Syndicate’s Co-Op Agents Are Foursome

Hello there. The characters in the new Syndicate co-op trailer seem to be having a competition to see who can have the worst made-up soldier-person name on the team! Ooh, they’re all contenders, but sadly none have as terrible a name as the single player protagonist, Miles Kilo (pictured with his tool). Still, it’s not worth being too snide around these agents of corporate malevolence, because any one of them can break a man’s neck as if it were made from cheese-string, as this video (below) quite relevantly demonstrates. Ooh, that’s nasty. I bet Syndicate agents have a poor sense of humour, too. Look at them frown!


  1. terry says:

    Can’t we all just agree to call Miles Kilo something more sensible? I propose John Syndicate.

  2. the judge says:

    I propose “serious master chief freeman”

  3. InternetBatman says:

    Those guns are so freaking huge. They cover a quarter of the screen.

    • Navagon says:

      I think that’s mostly due to the tiny blinkers-on FOV.

    • DocSeuss says:

      I don’t think so, Navagon. Take Serious Sam 3, for example. Altering the FOV doesn’t change the weapon size.

  4. Blackcompany says:

    I think the game might look decent. Hard to say though – I couldn’t see much of it, for the guns.

    • Hnefi says:

      Are people seriously complaining that the guns in a Syndicate sequel are too large? Did you not play the original? Or, for that matter, the first sequel, where the width of the beams from the graviton gun rivalled the height of the characters that fired them?

      Personally, I look forward to this sequel. It seems to be almost entirely in the spirit of the originals, except the cheesy personas of the agents. Put some scarfs over their mouths and opaque lenses on their eyes and it all looks perfect.

    • DocSeuss says:

      Hnefi, they’re talking about how the guns fill up so much of your screen real estate. In a game type that’s based around situational awareness, big guns is fucking stupid.

  5. Andy_Panthro says:

    At around 1:05 it says “9 missions from the original syndicate” which could make for an interesting comparison.

    • aDFP says:

      That’s the bit that had me frozen mid-yawn, and suddenly paying attention. If there’s even a hint of open-city mayhem instead of endless sci-fi corridors, I’ll be getting this.

  6. Drayk says:

    Miles Graham should be his name… Sounds like a real one and keeps the joke alive.

    • Meat Circus says:

      Maybe he has to be named after an imperial unit of length and a metric unit of mass for contractual reasons:

      Miles Kilo
      Furlong Megaton
      Barleycorn Miligram
      Fathom Teraelectronvolt

    • Drayk says:

      Let me guess to appeal to both european and american players :P (+brits but is UK (still) in Europe anyway…)

      That said I am amazed by the amount of different imperial units, thanks for the discovery.

    • His Dudeness says:

      How’bout just using obscure, oudated units and the metric prefixes, like kilo?

      Chain Atto

      Rai Femto

      Dong Mega

      Faust Giga

      Faden Pico

      Shaftment Tera

      Bushel Peta

  7. MajorManiac says:

    “Only the strongest will survive in today’s corporate landscape” – EA talking from experience perhaps?

  8. Navagon says:

    How are they going to do 9 missions from Syndicate when everything I’ve seen on this game so far has been set inside one building or another? There’s no indication of large city-spanning scenarios, drivable vehicles or anything like that.

    I’d like to be proven wrong. But I think all this is doing is inviting some unfavourable comparisons to a 1993 game.

  9. diamondmx says:

    This is going to be on Origin, isn’t it?
    Damnit, I want to play it – but not that much

    • Emeraude says:

      Damn, totally forgot about that. Was thinking of giving the game a chance in spite of all we’ve seen so far – if only for the joy of pestering friends with my outraged banter… but yeah, this just sealed the deal, no Syndicate FPS for me.

  10. SeeBeeW says:

    If I had to capture the look of every video game dude in basically every contemporary game, it would be “guy outside the club who is ten seconds away from gay bashing you.”

  11. kamkake says:

    Akuma, Akuma Matata?

  12. Kollega says:

    Is it just me, or the whole thing is kind of… bland and tasteless? You know, kind of like food pills that no doubt await us in the grim cyberpunk future and stuff.

  13. TotalBiscuit says:

    Everytime I see new assets from this game I feel less enthused, which is sad because Starbreeze are awesome and can probably pull it off, it’s just hard to see Syndicate being mangled as much as it is.

    • sinister agent says:

      I agree. I’ve been trying really hard to be open-minded about this game, and put aside my annoyance at the wasted opportunity (the possibility that Cartel will pick up the slack helps, obv). But every video that’s come out so far has been a fresh assault on that resolve.

      I still don’t think it’ll be a bad game. But I’m struggling to think of a reason to bother playing it.

    • Unaco says:

      Yes TotalBiscuit… but you also claimed Duke Nukem Forever was a ‘day 1 purchase’, even after you’d played it (the demo?). Your opinions and judgement might be a bit hasty.

  14. Khemm says:

    What does that have to do with Syndicate? BURN THAT WITCH!

  15. Quasar says:

    I did play Syndicate back in the day, but I was too young to properly understand it.

    Still, this looks like it’ll be shite. I think I’ll just put Syndicate on my list of old games to catch up on, right after XCOM.

  16. Snargelfargen says:

    “Miles Kilo (pictured with his tool).”

    I’m laughing at this way more than I really should.

  17. JohnnyMaverik says:

    Bah. One is not impressed -_-

    • MrThingy says:

      I had quite the raging hemi-demi-semi as I watched this. Though I did have my eyes closed at the time, imagining another game entirely…

  18. Rambal says:

    I was happy with my 4 anonymous agents… and now I have Acuma.

  19. iaguz says:

    Akuma? really? They name her Akuma…

    link to

    At least there’s no Mario “McShoot” Freeman.

  20. ChiefOfBeef says:


    1. No one does ‘the Tom Clancy stance’ unless they are about to die. I don’t even remember one Tom Clancy ‘written’ game where anyone did that stance and then didn’t die very often or were semi-scripted to die. Agent 47 noticeably has never adopted ‘Tom Clancy stance’ because it is canon that he has only ever actually been mortally wounded once, at the start of that particular console-only game which shall not be named. No one who is a bad-ass does ‘Tom Clancy stance’ and EuroCorp agent(plus JC Denton and by extension Adam Jenson and Riddick) do not do that stance; the ‘I am not confident I can take out an entire building with one hand behind my back and a gun in the other in a casual almost straight-legged position’ stance.

    2. Stardock obviously wanted to be ambitious. They always have been. They have not been allowed to have been in this case clearly. This is not a Stardock game, they were merely there. This is a generic EA shooter. Bare in mind that all the videos we’ve seen are what EA marketing have wanted us to see. These videos are the BEST gameplay in the game. The lesser parts of the game will be…much lesser.

    3. Every weapon in the game has been weak, even the superficially large ones. EuroCorp Agents are supposed to carry weapons that are hand-held but obliterate any personnel in a single hit. I remember gauss guns being quite small but setting buildings alight in one shot: so they should be the pistol.. The miniguns are required for serious situations and they should destroy everything. *Everything*.

    EDIT: basically, if I can not use a minigun to get from the top floor to the bottom floor of a building by shooting holes in the floor repeatedly, in an updated Syndicate game, it is not a Syndicate game.

    4. Open areas.

  21. elnalter says:

    a japanese femme fetale. ok

    • Emeraude says:

      For a second, I read a Japanese Femme Foetal… Weird image… A foetus with cocktail dress and cigarette holder….

  22. shoptroll says:

    I’m dubious about the 9 missions from the original game.

    If they wanted to tease open areas they’d have shown some by now with less than two months to go. Even then, I fully expect said missions to play dramatically differently than the original versions.

    Throwing together a level with a sign reading “Atlantic Accelerator” doesn’t automatically make it a “classic mission”.

    All I’m seeing here is stylistic/cinematic gameplay segments from a generic multiplayer game using 4 generic ‘punks.

    Go go bullet point marketing.