Be Brutally Murdered By Max Payne

I'm auditioning for second from the right

Marketing! What can’t/won’t it do? One thing it can and will do is promote a videogame on Twitter with the sweet promise of having your face be transplanted onto an in-game character model. Specifically, a character model in Max Payne 3, which might well mean that the winners will be gunned down by Max on one of his righteous rampages. Let’s just hope it’s suave Max rather than fat Max, eh?

So use the #MaxPayne3 hashtag and follow @rockstargames on Twitter, and Rockstar will pick a few lucky amateur marketeers to be “considered” for the role of eight multiplayer avatars in the shooty slo-mo deathathon. 10 people will be chosen every week until Jan 13, but they’ll then have to send their photos to Rockstar to be scrutinised/mocked/leched over, so it’s not entirely democratic. If you don’t look suitably gang-y, I’m not sure I fancy your chances.

Full details here.


  1. Brumisator says:

    I hope Sam Lake wins.

    That way Max Payne will have come full circle, with the new max shooting the old max.

  2. ReV_VAdAUL says:

    I wouldn’t enter anyway but I can’t imagine my pasty white and utterly un-menacing nerd face would stand much of a chance to be selected to be a Brazilian gangster or a hard bitten corporate mercenary. I have to assume that is the case for the vast majority of Max Payne fans.

    Oh well, still looking forward to the game even if I am a bit worried what it’ll be like story wise without Remedy.

  3. Drake Sigar says:

    I’ll send in a picture of Mr Blobby and see what happens.

    • ReV_VAdAUL says:

      I held her tightly in my arms, my grip slowly slacking as the heat drained from her body. I didn’t feel sorrow, I didn’t feel anything, he’d taken even that by taking her from me.

      The world got darker, a shadow slid across me. I looked up and stared into those cold soulless eyes of his. He was grinning, a bloody crescent moon cut into his face, rictus and unmoving, as inhuman as the rest of him.

      He cast other shadows behind him, gripping their guns tightly, ready for action, ready to kill a man who was already dead.

      Blobby blobby blob blob?

      I felt myself smiling, there were two dead men in this room, one of them just didn’t know it yet.

      I was going to leave blobs of his blood all over the walls.

  4. sinister agent says:

    That’s a pretty clever idea. I normally whine when companies get the public to save them from having to pay artists etc. but I can’t see this doing any harm.

    It would be a bit surreal to see yourself in game though. Let’s hope none of the crimms are notorious sex offenders or anything. Talk about awkward.

  5. Laak says:

    Easy enough, just to choose a picture of your boss/professor that you would enjoy killing over and over again

    • identiti_crisis says:

      Even better, given this will be on PC, you could probably switch your foes’ faces at will, depending on who it is that should be receiving your wrath that particular day. :P

      Better still, fill out the entire cast of baddies with people you know and love; purely as a joke, of course.

  6. Xaromir says:

    I WANT TO BE A LADYBOY. :D “Joking”… aside: Do i interpret that right that those will be exclusive MP models for twatter followers? I don’t see though, why Max Payne needs an MP mode, it’s strong side was telling a story, i rather have more of that then a mediocre MP to be honest.

  7. capeutaine says:

    Am I the only oe to notice that from the 8 bodies, there is only one female, and this female is sporting nothing but a bra, and what could be tiny shorts.

    Sexism in videogames, again ?

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      Actually, I think the second from the left is also female.
      I might be wrong though – I find it difficult to tell the difference without clear markers like ginormous boobs and tiny bikinis.

    • Xaromir says:

      Are you actually personally offended or just for someone you never knew? Please make a point or leave it. If less people would see evil intend in otherwise beautiful things this would be a better place to live for everyone.

    • sinister agent says:

      That ought to prove entertaining when absolutely no women whatsoever enter the competition. Garyetta uses Uzi!

  8. Dhatz says:

    This could happen: link to