Rock Of Ages Develops Christmas Cheer


Father Christmas is a very lazy man. He works one day a year, and spends the rest of his time just sitting there, judging children. What a prick. His elves are the real heroes, and are woefully undersung. For instance, they’re zooming around everywhere, adding Christmas cheer wherever they can. Even reaching the obscurity of ACE Team’s Rock Of Ages. Now featuring snowballs. You can see some lovely pics of that below.

Jingle jingle, jingle jingle, arenchasickofChristmasyet?

So you’ve got the skin for the boulder, along with a permanent unlock for all defensive units in all maps, and a bunch of Christmassy tweaks to the interface. And the game is currently 50% off on Steam, at just £3.50 (in the UK, at least). Tis the season to be jolly indeed!


  1. noogai03 says:

    I haven’t played Rock of Ages. It looks pretty fun.

  2. max pain says:

    Snowballs of ages! Could use some snowy landscapes and maybe snowflakes though.

  3. lanster27 says:

    And if you love indie games and don’t own most of these titles, grab everything including Rock of Ages here:
    link to

  4. BarneyL says:

    I wouldn’t recommend buying it just yet if you want the best price. There’s an achievement for it associated with Steam’s Christmas competition, I suspect that meand it’s likely to be a featured deal with an even bigger discount at some point.

  5. Navagon says:

    I love this game. Running over medieval people with my snowball is only going to make me love it more.

  6. gunm says:

    Hi, Nice to be here.