate them as XBOX controllers. It works for me.

    • mouton says:

      It does suffer from consolitis, but thankfully most things that matter work. It looks beautiful. It is stable and works well. Steering using mouse+keyboard and “tank controls” is okay-ish, reminds me of GTA1. It does suck sometimes when trying to connect with friends, but usually it works.

      I just wish I could skip the in-game cutscenes. Mama! Papa! Look!

  5. fuggles says:

    New update broke my game. Now won’t load. Unhappy.

  6. MeestaNob says:

    fuggles, verify your games cache and see if that works.

  7. fuggles says:

    Tried that, deleted, reinstalled, updating all graphics drivers dx etc. I have the apparently dreaded ava_main failure which has never been fixed since launch. Curses!

    EDIT – so an hour later I have updated everything I can possibly update – even Java. This has achieved nothing but bring to my attention that my RAM is failing – happy Xmas. However, Renegade ops is updating for something like the 5th time this week. Fingers crossed again…

    EDIT2 – So that update didn’t work, I’ve emailled Sega although that will probably do no good. Restarted Steam (hear that noise, it’s the bottom of a barrel being scraped) and wouldn’t you know it Renegade Ops is updating AGAIN. Something weird is going on. Fingers cramped into perma-crossed position.

    EDIT3 – Yeah, that update still hasn’t fixed it. Gutted. Oh well, thanks for the thought Renegade Ops, hopefully you will work again one day.