The Quest For Dark Souls On PC

Like James Brown, they are hot and bad.
UPDATE: Namco have said that this is nothing more than a “rumor” stemming from the link (obviously) and offer no comment on whether they are likely to produce a PC version of the game.

Update 2: Here’s a petition to sign for Dark Souls PC, if you like signing petitions. Over 9000 signatures so far. Let’s hope it makes the right executives pay attention.

Quite a few people have sent me this link to a forum post in which a Namco employee suggests that has to be “demand” for a PC version of acclaimed console RPG Dark Souls, if it is to show up on the one true format. It seems to me that Namco decided there wasn’t demand, of course, because the game has so far only turned up on the TV boxes. That strikes me as a little strange, especially when you consider that historically-speaking PC gamers are VERY interested in making armoured men hit fantasy enemies with swords and sharp sticks. Underpin that with unforgiving RPG mechanics and that DOES sound like our kind of game. But I suppose there are only thirty million or so Steam accounts, and hundreds of millions of better-than-360-spec PCs worldwide… What possible market could there be for such a game on the age old Windows machine? Eh? Oh, and Namco, while you are converting Dark Souls to PC you might as well do Enslaved too? I mean it can’t possibly hurt. Thanksmuch!

[I’ve contacted Namco for an official statement on the Dark Souls PC situation. Hands up if you want a PC version!]


  1. adopter010 says:

    I registered just to comment on this post.



    A million times yes!

    • D3kard says:

      Same Here! Ive been reading RPS for years, yet i never registered, i just wanted to say I would love for Dark Souls to come to PC. Fantasy RPG with harsh difficulty ? this is like the best genre for PC gamers seriously.
      I would love if RPS staff would actually involve themselves to help bring this game to our platform. By this i mean: they should tell Namco to come here and read the comments and see people actually want the game on PC. Cause im sure there wont be many going to Namco forums …cause…well…they dont have many pc games…its logic. They should look in other places if people want Dark Souls on PC. And yes we want !

    • HammertoesVI says:

      To hell with you guys. I registered a few weeks ago knowing that something was calling me here. And this is it. THIS IS WHY I WAS PUT ON THIS EARTH.

      So, +1, I guess?

    • HeadlessDevil says:

      One of my first comments ever: Please make this happen!


    • ffordesoon says:

      Dark Souls, along with Skyrim, is my favorite game of 2010. If I could play it on PC, with modding support thrown in, I think I would probably start believing in God or something.

      That said, the real issue is that Japanese game developers are really, really, really weird about the PC. There are tons of Japanese games I’d love to have on my desktop, and I think the likes of Carpe Fulgur and Zeboyd (not actually Japanese, but come on) are doing a good job of popularizing the Japanese sensibility on the PC, but it’ll still be tough to convince Namco Bandai that there’s any market at all on the PC, God knows why.

      Still, I fully support an RPS campaign for Dark Souls PC. It’d be amazing.

    • dinopoke says:

      Sorry for the repost, but in case my previous post get’s lost within pages of comments, here’s a petition I made. link to

    • Verio says:

      *Raises hand*

      My PS3 has become the family’s media machine. It plays DVDs, it plays Blu-Rays, it streams Netflix. My wife and daughter couldn’t live without it. It is also located in the living room directly underneath the master bedroom, so late night gaming is… subdued. I also tend to fall asleep when console gaming on the couch, like an old man.

      Release that shit on PC however, and I’ll buy it for full price, from almost any store other then Impulse and Origin. Note – I own the original Demons Souls, but never beat it due to the aforementioned challenges to console gaming for me.

    • Lobotomist says:

      If Namco makes PC version of Dark Souls, I will buy two extra for my cat and dog !

    • Boozebeard says:

      I’ll put my feet in the air too if that’ll help.

    • bobsbarricades says:

      Same here!, want demons and dark souls please!

    • ForestOfMirrors says:

      Logged in for the second time since I registered many moons ago just to say HELL YEAH, MOTHERFUCKER. I’m primarily a PC gamer, but Demon’s Souls is just about my favorite game of all time, and I’d absolutely love to see any one of From Software’s games make its way to the platform.

    • trugate says:

      I also just registered to raise my hand. I’ve wanted to play this game! Get it going Namco!

    • BlackestTea says:

      Go Hand, go up there, rise to the internet and sent a sign that Dark Souls belongs to this platform!
      Seriously, I would SO love to see this on PC. I don’t own a console anymore and I have a fairly low-tech PC. Neither Skyrim nor the Witcher2 (to speak in RPG terms) could get me to upgrade it (I can always play them at friends’ places and by myself sometime later – so my thoughts), hell, not even Deus Ex HR did, although I bought the thing on sale – but THIS. Yes, for Dark Souls I would do it. Come here!!

    • Max.I.Candy says:

      i would happily pay £1000000000 for Dark Souls on PC!!
      best game of 2011

    • TheInsider64 says:

      One more person to register just for this. Would be really happy to see this on PC.

    • Psychopomp says:

      Skyrim, Portal 2, Battlefield 3, and The Witcher 2 be damned

      Dark Souls if my goty, and it’s the only console game I’ve bought since Bayonetta.

    • Void0 says:

      Dark Souls on PC would be perfect. Add a PC port of Monster Hunter to the mix and I’m in paradise.

    • Gure says:

      I’ve reading RPS for a while… never registered, though, . This looks like a good time to do it =P

      I want Dark Souls for PC, make this happen Namco!

    • k0r1 says:

      I also just registered for this.
      Please make it happen :)

    • C0RR4D0 says:

      already have it for 360…
      would DEFINITELY buy again on PC

    • Ialda says:

      “I’ve reading RPS for a while… never registered, though, . This looks like a good time to do it =P”

      Story of my life.
      *raise hand !*

    • durakh says:

      strange! I did that too ;-)

      Hail to this great site and YES i WANT Darks Souls in my PC! I already own it on PS3 and Xbox…

    • paralipsis says:

      Petition signed, and my desire for Dark Souls on the PC reiterated here.

    • nikiasfae says:

      A wide church, is PC gaming and, like most churches, we all think everyone else is heretics. link to

    • zebby says:

      I’d buy this again on the PC for sure.

    • Darksoulsfanboy says:

      Dark Souls AND Demon Souls should be on PC! We may be waiting now, but soon our rage will take over >.<!
      Why are they not announcing it!? If they do they would get at least 100.000 copies sold in the first few days!

    • Nemesiidae says:

      I’m with you there! Signed up to reply just to say:

      DOOOOO ITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      DARK SOULS FOR PC!!!!!!

      It will be one of the few games worth paying for, both as a physical copy, and as Steam!!! D:

      Hell, if possibly, I’d also pay for Demon Souls!!!

  2. faceface says:

    My hand is up, but where do I put it?

  3. Sorbicol says:

    Waves. With both hands

  4. Dominic White says:

    Dark Souls is just a modern update of the King’s Field series. A series which was equally ignored and mocked until just recently. It’s a miracle the game found a market on consoles. The unique multiplayer framework and complete lack of safety-net (only one save slot, continually updated so that mistakes are very permanent, no respecs) would piss off so many PC gaming purists it’s ridiculous.

    The game is great, but I can see there being a massive backlash against it if it was ever released on desktop systems.

    Interestingly, there was a King’s Field creation kit released on the PC.
    link to

    I’d totally be in favor of a PC version, BTW.

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      I don’t think anyone would dare complain due to fear of being deemed ‘casual.’ By the console crowd nonetheless. ;)

    • The Hammer says:

      Hmm, I dunno. Bastion appears to have passed by unscathed, considering there are literally no save slots beyond an autosave feature, in the PC version of the game.

      Unless there are other reasons you think a significant number of PC gamers would despise it?

    • Dominic White says:

      Bastion doesn’t have the ability to completely screw yourself over for an entire playthrough with a single button-press. Hit the wrong button at the wrong time, and you might end up backstabbing a vital NPC, cutting yourself off from a large range of items and quests, and this is PERMANENT. No undos. No invincible shopkeepers. Everything is frail and decrepit and there are no do-overs other than starting the game fresh, or completing it anyway and continuing on the next difficulty setting up.

      Given that this forum is full of people who argue that every game should have quicksaves and cheats, it’d likely be anathema to them. The game would need some serious cheat protection, too, as singleplayer and multiplayer are the same thing – inexorably integrated. Valve anti-cheat protection would be the bare minimum level acceptable. Nothing worse than having a hacking player just jump into your game and one-shot you from the other side of the map.

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      And lets not forget what we have. Dwarf Motherfuckin’ Fortress. We’re bedfellows with frustration.

    • The Hammer says:

      Fair enough, then.

      Raiyan raises a good point, anyway. Wouldn’t a rockhard PC game that rubbishes the chance to go back and fix your own mistakes be taken as a triumph by a lot of the PC audience? Especially when the difficulty of its enemies is not just to do with increased health and damage?

      Or do you just have an axe to grind Dom, as alluded to in your second paragraph?

    • OrangyTang says:

      I have to agree with Mr White here – I love Dark Souls (GOTY for me) and Demon’s Souls, but I can’t imagine most PC gamers liking it.

      Sure it’s a hardcore RPG, but it’s not what PC gamers call a hardcore RPG. It’s about skill, and timing, and evaluating risks while thinking on your feet. Sure crunching the numbers and doing all the geeky pc-rpg stats balancing helps a bit, but (despite apperences) it’s not at its core. Which is awesome, but probably going to rub PC gamers up the wrong way.

      And the single-save thing already mentioned. And the multiplayer match making – again, awesome and works really well, but traditional pc gamers will be wailing and thrashing their teeth for dedicated servers and a server browser and completely missing the point.

      Controls too. I really can’t see this working on mouse+keyboard. You’ll either get lots of people complaining about shitty m+k controls that ‘don’t work’ or a backlash of people who refuse to consider that maybe a controller is the best way to play some games.

    • innociv says:

      The only reason I didn’t buy this is because it’s not on PC, when it sounds like a PC game.

    • Dominic White says:

      No axe to grind – and I do mean it, the game would need cheat protection out the wazoo. The 360 version is plagued by people with hacked characters, which while not giving them omnipotent death-beams, is pretty horrible to encounter. It should be noted that PvP is non-consensual. So long as you’re online, you can be invaded and murdered by anyone who wants to pick a fight, so long as your character is in human form (retaining at least a little bit of humanity). At least the PS3 version seems largely cheat-free.

      Like I said, I’d love to see it on the PC, but I really think it’d rub a lot of old-school PC gamers up the wrong way.

    • thestage says:

      Dom does have a point in regards to cheating. Granted, you can essentially opt out of PvP by staying hollow, but that’d be a pretty shitty solution. of course his argument that DS is in some way broken because it asks you to live with your decision is anemic (you can do nothing game breaking, for the record). this is “choice and consequence in gaming”–what PC gamers always pretend to go on about–only here it isn’t code for laughable bioware dialog trees and broken and pointless elder scrolls acres.

    • The Hammer says:


      You have to remember that PC gamers have overlapping interests, and PC enthusiasts here are not just after stats-based RPGs. Talking about how a game like ‘Souls might be anathema to them because of precise button presses and timing seems a tad superfluous, considering the PC is the original home of the FPS.

      Besides which, seems that this comments thread is filling up with far, far more yay-sayers than their frown-faced counterparts. See for yourself.

      ALSO: Mortal Online, et al.

    • piratmonkey says:

      I think we should clarify, there is only one save slot for each character you create.
      And I don’t think I’ve managed to accidentally kill an NPC that was vital…unless you count all the bonfire NPCs you meet, but only because I was having no truck with no fancy-pants magic…until I actually bought some spells in NG+ and WOW, would’ve made life easier the first time around, let me tell you.

    • YohnTheViking says:

      Has anyone considered the fact that most PC gamers alredy know that this is not the second coming of Baldurs Gate? It is after all a much talked about game, and most of that talk is about how different it is from any other game

    • OrangyTang says:

      The Hammer:

      I’m not suggesting it won’t find it’s fans, and the RPS crowd would probably be amongst them. But Jim’s suggestion that because there’s “thirty million or so Steam accounts” there is a huge demand for it and it will sell well doesn’t sound likely IMHO.

      The average PC-rpg gamer coming off of Wow and Skyrim would be spit out after 5 minutes and dismiss it as crap. I would love it if it got a pc release but I’m not surprised the From Software have decided there won’t be enough sales to justify it.

    • Dominic White says:

      I’m not suggesting there’s anything wrong with the game making you live with each and every decision you make – far from it. It’s fantastic. It’s a large part of the reason I’ve played the game so much. It’s also the absolute polar opposite of ‘quicksave-friendly, flexible, play-it-your-way’ PC gaming, and I think a lot of folks here would object quite vocally to that. Singleplayer would have to be locked down and equally as anti-cheat enforced as online play, as both sides are continually linked.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      “The average PC-rpg gamer coming off of Wow and Skyrim would be spit out after 5 minutes and dismiss it as crap.”

      They’d have to buy it first :)

      What I am saying is that given the sheer number of PC gamers, the cost of porting would be covered by the number it would sell on PC, even if that were not that high. It would not need to compete with WoW or Skyrim to make a profit.

    • OrangyTang says:

      I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one, Jim.

    • The Hammer says:

      Skyrim isn’t a PC-exclusive game, though. It ALSO came out for the consoles (the 360 was, in fact, the leading platform), so while I do get your point about conflicting expectations, you could easily argue that same point against its presence on consoles.

      You know, the PC is a platform on which games that have a higher-profile on consoles ALSO do well here. Saint’s Row and Batman: Arkham City are both top-sellers on Steam. So is Assassin’s Creed. Would it brush some RPG fans up the wrong way? Well… so did Dragon Age: Origins.

      No, I don’t think a Final Fantasy game would do well on PC, but that’s because it’s a very… extravagent game. From the trailers and screenshots I’ve seen, it looks like Dark Souls has a far more PC gamer-friendly artstyle, so it has that to its credit, as well.

      Yes, the majority of PC gamers expect a game to live up to the platform they play it on, but that’s when it’s appropriate. If Skyrim launched without the ability to possess multiple saves, then the PC gang would be rightly ticked off. But when a game is specifically designed for one or two? All signs point to them understanding that.

    • AndrewC says:

      I’m of the opinion that all those who go on about quicksaves, dedicated servers, .inis and all the rest, while thinking they are championing choice and openness, are in fact like those that put salt on their restaurant meal *before tasting it*.

      A wide church, is PC gaming and, like most churches, we all think everyone else is heretics.

    • delialli says:

      @ Dominic White

      Broadly agree, but you know you can get those NPCs reset right?? I abandoned a decent character because I hit Andre in the face while testing a halberd he’d just upgraded for me, and didn’t find out til later that Oswald of Carim (? Guy in the belltower past the gargoyles) will absolve you for souls (ie, they’ll forgive you, as long as they’re not dead).

      That said, I’ve got to add that this might be my favourite game of all the games. Peter Serafinowicz tweeted the other day that he’d like to play it for a career and I’m inclined to agree. If you’re planning on playing one day, don’t read anything else about it…the only way I’d have liked this better is if I’d time travelled and given it to my internet-free 12-year-old self. I discovered a few of it’s more amazing corners by myself and they practically blew my head off.

      Still, I’ll be annoyed if the PC version looks a lot better…the biggest hole it has in it’s current form is that one or two areas seem artificially stretched-out and are graphically weak. I’d also argue that the recent patch, while mostly implementing sensible changes, makes the world a little bit too friendly and helpful. Also, there are probably better PvP games, if that’s what you love. It’s not too balanced. But that’s because the world of Dark Souls, like all the best game worlds, exists on it’s own terms, rather than as a big bouncy fairground waiting for Mr. Player Character to come and light it up with explodes.

      You’ll like it. Prepare to die etc etc

    • Casimir's Blake says:

      Forget Dark Souls. I would just like another King’s Field.

      Or Ultima Underworld.

      Or System Shock.

      Bah, it’ll never happen. :(

      (Yes I am that obsessed with first-person dungeon crawlers, I wrote the entire HG-101 King’s Field article.)

    • MadTinkerer says:

      Well yes but UW, SS, etc. are not Namco Bandai games.

    • Necanthrope says:

      @ Dominic

      You can’t screw things up as badly as you suggest. The game has no traditional quests via a quest log you just talk to NPC’s and occassionally glean some useful information. If you hit someone by accident you can have your sins absolved or I think visit a few different areas and come back to find their ok again. You only have an issue if you kill someone and then only if its a vendor that you still need. It’s not easy to outright kill an NPC without actively trying. In approximately 10 playthroughs of Demons and Dark I never once killed an NPC I didn’t plan too. Its not hard to avoid the situation.

      The ability to kill NPC’s or by inaction allow them to be killed is integral to the game so removing it is not an option. There are points where killing one NPC saves another or joining certain factions would give you the incentive to eliminate NPC’s. Other times an NPC’s story arc can be stopped by you not acting in time to assist them or not finding / freeing them in the first place. The thing perhaps your missing is that these are concious design decisions and inkeeping with the way the game works. If you play these games you accept its harsh but fair rule set.

    • Wampbit says:

      I’d definitely want a PC version of darksouls. Being the dog I am, I already have it on a TV-Box, and must say it’s the only reason I’ve started my PS3 in around a year. A keyboard and mouse would be a good addition, frankly it’s fiddly, and all of the stick pushing and button mashing is as irritating as ever. The multiplayer community never hit it off in the same was as a PC community either. I’d certainly rebuy it were it to come out on PC.

      However… I do think that were a PC version to be released it should have an enhanced multiplayer framework, more so I would like it to move a few nearer to a well defined multiplayer game, rather than a singleplayer game with multiplayer aspects. A bit of mmo-ification could go a long way with Dark Souls.

    • Bantam says:

      Old school PC purists hate hard games with no save points?

      Counter-argument: Roguelikes.

    • Metriculated says:

      “What I am saying is that given the sheer number of PC gamers, the cost of porting would be covered by the number it would sell on PC, even if that were not that high.”

      Er…Run that one by me again Jim? The cost of porting would be covered by sales figures, even if it doesn’t sell well. What?

      On a less pedantic note, there’s a lot of emperor’s clothes going on here guys. Dark Souls sold so well because it was next to fucking impossible by modern console standards, yet this wouldn’t be the case on the PC: as has rightly been pointed out here quite a few times, the PC was the birthplace of the very hard dungeon crawler and thus has quite a few of them knocking around already. Some of which, in my opinion, are already a hell of a lot better than Dark Souls.

      Having said my piece, I don’t begrudge anyone who doesn’t own a console box the chance to play this title if only for the taste of it. So sure bring on a PC version…but I honestly, fail to see a PC community that has access to awesome multiplayer games being smitten with From Software’s unique attempt.

    • InternetBatman says:

      PC sales can pull disproportionate weight even in low numbers because you make 70% from an online sale on PC instead of the 40% you make on a console. Also the game’s already on X-box, which is supposed to be super easy to port (the x stands for directX and all that). If it cost $100k to port and sold at $30 they would only need 4700 sales to meet costs.

    • Dominic White says:

      I’d just like to point out that while rouguelikes may have started out on the PC, they’ve traditionally been a far more financially viable genre on consoles, especially in Japan. Check out stuff like the Baroque and Shiren the Wanderer series’. Even Nintendo got in on the roguelike craze with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

      Aside from The Binding Of Isaac and Dredmor, we haven’t seen many released on the PC for actual money in ages, and certainly none from companies as huge as the big N.

    • douknoukem says:

      “The unique multiplayer framework and complete lack of safety-net (only one save slot, continually updated so that mistakes are very permanent, no respecs) would piss off so many PC gaming purists it’s ridiculous.”

      the hardest games i have played are on the pc

      i know many more people who have done so

      and i don’t think “pc purists” would be mad at the difficulty of the game

      on the other hand, console “purists” wouldn’t last a minute or two in EVE ONLINE

    • vodka and cookies says:

      I’d agree with Dominic on this Dark Souls would be so prone to rampant cheating/hacks on the PC that there’s no way Namco will spend the money of playing cat and mouse with the cheaters over the long run.

      They best they could do is release it as a purely single player game only or have a toggle that kills all multi-player, even then I think many would resort to cheating in single player given how punishing the game is.

      One other factor is I cannot see Dark Souls being played well with a keyboard/mouse it’s really designed around a game pads analogue sticks.

    • mickygor says:

      PCs have a file system that you can interact with, there wouldn’t be an issue of only having one save unless it was exclusively restricted to cloud based storage. Copy and paste.

  5. povu says:

    Damn right I want it, and there’s definitely a market for it. Most hardcore RPGs are on PC to begin with.

    It’ll do well for sure.

  6. AmateurScience says:

    Yes please!

    I finally gave up altogether and sold the xbox the other month. And then, for the first time in a veeeeeeeeeery long time, someone released a game on it that I A) actually wanted to play and B) couldn’t get on my PC. Cock.

  7. Raiyan 1.0 says:

    “Hands up if you want a PC version!”

    *hands shoot out of shoulder joints in a glorious display of bloody propulsion*

  8. Antares says:

    Oh yes, I’m definitely interested. The entire concept of Demon’s Souls / Dark Souls is delightful and I’m dying for a chance to give it a spin.

  9. Newblade says:


    Very interested.

  10. The Mechanical Aggressor says:

    Yes to Enslaved. That game is so underrated and was undeservedly forgotten. It warms the heart to see it getting a little acknowledgement from RPS.

  11. DeathHamsterDude says:

    Uhm, yes sir. Give it to me. Baby. Uh-huh, uh-huh.

  12. Vexing Vision says:

    I would willingly purchase the bundle on PC, yes, even though I am not a sucker for difficult games.

  13. Teronfel says:


  14. thestage says:

    The smugness really has to go. Traditionally, Japanese console games don’t exactly light up the PC charts or have much crossover in audience awareness or taste. The game is console through and through and From Software are a small developer, meaning Namco would most likely have to take the port on themselves with absolutely no idea of what audience might be on the other side. As for “demand,” they are serious–it took vocal fan demand to produce even a 360 version. To feign aghast under the cover of numbers is juvenile, and this blog would do well to treat the topic of PC gaming numbers a little less spuriously.

    That said, this game and its prequel both are among the greatest games ever created and I would kill for PC versions of both. Dark in particular chugs under the strain of inferior hardware, the console online arena is a much more time sensitive beast than it’s PC counterparts, and the possibilities of cosmetic and balance fan patches in the future positively tickles me.

    So yes, please make this happen.

    • Dr I am a Doctor says:

      RPS would wither and die without emanating smugness from all posts, that’s what all the cool guys want to see

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      The only thing we’re smug about is your mum.

    • Bhazor says:


      From Software signed an exclusivity deal with Sony. It wasn’t a fan outcry or mass demand that saw the 360 release, it was the fact they were no longer under contract.

      Given that Witcher 2, Shogun 2, Civ 5 and many other PC exclusives sold over a million each shows there is a large hardcore PC gaming market numbering in the millions. Maybe not as many sales as the Consoles sure but cruically those are sales where console manufactuers won’t take a cut, you won’t need to pay X thousand bits for the console dev kit and you could even cut out the retailers too. So not as many sales but a higher profit on each unit.

  15. Jorum says:

    Since they seem to want to see a petition lets consider these comments as one.

    I for one would buy it without second thought. Several people who know what they are talking about have hailed it as one of the best games in last decade.

  16. The Hammer says:

    I’d definitely play more Enslaved, which was a delightful time when I played it in a basement of HMV. It’s one of those games that I wish I had a console for. Like so many funky, narrative-based games, it was somewhat simple when you actually considered the fighting and platforming, but it seems like it’s a game that could be successful in making you forget that.

    And yeah, I’d probably play Dark Souls too. EDGE has been raving about it in the last few issues, and after reading the review it does seem to be a game I’d just about have the stamina for. They’re not lying when they say it’s really effing hard, right?

    EDIT: Wasn’t Andy Serkis involved in Enslaved? Or was that just that Ninja Blade’s previous game, when he played a character paranoid about a snake biting off his cock?

    • Resonance says:

      Yes, Andy Serkis was the protagonist of Enslaved.

    • Psychopomp says:

      If Dark Souls ceases to be hard, it’s because you’re playing nigh-perfect. You can grind all you want, you can get the best gear, and a single mistake will still lead to losing half your health bar.

  17. razzafazza says:

    i bought a PS3 just for Demon Souls back then and it was worth it for that game alone …. and Dark Souls is even better.

    lots of people talk about Difficulty this, difficulty that blah blah blah but its way too much exaggeration.
    Demon / Dark Souls arent “difficult” , they just need some time to learn the nuances of the gameplay and once you did that you ll rarely die, no twitch skills required – just common sense. the only reason this appears so “difficult” is because mainstream games these days all try to be as easily accessible as possible.

    whats really great about Demon & Dark Souls is the fantastic level design, exploration and combat system. especially in times where other RPGs have sunk to an alltime low considereing level-design (mass effect / dragon age many copy-pasted dungeons being one of the worst offenders ) and combat mechanics.

    for me Dark Souls replaced Ultima Underworld as my favourite single-character Dungeon Romp and that was quite an achievement considering how much i loved UU.

    i really hope their (FROM Software) s next game is something System Shock-like, they d probably make a fantastic game like that. and hopefully on PC as well.

  18. Demiath says:

    Just got Dark Souls for the PS3, and while the game’s engine is not particularly advanced in and of itself I think just the increased resolution and smoother frame rate which would be possible in a PC version could improve the experience considerably and let the unusually subtle and refined art design really shine.

    And yes, Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls belong to that specific subsection of Japanese roleplaying games which are still heavily influenced by old school Western RPGs, so diehard computerists should be especially well-equipped to appreciate From Software’s design philosophy.

  19. ahluka says:

    *raises hand*

    Only because I want to see what all the fuss is about.

  20. Premium User Badge

    Adam Smith says:

    Yes yes yes. And then I could write about it furiously until somebody told me to stop.

    • thebigJ_A says:

      Can you do that anyway? I love reading about DS almost as much as playing it.

    • Snidesworth says:

      PC Gaming website/blog/thing, talking about console games is treasonous conduct.

      I’d like to see Dark Souls on the PC but, fancier graphics and better performance aside, I’m not sure it would gain anything from it except perhaps becoming a cheater’s utopia.

  21. cw8 says:

    Oh yes please

  22. Riztro says:

    Oh yeah.

  23. Agramenauer says:

    Please yes.

  24. Squiffy says:

    I’m surprised so many people still don’t own a modern console. Of course I understand it’s a very expensive way to play games, but on the other hand, they’ve been literally giving them away with phone contracts on Dial a phone (and other sites, I’m sure) for yonks.

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      Consoles might be inexpensive, but the games are too expensive.

    • Squiffy says:

      “Of course I understand it’s a very expensive way to play games”

      I get that, but you’re missing out on some corkers.

    • Snidesworth says:

      PC + PS3 seems to be a decent combo these days. It’s what several friends and myself have been operating with for the past few years. There’s a lot of stuff on the PS3 that will likely never see the light of day in PC land and a fair bit of it is quite good.

  25. shindeiru says:

    yes. plx.

  26. Jockie says:

    Dark Souls was by far and away my personal GOTY for 2011, I went as far as to buy a 2nd hand 360 to play it after my ancient one died just after the game arrived.

    In a lot of ways, it feels more like a console game than a PC one, and I think it would be a bit of a nightmare to try and play with Mouse &Keyboard, most serious PC Gamers own a pad by now though, so I doubt that’s a major issue. I would probably buy it again on PC if it released, mainly because there are some nasty framerate drops in the 360 version and the game would benefit greatly from high- resolutions.

  27. smeaa mario says:

    It would be an instant buy for me. I would also love to see Atlus’ Demon’s Souls make its way to my desktop.

  28. AlternatePFG says:

    Hell yes. It was by far my favorite game this year.

  29. Lakshmi says:

    Go on then, I’d have a go.

  30. Shamaho says:

    I registered this account on behalf of YES!

  31. Manac0r says:

    Take the power of a million supernova stars, condense it into one finite point, that entails the letters Y, E, and S; and you have my answer. I would also gift the hell out of it if it was to appear on Steam.

  32. ad_hominem says:

    Yes! I’ve been jealously eyeing up the game for a while now.

  33. Winged Nazgul says:

    On the one hand, I do want it bad. On the other hand, I want it even more.

  34. scatterbrainless says:

    I don’t know if I want it, because I can’t play it, because it isn’t on PC. Maybe if they released it I would spend my money to find out whether I like it or not. This strikes me as probably the position of tonnes of other people out there whose money Namco seems to be refusing to take.

  35. JuJuCam says:

    I demand it!

  36. Chris D says:

    Both hands right up.

  37. piratmonkey says:

    Almost done with my NG+ actually…I’d love to see this on PC, if only so the frame rate on 360 doesn’t sometimes decide to take a vacation. Blighttown, I’m looking at you.

    • Max.I.Candy says:

      lol, blight town was awful for framerate but i actually grew to love that level after a while.
      seeing a better framerate and better graphics are the only reason i want this on PC, but otherwise its a game worth buying a console for.

    • piratmonkey says:

      I enjoyed Blighttown until my Firelink Shrine keeper died and I had to make the run from the Spider Queen to Andre without dying, LEST I BE THROWN BACK TO THE SPIDER QUEEN AREA! GAHHH FUCK YOU LAUTREC, YOU PRICK!

  38. Zionth says:

    Yes, please. My PS3 broke like two weeks before this game came out and I was so disappointed (especially since Demon’s Souls is my favorite game of this gen.) But I just put together a brand new PC and it would be amazing to play this for the first time on it. Would gladly purchase it day one.

  39. Patches the Hyena says:

    I’m intrigued at how the gameplay would transfer over to mouse + keyboard. The controller setup is perfect once you get used to it.

  40. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Signed. As in, hard on deployed for a version of it on PC.

    Also, yeah, Enslaved on the PC would be nice, though seriously, it’s probably dirt cheap by now for consoles so why bother with a port? Dark Souls actually seems like a better fit for PC, anyway.

  41. Flukie says:

    150% yes please.

  42. SanguineAngel says:


  43. playthatfunkytuba says:

    Yes please!

    I bought it for PS3 but haven’t played it yet because it isn’t my PC. There must be lots of people in the same situation…

  44. JackDandy says:

    YES. YESSSSS. I want it. Please, Namco! This is one of the few console games I’ve been dying to play!

  45. dark-gio says:

    I demand Dark Souls on PC. I’m not buying a console and my PC has pretty much the power needed to play anything, so Namco, please

  46. Blandford says:

    Yes yes yes. Please?

  47. Mima says:

    Bring it on. I’d love to see it on PC.

  48. foda500orama says:

    Will suck dick for Dark Souls on PC.

  49. haowan says:

    Yes please please