Hooray! A Skyrim UI Mod: SkyUI

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's better.

Oh thank flipping goodness, Skyrim inventory mods are appearing. Big thanks to Rick Lane who let us know about SkyUI, which does wonders for the ridiculous inventory system with which Bethesda saddled the game. It’s not perfect, mostly because a giant great image of the item still dominates the screen, but it’s a darned site better than it was before. For instance, you can see everything on the screen without having to scroll until your fingers fall off.

It’s a huge improvement. Like I say above, the use of screen real estate, while better than Bethesday’s mind-boggling choices, is still ludicrously in favour of seeing what a giant bottle of healing potion looks like. But it also makes an awful lot an awful lot better. With the categories listed across the top of the screen, and the far more detailed lists appearing below, it uses a far smaller font, and makes things much easier to discover. It provides weight and value information in the main list, you can sort columns as you wish, and even filter the lists with a text box. Oh thank you.

Clearly there’s still a long way to go, and I really hope it’s something Bethesda are working on, rather than relying on the modders to sort out. Most important, I would suggest, would be a way just to see your character and what is equipped. It’s so painfully obvious, and woefully missing from the original game.

To get it working, the creators suggests you use the Nexus Mod Manager. It’s free, but does require registering an account with the site. And it seems it also wants SKSE, which is a pain, as that diverts around my mod for getting the game to play in a borderless window.

Here’s a guide to getting it working:

It does nothing for the bloody Skills page though. But there’s word that it may be still to come.


  1. pilouuuu says:

    Am I the only one that actually likes the giant items in full HD high-res textures mode? I would even like too zoom in even more after pressing C.

    • Prime says:

      No, you’re not. I do too. On the other hand it would be very nice if it was not taking up quite so much of the screen until needed.

    • Xigageshi says:

      I absolutely love the high-res items. in fact I rather like the skills menu too. I’d love for the ui to be less scroll-y, but other than that i really like it.

    • joe says:

      I like the larger images of the items as well, as it provides a visual key instead of just text. Doesn’t hurt that they also look fantastic either.

      I hope that Bethesda will patch in a better UI that solves the scrolling issue and some of the other annoyances, but keeps the images.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      Yes, it’s nice, I don’t think anyone doesn’t like the idea. The problem is that it uses up so much screen real-estate that actual information about the item is forced into small corners, or poor navigation. It’s very much the dominance of form over function, rather than a nice balance between the two.

    • BrendanJB says:

      I also love the UI for the most part. But I loves me some alchemy, and the gigantic list of 100 ingredients is extremely tedious to work with when trying to create potions and such.

    • Brumisator says:

      You all have Stockholm syndrome.

    • pmanpman says:

      You need them for the claw clues, end of story

    • AztecScribe says:

      I agree with you and pmanpman.

  2. Crius says:

    Let me understand, i’m the only who know QDInventory that does the same jobs, just without fancy icons?

    • LTK says:

      In addition, this mod decreases the font sizes and adds a number of icons for identifying new, stolen, enchanted etc. items. The two mods are even compatible, so there’s hardly any reason for not giving it a try.

    • Wulf says:

      QD decreases the font sizes too from what I can see. It’s just that SkyUI decreases them more.

      I’d really have to hate my eyes…

    • Buttless Boy says:

      Also, QD has more sorting functions and shows more information about each item. I prefer QD, but both are nice.

    • Fearzone says:

      After trying SkyUI I went back to QDInventory also. I like the bigger font, and the looks fits into Skyrim better. The icons of SkyUI are nice though–when depositing inventory onto my follower, not all the headings in my inventory can fit across the the screen. Otherwise QDInventory is exactly what I want, no more, no less.

      Were’s QDMagic, and QDFavorites?

  3. timeaftertimeafter says:

    So, what makes this the Game of the Year?

    • abigbat says:

      I know, right? That mildly cumbersome UI completely overshadows the countless hours of well structured content, superb concept design, and the magnificent, immersive open world. Frankly I don’t know why it was even nominated.

    • The Tupper says:

      Everything except the interface.

    • Prime says:

      Infinite Dragons.

    • Arglebargle says:

      Continual irritation every moment you are playing the game is pretty important negative for me. Witcher 2 went off my ‘Get it!’ list when I discovered it was released without an invertable mouse. Now other games have taken it’s place. Lost sale due to dumb interface mechanic.

      Skyrim isn’t as bad. But it is still bad. And it does show a disturbing lack of sense among their designers. Though, I guess that is a characteristic of their releases, so it probably should be expected in every game they put out.

    • RandomGameR says:

      The fact that my boyfriend and I have played (and enjoyed nearly every minute of) 200+ hours each and we still find surprising new content regularly.

      I’d say that makes it Game of the Year and then some.

      The UI is not that hard to work with without this mod. It’s not a good UI, but it’s not game-killing either. This mod just makes it into a really good UI.

    • BarerRudeROC says:

      I feel your pain.
      Skyrim was my biggest dissapointment of the year.

      Buying an Elder Scrolls game I expected amazing quests.
      Instead I got a graphical and combat overhaul which played little part in a game where its focus is primarily centered on quests.
      Most if not all quests are abysmal compared to Oblivions guilds and campaign.

      Funnily enough when the Campaign finished I was left dumbfounded with a resonating shout of “That’s it?!!!”

    • DanDeath says:

      I felt the same way but I didn’t even know I completed the campaign until I looked up on it, then I stopped playing. I think the only thing that kept me playing as long as I did was me hoping it would get better.

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      Well, saving the world/dragons/etc. is all fun and good, but nothing too spectacular compared to the two things that really stand out… the Thieves Guild quest line, and more importantly the Dark Brotherhood quest line. The latter has a plot twist that I think ranks it more significant than the main quest by a long way.

    • tetracycloide says:

      I’m not sure myself. I’m only 250 hours in at the moment so I haven’t seen much of the content there is on offer. I’ll let you know what makes it Game of the Year material after I’ve had a chance to really experience it all.

    • Burning Man says:

      The questlines in this game were by far some of the stupidest I’ve encountered.



      Companions: Apparently a rival guild, composed primarily of chest-thumping warriors, managed to sneak into the Companions’ mead hall (which is in the middle of the city and next to the lord’s keep), thwack every Companion in its way and kill the guild’s leader. Wut? And I’M responsible for this? Oh, brilliant.

      Mages: Not even worth mentioning. Play it yourself. I’d rather not ruin it for you.

      Dark Brotherhood: The one enjoyable quest-line. Excusing Astrid’s utter idiocy, everything else was superb. The jester alone is worth it, as are the creepy quest encounters with the Night Mother, meeting Lucien Lachance again, stabbing people at their own weddings and best of all, meeting the Emperor… very well executed.

      Thieves: The moment I realized that everything I did only pushed Maven Black-Briar further up the ladder of power, I stopped that quest line. I did all the miscellaneous quests and got Delvin to declare his love for me. But framing innocent people and throwing them in jail, blackmail and extortion and when that fails, mugging?? Not my cup of tea. I prefer simple thievery and murder. The Nightingale Armour and Nocturnal robes are fantastic though.

      So that’s 3 out of 4 that I don’t like. I spent most of my time re-rolling different characters and jumping in different places. The smaller, ambient events, like reading the diary of a woman who was eloping with her lover and finding both their bodies nearby, with an aggressive wolf standing guard, or one of those many tombs, featuring nothing but a skeleton and some equipment, accompanied by a wonderful backdrop, are what made the game special to me.

    • BarerRudeROC says:

      @Burning Man All the guilds were far too short in my opinion, and the College of Winterhold was a joke.
      It left me with the same gufaw I got from the main quest.
      If anything the Dark Brotherhood campaign was the nail in the coffin. All I wanted was a large amount of assasination quests, all unique and thrilling. Instead I got bland and easy quests, 2 of which are only memorable.
      This may all sound pessimistic but I still have hope for the many sidequests I’ve yet to encounter.
      I put my faith in the modders to push this game beyond anything I’ve imagined.

    • tetracycloide says:

      I don’t know what started this apparent trend of judging TES games by the strength of their faction quest lines but I feel duty bound to blame Oblivion for it since Oblivion is commonly known to be the cause of everything wrong with the series.

      If you really did stop the Thieves Guild questline early enough for Mavis to have still been playing any kind of role in it at all then you missed all the good parts by the way. I was pretty disappointed when it didn’t become apparent that part of restoring the thieves guild didn’t mean breaking with Mavis but that quickly faded when she faded from the story and the plot thickened.

    • awsomecraft says:

      ??? You are asking the dumbest question I’ve ever heard. And I’ve heard some VERY dumb questions. Why is Skyrim the game of the year? WHY NOT??? WHY IN THE *ELL NOT?? What’s your problem, going around on random forums and asking, “Uhh, I’m dumb, why is the best game ever made the game of the year?” Obviously you’ve never played it. Whats wrong with you other people? Ive played skyrim and KILLED the EMPEROR. That was fun. I got TURNED INTO A VAMPIRE, FUN!!! I FOUGHT whiterun guards, dragons, bandits, imperials. Have you? NO YOU HAVEN’T!!! So don’t go around attacking game forums randomely and stupidly. Youve never played it, and if you have or you start playing, you are TERRIBLE at it. Goodbye, SUCKERS

    • awsomecraft says:

      @Burning Man The companions are werewolves.

      The theives guild IS wierd.

      The Dark Brotherhood IS awesome

      The college of winterhold? mmmhmm hard, boring, annoying

    • AyeGill says:

      I liked all the faction questlines, except college of winterhold. That was really the most stupid garbage i’ve seen so far in the game.

  4. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    “getting the game to play in a windowless border.”
    I definitely miss that feature, since Skyrim always wants me to alt-tab twice, before actually switching back to the game, in stead of black screen.

    By the way, I usually make the same mistake when writing that (windowless border in stead of borderless window, hehe) (sorry John, I little voice in my brain wouldn’t shut up if I didn’t mention it)

  5. onomatomania says:

    Minor issue with SkyUI : SKSE is coded to check the version of Skyrim it’s using, and if the version is different, no SKSE. Every patch to Skyrim will break SKSE.

    In practice, this may not be an issue. The SKSE coders had a 1.3.10 compatible version of their code within 24 hours of the patch release. That is amazingly fast. Good job, guys!

    • Prime says:

      Why would you need to code something to be version specific? There must be a reason for it but to my ignorance right now that sounds like being a rather daft decision for a game still being patched?

    • JayTee says:

      The only part of this UI that needs SKSE is the filter-by-typing bit in the top right. As far as I could tell, everything else works fine.

      I ran without SKSE for about a week, just ignoing that big obnoxious message that tells you it can’t find SKSE and couldn’t see any problems.

    • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. says:

      Only thing that requires SKSE is the item filtering and the item card (Info and 3D model)

      Without SKSE they won’t be centered properly.

    • mrwonko says:

      I suppose SKSE directly hooks into the game’s memory, whose layout changes whenever the executable changes. So it may e.g. know where the health is stored and can look it up, but only if it is actually there, which it won’t be anymore in further versions.

      Or that’s what I think it might do – I don’t know for sure.

    • behippo says:

      I’m one of the SKSE coders and wanted to say that mrwonko is correct. The script extender hooks directly into memory and needs to be updated with each release of the game. We try to get an update out the same day as a patch (mostly depending on Ian’s availability).

      Today SkyUI is using SKSE for the text filter and some centering, but will be using it more extensively in the other menus (notably the upcoming magic menu after we find some more data for them.)

      Once the official Creation Kit is out we’ll have a lot more to offer mod creators providing extensions to the new Papyrus scripting language. For now we’re mostly extending the flash/scaleform/actionscript functionality used for building the UI.

  6. MuscleHorse says:

    link to skyrimnexus.com
    Is also a worthy UI mod and has the added bonus of not needing the script extender or much faffing about. Just drop the files in and away you go.

    • Crius says:

      Exactly the one I suggested. Thanks for the link :)

    • Faldrath says:

      Yeah, that’s the one I’ve been using as well, no issues so far.

      I really like the gold/weight ratio column, which apparently is missing in SkyUI.

    • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. says:


      Sort by the “Value” column to get the V/W (Value/Weight) sorting. You can also add it as a separate column if you wish. That requires a bit of CFG editing though

    • Skabooga says:

      Gold/weight ratio column? That’s brilliant! No more doing division in my head (with the commensurate large degree of rounding).

    • Wulf says:

      Not fond of that one, either. I find that it’s visually noisy and obeys the TINY EVERYTHING rule. I can’t understand what the big deal about that is. I’d just prefer a clear UI that lets me quickly see and understand everything. I don’t see the point of having numbers everywhere.

      …unless of course you use an infinite carry weight mod and cart everything around with you forever instead of sorting it neatly into whichever home you chose, as I do.

  7. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    It looks pretty much like the Oblivion interface. Which makes me wonder if, in five years time, we’ll all be jubilant about the arrival of a UI mod which brings Elder Scrolls VI’s interface back up to Skyrim’s level.

    • Wulf says:

      It’s funny, because I always felt that Skyrim’s was a vast improvement over Oblivion’s, and that the UI in Oblivion was a step back away from Morrowind in usability (Morrowind had windows).

      Oblivion’s was the worst of the lot. Maybe that’s why I don’t like this? Iono. Then again, I might just be bitter over the TINY EVERYTHING attitude. Or it might be more than that. Who can say?

    • bill says:

      Good lord. I haven’t played Oblivion or Skyrim yet, but if they’re a step BACK from Morrowind’s interface then i’m not sure I want to. I wasn’t sure a step back was even possible!

  8. LTK says:

    The inventory is just step 1 for this mod. The godawful Magic menu is coming up next, if I remember correctly. Now, I think I need to throw some money at the person making this.

  9. Lobotomist says:

    And its also fixes quick keys problems … well most of them.
    Still keys are only binding item to the right hand and spell to left

  10. Julio Biason says:

    Sorting by price or weight? Awesome.

    Visually… it seems like a step back from the original UI (which is not good to start).

    • Wulf says:

      My problem with it is that it’s visually very noisy. Very noisy. And in being noisy it obfuscates a lot of details, which a simpler menu doesn’t. Not only that, but in order to be so noisy, it’s had to reduce the size of things, thus making things tiny and noisy.

      To be honest, I prefer the original UI. There are some mods which are good, and some which are… not so good. Subjectively I’d place this in the latter category due to how I feel it’s not a step up from the original UI. The original UI needs improvement. Yes. Definitely it does. But I think this is the wrong direction.

      This is just trading one sort of lack of concise visual information for another. It’s not elegant.

    • tetracycloide says:

      There are four rather simple things that could be done to more or less completely fix the original UI and they’re really not that complex

      1. Fix the spacing in the UI by either taking the double spacing for the middle item out completely or automatically making the selected item the middle item even if you use the mouse to select it. It’s very irritating visually that the selected item and the item that looks selected based on the spacing and screen layout are not always in sync.

      2. Add sub categories when necessary based on some kind of natural break-point. For example, if I only have 10 pieces of apparel then one apparel list is fine but once I have a certain number start adding sub-categories like ‘light armor’ or ‘heavy armor’ or ‘chest’ or ‘ring’ or ‘amulet’ or ‘sets.’ Feel free to have the categories include some overlap.

      3. Add the ability to mark an object as junk which moves it out of the full listing and into the junk tab tab. The junk tab should have one and only one column: gold per weight. Possible subcategory for the junk tab: stolen vs. not stolen.

      4. Add font size to the user settings with support for a fairly wide range of font sizes. Bonus points for adding a font selection option too.

  11. RegisteredUser says:

    So how is everyone playing with the latest 1.3.1 patch?

    Any major misgivings or can I finally allow updates again?

    • Wulf says:

      As someone who’s using a hell of a lot of mods… I can tell you that it’s all clear right now. In fact, it even seems better for mod users than it was before. Less crashes.

  12. The Sombrero Kid says:

    I told you about this YESTERDAY! AND YOU IGNORED ME!

    • The Sombrero Kid says:

      I think this is Johns way of telling me to stop talking at him on twitter.

  13. DigitalSignalX says:

    This mod looks lovely – but like many mods atm, it’s a work in progress. I’d suggest waiting for the magic tables to be done before an install to avoid the disparity between UI’s while playing.

  14. Turin Turambar says:

    This is news a bit late: I already finished the game two weeks ago, playing with QD Inventory.

    • MCM says:

      Yeah, I was about to say… would have been nice to have this mod (or any inventory mod) when I got finished with the game: beat every questline on Master difficulty, got every achievement, and otherwise enjoyed the scenery for about 95 hours until it became clear that Bethesda has designed a very pretty landscape with horrible game mechanics and poor usability.

      But hey, 1/3 isn’t bad, right?

    • SanguineAngel says:

      @MCM You really beat every single questline in the game? Colour me impressed. I am about 60 hours in or so and I’ve still not even been to two of the cities and I have not touched the central quest. The only guild quesline I have done so far is the thieves guild and I am only just approaching the end of that one.

      I have done a lot of the lesser questlines though. How are you able to tell if you’ve done them all? Is there an acheivment or something?

    • tetracycloide says:

      I don’t think ‘horrible’ is the right adjective for game mechanics that work perfectly well in their intended goal: to let the player engage in the game and have fun. It certainly does that better than the mechanics of Oblivion or even Morrowind did. I’d also have to question your sanity if you spent 95 hours and got every achievement on a game that wasn’t fun or engaging i.e. had ‘horrible game mechanics.’

  15. Unaco says:

    Awesome game keeps getting better. Good stuff.

  16. Spakkenkhrist says:

    Having used this for a couple of days I can say that this is a fantastic addition, navigation is very quick using keys only, I can’t believe some of you are criticising this before even trying it.

  17. Maldomel says:

    I like the basic UI, and even more, I find it really enjoyable to use, and not hard to master…

  18. irongamer says:

    This is the only mod I am running. So much easier and faster to get to what I want than the original. It is silly to have sort and filter options as features of a mod, as they should have been part of the menu in the first place. The default skyrim menu basic layout and functionally is on the level of FF1 on the NES.

  19. XerBlade says:

    Um… SKSE is and always has been completely compatible with Simple Borderless Window. All you have to do after adding SKSE is keeing running SBW.exe the same way you already were and it will load SKSE for you automatically. It even says that on the description page for Simple Borderless Window.

  20. Wulf says:

    Not at all good for me, because I find it completely illegible, but it’s nice for those who like that sort of thing.

    I prefer the default UI, where I can make out everything at a glance without having to strain my eyes. I realise that not everyone’s handicapped in the same way that I am though, so it’s nice that this exists. I’m just glad that this wasn’t the default menu and that games aren’t developed like that, because that’s about as accessibility unfriendly as you can get.

    I think I’ll drop my accessibility manifesto in here as a link. Sure, it sounds a little bitter but that’s how I felt when writing it up. Most people don’t even realise that most of the things in there are valid concerns, and when they do, they don’t care.

    So I hope you’ll excuse me if I continue to hope that future games will have UIs that I can read, rather than a UI like that one. I’m hoping beyond hope that my next big game, Dragon Commander, is going to have the console UI available in the PC version.

    The thing is is that with everyone praising tiny UIs, they forget that they’re damning people with visual disabilities in the same breath. It’s kind of hard to read sometimes because I worry that it’s going to convince developers to make incredibly tiny, barely perceivable UIs as the default. That the Withcer 2 had such a UI made it an impossible barrier of entry, which is why I stopped playing it. I didn’t need the headaches, and I do value what little sight I have.

    I mean, it’s great that mods like this exist, please don’t get me wrong. I’d just never want them to become the standard.

    • irongamer says:

      There is a config file for changing fonts, icons, spacing, etc.


      Steam > SteamApps > Common > Skyrim > Data > Interface > skyui.cfg

      Under format defaults

      entry.format.font = ‘$ListFont’
      entry.format.size = 14 <— changes list font size

      label.format.font = '$EverywhereMediumFont'
      label.format.size = 12 <— changes other fonts

      I made a change to the list font. It changed the list font size. You can even change the font size while in the game. Re-opening the item list will reflect the new font size.

    • LTK says:

      Irongamer’s got it. I was looking at fontconfig.txt myself, but that only allows custom font types, not sizes. If you open skyui.cfg with notepad, you can find some lines for entry.format.size, label.format.size, equipColumn.icon.size and iconColumn.icon.size to configure.

      link to i263.photobucket.com

      This is what I mocked up by changing only the size and spacing variables by roughly 25%.

    • svge says:

      get a bigger monitor

    • Fierce says:


      Get some class.

    • MarloBrandon says:

      Nothing illegible about this:
      link to img196.imageshack.us

      I used:
      entry.format.size = 22
      label.format.size = 16
      equipColumn.icon.size = 20
      iconColumn.icon.size = 23

    • Deano2099 says:

      I’d rather developers actually design for accessibility rather than have a lazy port that just happens to be helpful. They fail entirely to account for the simple fact that people sit closer to a monitor than they do to a TV. Of course, with a TV, you can always sit closer if you have issues with your eyesight (although, I guess if it’s that much of an issue you can always just buy the console version anyway, or maybe run at a lower resolution).

      I think the fact that someone with a visual disability actually likes the sizing of the default interface and finds it comfortable to use is, objectively, a huge design failure.

  21. Fierce says:

    Spoiler Alert: Sorry to break it to you John, but Bethesda is absolutely letting the modders sort it out.

    They’re well aware of the mod community that pounces on their games and the talent that is on display in some of its creations. The amount of changes (not fixes) they put into Fallout 3 after launch, just as a recent but no where near singular example, is pretty damning evidence of how little they’re willing to change once the horse is out of the barn.

    Which is disturbing, but fine in the end really. I like to think of Bethesda as job creators since modders cut their skills teeth pretty well on their games, and go on to work in the industry. Even as a creative outlet, Bethesda games in all their buggy, dumbass designed glory are a welcome presence. It is much easier to forgive Bethesda for creating their game, releasing it to much deserved acclaim, and then letting the community sort out their own individual digs and problems with it without interference than it is to forgive, say, EA/DICE for designing BF3 without an in-game VOIP system, and then telling everyone tough/to wait for it.

    In the end, never send an underpaid QA intern to do a Modder’s job.

  22. Zenicetus says:

    Looks good. I’ve been holding off on using mods until the first good UI ones turned up, so it looks like it’s time to dive in, and deal with any hassles cause by version updates.

    The Magic menu could use similar help, but what I’m wishing for is an overhaul of the “Q” menu/Favorites system and the limited number of hot keys that can be assigned.

    It’s fine for melee characters but tactical use of spellcasting is a mess. Having to scroll up or down to find a spell that isn’t hot-keyed (because you only have a few available keys) breaks the flow of combat. I know what spells I want to use; I just can’t get at the friggin’ things half the time, which is ridiculous. It means I tend to use just a few spells over and over, which isn’t as much fun as mixing things up to fit the tactical situation.

    There are probably several different ways to improve this, starting with the addition of sub-groups for hot-keyed favorites. Something like “Group A” means this dagger in my right hand, and a variety of flame-based spells hot-keyed for my left hand against critters susceptible to flame, “Group B” for anti-mage spell combos, etc. Trying to do it all with one flat list and just a few hot keys like the default setup is just lazy and stupid UI design (or else pandering to consoles, take your pick).

    Have any modders been able to get at that Q menu and hot key assignment yet? I haven’t been keeping close track of the mod scene.

  23. FunkyBadger3 says:

    Have we already done this?

    link to youtube.com

  24. wodin says:

    Well as usual with me (and like pretty much all other games I’ve played) Skyrim has now been untouched for about 6 days. This usually means it will soon be uninstalled as I grew bored. I find when I finally put a game down for a few days I rarely return. Skyrim I feel has shown me everything I want to see and I’m not really interested in doing any more dungeon crawling in yet another Nord undead cave\redoubt etc etc. I’ve also swiped dragons away like flies. The story didn’t pull me in enoug and the NPC’s started to get on my nerves. So a UImod sadly for me is to late. Would have been handy a couple of weeks ago.

    I’m still waiting for a game to be made that does keep my attention for weeks and weeks and has enough gameplay either indepth or varied that keeps me playing and enjoying it.

    • irongamer says:

      Diablo 3? I’ve been playing Skyrim for weeks now. But I expect Diablo 3 with all its weighted randomness to last longer. I played Diablo 2 for years…

    • LTK says:

      For me that game was Minecraft, been playing that since alpha and stopped right around the 1.0 release. I can see myself put a lot of time into Skyrim as well. I’d like to try a different race and focus more on magic, but that doesn’t usually happen after I finish an RPG.

    • dogsolitude_uk says:

      Skyrim can be great fun, all you have to do is make a game of it.

      For example, you could see how much stuff you can nick in the space of one hour, and then try and beat that record


    • awsomecraft says:

      Errr… You might wanna play and go EXPLORING more, getting magic, leveling, becoming a member of a guild.

      I feel sorry for you because you dont know the true meaning of PLAYING for the FUN of it. You act like you’ve wasted hundreds of $s on games you stop playing. Your a “player” to video games

  25. Enikuo says:

    Looks excellent. I was fine with the default inventory until I bought a house and started amassing tons of stuff. It’s a pain to sort through stuff now. I’m definitely going to try this mod.

  26. archimandrite says:

    Stuff like this is what makes the PC version the best version. The PS3 and Xbox360 Skyrim players will be stuck with the shit-tastic default UI for eternity. Eternity!

  27. sinister agent says:

    All this would go away if they didn’t set it up so that you can (and therefore will) carry ten times a sensible amount of stuff.

    Well okay, not go away, but it’d be less of a problem at least. Which isn’t solving it, but it does allow me to bang on about a personal bugbear again, and that’s what matters.

    • MastodonFarm says:

      I must say, you’re the first person I’ve seen complain that the weight limit in Skyrim is too HIGH.

  28. awsomecraft says:


  29. awsomecraft says:


    • Punchbowled says:

      Smart choice. Lightly armoured means light on your feet.

  30. dansdata says:

    A simpler UI mod that gets rid of most of the unhelpful alphabetic sorting (that puts Ebony Arrows and Falmer Arrows close together, but puts Steel Arrows way down the Weapons list) is inventively called Better Sorting:
    link to skyrimnexus.com
    …and doesn’t need any dicking around with script extenders to install.

    All it does is rename a bunch of items (so you get “Arrow, Falmer”, “Arrow, Steel” and so on), and it misspells at least one item, but it’s been good enough for me so far.

  31. Psieonic says:

    The latest version of the Simple Borderless Windowed mod will work with SKSE and thus, SkyUI. You run SBW.exe and it should automatically detect and run SKSE with it. Just search skyrimnexus.com for it if you want it.

    (Edit: Derp, should look at the second page too to see if someone already said this. :P My bad.)

  32. spacesushi says:

    Why would you want smaller inventory images? I’m glad for it. The image sizing is necessary to examine what are on the dragon claws.