World Of Tanks: Free Tanks And Stuff

Tanks vs evil giants.
Polite notice: THE CODES WORK FOR NEW EUROPEAN AND NORTH AMERICAN REGISTRATIONS ONLY. If you are already a WoT player they won’t be much use to you. Unless you want to get a chum involved or whatever.

Anyway! If our interview with the producer from World Of Warplanes got your pseudo-World War II PvP glands engorged, then you might want to try their original game, World Of Tanks. We’ve got 1000 starter codes to give away, which will apparently boost you on your way into the game with a free premium tank, one day of full premium play, and 300 gold. To to claim a code you have to be logged into RPS. If you click here you will automatically claim a code, and also get to see the sign up instructions.


  1. Real Horrorshow says:


  2. DeathHamsterDude says:

    Oh Jim, you had me at Don Quixote!

  3. DodgyG33za says:

    They tell us that it is US and European servers only AFTER you click. So a down under pom offers this to the first person after the 1000 limit.


  4. RiptoR says:

    Could have sworn I had an account, but none of my emails were recognized on the “lost password” page of WoT. Hadn’t played since beta though, did they wipe everything when going “retail”?

    Whatever the case, new account with free stuff made :D

  5. Qwicol says:


  6. Aquarion says:

    Weirdness. I’ve signed up, but if I try to use the code I’ve been assigned, I get an “Invalid Code” message.

    Having now activated, using the code gets me a “Code cannot be applied for the current service.” message

    • Qazi says:

      You needed to insert the code during sign up,
      “4) Click “Have an invite code?” and enter your invite code into the field”

  7. iruj says:


  8. choconutjoe says:


  9. max pain says:


  10. hippocrat says:

    Thank you! I’ve been following Tobold on WoT for awhile now, and I’m ready to make tracks. I might not be able to tread heavily, though, given time restraints, but maybe next year I will come out of my shell. I hope I don’t develop Tourette syndrome…

  11. Josh Brandt says:

    Derp. Clicked too fast without reading, didn’t realize it was new players only.


    • Valdyr says:

      Likewise. Let some up-and-coming tanker lad have my code: RPSHCH3K58-2PP8V-2B5FR

  12. Stromko says:

    The grind in this game is HARSH. It lures you in as MMO’s usually do, unlocking content at a decent clip, but before you get what you really want they really make you stick your face to the grindstone.

    Currently I’m in an A-20, the last light tank I need to pilot before I get into a T-34, a medium tank and the one I really want to unlock. To get enough experience to unlock it, I must fight a total of about 60 battles in this A-20. To afford it, I’ll need to fight about 90 battles, and that’s if I convert all 285 gold coins I have into credits to help.

    Did I mention that the A-20, being a tier-4 tank, is put into battle with primarily tier 6’s and 7’s roughly 80% of the time? If it isn’t at the bottom of the list (ranked from highest to lowest tier tank), it will be very close to the bottom.

    To put it simply, I need to fight 90 battles with a tank that can and often dies in one shot from half the enemies it might encounter. In turn, it cannot significantly harm 2/3rds of the enemies it might encounter (unless it hits them in the rear engine compartment, which if they’re smart they will not expose to fire).

    Then, and only then, will I get the tank I really want. Being Tier 5, that tank will then be primarily matched up against Tier 7 – 10’s that can also probably kill it in one shot and ignore most of strikes.

    Now I realize the A-20 is a light tank, I’m supposed to just scout, but its scouting radius is only 370 feet with the best turret. The T-34, a medium tank, has a 500 foot scouting radius with its best turret. I suspect most tanks of its tier could say the same.. So, just why is my A-20 even necessary in all of these battles it’s placed in? Fodder, essentially. I can die and give someone else a point.

    I’m going to be a duck in a shooting gallery for 90 matches. More, actually, since I only have 4 hours left of premium and then I will make XP at half the current rate.

    edit: It did get slightly better when I realized most of my XP was coming from scouting, and if I did more of that (even if I shot no one and died quickly) I’d make almost 500 a mission, instead of 150. I wish it gave an XP breakdown so I could’ve figured that out sooner

    • MellowKrogoth says:

      The games is *sometimes* unfair, but seriously, just get better at operating a light tank! You can score points just by hiding in a bush without firing and detecting enemies; if they die (most likely from arty) while you provide visibility, you get your share of XP and money. Discovering enemies especially of a much higher level, or arties, gives more XP. Finally, by following the sides or the map or going around the main group of enemies when the battle rages, you can often go kill artillery which is slow and poorly armored.

      I agree that a breakdown of XP would be useful, but maybe revealing some specific ways to gain XP would cause people to abuse them. Right now they generally rewarding good play without people knowing exactly how it works. You can find XP breakdowns on the game forums and maybe wiki, though.

  13. liptoniasty13 says: