Headline With A ?: Company of Heroes Sequel?

'that's what we do to rumour-reporters'

Could it really be that Relic are at last working on some manner of follow-up to their very well-received and very well-realised World War II RTS Company of Heroes? It could, claims PC Gamer’s print edition, claims Kotaku, claims VG247. I cannot verify this, but on this slowest of slow news days I shall report it nonetheless. There are no details because this is mere rumour, but though PCG are in the habit of eating live babies they aren’t generally in the habit of being scurrilous, so let’s hope they’re on the money here.

For my part: I reckon Relic’d be mad not to do a new COH. With the traditional RTS industry so very quiet at the moment – StarCraft II seems to have scared everyone off – there’s surely a huge appetite for a meaty, glossy strategy game like this, especially one that’s free from sci-fi blither.

Terrible, terrible fear: what if they decide to do a Call of Duty/Call of Juarez and make it modern day? COH singlehandedly defeated my WW2 videogame ennui, so I’d hate to see it abandon that setting now.

(And I know, I know, why won’t they just make Homeworld 3?)


  1. CMaster says:

    CoH is obviously not a realistic depiction of WWII – but it’s a convincing(ish) take on it. Modern warfare however is so completely dominated by fire support (as shown by WiC), I’m not sure it would make such a nice game.

    THQ/Relic (I forget which) had been teasing the announcement of something “to please CoH fans” at Gamescon this year, but they then dropped that.
    I’m not sure that it isn’t time for Relic to do something new. Homeworld and CoH were fantastic. DoW 2 was an interesting experiment. But I don’t think I want any more of any of those, especially after seeing what happened with Homeworld 2.

    • Rich says:

      “…especially after seeing what happened with Homeworld 3”
      Did I miss something?

    • FriendlyFire says:

      CoH set out to do Saving Private Ryan, the Videogame, and did it spendidly.

      Reality isn’t always the best basis for a game.

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      Did someone say something about Homeworld 3? :O

    • CMaster says:

      Oops typo. I was meant to be whining about HW2 not being a patch on HW.

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      Oh… :(

    • Dreamhacker says:

      What we need is some kind of future warfare CoH without indirect fire support…

    • space_ghost says:

      “CoH set out to do Saving Private Ryan, the Videogame, and did it spendidly.”

      Haha so true, except while playing the airborne part. That’s totally Band Of Brothers.

    • drChengele says:

      Also Opposing Fronts british campaign was A Bridge Too Far in videogame form.

      And that’s awesome.

  2. Jimbo says:

    I’d love to see Company of Heroes try a different setting. Modern would be ok if they keep the focus mainly on infantry business. Napoleonic could be fun.

    • Zoomon says:

      Napoleonic would only work if it was based around smaller scale skirmishes and not the grand battles of the period.

      I think the best think that Relic could do would be Pacific Front, greater focus on infantry (which were the strong point and fun point of COH) and less focus on armour, which had pretty poor pathfinding and was frustrating.

      Edit: Perhaps Vietnam could work as well for the same reasons above.

    • f4Ri says:

      In which ever setting they choose to put it, it will still be ahead of all competing RTS. Modern war would be nice though. Too bad shitty rts wannabes like SC get all the glory though :/

    • DrSlek says:

      I personally prefer Men of War more.

      I’d like to see The Great War or the Korean War as a setting in a CoH or MoW sequel. 2 wars that are largely ignored by the gaming community.

    • Dreamhacker says:

      CoH with a C&C Generals setting would be interesting. Modern, but batshit crazy.

  3. Trithne says:

    I can’t imagine Homeworld 3 would actually be good. The writers just aren’t there, and it’d probably end up with you micromanaging 5 frigates.

    COH2 could be neat, even if it were modern day. The COH formula with modern-day combat would be interesting.

    • FriendlyFire says:

      They went from DoW/CoH’s medium-scale RTS, to DoW2’s near-RPG style, to Space Marine’s shooter focus.

      Perhaps now they can stop downsizing their focus. I’ve heard rumors that the inevitable DoW3 would go the other way and make large-scale WH40k engagements. That would be most awesome. What would be even better would be an Empire at War lookalike, but with GW’s stuff. Combine a large scale DoW2 with HW2-esque Battlefleet Gothic and you’d have a winner.

    • Sassenach says:

      In the quest for more polygons per model, there can be no scaling up of battle sizes.

    • FriendlyFire says:

      LODs exist for a reason. High-detail models have nothing to do with scale.

    • drChengele says:

      Yeah the RPG and scale thing completely ruined DoW 2 for me. They should have just taken CoH, reskinned it, coded in mellee and jumpjets, and shipped it as DoW 2.

      As you can probably see I have lost faith in Relic with DoW 2, but I would be extremely glad if they were to prove me wrong.

      If they continue the current line of design into CoH 2 we will be getting a campaign focused around three squads: four riflemen, three rangers and three airborne guys, clicking their way with various abilities through the entirety of Wehrmacht. And then you get to the upper right corner of the map, a Wehrmacht Captain with two thousand hit points comes out, you shoot at him for five minutes, then he finally dies and drops an enchanted Garand with +3% armor penetration. Tales of Valor already had hints of this.

      Everything since CoH and arguably Opposing Fronts was leaning in this direction of RPG, small squads, abilities etc. I simply do not see them carrying along the (subjective opinion WARNING) glorious, revolutionary line of design that was the first Dawn of War and the original Company of Heroes.

      Still holding my breath. No man would ever be so glad to eat his words as I am right now.

  4. jonfitt says:

    Ooh that’s exciting. I do love the gameplay of CoH, the way it handles squads and cover is perfect for WW2. However I don’t know if I could face another take on WW2 Tiger tanks, and Shermans.
    Perhaps an alternate history where WW2 is still going on in 1970?

    • Trithne says:

      Ooh, the cold war! I do so love 1980s Red Dawn scenarios. It was just before war turned robotic.

    • MoeGreen says:

      I like your thinking! CoH gameplay in a Weird War 2 or Red Dawn setting would be very cool, interesting, and DIFFERENT than the exhausted WW2s and Modern scenarios.

  5. Rich says:

    But why won’t they just make Home… oh OK then.

    To be fair Relic would probably do a very good job a of modern/near future RTS. Might tread on the heels of Dawn of War if they went too science-fictiony though.

    There’s plenty of WWII worth exploring that no one ever touches, so there should be plenty of possibilities for interesting strategy. I just hope this time they put a tiny bit more of effort into naming things accurately. Making it seem as if the game is about two companies in the same battalion instead of entirely separate divisions and calling British paras commandos always annoyed me.

  6. Pathetic Phallacy says:

    After Men of War I can never go back!

    • timmyvos says:

      The Blitzkrieg mod kinda makes it a lot like Men of War. In my opinion it’s really good and I can’t bear to play Company of Heroes without it.

    • Jake says:

      Yeah the Blitzkrieg mod is already basically CoH2, amazing stuff.

  7. Heliocentric says:

    Here’s hoping for a different war/theatre of war. I honestly think CoH could handle being wedged into modern conflicts too. Small scale paranoia sounds more men of war I know.

    How about bay of pigs? Or the Falklands?

    • PostieDoc says:

      Falklands would be great but they are more likely to go with an Amercan angle like Vietnam.

  8. Navagon says:

    If there’s a CoH2 then I won’t wait to be drafted I’ll sign up for that right away! I don’t know about the setting. They could diversify into the Nazi conflict with Russia. The north African campaign. That kind of thing. It does need to be different from the first. But they can do that without abandoning WW2 entirely.

  9. mbp says:

    I loved CoH but I don’t think I could stomach a sequel set in the Western European theatre. A Russian campaign would be my preference but I would settle for the Pacific or even North Africa.

  10. Shakermaker says:

    A new Company of Heroes would be great news. I don’t really care about the theatre of operations, as long as Relic keeps the gameplay basically the same.

    • Wyrdtimes says:

      Disagree – the gameplay needs to change imo. It was good but it could have been great.

      I am so sick of tech trees for starters – especially the way they worked in COH. It should have been an awesome multiplayer game – but far too much time and effort was wasted unrealistically teching up.

      Do you remember the Close Combat series? You bought units with points before going into battle? I thought that was so much better – then you can concentrate on squad tactics and overall battle fun. It would also allow for abstractions in lines of supply and attrition etc.

      They should also make the maps so you can zoom further out for a more strategic view.

      Hope the rumours true anyway – will definitely buy.

    • drChengele says:

      Europe in Ruins is THE CoH mod for you. It has exactly what you would want.

      I personally loved the territory control system in CoH. But once you start sniping at its unrealism, where do you stop? CoH is not to scale, rifles and tank guns have a maximum range of like 30-40 meters, there are hit points, and solid concrete bunkers are built in a matter of seconds. CoH is not a realistic game. It never tried to be. And yet it feels more spirited, more alive than any “modern warfare” game to date.

  11. Springy says:

    I definitely think CoH should stay a WWII game for any sequel. The units are varied and they, along with the scale of engagements, fit the conflict perfectly. Any earlier and I don’t think it work with the mechanics of the game (assuming they carried on where the first game left off), and any later we’re down to mainly asymmetrical warfare unless Relic hires Tom Clancy to invent some fake wars for them.

    However, this could be solved if the US isn’t a belligerent in any CoH2. I would totally love to see an RTS set during the Yom Kippur War, but I really don’t think that’s likely. Plus, it may just add up to too much darn sand.

  12. SirKicksalot says:

    Much of the talent that made the original CoH is not at Relic anymore.
    CoH was not a big seller and after the disaster of CoH online I doubt THQ would want an exclusive niche PC game, especially now that the company bleeds money.
    I would buy it, of course…

    • senile peasant says:

      I can just imagine somebody with a console controller attempting to micromanage. :3

    • CMaster says:

      THQ might bleed money, however Relic products consistently make a healthy profit (possibly excepting Space Marine). If they want to be playing it safe, they need to make less Homefronts and more CoHs.

  13. Synesthesia says:

    man, that would be great. What a fantastic, fantastic, rts. I actually cared about individual platoons, specially after they had vetted up, those guys were valuable, the slightly closer than most rts’s POV changed everything for the better. Lets hope this is true and they wont fuck it up.

  14. GenBanks says:

    This would be the best gaming news of the year for me. I absolutely adore CoH.

    That being said, I hope the theoretical sequel sticks to WW2… I would happily pay for a graphically updated version of CoH with a better multiplayer infrastructure/metagame.

  15. skyturnedred says:

    Before eventually turning the franchise into modern warfare, they could stop by in Vietnam.

    • iniudan says:

      I admit could be nice, especially odd that one of the few game that did Vietnam did it has a simple hook before heading to Cthulhu mythos. =p

  16. Bhazor says:

    Why not Impossible Creatures 2?

  17. neonordnance says:

    PLEASE GOD YES! Men of War: Assault Squad was good, but it didn’t quite scratch that CoH itch. Still waiting on the Ostheer to make their appearance in Eastern Front, and the 1918 and Modern Combat mods look quite nice, but other than that I desperately wish for a new CoH.

    CoHO could’ve been so incredible… here’s hoping they include some of its better features in CoH2.

  18. Real Horrorshow says:

    CoH = best RTS ever.

    Starcraft can suck on my frozen turds.

    • rocketman71 says:

      This. They could put a 2 in the original CoH, ship it today, and it would still be a better game than SC2.

  19. exurban says:

    I would love to see the next CoH be the eastern front, followed up by something like a “forgotten conflicts” thing jumping around from like the China-Burma-India theater, the invasion of Italy, fighting as the Free French and maybe the Winter War & Continuation War

  20. The Sombrero Kid says:

    I’ll buy anything Relic do, CoH is probably the greatest RTS ever made.

  21. The13thRonin says:

    This is great news however…

    To all those suggesting a change of setting shame on you. I for one am sick of the overused and over-hyped modern warfare setting. All of the games that do modern warfare settings don’t even do them realistically, they do some kind of weird pseudo-realistic crap where everyone’s a super soldier and something is exploding every two seconds. Real modern warfare isn’t anything like that. Real modern warfare is a guy lying down in a bush with a sniper rifle for three hours before taking a shot, real modern war is a guy watching the enemy through a CTTV camera and then ordering a missile strike from hundreds of kilometers away, real modern warfare is never poking so much as the tip of your elbow out from cover because you be Swiss cheese in a second flat… In other words modern warfare isn’t anything like game companies want you to believe because modern warfare just wouldn’t make for a very good game. While this kind of works for shooters because they can fantasticalise the whole thing and distract you with QTE’s and pretty explosions every two seconds it wouldn’t work for an RTS.

    The reason the first CoH of heroes worked so well was because every unit had a distinct role to fill and relied on other units to support it in its role. It was real enough not too be corney but flexible enough to be fun. It had a distinct flavor and pace to it that only a pre-modern setting could possibly offer.

    So no I do not want to watch a smear of brown fight another smear of brown near some ruined brown buildings because Relic decide to jump on the ‘modern warfare’ bandwagon. There are so many more WW2 settings that Relic could explore… So many more fronts, the African front, the Eastern front, etc. And if they were feeling adventurous there’s still Korea and Vietnam to explore. The one thing I know is that if the game goes modern then the CoH I know and love is dead.

    I’m sorry if you don’t feel that way or feel that my post is too long but CoH has always held a special place in my heart.

  22. Thracius says:

    Are you kidding me?! No way in hell are they making CoH2, Relic is far down the path of greed, when they made DoW2 (with loot drops, absolutely disgusting and repetitive maps in the campaign, how dumb is that?) it was clear they were selling out.

    It would be against current company policy (the policy of greed) to make CoH2 and they said they wouldn’t, not even in theory. Even Bioware is making WoW clones now, appealing to the portion of the population who appreciates simple, repetitive tasks, likely to avoid straining themselves thinking.

    The mod community has a better chance of delivering quality content than Relic, these days, a sad state of affairs.