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Update: Codes now gone.

Hello! I’m afraid RPS service isn’t going to resume properly until Wednesday, because we’re all on holiday and stuff. In the meantime I have a small competition for people who like glacially-slow sandbox MMOs! Yes, you know who you are. I’ve been messing around in Perpetuum (think Eve Online with robots) and the devs have given me some 30-day timecodes to give away to RPS readers. If you’d like to join me and the dozen other RPS readers who are currently playing then drop me a line via this link explaining why you should get a code, and then join the chat channel ‘rps’ in game. Codes are limited, so it’s a first-come, first-served basis only. Not that this will stop you joining us, of course, because there’s a fifteen-day trial of the game available here. I should point out that Perpetuum is a sandbox MMO of the territory war/economics/freeform PvP/dismissed-as-a-spreadsheet school I favour, so it won’t be for everyone. Only apply for a code if that sounds like your kind of thing!


  1. HexagonalBolts says:

    Sorry to be this person but the ‘via this link’ button doesn’t go to anything at the moment (for me) I’m afraid, Jim. I’d like to play though!

    *edit* Although hovering over reveals it is an email to jim (at) addressed ‘I like my robots to look like spiders‏’ if anyone else wants to enter.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Hmm! That should work, it is the simplest HTML. In fact it works in Firefox but not in Chrome. Why is that?

    • lurkalisk says:

      Works in Opera. Not that I’m entirely interested, the beta was enough evidence for me that it wasn’t really my kind of thing. Not bad for… that kind of thing, though.

    • Freemon says:

      Works in chrome here.

    • Captchist says:

      Doesn’t work for me because I use Gmail and as such have no program set up as my default mailto.
      Clicking the link just gives me a popup telling me I have no e-mail program and gives me no opportunity to do anything.

      I was looking into this the other day and there is some complicated regedit hacks, or things I can download to set gmail up as my default mailto, but it’s a faff.

      Won’t apply for codes as I’m not sure how keen I am, but planning to try the trial.

    • HexagonalBolts says:

      Yeah I’m using Chrome. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have it linked to an email account… or… something…

    • Asher535 says:

      Works in the android browser funnily enough, you’d think chrome would be consistent. Silly Google.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Rather annoyingly, the Android browser is not close enough to Chrome to be considered the same for web development purposes, any more than Chrome is the same as Safari, even though it’s all WebKit underneath.

      More pertinently, I’d really, really hope that the Android web browser knows to use the Android mail client for mailto links. Chrome has the (crap) excuse of being cross-desktop-platform, and having to hook into the protocol handling for each platform is work, bless their cotton socks, and also against their business desire to have everyone abandon real mail clients to use the GMail website instead.

    • dartt says:

      Gmail users who use Chome might be interest in the ‘Mailto: for gmail’ extension: link to

      As the name suggests, it lets you open mailto links with gmail.

    • migbasys says:

      A8 Red, AGPS + Android 2.2 Version, 3.6 inch Touch Screen, Analog TV (SECAM/PAL/NTSC), Wifi Bluetooth FM function Mobile Phone, Slip-operation can change the menu (3 pages), Dual Sim cards Dual standby Dual Cameras link to

  2. TimA says:

    There are some simple Chrome extensions that will open mailto links in various webmail services, just search the chrome web store for “mailto”.

    Oops, meant to be a reply to HexagonalBolts.

  3. Max.I.Candy says:

    i love this game, pretty sure ill re-sub at some point inthe future, but it was great when i played 6 months ago and it can only get better.

  4. dwl says:

    Has much changed since the beta?

  5. Orvidos says:

    Oh bother, it appears it’s downtime for Perpetuum at the moment. I should probably catch a nap but The Ringworld Engineers is far too good for such logical nonsense. Waiting time, I suppose.

  6. Elmokki says:

    How similiar to EVE was this?

    My biggest gripe with EVE wasn’t really the skill system – I played it for nearly two years and after 6 months I was fine. This was back when you started with almost literally no skillpoints. The problem was pvp. It was what I enjoyed but getting pvp was awfully hard. Avoiding pvp in EVE is so super easy if you have any wits that in many cases the only way to get a fight was to go in severely outnumbered (with superior fits etc obviously). It took ages of flying around to potentially even find a potential target, and then those targets could just flee without effort. Partially this was the best thing in EVE too, sure, thrill of the hunt, but sometimes finding stuff to shoot at was just frustratingly hard.

    Economy in EVE was gold (especially after the T2 BPO monopolies were broken with invention) as was faction warfare in theory (god it was boring to actually participate in it regardless of if you were a grunt or a fleet commander since often there just weren’t any proper fights, and even then it was so very untactical sniping fighting).

    …and yeah, some way for total newbies to earn somewhat meaningful money would be nice. In EVE profits ramp up severely with skill points, even so severely that getting the money to utilize your skillpoints (be that a battleship for 0.0 ratting or level 4 missions or production stuff) was potentially really hard alone.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      “How similiar to EVE was this?”


      “The problem was pvp. It was what I enjoyed but getting pvp was awfully hard.”

      Yes, it was hard. It was also the most rewarding PvP I’ve ever played. It was the sole reason I stuck around the game for five years.

    • aethereal says:

      It’s VERY similar. For example, the skills tab and the items in the game are very similar to the the ones in EVE (there are a few differences, but so many more similarities that it just feels like a ripoff). Also, the combat mechanics feel even clunkier than in EVE due to a UI that somehow manages to be worse, and direct control (i.e. you can control your robot with wasd) that is hindered by tiny obstacles on the ground.

    • Elmokki says:

      While I agree EVE had the most rewarding pvp I’ve ever played, it also at times had the most frustrating pvp I’ve ever played with total inability to get a fight for hours and hours. You could spent three hours looking for something at worst and just have everyone escape upon you entering system.

      I don’t really even know what would’ve made the system better – maybe delayed local chat? – but the problem was that eventually I couldn’t be arsed to spend hours after hours trying to find something to fight.

      Sometimes though there were plenty of targets. Privateers (can’t remember the name really) alliance declaring wars against a ton of other alliances filled every system with potential enemies. Going to Goonland back when they lived in npc stations to shoot them with their own t1 stuff from market. Sitting at a 0.0 gate in an expensive battleship with my drunk Swedish CEO who was gonna quit EVE (though the ship was sponsored by him along with boosters and crap). Some of the best times I’ve had while sitting in front of the computer really. Sadly EVE at it’s worst was extremely dull and to get those nice moments you still had to log in and hope you weren’t greeted by hours after hours of dullness.

  7. SolCommand says:

    Hmm, this looks like a really fun game to play so I’ll surely give it a try. Thanks

  8. spelvin spugg says:

    I’m SO in!

    I played Eve for almost eight years. It was one of the best games ever but became broken (imo) because of overcrowding, greed on the part of the developers and a number of other factors. This is the first time I’d heard of Perpetuum.

    Establishing a powerbase early on is crucial in these games and I’ll be interested in hooking up with a number of reputable, tactically-minded gamers.

  9. Bastimoo says:

    Are there still some gamecodes left? I’d love to join Perpetuum again:)