Wu-woo: Age Of Wushu Brings F2P Wuxia

Those handsome chaps at Massively have scooped the announcement of Snail Games USA’s next free-to-play MMO, which is the handsome-looking Age Of Wushu. The game’s flag-waving feature set all derives from it being based on wuxia-type fictions, which means the characters are capable of absurd Kung Fu movie actions, such as being able to run on the surface of water. It also has a few ideas that are unusual in free MMOs, such as offline skill progression. You can see the AoW characters pulling off all sorts of unlikely moves, as well as slightly too many camera pans over pretty East Asian architecture, in the first trailer, which is below. There’s going to be an “international” beta starting next month. No word on any EU release at present.


  1. ArcaneSaint says:

    Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or did the picture at the top of this article change?

    There used to be more water in it, right?

  2. virtualmatrix258 says:

    I just want to be the first one in this article to say, “omg this is THE WoW killer.”

  3. smeaa mario says:

    According to this article below, it will be available in China as Age of Wulin and some dude has already invested serious cash in it for a sword:

    link to odditycentral.com

  4. Ross Angus says:

    Don’t pan the pans. They were my favourite bits. Plus I thought it was a standard RPS rule that any game with a double-jump gets an extra thumbs-up (same rule for jetpacks).

    • westyfield says:

      Its as if they know I love pans across pretty Asian architecture… they’re really pandering to my tastes here.

  5. Teronfel says:

    I like the music.

  6. Orija says:

    Anyone know if this game is any good or just another Chinese grindfest, I have been thinking of trying one these f2p thingmajigs for some time now.

  7. Tams80 says:

    You can have ‘Buddha Palm’ as a skill. I will be playing this game (well provided they release it the UK).

    Hopefully with offline skill progression, there will be less grind.

  8. Lasareleth says:

    It will be published as Age of Wulin in Europe:

    link to en.wulin.gpotato.eu

  9. hench says:

    Free 2 Play?

    Meh, no thanks.

  10. Crainey says:

    Art style gives me massive flash-backs of playing Silkroad, this is good, though the engine does look very Perfect World-like which is not good.

  11. Ginger Yellow says:

    Unless I’m allowed to name my character Wong Fei Hung, I’m not interested.

  12. Knufinke says:

    Oh I would love a wuxia style setting in a singleplayer rpg. *sigh*

    • Milos says:

      You mean besides Jade Empire?

    • wonkavision says:

      Jade Empire was a mediocre game, but incredibly racist. A game set in China, featuring a cast of (almost) entirely Asian characters, yet employing no Asian voice actors? That’s institutional, if not overt, racism. Bioware’s explanation for this was classic (paraphrasing): “Jade Empire is not set in Asia, but in the fictional Jade Empire.” In their defense, they at least anglicized the main characters (a practice that is in itself racist, though less offensive than yellowface caricature). And that one white character? He delivers a supposedly humorous screed about the racial inferiority of Asians.

  13. vecordae says:

    A well-done Wuxia-styled MMO might be fun, but it won’t feel right unless the combat is regularly interrupted by heavy-handed philosophical exposition.

  14. Arglebargle says:

    Are any of these Martial Arts games available with something other than point and click movement? That’s pretty much anathema to me for anything I am going to play for a length of time. I know it’s the standard for such things in the eastern realms, but I want the wasd option, or no dice.

    Too bad, ’cause otherwise I am a sucker for these sorts of things.

  15. wonkavision says:

    Can’t wait for gameplay reviews and video with audio. If there’s any sense of analog control at all, and if the voice acting is not racist (yellowface of one form or another), this could be the game I’ve been dreaming of since I first saw a wuxia film.

    Until this point, Force Unleashed was the best wuxia game I’d yet seen. It’s certainly the best I’ve played. Problem: I hate combos. I hate absolutely hate contorting my fingers to hit button combos, ever since I was a kid.

    • vecordae says:

      Personally, I find it offensive when non-Brits try to emulate British accents. I call it “startlingly whiteface”. Perhaps the two phenomenon are related?

    • wonkavision says:

      It is, actually.

  16. chansu says:

    This needs an option to play with Chinese dialogue and English subtitles.

    Also, Jade Empire was fun, but it was way to crazy and fantastical to satisfy the urge I have to play a Crouching Tiger RPG. If it didn’t require high production values to do well, indies would likely have already saved us from this gaping hole in the market.