Fry Your Brain For Xmas: Waves Updates

When I retire, I'm going to train become the world's greatest shmup player. Or maybe grow some vegetables.

I’ve not put anywhere near as much time as I’d have liked into Rob ‘Squid in a Box’ Hale’s graceful-but-frantic twin-stick shooter Waves, which has built up quite a following in recent weeks – as well as snagging the coveted RPS ‘best use of the Unreal engine’ award at Indievisibility the other week. I did, however, discover the other day that it runs rather well on my laptop’s integrated Intel graphics thinger, so I expect to spend a fair bit of time shooting shapes while hiding in the bathroom from my girlfriend’s extended family over Christmas. (That’s ‘shooting shapes’, not ‘shooting up’, heroin fans).

It’s just had a healthy free update, adding a sixth mode known as Chase, known variously as ‘the hardest mode yet’ and ‘the speed metal of shmups’, so masochistic nutters will be delighted.

Here’s what Chase looks like:

AAAARGH MY BRAIN. The easier modes for me, please.

Also, there is a bunch of new achievements (FUN FACT: there is no neologism I despise more than ‘cheevos’) added in the update. You’ll be glad to hear that Waves is currently 25% off in the impossible-to-keep-track-of Steam Winter sale, so now’s a good time to swoop in. And there’s a demo here, in case you’re shilly-shallying.


  1. Buttless Boy says:

    I hate it when I’m eating cheevos and it turns my fingers orange.

  2. Lewie Procter says:

    Let the record show that my score of 1,304,353, which Rob failed to beat in that trailer, was achieved in a beta version where you were only given one life, not three like he had.

    • TLGAthena says:

      You terrify me.

    • johnpeat says:

      There are 2 types of high-score chasing players

      Those who do it for the sheer joy of the game and the sheer glory of the score (e.g. Steve Wiebe)
      Those who do it so they can tell people about it – wear the T Shirt etc. (e.g. Billy Mitchell)

      I therefore posit that Lewie will shortly branch-out into selling hotsauce and may shortly start sporting a mullet ;)

    • TLGAthena says:

      Lewie with a mullet… oh dear sweet monkey jesus on a breadstick… so much for me being able to sleep…

    • Lewie Procter says:

      I’m mainly doing it to antagonise Rob about being worse at his game than I am.

  3. MythArcana says:

    I’ll give it a +1 for the spiffy hex design and gratuitous particle effects alone. Looks like I’ll have to finally check this out to completely shatter my nerves before Xma$.

  4. paralipsis says:

    This is one of many indy games I am thinking about buying, but holding off on because it seems likely that it will go down to 50-75% off in one of the daily deals. I feel somewhat bad, given how little it, and many other games on my list, currently cost. But my gaming budget is tight right now, and my list long…

    • chromeshelter says:

      this. same here. plus its 99% that it will be included in daily deals. all the games that were recently updated are included.

    • SquidInABox says:

      If it isn’t a daily deal are you going to buy it at the end? Please say yes.

    • johnpeat says:

      I’d hate to be a developer when this topic arises – but the sad fact is that it makes sense to hang-10 until the Steam Sale reaches it’s last day because money is as money does…

      But then I’m a developer who gives their games away for FREE and people STILL bitch about them (I comfort myself with the though that some of those people will get cancer or worse – it works for me)

    • paralipsis says:

      “If it isn’t a daily deal are you going to buy it at the end? Please say yes.”

      I’d that is highly likely. It is one of several modestly priced games that I have on my list which I more than likely will get on the 2nd of January if they aren’t on sale before that. That is unless there are some really great deals for other stuff that sends me broke before then.

    • TLGAthena says:

      You want this game. I got it right from the off. You want this game. Really. Is one of those games you can pick up and have a blast at literally anywhen.

  5. age says:

    This is your brain…

  6. Duckee says:

    This is wildly off topic, but I just wanted everyone to know that X-com Complete is £0.85 on Gamersgate!

    • shootfirst arguelater says:

      I don’t know whether to hate you or love you. I managed to use my blue coin loyalty thingies to get this for no pence, but I have a list of unplayed games as long as *makes gestures to indicate considerable distance*

      I don’t have time to get bogged down in x-com again damn it!

  7. Tams80 says:

    Fry my integrated Intel graphics more like. Better than an old ATI integrated graphics card though.

  8. johnpeat says:

    I’d just like to say that the ONLY reason I don’t own this is that I’ve really not gotten my teeth far enough into Scoregasm and I’m trying not to buy similar games which just distract me from not playing the games I already have far-too-much already ;)

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  10. bokeh says:

    This has been my game of 2011 – thanks & merry Xmas to squidinabox!

    Don’t wait for it to be on sale before buying – we need to keep this man in Pot Noodles, or whatever form of sustenance it is that fuels game developers.