Further Spacebiff: SOL: Exodus

Gosh, there seem to be a lot of space game activity emerging of late. I’ve just been pointed to forthcoming indie space-shooter SOL: Exodus, which is looking very shiny indeed. It’s going to be a single-player space combat game, with a storyline. In it you will “pilot a multi-purpose tactical fighter ship complete with a variety of special abilities to battle enemy forces across the most recognizable landmarks in our Solar System.” There are a couple of game videos of it here, and it’s looking pretty promising. We’ll have more on this closer to launch, when we get a chance to talk to the Seamless team about the game.


  1. Alexander Norris says:

    Why don’t we get space sims where you pilot a capital ship and have to either switch between seats or play it co-op anymore? I-War and Artemis only go so far. :(

    • WhatKateDoes says:

      Yup… every new space game I get my hopes up for something that could be either an MMO, or something with the persistent “Freelancer” multiplayer model.. with capital ships…. with multiplayer co-op, or fighters… something akin to a Battlestar Galactica kinda vibe.


    • necromental says:

      Same here, I have dreamed many a time of a space shooter with crew management and full subsystem damage. Little intricacies that would take your frigate days to repair without outside help. Even EVAs to fix outer armour and comms. All this whilst fighting the unknown alien forces.

      As an MMO.

      With deformable chassis.

      Jury Rigged pirated parts.

      I’m going to give up on that dream now…

    • Robbeh says:

      link to moddb.com This is the mod you are looking for

    • dee says:

      Sounds a bit like what the X reboot is aiming for, plus piloting drones.

    • Cheese says:

      X’s capital ship combat isn’t too great, it’s often just a short 2 or 3 minute skirmish and it doesn’t feel like you’re commanding a big, powerful capital ship. I think it would be nice to have some sort of capital ship bridge command game with a good deal of freedom and detail.

    • Durkonkell says:

      I came here to say pretty much exactly what the top 3 said, only they already said it all.

      I suppose our best hope is for Infinity to release some time before fusion power, mass replication and holodecks render it irrelevant…

    • Tiax says:

      Ever heard of Nexus: The Jupiter Incident?

      It’s basically the best game out there when it come to capital-sized spaceship battles.

  2. Simon Hawthorne says:

    Can’t wait until this is in a bundle!

    Actually, unlike most of the games in bundles I’ve bought so far, this looks like something I might actually play. You know, rather than leave it in my Steam list of games, undownloaded. Ha! AMIRIGHT?! I could even see myself buying it when it comes out. Looks lovely! Looking forward to hearing more!

  3. Faldrath says:

    Ooh, a not overly-complicated Wing Commander-like game? Count me in!

  4. Jimbo says:

    Man, I could really go for a great space shooter about now but I’ve been burned by so many of these games in recent years. I think Freelancer was probably the last one I really enjoyed.

    The decharmification (I just made that up, you can use it if you like) of both this genre and the tycoon genre has been such a loss to gaming.

  5. phanteh says:

    I’m loving the recent surge in space-based games – we need more!

    Personally, I want a proper sequel to Imperium Galactica 2. There’s nothing better than invading enemy space, squashing their fleet and landing tanks on their planets. Joy!

  6. frenz0rz says:

    If this turns out to be anywhere near as good as Freespace 1/2, Starlancer or Tachyon: The Fringe, I’m totally there. My wallet is at the ready, developers! Do not disappoint!

    • kert says:

      If its even a Tachyon clone, i would totally buy this several times over on every platform that i play games on.

    • luckystriker says:

      My wallet as well. Indeed, I’m making it a point to purchase all these new space shooters just to send a message (as much as any one person can) to developers that this is an untapped market.

  7. gosukiller says:

    If this spacegame resurgence ends up giving us Freespace 3 or Freelancer 2, I’ll be a happy guy!

    • frenz0rz says:

      I’m afraid to say thats pretty unlikely.

      Digital Anvil, one of my all-time favourite devs, was dissolved by Microsoft in 2006 when Freelancer 2 was supposedly still in early alpha (footage here with awful music) and many involved went on to eventually become involved in TT Fusion, makers of the various LEGO games.

      Volition is still going, of course, but since it's acquisition by THQ in 2000 they've more or less just worked on the Red Faction and Saints Row series.

    • DanDeath says:

      Why does everyone forget about Descent 4?

  8. westyfield says:

    Re: The increase in space games in the last year or so, has anything happened with that dogfighting space game that Futuremark teased in the ‘3 upcoming games’ video? They showed off the animal one, and the Radiant Beem one, but the third clip in the trailer looked the most interesting.

  9. Ovno says:

    Ooooo, that is all…

  10. Danny252 says:

    a) Hello Freespace 3, where did you come from?
    b) Is the guy in the gameplay trailer aiming with the keyboard? Oh dear.
    c) How old is said trailer? There only seemed to be one type each of guns, missiles, enemies and capships… Hopefully there’s slightly more by now, as they seem to want to release it pretty soon?

  11. squareking says:

    Ah! Thought I saw this somewhere before. link to spacesimcentral.com is a good resource for these things. I sound an awful lot like a spambot, don’t I? I don’t even know myself anymore.

    • Simon Hawthorne says:

      Hmm…exactly what a smartly programmed spambot would say…

  12. Zenicetus says:

    Great…. yet another remake of stale space fighter ideas. How many of these do we really need, after Freespace and Tie Fighter? How about something fresh?

    Also, whoever was flying in that game footage trailer is either a terrible shot, or it’s demo’ing how badly the controls are designed and linked to the gameplay.

    • dgackey says:

      Certainly a valid perspective; our feeling was that there hadn’t been a really fun game like the two you mentioned in far, far too long, and we wished there was. So we decided to make it.

      We certainly don’t claim to be the game for everybody; we’ve taken some heat from some quarters for eschewing economy and shield management, etc, but those weren’t a part of the game we wanted to make. If anything, we’ve resisted bloating the vision so we could focus on just making a really fun game, even if that meant having less bullet points to put on the back of the box (remember, there are just 6 of us!)

      Based on the feedback we got at PAX from hundreds of players and what our beta testers tell us, we think we succeeded in creating the experience that we hoped for. If the game is a success we’re definitely planning to continue and expand, though. We are far from done with the genre :)

      re: the videos, I must admit it’s me, and yes, I am not a great shot. Especially when trying to hotkey the video captures. Mea culpa!

      Studio Director
      Seamless Entertainment

  13. koo slayer says:

    cant wait till the fat guy puts it in a penny bundle so i can buy it and never play!

  14. stocks says:

    Hey guys, I thought I’d drop in and say thanks for all the kind words about our game.

    I’m a huge fan of space combat games and I hope this game scratches that itch that has been incredibly hard to reach for many years.

    Our incredibly small team (6 developers) have really tried to make SOL to be an accessible game that is designed to fulfill a fantasy many of us had since we first saw Luke blow the crap out of the Death Star. The genesis of the idea actually came from watching the BSG remake series and wondering why can’t I play a game that mimicked those incredible action sequences!

    IF SOL is successful you will certainly see us expanding on the genre in the future. Buy baby steps, right? It’s better for us to nail core gameplay first with our small team than to try and cram as many features in as possible.

    My ultimate dream game is an open-world-ish space game where you can actually seamlessly leave your fighter and go into FPS combat on space stations. Oh and to blow up a capital ship from inside would be pretty damn cool too!

    Chris Stockman
    Creative Director
    Seamless Entertainment

    • koo slayer says:

      best o luck to you guys. put in some spaceships that are not gunmetal grey rusted grey or metal plate and it will stand out from all the other grey spaceship games flooding the press

    • stocks says:

      Koo slayer,

      What other space games have been flooding the press?

  15. ZephaniahGrey says:

    All I think when I see SOL is Satellite of Love…

    I feel so old. XD

  16. SolCommand says:

    From what I’ve seen in the vids posted on Youtube, this seems a game of contradictions:
    – the specials effects are sometimes great and sometimes a bit weak
    – some models and textures look outstanding and others are basic
    – the game looks fast paced and action-packed but it also lacks a proper comm chatter (my first impression), the conversations are too dull when they should instead make you alert etc etc

    All in all, I will surely be getting this game when it comes out because it reminds me a lot of Freelancer (which is one of my all time favorite games) and I have a feeling that I’m gonna enjoy playing it and will probably lose countless hours flying in it.

    • dgackey says:

      The videos we’ve posted are definitely not the latest and greatest (working on getting some new ones up), and we continue to polish the visuals with each passing week so things like lighting and effects will look much better in our final release build.

      With that having been said, I’m not going to claim we’re perfect or that there aren’t a great many things we plan to do better next time. Just that we’re focused on making a really fun experience and spending the greatest amount of our time and energy on making that happen :)

      Studio Director
      Seamless Entertainment

    • stocks says:

      Hey SolCommand,

      Yea, a lot of those past videos were taken before all the dialog was recorded (including chatter). Every single level shown on the video has gotten a visual pass and pretty much all the FX have too.

      I won’t claim we’re the greatest looking game out there but all in all I’m definitely pleased what our incredibly small team was able to put together.

      Most importantly though all the feedback we’ve received is that the game is a lot of fun and that was our #1 goal during development.


  17. dgackey says:

    I’m gonna jump in here too! Thanks to Jim for giving us a shout-out, and if you’re a space shooter fan, please help us out by liking us on Facebook:

    link to facebook.com and
    link to facebook.com

    and follow us on Twitter:


    As Stocks mentioned, we’re a pretty small team, and SOL is definitely a labor of love for us. We hope you guys enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.

    Studio Director
    Seamless Entertainment

  18. sephiroth says:

    sounded interesting then I watched the first video and now I think this looks boring and not very good at all :(

    why can’t I just have freespace 3 already? suppose I will have to make do with that new X3 addon on for a bit but X isn’t really that great a space combat game and runs so badly due to wanting to run on 1 of my 6 cores! serioulsy egosoft thats just a waste