Gotham City Impostors THWOCKed Into Feb

Don't make us wait too long.

Gotham City Impostors, the bonkers-looking multiplayer from Monolith, has had a bit of a slip, presumably due to the icy weather. According to a press release (or “media alert” as a troubling number of people are now saying when saying their game has a new picture, etc), the 11th January release isn’t going to happen. In fact, it now gets no more specific than “February”, which is rarely a great sign, but could mean they’re hedging their bets.


  1. TwwIX says:

    I’d delay it even further. The PC beta was abysmal.

    • neolith says:

      What I saw of the game a few months ago could best be described as ‘unfixable’. I haven’t seen such an uninspired MP shooter in quite some time. The whole game was disappointing, especially given the fact that the idea for the setting is superb.

      I wish Monolith would go back to making good SP shooters for the PC – I miss NOLF…

    • liagsgydf says:

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    • wu wei says:

      At least you got to try the beta. I spent about 4 hours across the course of it trying to get into a game, but the godawful matchmaking system seemed broken. Gave up in disgust and decided to focus on games that actually wanted me to play them instead.

  2. koo slayer says:

    they made blood right?

    • Chaz says:

      And many other great games like Shogo: Mobile Armour Division and No One Lives Forever and AvP2, however they were also responsible for The Matrix Online.

    • koo slayer says:

      I only played blood, seemed a shit enough quake ripoff at the time. ok checked the tubers this looks extra cheesy and stiff, like a queso dip from a texmex restaurant thats been left out to harden

    • MuscleHorse says:

      I’m sorry but you’re absolutely incorrect about Blood – I’d say it was a seminal example of the 2.5d era of shooters and I’m not really one to deploy hyperbole.
      However, the beta of this was somewhat crap. Hopefully they’ll still pull it out of the bag as the idea for this is still great.

    • koo slayer says:

      ” A shit enough ripoff of quake” is a good review. a 10/10 perfect score means its a fucking horrid japanophile crap thing or a game that paid me off with PR kickback money.

      like the other batman game Im like wheres all the batshit? Oh wait you fucking goons pay for reviews? PERFECT 10

    • FalseMyrmidon says:

      Pretty sure The Matrix Online was Shiny of Earthworm Jim and Sacrifice fame. I think Matrix Online also consumed and killed Shiny though.

  3. Phantoon says:

    “Media Alert” should be reserved for when the media in question should be alerted, like if THQ’s HQ blew up, or something else equally alarming.

    • koo slayer says:

      thq headquarters did blow up on paper. They lost 75% of their market cap in 3 months OUCH

  4. Miker says:

    GFWL means the multiplayer community will be dead on arrival, or shortly afterwards.

    • Milkthistle says:

      Dear god its gfwl? and i thought i was looking forward to this… Guess I was wrong!

    • wazups2x says:

      GFWL just killed the very small amount of interest I had in this game.

    • Miker says:

      The beta was, if I’m not mistaken. At the very least, I was given a key to plug into Steam, but further reading said that I had to create a GFWL account. So, unless I’m mistaken, it’ll be GFWL.

  5. wazups2x says:

    What in the world happened to Monolith? They used to make such great games.

    • ZIGS says:

      Consoles happened

    • michaelar says:

      Monolith, please just put NOLF 1 and 2 on Steam or GOG, and all will be forgiven.

    • neolith says:

      Oh, yes, NOLF on GOG, please. I still have both, but the cheap CDs they were delivered on became unreadable by now…

    • MadTinkerer says:

      Oh my… that’s just… awful.

      Somehow I had no idea that the guys behind Septerra Core, NOLF, and TRON 2.0 were also behind FEAR (somewhat forgivable), The Matrix Online (ummmmm…), and Condemned (WHAT!?!). For some reason I was under the impression that they went under after TRON 2.0 and hadn’t been making games since. And then I just looked them up on Wikipedia. Oh dear.

      On the positive side, if Gotham City Impostors turns out well, at least their brief time making mediocre-to-awful games will be over.

      EDIT: Also, I have NOLF 2 on CD but I can’t get it to run on Vista or Win7. I’ve been considering trying a pirate copy to see if it works, but I’ve been hoping they’ll put it on GoG so I can get it from there instead.

  6. Thunderkor says:

    I had fun enough in the beta, when I could get into a game. But the matchmaking system was horribly broken . And although I did have fun, it wasn’t “full price AAA title” fun, it was more like “tinker around on some F2P game for a few weeks then move along” kind of fun.

    And the GFWL is probably a kiss of death anyway. Shame because it’s a promising concept.

    • er910 says:

      I agree, it was fun when it worked. I ruled with the skates and the auto-shotgun. If it’s multiplayer only though, I won’t get it.

  7. Navagon says:

    As good as the premise was, I don’t think that it ever had a hope of surviving GFWL.