Why Is SWTOR Down During Europe’s Day?

But... but it's morning!

Fancy a game of Star Wars: The Old Republic? Well tough, because the servers are all down this morning until 12pm, for scheduled maintenance work. And this isn’t the first time. In what appears to be a very strange decision for such a high profile game, European servers are all being taken offline for hours during the daytime, for a game that’s only just launched. And even more strange – doing this takes down the entire www.swtor.com website too, meaning anyone wanting to say, learn about the game, can’t. And then you notice this is an international thing, and Europe starts to look a little unloved.

This is speculation on our part, and I’ve already contacted EA to find out what’s happening, but it seems that SWTOR’s maintenance takes place internationally, simultaneously. All the servers come down, ludicrously bringing down the game’s website with it, and they do their fiddling.

So why at this time? Well, because right now all those lovely Americans are tucked up in their beds, dreaming of flags. At the point I’m typing this, in SWTOR’s hometown of Austin, Texas, it’s 4.31am, the perfect time to take the entire game offline. Except that, right now in my study, it’s 10.31am, which is the perfect time to play SWTOR so I can write about it on a website I run.

It does rather seem that Europe is on the losing end of this scheme, which seems a peculiar choice in such a critical week for the game. Players are either going to stick or they’re not, and they need to cling to as many of their players as they can. It seems a touch offputting to be told that we’re not able to play because they deliberately scheduled taking it down when we’re awake and ready to go.

Clearly the game will always need downtime for maintenance – that’s part of being an MMO. But perhaps this entire side of the planet, and its relative position to the Sun, could be taken into account?

As for the website – that’s just plain daftness. Want to find out about the game? Can’t. Want to register an account? Can’t. Want to find out why the game’s offline in the middle of the day? Can’t.

Which all just seems a bit odd, really. We’ll let you know what EA says.


  1. Ed123 says:

    Is it just me, or is the “Old Republic” part of the logo slightly wonky?

    • Was Neurotic says:

      I think it’s an illusory effect, based on the largeness of the O and the C, and the pointy lines above and below the text. Also, the drugs.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      It’s also that “Old” is a much smaller word than “Republic”, placing the space between the words on the far left of the logo.

    • Reoc says:

      sry wrong section… :)

  2. OP8 says:

    Quell surprise, a server maintenance time that screws over EU. *Never* seen that from a US company before!

    • Quint87 says:

      Well I just had to register an account and tell you how bitchy you all sound :)

      Why does an AMERICAN based company shut down the servers during AMERICAS night? Its because its an AMERICAN based company.
      I am not saying they are not screwing you guys out of game time. But seriously, you cannot complain that they are working on the game for 1 damn day. Not even an entire day, just a few hours of that day to perform maintenance and to implement a patch (that was needed to fix bugs and minor problems).
      Now It makes no sense to complain when you cant get your fix of video games for a few hours.
      Trust me, no body is going to remember this by tomorrow. Not even the Europeans that had to wait during their day to play the game.
      Or should the guys at EA work twice as hard and do the patching and maintenance twice, just so you guys can get a few more hours of play time?
      Yes I cant play SWTOR either and I am in America right now, so I do have time to log onto your worthless site and post this overly long post about me bitching to you bitching about Starwars being down on Europes day.

      Quit bitching and go outside.

    • Nick says:

      Quint.. its the EU based servers, learn to read. Still, impressive wall of text that you just had to register to post on this worthless site, fanboy much?

    • shitflap says:

      They should gauge the server downtime with the night time of the regions it serves.
      Despite Quint’s common Amurikan sentiment regarding everyone else in the world, Europe simply is a bigger market, with more units shifted here than there.
      It should be simple economics, nothing to do with the usual jingoist nonsense y’all are famous for.

    • Reoc says:

      The whole ussual argument about it being an American company is funny. it’s an American company providing a worldwide product. If they did maintenance based on where their employees where located they would do maintenance during US working hours so their support staff wouldn’t have to do a night shift and the developers would be available if anything went wrong. It’s simply providing a service to the US time zone clients that they are not providing to the rest of the world simple as that. If you want to provide a good service you try to impact your clients as little as possible with your maintenance frame which should suggest when you have specifically designated EU servers that these are down during the hours with least EU clients online

    • Kal says:

      In view of the fact that the EU servers are in fact hosted in Ireland it makes even less sense imo.

      I wonder if there’s some utterly dumbcrap technological reason for it. Maybe their server browser crashes when faced with multiple server versions or something equally ridiculous. It seems unlikely but I can’t fathom why they’d do this otherwise.

  3. Lakshmi says:

    After commenting yesterday that I was encouraging my friends to ignore the queues, I’m now telling them to ignore the badly timed maintenance. If I have to do customer retention work, I prefer to be paid for it.

    I hope EA bloody sort it out. This is silly and unfun.

    • Bobzer says:

      EA? Sort it out? Yes… I’m sure they of all heartless corporations will do that.

  4. Shakermaker says:

    The first server maintenance this week was in the night from Monday on Tuesday, between 2AM and 7AM CET. In that case the North-Americans were screwed while we Europeans weren’t affected.

    • glocks4interns says:

      Yeah I mean it is pretty common for maintenance to be during the US day/morning on games.

      The vast majority of the EU market is currently at work/school.

      Well, I guess bitter games journalists need something to be bitter about.

  5. coledognz says:

    Seriously? This maintenance is during peak play time for Oceanic players, yet life moves on.

    • Julio Biason says:

      I was about to comment that. When I lived in Sydney, it was really upsetting getting home after a full day of work, sit to play WoW, only to find out that there was server maintenance going on in the next 2 minutes.

      If I’m not mistaken, other Aussie WoW players said they had been discussing with Blizzard to have Oceanic time on their Oceanic servers for two years till they finally changed the maintenance hours for those servers.

      And then you had EA head guy saying that “if you don’t do like Blizzard did, you’re doing it wrong”. Well, guess who’s doing it wrong this time…

    • Hoaxfish says:

      wait… I thought they weren’t even selling it in Australia yet.

    • Burning Man says:

      Apparently you can import a retail copy from elsewhere and pay your subscriptions via Paypal.

    • Wulf says:

      Actually, it was one of the Bioware bosses that said that, nothing to do with EA.

      Gods, I love stressing that point.

      Yes, after DA:O essentially having WoW raid-like gameplay, they come out and say that if an MMORPG doesn’t do exactly what WoW does, if an MMORPG doesn’t follow every rule and law laid down by WoW to the letter, then the people designing that MMORPG aren’t very bright.

      I have a love/hate thing going on with Bioware, but their public fapping to all things Blizzard tends to lie on the hate side of things.

      Not only this but they recently said that Bethesda are also now a fapping target for them, and they’re going to do all they can to integrate everything that made Skyrim good into their next game.

      I just wish that Bioware would grow a spine and actually find their own sense of identity instead of parasitically leeching it off of someone else.

  6. MiniMatt says:

    I suppose Eve does the same thing with scheduled maintenance at 11am GMT every day – although to be fair they’re a rather smaller operation and one of their selling points is that it’s a single global universe rather than multiple servers.

    edit: “global universe” doesn’t sound right

    • Antsy says:

      Indeed, EVE does this every day. And WoW maintenance generally eats into the mornings. Don’t see what the fuss is about. I was much more annoyed when they did it at midnight the other night.

    • Jumwa says:

      I live in North America, and for me WoW maintenance typically took down the game at least past noon. On patch days I could usually expect it to be down my entire day until bed time, or at least until the evening when I was usually too busy for it.

      Though to be fair, I do live on a cold island that’s treacherously close to Europe with its own time zone that confuses the rest of Canada and the US.

    • Azhrarn says:

      @Antsy: Yes EVE has maintenance at noon every day, but unlike SW:TOR their maintenance takes between 10 and 30 minutes, and the site doesn’t go down either. The server is usually up well before the allotted time runs out.

      During an expansion deployment it all goes down for hours, but they leave a clear message as to why nothing works.

    • theleif says:

      Also, EVE is run on one central server so there is no possibility for regional maintenance.

    • Arglebargle says:


      Ohmigod! Are you a Newfie??

  7. Raidensoul says:

    At least you guys have your own servers, and you know, an official release.

    Meanwhile, all Aussies who want to PvP are crammed in Swiftsure, which is also down at Australian peak. (early evening).

    • Paturn says:

      As already stated by others Australians are used to this kind of treatment by now. Is there a better way to perform the necessary work? Could the work be performed at more intervals for smaller periods of time?

  8. Premium User Badge

    Nathan says:

    The previous scheduled downtime was at peak hours US (7PM Eastern for 5 hours), and so my guess is that we all take it in turns to be screwed equally. I don’t think this is an issue for Europeans to get indignant about.

    • Godsmith says:

      If this is true, the article is even more petty and even less well researched than I thought.

    • Flaringo says:

      Yeah, they had maintenance from 7pm to 12am the night before launch at least

    • Katar says:

      The last maintainence time was to make the game ready for a 12am EST launch time in the US. The US missed several hours of Early Access which they had recieved free for pre-ordering. If you wanted to play the game at 12am GMT or 12am CET on launch day as you are living in the EU then you couldn’t.

      The game has now offically launched and people aren’t used to not being able to play for a game they are actually paying for when they want to play. It is still an off peak time as people are at work, but hopefully from now on the EU servers will go down at 4am GMT or CET just as they do for the US servers.

  9. Elltot says:

    Don’t worry. Only an hour and 1/4 to go.

    My green, dick eared Twilek smuggler is gonna have to wait until I get back from work.

    Also I read the header like it was some kind of national holiday I’d never heard of.

  10. Aninhumer says:

    Maybe it’s actually unscheduled maintenance, and they’re just calling it scheduled to make it look better? That would also explain why their website is down.

  11. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    Oh come on. It’s not like the european game market is particularly large, or anything. There are probably a few hundred gamers here, tops.

  12. csuzw says:

    This isn’t anything new. While WoW had different maintenance times for different regions, they still did it during the day over a very similar period to what SW:TOR is doing (even longer in some cases too). These days they have a rolling restart system that seems to have almost entirely eliminated downtime but it wasn’t always the case.

    What annoys me more is that there seems to be very little warning that the downtime is happening and it isn’t consistent. Last week it was on a Friday. 1st time I found out about this both times is logging in to find all servers down and then going to website and discovering it’s down (was going to register my authenticator too).

    • Elltot says:

      The launcher did mention last night that it would be down for maintenance.

    • derella says:

      They announced their maintenance schedule several days ago on the website. I forget the actual day, but it was prior to the 19th.

    • csuzw says:

      Last night I was in game and when you exit you don’t get sent back to the launcher. To be honest though I’m not sure how I expect them to communicate it and none of this is really unexpected at this early post launch stage. I just expect a bit more given the time, resources and numerous previous examples to draw from in the industry.

    • Premium User Badge

      Nathan says:

      In the downtime announcement post, they made clear that they will be adopting a regular scheduled downtime slot, but that during the launch window there would need to be a number of additional periods of downtime.

  13. Spinks says:

    It would be nice if the EU servers could have maintenance scheduled for the middle of the night our time, but mid morning still isn’t prime time for the EU cos… of most of us being at work.

    • Premium User Badge

      Nathan says:

      You miss the distinction that because John’s work involves playing the game, for him it’s the peak time :p

    • LionsPhil says:

      Game reviewers are a tiny, tiny minority.

  14. Guvornator says:

    EA: “So, Bioware, the last Star Wars MMO was a massive failure. How will you make yours a success?”
    Bioware: “Good Question! Immediately after release we’re going to refuse to deal with massive queues which have been apparent from the beta stage and schedule maintenance during peak times for our major markets.”
    EA: “Sounds Great! Here’s twelvety billion dollars!”

    Good reportage, John. Not to knock EA (who, for various reasons, including ones of scale, I don’t have the usual massive gamer’s problem with) but their customer service* seems a bit shoddy recently.

    *and, in this case, that of people working with them

    • Belsameth says:

      Since when is end of morning peaktime?
      I always thought that was early evening, starting at around 19:00, not at noon when a lot of people actually work and such.

    • Guvornator says:

      Normally, yes, but to quote Noddy Holder, “iiiiiit’s Chriiiiiiiiistmaaaaaaaaaas”, innit. This means School, Uni and College will be done for a few weeks and a whole bunch of 16 to 24 year old males will be hanging around, making the place look untidy. Far better for everyone if they’re in their bedrooms exploring a galaxy far far away.

      Also, I will admit to a degree of exaggeration for (attempted) comedy purposes. Lighten up, it’s the holidays!

      link to youtu.be

    • Archonsod says:

      “This means School, Uni and College will be done for a few weeks and a whole bunch of 16 to 24 year old males will be hanging around, making the place look untidy. ”

      And what self respecting student would be out of bed on a holiday before mid-day? Actually, that’s unfair. What self respecting student would be out of bed before mid-day on a holiday and playing on their PC rather than watching Jeremy Kyle?

  15. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    What is this mean time you folks speak of?

    • Hoaxfish says:

      It’s when everyone goes out on the streets and starts fighting… it’s like the opposite of tea time.

  16. Godsmith says:

    Yeah, this was a bit of a “duh!” article. Of course they are going to have their maintenance when it impacts the least players, and that’s probably when the US sleeps. They are a for-profit business for Christ’s sake.

    • Aninhumer says:

      The argument was that they could affect even fewer players by organising their maintenance better. If their setup really requires them to take down their entire infrastructure to do maintenance, they should probably fix that.

    • Godsmith says:


      I can get behind that, but that is NOT the argument in the article. The article has no arguments whatsoever, it just states that servers should not be down during Europe daytime, without realizing that

      a) It impacts Oceania worse, since this downtime is during their evening
      b) If downtime was some other time, it would impact the US more, which probably is the biggest markets (some figures would be nice, but this is also absent from the article)

    • Nick says:

      And as they have EU based servers and US based ones, would it not make more sense to take them down at different times?

  17. SeanusT says:

    What makes it worse is that seemingly the Euro region is doing better in terms of sales than the American region.
    Notice how it’s temporarily awaiting stock on their site? [You know, because they need to restock when it’s digitally distributed]
    Still available in the states.

    Sort it out Bioware!

    • derella says:

      That is one conclusion that could be drawn… Another would be that they allocated fewer copies for Europe.

    • Godsmith says:

      This could be just because they have maxed out the server capacity in Europe but not in the US, which tells us nothing about the number of sales, since the server capacity could differ between the regions.

    • Curry the Great says:


      RPS raises a valid point here. EA made a new team for the European side of things in Ireland, so why can’t they actually use that team to do all the server-fiddling at a european downtime. Didn’t WoW did this too? The least they could do is add a little line that they’re sorry for the bad timing in Europe but that there’s no other way atm. And the website being down at the same moment seems quite silly.

    • Subatomic says:

      @Curry the Great: WoW also has its regular maintenance during the day (usually until 11:00 local time), in both the US and europe, only one day apart.

    • Godsmith says:

      @Curry the Great

      The article could have given this info. The article could have argued that when you spend so much on a game, there should be separate downtimes for separate parts of the world. But no, the article just whines that the servers aren’t up right now (which isn’t even peak hours for Europe), without any analysis or constructive criticism whatsoever.

  18. Mitchk says:


    ‘E’urope < ‘A’merica


  19. yrrnn says:

    It’s even better if you live in Australia…it’s 9pm and I want to spend my evening playing me some Star Wars! It looks like it has been down for the whole evening too, lovely.

  20. Raiyan 1.0 says:

    Hah! Never happens with my offline single player games… wait, WHADDYA MEAN BY I CAN’T PLAY MY SP GAME BECAUSE YOUR SERVERS ARE DOWN AND THUS CAN’T VERIFY FUUUU –

  21. Scott T says:

    This article is pure nonsense. Annoyingly negative, self-entitled nonsense at that. You realize that the time you’re crying about is when the majority of people are working, right? Folks on the US West Coast are probably more affected since they can’t play past midnight. If anyone has a right to complain it’s the Oceanic players, not you.

    • Milky1985 says:

      You post is pure nonsense, annoyingly negative self-entitled nonsense at that. You realize that you are crying about a post about stupid EU maintence times on EU servers during a period when lots of people might be off work due to how near it is to xmas, said people may have taken the time off to play games such as this.

      If anyone has the right to complain about the blog post, its the other writers on this site like Alec, not you.

    • Godsmith says:


      Although the article author comes across as a bit daft when he doesn’t mention with a word that if the alternative for maintenance now is maintenance at a more critical hour in the US, the decision is a bit of a no-brainer.

    • Milky1985 says:


      “Although the article author comes across as a bit daft when he doesn’t mention with a word that if the alternative for maintenance now is maintenance at a more critical hour in the US, the decision is a bit of a no-brainer.”

      I’m going to make a wild assumpyion here but i think he might be assuming we have basic common sense, and didn’t think that he needed to suggest that maybe they should do maintence on the EU servers during the wee hours of EU time, and the US servers during the wee hours of the US, otherwise known as staggering the maintence based on local times.

      And yes i know the saying about assumptions making an ass out of you and me!

    • Scott T says:


      Please point out the parts of my comment that constituted crying and self-entitlement.

      Thanks in advance.

    • Milky1985 says:

      Getting the feeling someone doesn’t like/get mocking and mick taking :p

      The self entitledness of your post was implied by the tone of it, you feeel entitled to complain about someone else complaining!

      @Scott T

      Please point out the parts of my comment that insinuated that your comment constituted crying.

      Thanks in advance.

  22. Rudel says:

    Strange article. WoW servers always went down on wednesday morning and it was no big deal. Usually, people work, study or go to school at those times of the day. As long as they are not taking the servers down at 8pm it is fine with me.

    Maybe you should find something else to do? You can, maybe, tidy up your room? Buy some food for the weekend? Take a shower?

    • Carra says:

      Well, it was 3 am for European users until it was done.

      So it depended on your location.

    • Subatomic says:

      Yeah, WoW had realm maintenance from 3:00 to 11:00 every thursday (US) or wednesday (EU) for years and only recently reduced this to every two weeks. On patch days or when hardware upgrades were installed, the realms often were down until the evening. I don’t really get what the fuss is about…

    • Milky1985 says:

      3-11 maintence days tend to be when they ahve to patch things, the normal maintence time is less in general and you will be able to log in during the morning if neededn (am sure on the 4.3 patch day i cuold have logged in in the morning if i wanted when I fired up the client to get the patch downloading before work)

    • st3lla says:

      Not all pepole work a 9 to 5 jobs you no i work 5 till 1 in the morning so this is my game time also pepole may have booked time off work to play as it is released day also xmas hoildays

    • Kadayi says:


  23. Craorach says:

    As annoying as I’m sure it is, at least you guys get to play at all.. those of us in the AU regions haven’t even been given a release date, can’t even purchase the game from EA themselves, and are forced to import the game and denied any support if we have connection problems.

  24. Max.I.Candy says:

    known this was going to be happening for a while so i dont understand the fuss tbh

  25. TheWhippetLord says:

    Blizzard used to (and maybe still do – not checked their site for years) take the WoW site down during server maintainance too. I’ve always assumed that this was to prevent people hammering their servers by posting ill-informed rants on the forums about their server being five minutes late coming up. People can be very unreasonable when it comes to MMOs and maintainance.
    I remember a big stink about WoW’s initial maintainance on release – think they originally had the maintainance on a weekend or in peak time in Europe or something.

    • KoenigNord says:

      There was a very long explanation for the maintenance at the forum that also said that the forums will be in read-only mode for this time, which is very polite.

      @server down time: who is complaining here? I could’t even have those problems, ’cause I have a job and no time for playing games at this time of the day. I’m sorry for the oceanic people, but again: Those get their servers in March next year.

  26. mbp says:

    I logged in to Origin today to check the price of the game and It tells me that “This product is no longer available”. On the website the buy button for SWTOR is greyed out! I can buy game time but not the game itself.

    • LionsPhil says:

      EA are performing an experiment to see just how much they can discourage spineless gamers from giving them money, yet still receive it.

      They’re getting desperate for ways to stop people.

    • Milky1985 says:

      But of course digital distribution is the future since stock levels don’t matter and you can buy stuff easily with little hassle…… oh wait :p

    • Elltot says:

      You do know high street shops still exist.

  27. SanguineAngel says:

    I have a theory that the team running the Old Republic are actually massive Guild Wars 2 fans….

  28. Dina says:

    I fail to see much valid criticism here. Forums being down is the only good point I can make from this article. It’s not researched well regarding the previous maintenance that was bad for America, while being angry at maintenance for an MMO that just released is just short-sighted. It also reeks of some sort of personal vendetta just because John Walker can’t play when he wants to, while he was able to play to his heart’s content for a couple of days now.

    But I’m detecting a mild bias from RPS against MMO’s in general, especially on Twitter (like Alec Meer pondering about ditching the game after hitting level 6 on his Smuggler, which is roughly an hour or so into the game).

    The maintenance was also announced, so with some scheduling on his end he could have avoided any sour looks. I just finished Trine 2 while waiting for SWTOR to come up.

  29. Qwibbles says:

    Did I seriously just read this?

    Where are the articles when WoW goes down? Hell if its during the day should you not be working, at school or hell even making use of those daylight and go outside?

    Right now in Australia its 7PM, prime time for playing video games such as SWTOR. However I learn to accept the fact that sometimes companies in America which have the majority of their player-base in America would in fact shut down servers during times which suit the majority.

    Just because EA is evolved doesn’t always warrant that something is going wrong and they are trying to cheat every player in the world.

    /sigh Sorry for the rant but SWTOR is receiving allot of undeserving hate.

    • Milky1985 says:

      Maybe we shoudl all be clobbering server providers until they cotton onto the idea that they should maintain different servers at different times to make it better for the local time zones of users :P

  30. The Pink Ninja says:

    Not surprising, WoW was so dodgy for the the first few weeks after launch Penny Arcade threw a wobbler and revoked their GOTY award.

    Give them a little while, setting up new MMO world where millions are trying to connect at all hours ain’t like dusting crops, boy.

    Yesterday RPS couldn’t even keep up their own forum which I’m sure has far fewer users :P

  31. thekeats1999 says:

    While i wouldn’t normally see this as a problem (daytime maintenance must affect a small amount of the gameplaying population. Except when you are several days away from christmas and all those school type people are out. Or all those people who have company holidays to take and have a few hours to burn.

    Unfortunately at this time of year there are far more people not in work during the day than say an october day.

    On the otherhand i am still at work and hoping amazon deliver my copy today.

  32. DickSocrates says:

    If you’re playing an MMO before … 6pm then you need to sort your flippin’ life ou, mate. And if you are playing an MMO after 6pm, you still need to sort your life out.

  33. Unaco says:

    I don’t get this article. Well, I get it… The Servers are down, for scheduled maintenance, at a time that happens to be morning in Europe. But this sounds more like a forum post from someone. Really quite amateur, petty, unbalanced and unfair.

    Is there a time of day they could shut them all down and not annoy anyone? Where are the developers, and those performing the maintenance located? Might it be the convenient time for them? Is this the time for all maintenance, or, as someone up the thread says, has it been switching around? Is losing a couple hours of gaming really that bad, especially when you could have discovered they were set for SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE and planned accordingly? What time would you rather they did the maintenance at, and who would that annoy?

    Will we get an article about Steam crapping out at 6pm GMT, every evening from now until January the 2nd? What about other MMOs… will we get an article whenever they have scheduled maintenance at a time when it’s morning for someone, somewhere in the world? An article, purely speculating, of course, if the Devs/Publishers of the game are sticking their fingers up at Europe?

    • deke913 says:

      I agree with you for the most part.

      However, if you have a blazzillion dollars and drive a private jet to work every day, perhaps you could dig through your couch and come up with enough money to put server farms in the areas you plan on providing your product too.

    • thegooseking says:

      Again, maintenance doesn’t have to occur at the same time worldwide, and I think that’s the point here. Arguing that would make me a hypocrite, since I’ve always been against locale segregation for MMOs, but if you must have it, you might as well use it.

      Honestly, I’d rather have downtime at an inconvenient time than having to either choose between friends in Europe and friends in North America or to have two accounts (Disclaimer: I have no idea if that’s how TOR works; I’m just going off my experiences with WoW), but to have the worst of both worlds is just silly.

  34. LuNatic says:

    More annoying is the ToS change. The free thirty days play time included with the initial purchase can’t be used until you’ve bought more game time to go with it, or given them your credit card details to bill you further.

  35. st3lla says:

    are server still down ?

  36. Deano2099 says:

    If EA have even the slightest sense of humour they should send John back a two-word reply in block capitals:


    • thegooseking says:

      To which John could rightly reply, “Well, why do you even make a distinction between EU and US servers, then?”

  37. Kaje says:

    It used to happen ALL the time with Star Wars Galaxies. They’d take the European servers down between 3pm GMT and 7-8pm GMT some days. It was absolutely ridiculous.

    They’ll never change it, though. People don’t have the balls to stand up against them and say it’s not right.

  38. TenjouUtena says:

    I understand this is frustrating and US imperialism blah blah.

    But isn’t ‘Launch MMO has server problems first week’ kind of the ‘Dog bites Man’ of gaming news sites? I would be surprised if they DIDN’T have maintenance.

    • aircool says:

      Yeah. I mean, if you’re a regular mmo player, this kind of thing is part of the game. However, for those new to the genre, and I believe there’ll be a lot of newbies coming to SWTOR, then it can be frustrating if you’re not familiar with the way things work.

  39. tkioz says:

    Could be worse, you could be Australian, we had it go down at 9pm our time, prime gaming time. WoW was the same, Americans use to say “get a life” during the weekly maintenance, but hey, 8pm downtime on a game you can only play after work is -wonderful-.

    • aircool says:

      Yup. Australia and NZ are always getting shafted with no local servers. The nearest are usually the US East Coast, which is halfway around the globe.

  40. Megadyptes says:

    Happy Europe Day! The day that we Europeans celebrate our traditions of hundreds of years of kicking seven shades of shit out of one another by posting ranty crap that belongs on a personal blog/forum instead of a respected games journalism blog!

  41. Talorc says:

    HAHAHA. Welcome to Australia, you whinging pommy bastard :-)

    Every MMO I have ever played has decided that 7pm my local time (ie. exactly when I want to start to playing) is the perfect time for a big long multi hour downtime (ie. until it is time to go to bed)

  42. aircool says:

    People complain when US servers get patched first etc… Now people complain that they get patched at the same time as the US server. C’mon, it’s only until 1200, and the maintenance schedule was posted days ago.

    The queues are a pain in the arse, as is the wait to get onto the website. However, having a pop at server maintenance times is a little childish. Reserve that sort of thing for nerdrage on the forums… if you could access them to make a post that is ¬_¬

    • aircool says:

      Oh, and a the game’s website coming down at the same time as the servers is pretty common practice as well.

  43. Suits says:

    This phenomenon has turned me away from MMOs before, this time i don’t intend on playing in the first place though

  44. strongfort says:

    News flash: Every time-zone on this planet has paying customers (most likely). No matter what time they pull it down to to work there are going to be complainers. Quit whining – I had so much enjoyment on this site until this morning when now I’m just irritated at the constant complaining.

    Not that APB was a comparable game, but the recent rendition of the game kept coming down during the early evenings prime-time to do work. It was frustrating but oh well!

  45. Hoaxfish says:

    This game is just like KotoR 3,4,5,6,7,8… you can’t play those either.

  46. nootron says:

    This is the most useless and whiny post of 2011. Thinly veiled anti-americanism, buried in an especially whiny post out of complete ignorance. Way to usher in the 2012 with your brilliant journalism.

  47. der jester says:

    I was actually amazed to see EU servers unified with US servers. WoW had separate launches for US and EU (and China, and Korea, etc, etc). Staggered maintenance’s also make it easier for the EU guilds to get world firsts. I’m curious if they’re going to keep unified server maintenance or not, or if their unified infrastructure could even do that.
    I like the idea of the game being global instead of fenced off by locale. Like I could pop in and play with EU friends instead of being segregated. Plus you didn’t have to wait a week or whatever the standard is between US and EU releases. That’s a plus. Despite the “BUT I WANT TO PLAY NOOOOOWWWWWW!” sentiment, give them a break. It’s launch and they’re doing a lot of radically different things with their game. If it turns out it doesn’t work out, I’m sure they’ll make adjustments.

  48. PhoR says:

    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the ENTIRE reason they chose to use the Hero Engine to design the game based on the fact that they WOULDN’T have to have weekly maintenance and could instead make changes on the fly?

    Also, I agree completely that doing website maintenance along with the game servers so that we can’t access the forums while the game is unavailable is REALLY STUPID. That needs to change… fast.

  49. Tei says:

    EA is a USA company, and one with small arms. Don’t really try very strongly to be a international company.

    I am somewhat angry that all the good sales in Origin has ben USA only. Then you see is nothing to do with diferent countries prices, but that don’t fucking care about people that live outside of USA as like if these people don’t exist. EA want to be the king of USA, not the king of the world. And is very weird, because the world is a big place, but well.. is a company with a fat blind spot :-P

  50. Wanoah says:

    If ever a game deserves to fail, then this is it.

    Everything I see and hear about it just reeks of contempt for the customer. I wouldn’t touch it with yours.