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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Missing Out

Time for the final bargain bucket of 2011, and appropriately it’s a rather good selection this week. Any predictions for how the market for discounted computer entertainment software might change in 2012? Has Bundle Fever already hit its peak? Will Origin ever discount games for all regions rather than hand picking a portion of their international customers? Will you have played all the games you’ve bought for cheap in 2011 by the end of 2012? I don’t know the answers to any of these questions, but what I do know is that you can rely on to always be up to date with the best deals on games on any format, and the Bargain Bucket will continue to serve you the best PC download deals every weekend. Have a shifty at this lot:Nuclear Dawn – £4.95/€5.93/$12.50
AKA that game where you get to shoot dudes in the face or instruct dudes how to shoot other in the face too. It’s a FPS and an RTS, but not both at the same time. I’m a little confused, so here’s wot Dan thinks of Nuclear Dawn:

If Savage and Natural Selection were your games of choice you’ll find a natural home in Nuclear Dawn. It still needs a lot of work, particularly on balancing issues, but we’ve waited five years; we can wait a couple more months.

Hmm, I never played Savage or Natural Selection. Maybe I should try this out though, it sounds cool. Any passionate players out there? How’s the post release support been?

X Superbox – £5.09/€6.79/$20
Registers on Steam.
X: Tension
X2: The Threat
X3: The Reunion
X3: Terran Conflict
X3: Albion Prelude
Astounding value for all of that lot, I’m sure you’ll agree. I just picked this up myself, and I’m wondering which of the games contained within would be best to pop my X cherry with. Any suggestions? Shame about the expensive USA price, but since it registers on Steam, it should be pretty straightforward to get a continental companion to grab it for you at the cheaper rate.

Fallout: New Vegas – £3.74/€4.99/$4.99
Fallout: New Vegas DLC – £1.86/€2.49/$2.49 each
I guess this is the fourth in the series of post nuclear role playing games. That fella Quinns wasn’t too fond of New Vegas, but I’d say you’re missing out if you don’t pick this up for this poxy price. If you’ve played any of Bethesda’s big open ended RPGs, you’ll know roughly what to expect here, but I particularly liked New Vegas because it’s got some cracking quests and occasional bit of laugh out loud dialogue. If you’ve already got the base game, now’s a good time to grab some of the DLC too. Here’s Cobbet’s writeup of Old World Blues.

The Void – £1.25/€1.48. Stop me if I am wrong, but it looks like it is full price to me for USA folk, according to my proxy.
The Void is a bizarre little universe squeezed into game form where everything is about colour and nothing seems like what it is. Here’s that Quinns kid explaining why this got under his skin:

The Void is a game that has the fearlessness to mislead you, to obfuscate the rules of the world and make you rely on your own intuition and experience. In a year where mass-market games development is trying harder than ever to ensure even the most casual gamer is never confused or lost, I find Ice-Pick’s attitude here much appreciated.

More from Quinns here, and then John reviewed it too.

Deal of the week
Super Meat Boy – £2.99/€3.49/$3.74
Now say it properly: “Suuuuu-per MEAT BOY!”. Team Meat’s delightfully carnivorous platformer was my favourite game of 2010 by a fair old margin. It’s got bloody fantastic controls, superb level design, and it’s bursting with creativity at the seams. Some of the bosses are a bit shit, and from time to time you might get a glitch that ruins the attempt you’re on, but if you’ve got any love for proper 2D platformers, they don’t get much better than this.

Also of note:
The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena – £3.74/€4.99/$4.99 (Warning: Uses TAGES DRM, and only allows three installs ever. Edit: Oh wait, they replenish activations after 30 days now. Don’t think it did that at launch).
Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack – £4.99/€9.99/$12.49
inMomentum – Pay What You Want
Bob Came In Pieces – Pay What You Want
The Oddboxx – £2.49/€3.74/$3.74
GOG sale ends soon
Steam Holiday Sale

Visit for all the latest on what games are currently cheap.

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